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Chat log from R9 of 2016: Melbourne vs Brisbane

Chat log for Melbourne vs Brisbane, R9 of 2016

desmondo: Tyson out for Melbourne..Newton in
insano: wasnt grimes captain of the Dees at 1 stage ? now cant get a game
desmondo: I think he was, but he used to get injured every time he stepped on the park
iZander: yeah, so they found a good way to stop that, just make sure he doesnt step on the park 😛
insano: lol, fair call
frenzy: when did Ross Lyon start coaching the Dees
9inch: A 100 from Bennedy would be nice thanks.
circle52: Thats more lke it Rich
iZander: who’s Robbo running with?
blashtroko: Wheres stef starting
Torz: Looks like maybe CHF. Not in the ruck.
Warnie: Monty – West in’t playing forward, he is in the ruck.
Torpedo10: Stef could be a great CHF, great ground ball movement but the Lions need to get it down to him!
Torz: Petracca on fire!
ryanbob: good start petracca and kennedy!
Chelskiman: Meed Kennedy to stay way down. Also need a huge one from Stef, though that looks unlikely.
Chelskiman: *Need
frenzy: Um wtf? Max
Torz: Vince going to have a field day at half back.
circle52: Come on brisbane play the fast game you played in early rounds. Too slow atm
Torz: Gawn’s form has vanished.
circle52: A nice test of Matthos jaw recovery there
Chelskiman: Please get Stef back into the ruck, he would be up against Watts, ffs!
facebook23: gawn’s form has…. gawn…. ohhhh yeah
italeader: 2 of Robos tackles missed!!
Zeratul: Lift vince! zzz
iZander: So Robbos running with Jones? can someone please confirm? same TOG lel
Chelskiman: Got Keays on the bench, and not even as an EMG, whilst Josh Smith and MacPherson have 40’s on field.
eagles86: im regreting my caption chan ge this week
PieBoy: onya jonesy
willywalks: Last 3 weeks have been putrid, now Gawn and Stef are AWOL, worst year for consistent scores…
Jackwatt$: Martin is in the ruck Warnie
eagles86: i went from having goldy captian to having zorko this week terrible decission
italeader: Robo on Viney!
iZander: wooo awesome! ty
Kenny27: Tracca you gun
Torz: Petracca looking better each week. Could end up a FWD keeper.
ryanbob: come on zorko
Krispin_35: Keep going Petracca u gun
eagles86: come on zorko u spud
SaintsMan: zorkos been on the bench for 10 mins
Torz: Stef and Gawn are killing me.
poolboybob: Bennedy still generating ca$h. Should be around 400k at the byes
Jackwatt$: @Torz perfect for a M9/F7
circle52: and on cue Zorko delivers.
frenzy: do the dees have this howling breeze
feralmong: Gawn as capt vs gold capt is killin me. Hope he picks up.
circle52: Deliberate WTF Melbourne umpiring bias againt.
Preston007: I thought Steph Martin was cheap 2 weeks ago.. turns out he was expensive
circle52: BS Call deliberate
facebook23: never put a ruck as captain, you are all rookies if ya do
Zeratul: Martin 1 hitout? -__-
awesomeguy: so true
circle52: What about the head high before HTB BS umpiring
Torpedo10: Goldy last night Facebook?
Nocash: tell that to all the Goldy C’s this week FB
awesomeguy: petracca as captain is working out so far!!
facebook23: they are too inconsisten, one week 130+ the next 60. its been well documented
facebook23: come to me next week when goldy gets 70 od are you are all crying again
awesomeguy: i agree facebook
Chelskiman: I knew this would happen if I started with Martin this year. Didn’t have him at all last year.
MontyJnr: BenKen & Petracca stepping up in a week of carnage 🙂
Krispin_35: @awesomeguy u don’t actually have Petracca as captain do u
frenzy: hand out some icicles m0nty, Max and robertson
awesomeguy: haha nah krispin i was just kidding
PowerBug: You obviously didn’t watch Goldy last year then? And who’s to say we will all C him next week?? 😉
MontyJnr: @facebook Goldy plays Friday night so I will just give him the VC thanks 🙂
Neo Wanker: As I sit back and relax for the weekend, my SC work is donety Goldy
the worm: ur probably more of a rookie not taking goldy as C against gorringe
willywalks: Break out the penguins and icicles m0nty
pronga: What’s happened to t.mac poor this year
MontyJnr: Tmac drinking his own bathwater after last year I reckon
Neo Wanker: The Leper for Voss what an inspired choice! Must get too much sun in Brissy
ryanbob: dont do this to me the week i bring you in zorko
italeader: fk
Neo Wanker: Who’s next in line Derrr Errrr Arrrr Johnno Brown err arrr
circle52: Now why was that from Stretch not deliberate. based on previous
italeader: robo hurt
armalitemk: I held off on zorko and merret for gibson fearing merrets injury, not meaning to be mean but i hope he is a late out!
deanie: he is on 29 5mins into second qtr Ryan…
Neo Wanker: Keep going backwards Dorko
All Reds: back up footy gurus
banta: how bad is tom bell these days? complete spaz. was better at the blues.
frenzy: Newton Law of Gravity, Lol
9inch: Zork will ton up easy.
DrSeuss: Hmmm and I thought this week couldn’t get any worse…Martin? Gawn?
FlowerTime: petracca gun honestly
whafc: too many ciggies for Gawn this week
DrSeuss: Has Leppa really put Martin up forward out of the Ruck?
crazyet23: gawn, captin spud. tops off a shower week
Gott2Win: touch the fucking pill Gawn!
iZander: Looking to be a good move so far id say, West is doing very well against Gawn, lol #rucktag
Neo Wanker: You could put Bugs Bunny up fwd for Brisbane
armalitemk: @crazyet23 seriously Gawn said he was carrying niggles and against a weak club he doesn’t need to go hard to win.
facebook23: loving all these rookies putting gawn as a C hahaha absolute rooks
eagles86: zorko u spud i put u as captin this week and u let me down u spud
Chelskiman: Martin, you’re killing me dude. I at least need you to match Jacobs, but you won’t even get half way at this stage.
All Reds: spud spud spud spud
Neo Wanker: As tony Grieg would say u gawn’t play son
Torz: t
the worm: nice trolling fb, u cant be that silly
crazyet23: @armalitemk , wasnt aware of that news 🙁
the worm: oops, gawn i agree…thought u were still on about goldy
Torz: They’ve missed a Wagner tackle.
facebook23: Gawn is on 13, proof is in the pudding. not trolling m8
Jackwatt$: Think I’ll pass on Mathieson you gotta be special to get a mid only, I have to many clogging up spots can’t get Priddis
DZL7: @theworm just ignore fb hes been trolling all day
FlowerTime: this melbourne side is going to be absolute class in a year or two
Neo Wanker: Keep playing with ya disappearing balls today Dorko – brilliant stuff
armalitemk: @crazyet23 I think it was on one of the interivew shows during the week he said they weren’t bad, he was just carrying
FlowerTime: Zorko will come good. Calm down muppets
Neo Wanker: They should be now flower with all the top draft picks they got for being crap
pronga: Melbourne will be Melbourne in 2 years…rubbish
circle52: Where was the prior for Mattho Come on umps fair go
Torpedo10: this is a long way from the dual 170s between Gawn and Goldy a couple weeks ago
Gott2Win: Dees would really like Hogan to sign soon!
Chelskiman: Brisbane need to delete their team and start again.
Fatbar5tad: Melbourne aren’t rubbish now. How will they be worse in two years
Neo Wanker: Jeez is Setefano Martinez overrated or what, so much for SC gurus
circle52: Bit hard when umps have now gifted Dees 3 goals.
facebook23: gawn has had 3 good games for his entire career and you lot are upset that he isnt continuing that form. WAKE UP
Jackwatt$: Rumours are Hogan to Freo, Hurley to Melb & Essendon get first 2 picks
FlowerTime: yeaah cause a few draft picks means you instantly become a great side.
masterhc2: melbourne now have a genuinely good list, good to see
Neo Wanker: Quite true fat – 7th is the dees pinnacle 7th
shaker: Yes Hogan to Freo nothing surer
ryanbob: can someone mute facebook? Talking trash all day
iZander: Rumours are never true though, at least we know that won’t happen haha
PieBoy: onya jonesy
Gott2Win: Hogan won’t go to Freo.
FlowerTime: mute neo wanker too, spewing rubbish
facebook23: lol get more upset a player who has been playing above his means comes back to the pack. ryanbob you just salty
Preston007: My rucks both playing.. shooting for combined score of 60
FlowerTime: Hogan is no. 1 forward at a promising melbourne side. why would he leave to dismal freo
shaker: Why won’t he sign then?
FlowerTime: @shaker
meka100: Gawn and Martin wtf. Should of played Currie
facebook23: gawn career average = 75.5 i rest my case. no more talk about gawn. GO DEES
ryanbob: i dont have gawn lol
Fatbar5tad: Hope Hogan stays
cjd7769: gawn is gawwwn got the gigest head since they ALL RAPT HIM UP
9inch: Bennedy got his 45 and gone home
Neo Wanker: Only consolation with steffi Martin is that Maxine Gawn is equally schizenhaussen
LuvIt74: Nice to see Rich doing something
Fatbar5tad: What’s GAWNS average over the past two years FB?
Pokerface: @flowertime – family reasons. same reason brisbane can’t keep anyone
circle52: ASnother Head high on Keays missed by umps in forawrd 50 – Umpire both ends umps.
Neo Wanker: Jeez settle steffi 3 big ones
Jackwatt$: @flowertime True, only reason he would leave would be the home factor and maybe a bit more money. I hope you’re right
LuvIt74: Got Rich, Petracca & Kenedy in this game
LuvIt74: Martin & Gawn doing noffin
FlowerTime: Hogan will be best key forward in the comp, and with players like Viney and Petracca delivering to him,
Chelskiman: Fuck you, Martin.
FlowerTime: would be disappointing to see him leave
eagles86: ive got zorko captian and petrecca this game
willywalks: anyone want my team, this year is a joke, consistent underperformers and every guy i bring in gets about half their avg
shaker: Blind Freddie can see Hogan will be at Freo next year hence Lyon tanking for the No 1 pick
eagles86: anyone know if zerret is still playing or late out
Krispin_35: Petracca terrible quarter but good score at the half
awesomeguy: ahhh petracca slowed right down that last 15 mins
myteamsuks: @luvit same but add Zorko
facebook23: hogan will resign this week. #bookit
frenzy: straight swap for Barlow @ shaker
Fatbar5tad: Feel your pain Willie. Been stiffed by JJ, Smitch and Parker once I’ve brought them in
FlowerTime: Lyon has never been a rebuilder shaker
myteamsuks: Facebook23 re-sign or resign?
facebook23: barlow got 187 for peel thunder this weekend, straight back into the freo team for sure
FlowerTime: Zorko not even having a bad game spastics
armalitemk: @luvit74 haha yeah look got Kennedy Keays Petra who would have though Gawn would be going worst!
Sloaneyyyy: How long till Lyon gets the sack anyways
myteamsuks: I brought in goldy he got 46 brought in Parker he got 60 something brought in macpherson this week.
Fatbar5tad: Zorko on target for another ton.
frenzy: even hogan could get a kick at peel thunda
Gott2Win: Hahaha straight swap for Barlow!! Throw in the first round pick and some more!
LuvIt74: Hope Rich doesn’t slow down in the 2nd half
shaker: I don’t care what Lyon is FT they wan’t Hogan is going home deal probably already done bit like buddy
LuvIt74: Why is there so much talk of ppl getting rid of Barlow is it coz of Lyons? Surely he plays next week
facebook23: give gawn the pumpkin m0nty!!!!
Pokerface: you could use the same argument for this week luvit. why wouldnt he play this week? he’s gone
ryanbob: considering ghim and blakely are going for the same spot, and how well blakely played. hes gone
LuvIt74: Forced to play 10 rookies this week.
LuvIt74: Cox, Smith, DBJ, MacPherson, Hartley, Kennedy, Petracca, AMT, Hartley & Brown
frenzy: mundy dun a calf, barlow will return this week
LuvIt74: Had Adams, Laird, Barlow, Hall, GAJ & Wells on bench
Pokerface: mundy plays across half back now. barlow cant do that
circle52: Martin and Gawn going to cost me the DT eliminator
LuvIt74: Blakey has nothing on Barlow. Is it because there is talk Barlow is leaving Freo?
facebook23: pls talk about the game and not an unrelated team. thanks
Pokerface: you’ve just been told why luvit.
DrSeuss: Watch Leppa drop Martin next cause he is a rubbish forward. Clutching at Straws!
Torz: Petracca an absolute beast.
Chelskiman: At least Tracca is going well. Still might not be enough though.
circle52: How was that not holding the ball rather than in the back.
LuvIt74: @Poker im after facts mate, not speculation. I have heard so many different reasons. Relax dude
myteamsuks: Petracca disposals have been bad. Even when they hit targets they usually set them up
Chelskiman: What, that wasn’t touched, lmao.
colin wood: Worse review all this year how embarrassing..
LuvIt74: Gonna get Zorko for Barlow if he isn’t back this week.
Chelskiman: Wahey, Martin is alive!
colin wood: How did Daniel Rich go from 61 to 55?? Lol
feralmong: Cite ur sources or risk a ban. We don’t need bs rumours.
Pokerface: i don’t think ross lyons inner sanctum inhabit this chat LuvIt, so educated speculation is all there is.
Neo Wanker: Same way doro went Tom 30 to 60 in trash time
facebook23: Bring back Fitzpatrick!!
DMS774: Gawn had a possession!
circle52: Freemans arm held and still nop free come on umps both ends please
frenzy: Max Gawn, all australian contention to first rage trade this week
circle52: Need to sack Cloke as our kicking coach
MerleDixon: Stefan Martin wtf
Chelskiman: Come on Wagner and Oliver. Push to 80.
frenzy: give Max a mare m0nty
AngryRyno: got Gawn and Stef as my ruck combo in DT :'(
ryanbob: come on kennedy get to 80
circle52: Me too Angry and will cost me the eliminator
AngryRyno: yep, same scenario
benty691: martin is a spud
MerleDixon: hey dale
MerleDixon: its cshotzz here
AngryRyno: unless Petracca goes 140 as my opponent does not have him
benty691: merle dixon your a spud
para: Kick at least one Petracca…
chris7399: Give Oliver the burger. Been hitting the drive-thru too often this past month
benty691: corey your doing good as in sc
MerleDixon: yea goldstein is carrying u n jack
benty691: bloody brisbane they are playing west in ruck instead of martin
iZander: he got a bad corky early Chris, are u watching?
benty691: haha it was the best pick
eagles86: want zorko tog et atleast 90 by end of the quater
AngryRyno: c’mon Zork I start watching and you fall asleep
LuvIt74: Cmon Rich pull ya finger out
Chelskiman: After all the Martin drama at least my opponent has Schache.
Pokerface: $ for keays
FlowerTime: lions are so shite
9inch: Great Bennedy going backwards.
LuvIt74: Lions have had a ton of chances
tommy10: Gawn and Martin h2h!!
a1trader: My opposition has Gawn (C), Martin, T McDonald and Zorko 🙂 – I’ve got Petracca, Rich and Hunt’ve got Petracca
Rebuild: Petracca looking for the first of many tons
Sloaneyyyy: lol can’t believe how much Gawn and Martin have spudded today
LuvIt74: Hope Zorko stops coz I dont want his price to increase
awesomeguy: Big quarter from Petracca!!!
AngryRyno: come on Zork I need a DT ton!
LuvIt74: And there are quite a few teams with Martin & Gawn as there rucks especially Gawn.
Chelskiman: Superman from Martin this quarter, let’s go!
circle52: 1.5 and 2oob on full for third quarter is going to cost us big time.
cjd7769: what is it with these ruckmen 38 an 35 WTF
LuvIt74: cmon rich ya spud
circle52: Positive for Brisbane is Freemans form needs to improve kicking though
LuvIt74: To easy for Melbourne damn Lions look crap
Central : Gawn hahahaha
King_Robbo: Gawn is a spud. So too Melbourne, lions shizen shizen should be winning by 100pts +
Crowls: I have gawn n martin. my sc2016 is GAWN as well
JanathF: jeez lucky carlton did not even think about drafting schache
AngryRyno: Scache will come good, just not yet
PureSwag: King_Robbo your a spud, Gawn is just in bad form, every player goes through it at least one in the season.
9inch: At lest get to 80 Bennedy
Breezey: Going nicely Bastinac and Wagner. Very pleased
Chelskiman: I reckon that women’s Brisbane team I watched today could beat this Brisbane team.
a1trader: C’Mon Hunt, at least beat Gawn
Chelskiman: Should have kicked that, Ollie. Should have been a nice +14.
heppelitis: gosh oliver is a portly kid
LuvIt74: Petracca & kennedy done nothing this quarter
9inch: Gawn junking up.
AngryRyno: Zorko ffs
shaker: Hogan another Freo must be licking there lips
colin wood: Zorko has had 1 touch for +12 this quarter lol
AngryRyno: a goal for Zork! thank goodness
Breezey: @Chelskiman No way could the Lions women could beat this Lions team . It’d be close but they wouldn’t beat them. Hahaha
circle52: Colin Zorko has had 3 tackles this quarter
insano: no witches hats ?
Fury: Just ton up already
nikos: righto shaker you cat
PT74: A Petracca tonne would be nice
PT74: And he’s done it
shaker: Meow ha ha
grossn: Vince Bin
armalitemk: two weeks in a row cox will outscore gawn
Chelskiman: Happy with Oliver today. Needed a good rookie score.
colmullet: gr8 last quarter Oliver
9inch: After a good 1st qtr Bennedy disappointing
Chelskiman: Is that a superman for Harms this quarter?
Zeratul: Vinces worst score after i trade him in 🙁
Breezey: What’s that symbol against Harmes there
Sloaneyyyy: wish Kennedy was kicking these goals instead of Harmes
Chelskiman: Dammit, Ollie. 🙁
PT74: Vulture
AngryRyno: vulture for Harmes it is
Harmes37: vulture isnt it?
Breezey: Cheers
grossn: Let’s go scaling for Petracca and Rich! (and Gawn…)
iZander: give oliver the heart!
Stst1001: Gawn Gawn Gawn…

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