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Chat log from R9 of 2016: Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs, R9 of 2016

SaintsMan: Good luck Kieran Collins! Went to my school that bloke
LuvIt74: Hope so Saints we need defenders but GWS look bloody good
Chelskiman: 120 from Dollhouse would be nice.
AngryRyno: Dahl can go 120 in SC but stay low in DT please
LuvIt74: GWS are gonna smash the puppies
Gloryboy: Doggies playing outside Victoria first time this season
Ben_Gogos: Jong will get weeks for that
PureSwag: And there getting pumped!
SaintsMan: move shiel
Chelskiman: Dahlhaus, don’t you dare have a mare.
AngryRyno: c’mon Callan and Heath
LuvIt74: stoopid wood
LuvIt74: Dogs need to get composed
LuvIt74: There just rushing
grossn: I have Shiel, Libba and Williams… fmsc
DrSeuss: Come on Scully
Central : Of course dogs first goal a free
iZander: it was a goal without the free..
Sloaneyyyy: go gws
Roksta: Carn doggies
LuvIt74: @Central he marked the ball no free, he was then paid 50m
JRedden: ppl still complaining about dogs frees? grow up
dezlav: Go Giants
Central : Ok Redden 1 out of 9 games out of Melbourne
DZL7: dogs getting spoon fed by the umps
JRedden: are you a salty crows supporter?
Roksta: Good to see the dogs have haters because we are a threat now
Central : Nothing to do with being salty Redden
Ben_Gogos: @Roksta agreed mate, great sign for the Dogs!
AngryRyno: Doggies supporters crack me up, always whinging about everyone else. never talking footy.
DZL7: dogs a threat? lol please no more jokes please
Central : Rosksta only til the finals then you fall over haha
Sloaneyyyy: i couldn’t care less about either team. i just want GWS to win for my tipping
dezlav: I’ll go on record to say I dont hate the dogs, just tipped GWS today.
Chelskiman: Sloaney, same.
Breezey: I’m just watching Dahlhaus and Biggs. The rest are a blur
Roksta: Dogs doing very well considering our outs
dezlav: @AngryRyno. I thought It was Richmond supporters who whinged the most.
Zeratul: Wonder how many brought Mohr in….
LuvIt74: If dogs had there running defenders in Murphy & JJ there a gr8 side. They get the ball lightning fast out the centre
Chelskiman: I did to avoid a donut in Fantasy, which I don’t take as weriously as DT. Still sucks.
Central : Rosksta doing well for thr first 7 games at home
LuvIt74: Thats why the Rucks score poorly and have no chance against dogs.
Chelskiman: *seriously
circle52: I have had Mohr for 2 weeks in AF so have to trade DMAC and Mohr this week.
DZL7: pretty soft 50 that but it is the dogs so doesnt surprise me
JRedden: DMAC to mathieson or blakely?
Central : Agree with you DZL7
Sloaneyyyy: Coniglio having his best season ever
PureSwag: How do u guys change the picture so I can have the team I go for as the picture?
chris7399: Feel bad for Jong. I’m thinking 2-3 weeks for that bump but was just unlucky. Jong just trying to get some senior footy
LuvIt74: @chris yup its a silly rule when the person drops his head, but it is what it is & he will get 2 minimum
9inch: Jong was in the wong though.
Pokerface: pick it up shiel
King_Robbo: DZL read the rules you flog. A clear 50
frenzy: saw a far bit of mallice in that @ chris7399
LuvIt74: @JRedden why would u bother getting a rookie who has already increased in price
DZL7: whats the news on mohr? is he done for the day? or is he okay to play the remaining 3 qtrs?
Krispin_35: Got ward libba Dahl hopper and Shaw in this one all looking good so far hopper needs to pick it up in the 2nd q tho
Cyberdyne: will buntine come back on?
Sloaneyyyy: Pureswag: go to your profile and choose your team
DZL7: @Cyber Buntine is done for the day wont return.
LuvIt74: @frenzy how can u say there was intentional malice in that, when it was Buntine who dropped his head.
Fury: Double ton pls Conigs
JRedden: @luvit74 so which new rookie mid is gonna play this week then?
LuvIt74: If Buntine didn’t drop his head Jong would have been no where near his head
LuvIt74: @JRedden gotta get Hopper if he scores 65+
DZL7: Hows that holding the ball? thats stiff
JRedden: so your logic is flawed. hopper has also increased in price….
Central : Good to see the umps keeping it close
frenzy: ask the bont luvit
Breezey: Harsh free kick that on GWS
Roksta: Dogs up!!!
LuvIt74: Agree that was BS and im a dogs supporter. If they payed that then they should pay every one.
Central : Giants up!!!
LuvIt74: That Cameron is freakish
fyfe is life: here we go shaw he’s firing up now
MontyJnr: Anyone know where Hopper is playing? Very quiet compared to last week
Fatbar5tad: Keep going Ward
Chelskiman: Pick up the pace, Luke.
DZL7: what a goal!
grossn: Thank you Shiel 🙂
SaintsMan: yes shiel
Central : Shiel you gun
Roksta: Keep trying to troll central I expect it from ppl with low IQ
LuvIt74: Dogs gotta get the ball out the centre fast to have any chance against GWS
Central : Hey Roksta lol
Breezey: Giants have put the foot down
Central : Rosksta yeah
whafc: Sheil u star
Central : Roksta another lol
Chelskiman: GWS have clicked into gear now.
Roksta: Giants are slick today
Fatbar5tad: Last two goals a bit scary
the worm: hopper might be quieter than last week as they arent playing the suns
bernieV: pretty sure patton handballed that from inside the point line
bernieV: are you allowed to play on inside the goals?
Roksta: Great goal Campbell
AngryRyno: no, but he was in the field of play
MontyJnr: This contest would be epic if dogs were full strength
SaintsMan: missed tackle on shiel
DZL7: even if the dogs were full strength gws are way too good
poolboybob: Raise your game Dahlhaus
LuvIt74: Thats what I thought once ball is carried behind the line, its a behind. im confused how it was a goal
Chelskiman: Get involved, Dahlhaus!
Roksta: Better than Roos too then dzl
Pokerface: montyjnr as opposed to having 2 extra fit players for 3/4?
MontyJnr: @DZL7 dogs within 20 with basically their entire back line out
LuvIt74: @DZL7 are u ok mate, if dogs had their running defenders it would be a different story
bernieV: yeah he played on from inside the points with a handball.
LuvIt74: Love Camerons style
Central : Not sure about that Luvit74
grossn: GWS are also 2 rotations down with 2 backline injuries
Sloaneyyyy: Coniglio’s SC would be awesome if his efficiency was better
Pokerface: everyone has injuries, thats where your depth is. griffen, davis, smith…
LuvIt74: @Central u might not be sure but i am.
LuvIt74: Dogs have the best running defenders in the comp
DZL7: @LuvIt even so i cant see you winning away
frenzy: c’mon Hopper wahtey, pull your finger out
Pokerface: luvit so you have no depth to cover injuries?
the worm: maybe gws would be better with phil davis and ryan griffin?
nic-n-nat: c’mon Hopper! I put the C on you this week! Let’s go!
Central : Come on Luvit74 have a wipe
JanathF: unluckily they are all injured
Chelskiman: Now he’s going backwards. FFS.
LuvIt74: @DZL7 we beat Swans away last year & WCE
Chelskiman: Maybe now, I thought Dahlhaus gave away a free.
the worm: if the dogs were smart they would trade one of their gun mids for a gws forward
MontyJnr: @pokerface who cares about depth. It would be a better contest if dogs had their defenders in
JanathF: last year. hmmm
Pokerface: devnon smith thinks he could outrun jj
Central : Luvit74 talking about last year….REALLY
Roksta: Boyd Addams Murphy johannasen suckling Tom Boyd all out
Pokerface: montyjr and what if gws had all their players? they have as many injuries as you.
gdshifty: Shaw just went berserk with marks and kicks
Roksta: Also Crameri and redpath
Breezey: No one ever ever will have there full side in. Someone is always injured from your best 22. That’s every team
Pokerface: ross lyon says he won away last year too
LuvIt74: Fair enough all teams have injuries however when all your injuries are all in defence like in the dogs situation.
Chelskiman: Shaw in beast mode at the moment.
Pokerface: they have 2 extra fit guys today!
frenzy: wet toast made the granny with no backmen
Shaundog: C’mon dogs
nic-n-nat: agree. that what made us dominant. we had no backmen but we attacked well.
9th Again: Surely the bulldogs will man Shaw up next quarter?
Breezey: Pies defenders out Goldsack, Ramsay, Williams, Brown and Landgon all defenders all out injured. In the best 22
nic-n-nat: c’mon Hopper!!!
LuvIt74: Yeah who’s replacing Murphy & JJ & Boyd. Williams, Collins & Roberts.
Breezey: No excuses here for Collingwoods average early form.
benty691: shaw, shiel and libba 🙂
Central : Inter state clubs don’t count in the eyes of vics
Pokerface: whose replacing mohr and buntine?
Central : Its all boohoo if your vic
MontyJnr: Pokerface I’m not even a dogs fan. I’d like to see both sides at full strength
9inch: Bringing Heater in at rd 5 has been great.
Krispin_35: Poor half from hopper and Dahl for me
Breezey: @Central. I’m an interstate Pie supporter. Do I count Hahahaha
King_Robbo: JJ, Murphy, suckling, Boyd, m.boyd, redpath and Crameri. No team in the comp can match those injuries
whafc: we care a lot about the VFL…whoops l mean AFL lol
MontyJnr: @king Robbo Gold Coast can match that and beat it
Central : Gold Coast beats that Robbo
Pokerface: did you really just include tom boyd in your key missing players?
whafc: R u serious K Robbo..Gold Coast has everyone covered
Nuffman: Essendon tops that…
King_Robbo: GC are overrated spuds
frenzy: Crameri is a bomber druggie
Central : K Robbo maybe a few more home games well help
LuvIt74: I’m just talking about key defenders that we have out & to suggest that it wouldn’t make any difference is just absurd.
Pokerface: essendon thinks they are missing a few
JockMcPie: dogs miss their half backs a lot…it was their best part of their game the first 4 rounds
Pokerface: so who takes mohr and buntines spots today luvit?
LuvIt74: No i didn’t mention Tom Boyd, M Boyd i said.
T-Mac: Freo just behind gc with sandi, fyfe, bennell, hill, johnson, A.Pearce
MontyJnr: @tmac and Barlow lol
Pokerface: lol montyjnr
LuvIt74: Whoever is on there bench obviously.
qcumbers: Barlow not injured, can’t get a game even with 83 possesions in two WAFL games
RedSwan: GWS wont have any issues filling those 2 spots
Pokerface: lobbe, ryder, monfries, shultz, white, until yesterday gray.. any team you want has a list
GJayBee: could the dogs be talking about being two men up? Could they be asking the boys to run this out like forrest?
qcumbers: Barlow had 190 DT in WAFL yesterday
Pokerface: how will they fill them today redswan?
LuvIt74: What a stupid question.
GJayBee: ‘best 22’ is for newspaper articles. Does not exist except for the best 22 on the day.
Central : Last year the CROWS lost their coach made finals
GJayBee: coaches never get a kick.
RedSwan: NO chance of replacement today
GJayBee: Barlow is not in Ro$$
Central : Without the coach neither would any player
Pokerface: mick left bucks a dynasty.
RedSwan: It wont be McCarthy
LuvIt74: bloody hell i didn’t bring Shaw in this week coz his B/E was 111 think he will smash that
LuvIt74: Cannot stand Ross Lyons, Barlow was killing it since Fyfe got injured yet still gets dropped.
Central : Ok c mon gws
King_Robbo: Lol freo are spuds. Fife yes. Sandi is gone, Bennell overhyped spud
GJayBee: ro$$ ha$ a trade cur$e
GJayBee: go dogs, you are the last leg of a few multies, even have them on the line. It’s been a good weekend could be great!
MontyJnr: @king robbo Bennell is a gun, stop talking dribble
the worm: i always thought you had to have done something to earn the title of gun
Central : Hey Robbo dogs have 3 more spoons than freo lol
King_Robbo: @central two after this year and pretty sure we have been in the comp for 80yrs+
wadaramus: Heater tons up 5 mins into the third, gun!
Central : Out of 80 years there has been plenty of spuds in the dogs
Central : Hey K Robbo 80years many flags? Lol
Roksta: Agree wada shaw is awesome
Roksta: No way they could override that on that evidence
Ben_Gogos: That was an interesting review process, very rare for that to occur.
OnTheRocks: c’mon Dollshouse and Hunter
AngryRyno: happened earlier today at the Dees game ben
Roksta: Review called from upstairs that’s a bit rich
9th Again: Yeah, Petracca’s goal, @AngryRyno
GJayBee: doggies would be hoping for a few good bounces and a few good calls!
Ben_Gogos: That was ridiculously good by SJ
Central : Thats the rules mate get over it
DZL7: they always have a quick review when the ball goes to the center?
LuvIt74: The AFL score review system as a whole is a joke, they need to get it right of get rid of it.
LuvIt74: Coniglio on fire.
AngryRyno: why is it a joke? they just overturned an incorrect call
DZL7: @angry dog supporters thats why
LuvIt74: The score review system is as a whole is a joke I stated. How long did that take.
Central : There’s no roof …..lost
Fatbar5tad: Come on Ward
Central : 3min 46sec
9th Again: Another 50 point quarter from Heath Shaw
LuvIt74: I’m sure they won last week without a roof.
circle52: Over rule also happened in Dees lions game with a touch ruled.
Roksta: Central is a butthurt crow eater
feralmong: Went Gawn capt shoulda had faith in heater.
Tigger5: lets go Shaw double ton
Ben_Gogos: Shaw back to back capes!
AngryRyno: wow Ward massive 10mins
Roksta: It’s gonna be a great rivalry between these 2 teams
AngryRyno: Shaw going banananas, surely going to beat Goldy
Central : Not sure what you mean butthurt oh wait last year finals. .lol
Chelskiman: Never thought I’d say this, but if you don’t have Heater you’re a spud.
LuvIt74: GWS will be the Hawks of the 80’s/2000’s starting as of this year or next year.
Breezey: Both needed up watching the GF so doesn’t really matter boys. Cheer up and watch the game
Central : Roksta it must hurt being a doggie. .lol
Ben_Gogos: @LuvIt74 I suspect you’re right. Signs were ominous after their demolition of the Hawks.
King_Robbo: Last time I checked the MCG didn’t have a roof #centralspud
Krispin_35: Lol changed capt from heater to goldy last min looks like it doesn’t matter
JockMcPie: go shaw and ward, 300 between you!!
ryanbob: come on libba
Central : Oh Robbo good boy there you are
Central : Robbo your record at thr MCG isn’t to good when it counts.
Neo Wanker: Oh dear the world beater dogs are having a little trouble away from home – surprise surprise
HappyDEZ: We need a surfborad icon for waxing.
LuvIt74: @Krispin ya cant be upset with a 173 from goldy, he was my c also
9th Again: Luke Beveridge must have Heath Shaw as his supercoach captain
LuvIt74: I was going to put Shaw in this week but his B/E was 111 so opted to go with Pendles as his B/E was 63
Neo Wanker: How about a lightning icon to wax the power pretty boys
King_Robbo: Shaw is a fantasy star but gets cheap kicks. Must capt himself every week
AngryRyno: if I was Heath Shaw I’d captain myself too
Central : Well it’s easy for Shaw against a forward line like yours
awesomeguy: why is mumford sc so low? He is dominating the ruck
Central : Package to busy stroking
Tigger5: He sets up everything for GWS robbo, he plays his role perfectly
thommoae: Doggies are fast and small; Giants fast , small AND tall = too good.
HappyDEZ: He always plays on from kick ins too. Excellent +3.
Chelskiman: To be fair, it must be his team mates that captain him, as they’re the ones that kick it to him.
MontyJnr: Shaw plays for fantasy. Always plays on from kick ins.
Fatbar5tad: Giants have the lot..except fans
LuvIt74: Not sure if I’ll bring in Hopper next week
Roksta: Lol fatbar
AngryRyno: needs Biggs and Libba to have a big last few minutes, please
Central : Give them time mate growing every year
Roksta: Hopper won’t get a game with all the guns GWS supposedly have out luvit
King_Robbo: Wow there are GWS fans.. Who knew
Perry95: toby greene has been robbed in sc
9th Again: Every bulldogs supported on here is salty as hahaha
Breezey: Dahl storming home
Tigger5: 5 clangers perry
Fatbar5tad: Clinical that
King_Robbo: Agree roksta hasn’t looked grea
DZL7: need libba and dahl to get 25+ more and ill be content
Roksta: I’m not salty 9th… Dogs have a bright future ahead
Chelskiman: Only 14 points for the ton, Lukey. You can do it!
Perry95: got 3 goals though tigger, hasn’t been awarded full value for them
Pokerface: except when you have your whole team out like today roksta
King_Robbo: I’m not worriedly about this result. Never played here and missing players that would suit this ground
Tigger5: yeah i suppose 70 is pretty low for his stats
DZL7: stringer is so overrated
Central : Package got post……
grossn: Going to be very interesting Pies vs Dogs next week
King_Robbo: We still have the 2nd best young talent in the comp
cusch1: Caleb Daniel wore w helmet before it was cool
the worm: for about 5 minutes before the bogs start to bury them
King_Robbo: We’ll smash the pies next week
Central : grossn pies at mcg
Pokerface: only 2 tackles to libba after last weeks world record.
grossn: It’s at the ‘G not etihad, I wouldn’t be too sure
Roksta: Lol all the guys trying to troll the dogs because they are jealous
Chelskiman: Nathan Burke wore the helmet before it was cool.
DZL7: @grossn you guys should win that seeing as its at the MCG
RedSwan: if teh dogs play like this the Pies will jump them
King_Robbo: Nun our game plan suits the g. That showed last week
grossn: Honestly it all depends whether the pies show up. If it’s like Geelong they’ll win, but if it’s like Rounds 1-4 they won
grossn: they won’t*
frenzy: Libba >pendles this week
Breezey: Williams and Wilson look pretty impressive players. Might look into them next week
LuvIt74: We Get Boyd & RedPath next week, massive plus
Fatbar5tad: Dogs won’t play as carp as we did yesterday
Central : Roksta of what? Your a dreamer
Tigger5: Greenes definitely getting robbed in SC
King_Robbo: Agree roksta. Jealous.
Roksta: Toby McLean looks a decent pick up this year.
Breezey: Don’t worry about the G or Etihad the Giants could play in a phone box and get all their fans in.
Roksta: Central especially jealous robbo
DZL7: dog supporters have been salty since their last premiership been awhile..
LuvIt74: I missed the Cats game coz i was at the GG’s i was shocked
frenzy: U gun Heater
SaintsMan: roksta, he was with you last year?
King_Robbo: Central=anonymous keyboard warrior. What a hero
grossn: oof that’s a tough next 4 for the Dogs
LuvIt74: lmao@Central can you make any valid comments on here apart from having a go at someone. Although its funny.
Roksta: Yes saintsman but didn’t play much is what I mean bud
Breezey: Sounds prett close Robbo
Central : Really Robbo…
DZL7: i see the dogs losing the next 4
Fatbar5tad: Shaw cricket score
SaintsMan: righto mate
grossn: That’s some nice junk Shiel 🙂
Central : Sorry luvit74 it’s the dogs…
bliss35: shaw having a quiet game
9th Again: Hopefully shaw can double ton up here! (In supercoach)
LuvIt74: will wait until the bye rounds now to bring in heater
Roksta: He does try luvit… Comical
Tigger5: you dont have Heater?
Chelskiman: Heater is nuts. I wish I was brave enough to captain him.
JRedden: north will lose to sydney next friday anyway
King_Robbo: DZL you guys will get flogged next week. Thatll bring you down to earth you troll
frenzy: she’ll be all over then Luvit74, Lol
Central : Hold on DZL7 the next 4 2 at home 1@G 1 against port in Adelaide
Jackwatt$: Cheer up doggie fans nobody has got this close with GWS at home. Will Williams keep his spot?
King_Robbo: Does anyone have heather captain? Wow
Woosha 73: Tossed up between Cogs, Ward and Jelwood last week. Kicking myself for which way I went
DZL7: Im not even trolling, im being optimistic that the dogs will lose the next 4
grossn: I don’t have Shaw but I hope he’s scaled to 200
wadaramus: Massive payday for those with the C on Heater, not bitter though, Goldy was OK!
Tim Tam: Took pendles vc over heater c….
Fatbar5tad: Had to settle for Goldy
benty691: i have heater, wanted a POD skip!!!!
LuvIt74: It’s in the Aussie DNA to give stick to those who support the losing team but i cant remember him stating a thing decent
DZL7: disappointed with libba and dahl
Tim Tam: lol, doesn’t have heater and calls people brainless for holding weitering, you are something…
Roksta: Within 4 goals of the best side in the Como not too bad
carlton_99: Thank You Captain heater possible 200 after scaling for supercoach–> 400 points wooohh
King_Robbo: I’m happy jwatts. We haven’t played well yet still pushed them
frenzy: lift ya game Goldy

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