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Chat log from R9 of 2016: St Kilda vs Essendon

Chat log for St Kilda vs Essendon, R9 of 2016

Stst1001: Need zaharakis 128. Cmon!!
Chelskiman: Still scared of a late change with Zerrett…
iZander: be more scared of an injury early in the game 😛
qcumbers: Mitch Brown (WCE) named?
9inch: Big game for me with Grimley capt for Pendles and Goldy on the bench 🙂
qcumbers: fixed now
Chelskiman: Stay down Goddard, Zaha and Brown. If they’re quiet I’ll probably win.
GJayBee: Go Merrett, Zaha, Tippa, and any rook from Ess that works for ya.
Chelskiman: There’s no way Merrett is going to be a Mid/Fwd next year, lol.
PieBoy: cmon browny
Tigger5: lets go Merret and Tippa
MontyJnr: Mitch Brown looking good early
9th Again: Fix Mitch Brown’s supercoach please!?! ALways does this
JockMcPie: m brown stuck on 1 again??
nameless: Monty is being a petulant child with this M. Brown thing…
DZL7: next week do i trade in zorko or n roo
PieBoy: give browny some points CD
Chelskiman: Come on, Joey. Brought you in this week.
PieCannon: if he goes below 80 im blaming you chelski
9th Again: Definitely Zorko @DZL7, I don’t think he has scored under 100 yet, maybe once
PieBoy: onya browny +16
Chelskiman: He’s been on my blacklist from 2014, so naturally when I bring him in he’s gonna spud it.
cusch1: Bruce been caught three times now for no free kicks
leorosman_: yes matty dea
tbrowne: brought in montagna thus week for wells, pls have mercy
Chelskiman: Brown is going to cause me problems today, I can just tell.
JockMcPie: lift montagna
poolboybob: Traded out Dea too early 🙁
grossn: Go Dea go!
Chelskiman: So much for Goddard, Zaha and Brown staying down. All three are tearing it up. >>
Rebuild: Same @poolboy in a time when good defenders are hard to come by
iZander: is bird ok?
cusch1: Bird looks to have hit the ground hard after a tackle, either a concussion or shoulder injury
9inch: Thats Ess efforts for the day should be all down hill from here
JockMcPie: cmon tippa, lift son or ur gone
iZander: will bird play on?
PieBoy: onya tippy
cusch1: As an Essendon supporter I get scared every time leuy gets near the ball
cusch1: Come on baggers first goal in forever hahah
DrSeuss: So glad I bought Fantasia in 4 weeks ago – thanks for the memories – gone this week!!
SaintsMan: the week i bring in montagna…
PT74: Actually happy that I was forced to hold Dea
standog: Yeah bringing in Fantasia after round 5 was a great decision, healthy average of 54 since then :/
grossn: Forced to hold onto Dea? Why would you need to get rid of him?
Chelskiman: Come on Merrett and Joey! Need big ones from you!
Fatbar5tad: DEAlightful
cusch1: Montagna pulls a rance
cusch1: And wins the free kick
RooBoyStu: Savage can’t even get a kick against Essendon
AngryRyno: come on Zerrett lets go
SaintsMan: this is horrible
Chelskiman: Could Joey get weeks for that? Would be just my luck.
MontyJnr: Will Joey get weeks?
T-Mac: reckon montagna for the match review panel?
cusch1: Rance got two and jokey had more than one crack. They’ve set the roe cede t although jokey was with less force
Chelskiman: Terrible kick to Merrett. Was a simple 15m kick that cost him a +6.
Tigger5: I think it might just be a fine, nothing really connected. But who knows with the MRP
cusch1: Joey *
Chelskiman: I hate it when my player takes a mark and them instantly kicks it to one of my opponent’s players.
9inch: Haha my main league op loopholed out dea for 60 odd.
blashtroko: Joey has never missed a game due to suspension so that helps
cusch1: How Cn you okay that umpire
iZander: where is armitage playing?
Stst1001: Cmon zaha sneak a goal before half time.
Lecras: matt dea’s avg is 68 hes on 67 at half time wow
Jukes82: how is this even close with stk up +20 in contested footy lolol
iZander: is armitage alright? will he play on?
MontyJnr: @blashtroko that didn’t help Matty Boyd last week
colin wood: why are the SC scores so high lol?
Pokerface: total is only 1670 colin?
Pokerface: alot of very low essendon scores balancing them out
colin wood: yeah the wrong ones 🙁
Chelskiman: 169 + Merrett + Montagna vs Goddard + Zaha + Brown. I should win? I’m the one with the lead.
PieBoy: cmon browny
heppelitis: luke parker just went up 4 points lol
PieBoy: onya browny
Central : Dea nice
DZL7: Hartley find the pil mate needd 65+ from you
Roksta: You be fine chelski
Tigger5: good tippa lets ton up
AngryRyno: is armo out there?
LuvIt74: Hartley letting me down
AngryRyno: armo just got a +6, must be out there
SaintsMan: my word we are bad
Shaundog: I need Dea to score 65 more than Hartley for a win
Stst1001: Lift zaha lift
Chelskiman: Need Saints to win for 7/9 and that was after getting the first two wrong.
jalapenoh: What the hell is Fantasia doing?
blashtroko: is montagna in the guts
Breezey: Need Saints for 8/9. Missed the first one
cusch1: Witches hat gwilt already will yiu
LuvIt74: Wonder what the par score will be this week, im guessing around 2250 with heaters score.
cusch1: And spud McKenna
Yelse: need st kilda by 29 for 10k
Chelskiman: If that’s true then good luck, Yelse.
Yelse: Sportsbet tipping final game for 9 tips. need the margin @chelski
grossn: Good luck Yelse!
Generalsor: @jalapenoh – in a word? Spudding
LuvIt74: Hope ya get it Yelse
LuvIt74: Yelse what did u tip 9 this week?
Yelse: @luvit74 yeah saints will make it 9/9. adv being a pies supporter
Chelskiman: Come, on Joey!
Roksta: Too looking good on the wing for sc
Yelse: margin not looking good all the sudden
frenzy: your Dea to tonne up
Chelskiman: Merrett going backwards now. >>
LuvIt74: Yelse does the margin need to be exactly 29 or closest to 29 wins $10k?
PieBoy: onya browny
Slashers: Yelse, you jinxed it!
LuvIt74: Brown doing nothing
LuvIt74: its only 33 points as we speak still have a good chance.
ryanbob: someone stop steven!
Solat: 3 goals out of 7 is nothing?
JockMcPie: cmon tippa, montagna ton up, brown get 80
Rebuild: This is probably the first time Brown hasn’t let me down or been on my bench
LuvIt74: I shold keep typing browns doing nothing
LuvIt74: Carn hartley ya flog
Stst1001: Ok zaha just need to punch out 68 for me in the last quarter. Shouldn’t be a prob.
Breezey: Still looking alright Yelse
armalitemk: @luvit please do i might actually lose after scoring 2380 🙁
heppelitis: superman for brown?…3 in that quarter
Yelse: @luvit74 its closest to 29 but i got a feeling others might have the margin
LuvIt74: Im gonna have to watch this game now coz of Yelse…lol Its bloody close
JockMcPie: need joey to have the quarter of his life…stay down hickey and parish
LuvIt74: I cant see many tipping 9 period yet alone margin
jeddies22: i need zahrakis to get 17 points more than parish and gresham last qurter
Solat: joey definitely needs to pull a finger out
Jackwatt$: Cmon Merrett, Brown & Hartley get me to 2400!
LuvIt74: @armalitemk gr8 score m8, I will score around 2100
frenzy: started 9 rookies and will give 2400 a shake myself
9inch: Loving Zahas sc.:)
JockMcPie: hopefully brown, tippa and joey score well, currently on 1983 so should get 2200 with a doughnut
Tigger5: there’ll be lots of 2400+ scores this week
King_Robbo: I’ll get 2500 this week
Jair: My boy Dea’s a premium!
Lodgy: great game Matty Dea, having a great season. Hope you earn a contract next year
armalitemk: @King_Robbo feel free to give us your team name would love to see if this is the only thing you haven’t embellishe today
9inch: I remember people waiting for Shaw to have a price drop.
Jair: JockMcPie sounds like my team as well
King_Robbo: Only guy that let me down was gawn..
LuvIt74: Who ever scores 2400+ will be very close to winning the weekly $$$
armalitemk: @King_Robbo feel free to give us your team name??
King_Robbo: I’ll give you my team name when you learn to spell..
Jackwatt$: I’d believe 2500, I’m around 2400 with Gawn, Byrne-Jones and McPherson. There would be people who have Byrne and NicNat
9th Again: I played a 0 on the ground this week and still oging to score 2300+
armalitemk: @King_Robbo or the link as I don’t think we can search for you!
vartic: cmon zaka big last quarter, also get fucked Dea, making me trade you out after those two awful scores
LuvIt74: Think someones talking porky pies
armalitemk: @Jackwatt$ it’s not that I don’t believe the score is possible I just think the score might be embellished from the guy!
MontyJnr: Teams will hit 2600 easy this week
armalitemk: @luvit hahahaha so true IMO
JockMcPie: especially if u captained shaw…..406 as C
LuvIt74: With all the outs this wee I doubt it
vartic: Wouldn’t be surprised, I should hit 2400 with 4 scores under 67
Chelskiman: Who was Eddie just talking about from the Roos? I missed it.
vartic: Kayne Turner
JockMcPie: kayne turner
armalitemk: @Chelskiman Kayne Turner
cusch1: Kayne turner
Tigger5: kayne turner
frenzy: turner
Breezey: Kayne Turner Chelski
Chelskiman: Ahh, cheers guys.
AngryRyno: Kayne turner
armalitemk: Where have you gone King_Robbo?? I listened to you talk all day please come back!
Breezey: Tipungwuti has cost me my match
King_Robbo: 2412 with Tipa. Playing brown on the bench may hurt…
frenzy: c’mon Dea, finish off UR good work
AngryRyno: they want your team name, Robbo
tbrowne: whats wrong with montagna?
Chelskiman: Lift, Joey!
cusch1: McKenna needs a clown icon for providing everyone with a liagh week in week out
kangawalla: @Breezy. Unreasonable to say a first year rookie on 85 points cost you your match
King_Robbo: I think most teams will be around the 2400s no?
Solat: is roberton playing on redman on the bench?
armalitemk: Or the link mate to avoid a smelly smell that smells!
The39Steps: 2185 in UF with Dea, Kelly and Brown playing. No Goldy or Shaw. Happy with that.
AngryRyno: I think his opponent has Walla @kanga
Pokerface: robbo no very mixed. some teams in my league playing 2 donuts
kangawalla: Ok Ryno. Wrong context from if that is the case.If so, sorry Breezey
Shaundog: Come on Dea 11 more points for the win!
King_Robbo: The one that dominated was Byrne. Where the heck did 112 come from… Lol
awesomeguy: I was let down massivley by DBJ, polkinghorne, enright, gibson, rookies and a doughnut
frenzy: if tippa tonned up that would be heaven
wadaramus: I said Seb who last week, he has shown me today!
gdshifty: seb ross you little unique beauty!!
King_Robbo: Hmm might be in with a shot of the $$
Jackwatt$: Cmon brown, Hartley, Merrett 16 more!
Chelskiman: Joey getting a bit of junk. Nice.
gdshifty: montagna really junking it now!
Jukes82: montagna bin
armalitemk: @King_Robbo seriously mate link or the bs meter will overflow!
kangawalla: Should have made Dea captain over Zerret!! 😉
RooBoyStu: Savage ying yang, had one kick to half time
Chelskiman: And Joey tons up. Just what I like to see in his first game for my team.
King_Robbo: Bye bye Gresham
gdshifty: wadaramus ive had Seb since the start. Only cost 390k and averaging 105 🙂
frenzy: c’mon tipa U can do it
bones351: How’s your score looking those week ?
Krispin_35: Steven u gun
heppelitis: @wadaramus,,,you shot me down…hehe…hes been good all year
Costanza: a Dea’s night out
King_Robbo: Cmon Tipa 12 more
bones351: Arma?
DZL7: i should be around 2,400 this week 🙂
wadaramus: @gd, he has been very consistent with his last two weeks being very good, good selection.
Tommo2909: Need 8 more points between Tippa and Brown to get to 2400SC
Krispin_35: This day has been great I’ve had ward Shaw Steven and dea all get huge scores
wadaramus: Sorry hepp!!! Ignorance on my behalf!
Jackwatt$: Brown has reached his quota. 4 more from Hartley, 5 more from Merrett please
vartic: beautiful finish brown
armalitemk: @bones351 me mate? I’ll be happy to escape with 2300 at this point might snaffle 2320 🙂
Chelskiman: Did that do it, Tommo?
frenzy: ton up tippa
heppelitis: probs at all…all in good fun
Jackwatt$: Brown got 1 SC for kicking a goal? Seriously?
King_Robbo: Brown still making $$
Tommo2909: Yep Woohoo
wadaramus: Yeah, it was tongue in cheek 🙂
JanathF: why is zaha sc so low
jeddies22: gonna lose by 10 :((
Jackwatt$: 2401 pre-scale! Don’t screw me CD!
King_Robbo: 2500 mark. Might be top 1000 after this week:)
bones351: Yeah about the same as me. Had some low ones in there from premos in Danger, Jelwood and now Zaka.
armalitemk: @King_Robba for flowers sake mate get us a link so we can verify!
buzza08: @JanathF Zakka’s efficiency only 58%
buzza08: @JanathF Zakka efficiency only 58%
King_Robbo: Got nothing to prove you spud
awesomeguy: omg my game is gonna be decided by scaling, dea and polkinghorne and +183 vs montagna, tippa, hartley and Brown. Who win
cusch1: King ribbon I’m scoring 2900 this week sorry buddy we can all talk shit
King_Robbo: Good work Cush.. Enjoy the money
armalitemk: @King_Robbo probably not the case leave your ego at the door lad. Seems you have everything to prove!
desafinado: Gonna lose by 55 points. i have lost 3 games by this margin. Frustrating
King_Robbo: No ego just stating I don’t have to hand out my team name.
armalitemk: Back to rosterbaiting saltlord!
MerleDixon: @King_Robbo whats the big problem about handingg out your team name your probably lying about your score thats what

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