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Chat log from R11 of 2016: Carlton vs Brisbane

Chat log for Carlton vs Brisbane, R11 of 2016

J.Worrall: C’mon Rocky!
desmondo: cant expect too much from rocky…least till he builds up some match fitness..maybe 80-90 would be good from him
dipstick: LOL who has rocky? the guy cant play 5 games in a row. The glass cannon is fantasy irrelevant
J.Worrall: Scoreboard, chaps
blashtroko: Dipstick I have seen you post about 5 things and all of them make it sound like you only found out about AFL this year
Torz: Rocky on track for 180 like he said!
JanathF: weitering vs schache
JButcher: Dipstick Rocky’s making you look real smart now aye
DrSeuss: Leppa – Martin is not a forward FFS
meka100: Fuck you Rocky
All Reds: ‘dipstick’
Bazza2014: rocky going off
dipstick: @blosh LOL and how many games has rocky played in 3 years? LOL
Torz: Martin is on the bench, so “starting forward” not exactly true.
Kekkington: If you trade him in nek minute you will trade him out because of an injury
T-Mac: @butcher what do you mean? Rocky is doing just what he said
heppelitis: leave rich alone and tag rocky, carlton numbnuts
Rebuild: Kerridge already better than his first half last week
JanathF: tmac he is being sarcastic
Vich: Not including this season he has averaged over 18 games per season for the previous 3. Not bad for ‘Mr Irrelevant’
Vich: Doesn’t play finals either 🙂
DrSeuss: Oh ok cheers Torz, can’t watch the game.
heppelitis: weitering gonna break mark record at this pace
J.Worrall: dipstick a shinig SC star
MontyJnr: Did Docherty kick a goal with his 1 touch? 12SC??
DrSeuss: Looks like Cripps to Rocky this week.
Fury: Rocky not injured yet?
heppelitis: super rocky…great job
circle52: That was a mark to scache not paid
JButcher: What a comeback from Crippa!
oc16: why has martin only had 37% tog?
AngryRyno: if Simpson is loose, who is Brisbane’s spare?
faisca7: zorko going for 10th straight sc hundred. watch me jinx him
leorosman_: shut up dont jinx him hes my captain hahahaha
Tigger5: lets go simpson
colin wood: come on gorringe scrap a 60 out please 🙂
SaintsMan: Mohammed ALi has passed away. RIP
thommoae: Maybe put Taylor on ball, Leppa?
OnTheRocks: share disposal with Kade Docherty
AngryRyno: who is Kade Docherty? 😉
circle52: Gee umps getting generous with paying a mark and not giving brisbane 50 after the Casbolt free and carlton played on.
thommoae: He is Sam Simpson’s mate – obvious!
OnTheRocks: my backline premos 😀
saltysalts: Gorringe to scrap out a 60? How about STEFAN MARTIN CRACK A 50!! Worst ‘keeper’ pick i’ve ever started with
Bazza2014: i got rid of martin before last week, i took my losses and ran.
thommoae: Traded Stef Rd 9 and he’s continued to bleed with ‘West-itis’ ever since. How’s that plan working, Leppa?
Yelse: martin since the concussion has struggled
JanathF: RIP Mohammed Ali
thommoae: His concussion game was the 1st time he’d been onsong all year – then Kapow! Spot on Yelse.
Vich: Leppa is more of a dud than Vossy
Bazza2014: from mammoth to mouse fantasy wise
desmondo: any chance of touching the ball Thomas??
LuvIt74: Cmon Rich ya nuff nuff
thommoae: Bell not exactly showing Bolton what he’s missing.
OnTheRocks: congrats on the “goal” Brisbane
Neo Wanker: steffi martin for netball
Sloaneyyyy: A lot of passengers in this Lions team… clear the squad and make way for those who want to play like this Jansen bloke
circle52: When will umps start paying holding. Clearly taylor’s guensey held and could see but no free,
Neo Wanker: what a great trade voss for lepper
Tigger5: is simpson playing through the midfield?
gunners23: who’s going to get sucked in by this performance from rocky?
Vich: Somehow i think hes loose in defence
Neo Wanker: no simpson is playing through the whole brisbane team
teachrtony: Anyone else cant get live scores on fox?
AngryRyno: Simpson playing wing
Yelse: @teachrtony i can’t either and i hate it
lachlan.w: so happy i kept rocky
teachrtony: yep!
oc16: reach the ton before the half rocky!
gunners23: can someone get the footy to docherty please!
colmullet: just give Rocky the atlas now
Bazza2014: playing my brother he has simmo i have dochers, goddammit
Torz: Wonder if Rocky is still on peoples “never again” list now.
oc16: rocky on track for 200!
ryanbob: looks like we might see zorko go under 100 for the first time this season
Fletch91: Zorko not seen in the midfield today. Playing up forward, not good 🙁
ryanbob: rocky needs to put in a few consistant weeks to get off the “never again” list
LuvIt74: Martin is not worth having as a ruck he is way to inconsistent. Glad i dont have him
LuvIt74: Rich is killing me, curnow is killing him
OnTheRocks: playing bottom team in my league. His first two scores: 138 and whatever Rocky has. Mine: Gawn/Sam Mitchell. fmsc
dipstick: rocky is permanently on never again lists… the guy is a paper cup.. even smithers could hiop and shoulder and hurt him
the worm: since when is martin inconsistent? you mean the 35 games b4 concussion avging over 100 or since the concussion?
Sloaneyyyy: when do the good games start ?
the worm: oh, you must mean Dustin martin, yeah, totally agree
dipstick: @sloaney the demons belting hawks right now is a good game
jalapenoh: Cheers @dipstick. Was watching the delayed game on tv…..
circle52: Christensen done for day m0nty so you can bring out the red cross.
AngryRyno: dipstick you dipstick, no spoilers flog
dipstick: @jala oops then dont come here. theres live twitter feeds right there updating each score of the game
dipstick: @angry there a live twitter feed of the game on this very screen of that game
AngryRyno: you’re the one breaking chat rules dipstick
m0nty: back on this game please
MontyJnr: How is Docherty on 38 with 6 touches at 66%?
sfmmp23: I brought Zorko in this week. Fml
colin wood: Monty its a matter of him being a popular pick so they tend to hand free pts to certain popular players.
Bazza2014: ons getting a sniff to steal this
Breezey: Is this gunna be a double ton for Rocky on his return
AngryRyno: Kreuz and Gorringe off the ground
casey22: Early call on the gun, m0nty! lol
colin wood: come on rich FFS…. these crap performances are becoming a common theme…
Bazza2014: Lions*
colin wood: Angry, not watching what it up with Gorringe?
circle52: Looks like Curnow has gone to Rocky
AngryRyno: not sure, believe it is either ankle or knee getting strapped up
M0rgs: bad call Gibbs for captain this week
Bazza2014: kreuz down as injured on Foxs rundown sheet
oc16: Come on Rocky! another 36 for the qtr pls!
colin wood: Circle that’s good hopefully now will free up Rich!
AngryRyno: Zorko starting to tick it over, 20pts since HT
J.Worrall: Here’s a quote from the start of the chat …
J.Worrall: dipstick: LOL who has rocky? the guy cant play 5 games in a row. The glass cannon is fantasy irrelevant
skycam: does anyone have a season DT avg higher than Rockliffs 134.7?
AngryRyno: Gorringe back out there
M0rgs: living up to his name
skycam: zorko
JButcher: s/o to all those people who brought in Gibbs this week thats rough!
oc16: @skycam no that is the highest
casey22: Yoiu are joking. Kruezer off getting rid of something he ate!!!! FFS
colin wood: Good boy Gorringe!!!!
skycam: thanks oc16
circle52: Keep it coming boys. Now that you have had your half time kicking lesson
colin wood: Good boy Rich!!!
BFAsh: Cmon Blues FFS
Thedude24: finally rich. and stef martin L0L AGAIN?????
Bazza2014: blues about to choke.
Bazza2014: can i have that comment back. lol
LuvIt74: No doubt all eyes on Jansen as a possible down grade in round 13
circle52: Bell having a stinker
BFAsh: What’s happening with MK??
colin wood: keep going rich and gorringe.
LuvIt74: Rich is doing Jack
BFAsh: Draft pick 1 seems to be dominating draft pick 2….
dipstick: @skycam whats average got to do with anything? go on trade in rocky… wont play 5 games in a row
circle52: Rocky looks spent though
grossn: Gibbs for brownlow obviously
italeader: ffs rocky tight hammy
colin wood: Good boy Kerridge!!!
AngryRyno: Kedge the Ledge
Gordo450: Kerridge robbed SC
JButcher: Triple double for kerridge
circle52: Red zone killing Brisbane yet again Blues have now scored 7 goals in red zone in 3/4
casey22: strange, blues arn’t this good & lions not as bad as score suggests
AngryRyno: <3 Curnow
stakerz: wow gibbsy…..
sfmmp23: If zorko can pull out a 120 or so that would be nice
circle52: Kreizer to ill to return so red cross for him as well
circle52: why o why punch when you could mark cost a goal in the end.
m0nty: nominations for star please
rooboypete: so who else kept Rocky like me?? Yeah baby!!
blashtroko: Weitering certainly
JButcher: Curnow M0nty
facebook23: who else but rocky. 35+ disposals, 15 contested and 8 tackles. ur joking if its anyone else
DrSeuss: Martin and Cripps – Rage Trade time
BFAsh: Weitering
AngryRyno: Curnow the star after that goal
Tommo2909: Rocky surely
Breezey: Weitering the star
rooboypete: ROcky, rocky, rocky – oi!!
AngryRyno: rocky 0% chance of getting the 3 votes on Brownlow night, have you watched the game?
facebook23: will get the 3 votes in ultimate footy
benzammit: Rockliff monty
AngryRyno: that’s cute
Luigi197: any attempts to make me feel a bit better about still having SMartin?
Shaundog: I was going to trade kerridge but now not sure
rooboypete: @angryryno sorry I haven’t been watching, just following online
ryanbob: come on simpson get to 110
Bazza2014: rocky 50 possies?
Tigger5: not thinking ab9ut trading kerridge until atleast after bye round
Bazza2014: docherty getting some junk, cmonnnnn
M0rgs: Hey Luigi I still have Steph Martin, wish I traded him out ages ago
Bazza2014: r9 was the last straw for me with steffi
DrSeuss: Luigi keep commenting – he just got +15 in 2 minutes
AngryRyno: Curnow completely shut down Rich first half, has has 26 touches, 11 tackles and a goal in the winning side. BOG.
rooboypete: I too still have the disappointing Martin. Sigh.
J.Worrall: Rocky oi, ky oi oi oiRocky oi, Roc
Luigi197: I believe in you SMartin :)))))
casey22: Goal to Rocky!!!
GJayBee: I think my gambling might get an edge if I start to believe in god
RooBoyStu: serious question guys with the amount of rain Gold Coast has had tosay, is it any chance of being abandoned GC V Syd
a1trader: Is Gibbs on the ground? Can’t believe I had the C on him this week in SC
oc16: geez i wish i had rocky as captain
RooBoyStu: remember the pore season match Bris v Stk
sfmmp23: Put the c on danger or pendles
blashtroko: rocky for atlas
GJayBee: Mitch Robinson going to be passable, so unfair I picked him and still have him is SC
Breezey: I thought of taking a risk with Rocky but unfortunately for me I didn’t have the knackers to press TRADE IN
Bazza2014: could be abandoned they have said.
Tommo2909: Same breezey
Bazza2014: goto website and check the radar, sheesh
heppelitis: rockliff fully into best mode again…bloody great to see
ScootD: Rocky is gonna crack his 180 like he said he would
casey22: You’d be very brave to have the C on rocky this week
Ben_Gogos: Rockliff is love. Rockliff is life. Thanks Rocky!
Bazza2014: martin could junk up
heppelitis: thx kerridge…great score
Torz: Keep going Stef, getting up there!
Ben_Gogos: Even big Stef junking to a decent score.
RooBoyStu: i’m playing someone in sc who has rocky as vc no joke
OnTheRocks: rocky stealing all of Zorkos possies and goals
Jukes82: docherty deserves the bin
Breezey: Suns have confirmed that the game will go ahead
casey22: Junk it up, Steph
J.Worrall: One hundred and Eighty, triple bulls eye, Rocky!
benzammit: Cur now got the star lol
colmullet: bulls eye is worth 50….
heppelitis: lol J.Worrall
LuvIt74: @Breezy why wouldn’t the game go ahead?
facebook23: rocky not the star. u seriously have no football knowledge.
J.Worrall: Triple Tops, soz
LuvIt74: Rocky will hit 210
Stikman35: Where’s that bloke last week who boasted about trading out kerridge
Breezey: People on here have been asking if the game will be called off. That’s why I’m saying
benzammit: A bloke scores a top 5% score and doesn’t get the star better look at your selection criteria mOnty
Bazza2014: j worrall that’ll be triple 20 mate, not
Luigi197: you’re welcome guys #SmartinTimeIsJunkTime
a1trader: UNbelievable weather up here on the Gold Coast. Wind and rain like I can’t remember
RooBoyStu: Rocky will get 3 brownlow votes for sure today so yes should be star
circle52: Just working out how I can get Kerridges SC score on ground,. have him as e
Breezey: And there’s been around 200mm of rain. That’s why they’re asking Luvit
colin wood: Thank you big fella Gorringe now go back and slot it
JButcher: cmon Rocky 1 more point!
Breezey: Great stuff Ryan Bastinac. Very happy with you
LuvIt74: I done that with Petracca as he scored 90 sc so im taking that and wasn’t sure whether to take Motlop out or Hall but we
sfmmp23: Crazy weather going on in QLD
colin wood: Zorko heading for his first score under 100 here
Xephyrise: seriously, rocky joked on the traders podcast that he would get thenm 180, and then he gets it….
Stikman35: Bloody wentering on my bench
heppelitis: dont mind Colin Wodd…Zorkos been magnificent this year
jdt1111: Should I bench hall or zerrett for Kerridge score?
ScootD: Rocky! Highest DT score for the year thus far.
colin wood: Certainly not bagging him Hepp. A monster season thus far. Am glad but as I don’t have him!
heppelitis: wodd…lol…sorry colin
colin wood: Brought Gorringe in this week for Papley to cover for Goldy. Very happy
stakerz: zorks still going to score 90+ afetr scaling
facebook23: ..181 and still doesnt get the star. boot m0nty
Stikman35: Ablett in wet suit style. Might tear it up.
AngryRyno: Facebook you’ve got no idea mate, Rocky a fantasy gun but not BOG today.
JButcher: Zorko still manages the ton. Gun.
ryanbob: kerridge sc pretty rough
heppelitis: zorks!
Tigger5: selfish zorko, should of kicked it
Costanza: Rocky gets his first price rise for the year
Gott2Win: Kerridge brilliant again. People who traded him and Wells out are spuds
Vinstar: Zorko if only you could kick straight today
banners87: Surely 48 touches, 9 tackles and a goal has to get you best on?
J.Worrall: dipstick: LOL who has rocky? the guy cant play 5 games in a row. The glass cannon is fantasy irrelevant
J.Worrall: desmondo: cant expect too much from rocky…least till he builds up some match fitness..maybe 80-90 would be good from h
Stikman35: BE of 120. I’m very tempted on rock
Hoot: I’m taking Petracca 90 odd and benching Hal.

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