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Chat log from R9 of 2016: Fremantle vs Richmond

Chat log for Fremantle vs Richmond, R9 of 2016

blashtroko: Come on sheridan… repay the… um.. carnage non-trade
OnTheRocks: i like how CD gives everyone a pity 1 SC to start
JockMcPie: idk how menadue is still in my team but please do something!
cusch1: How are the conditions?
feralmong: The one point comes and goes. A system check of sorts.
AngryRyno: CD starts everyone on 0, FF starts on 1 to avoid copyright
Jackwatt$: Wow m0nty you genius! That’s what I call taking on the big boys and winning
feralmong: The power of 1.
man0005: Monty for pm imo
m0nty: stop the donuts
cusch1: Monty > trump
Chelskiman: Trumpty.
FlagDog: Tr0mp!
poolboybob: Make Champion Data great again
m0nty: back on the game please
cusch1: Freo is a dead team in terms of fantasy ever since Fyfe went down and Barlow turned to shit
OnTheRocks: thoght i just heard the commentator call Rance, Durant……
Torz: Neale and Walters are relevant. Mundy if he gets defence.
dipstick: so it seems 1.5 QTR wonder menadue is going to reach his ceiling of 40 heh heh heh
AngryRyno: make Ty Vickery great again
feralmong: Both teams are so spooked about losing they can’t play freely.
cusch1: Walters was never relevant. Neale and Mundy the only decent performers left
Solat: when hampster is the 3rd best scorer you know the game is shit
northernstar: Fred might give up some final rookie downgrades though cush?
northernstar: Freo*
OnTheRocks: penguin Dawspud!
Chelskiman: Haha, those are never paid.
cusch1: I wouldn’t trust freo rookies knowing the volatility of Lyon at the selection table eg. Grey
dipstick: menadue for no more than 30sc
OnTheRocks: Bennell’s “calf”
Zeratul: cmon menadue. I kept you for one last week becuase its agianst freo. atleast pass your breakeven by a kick!
dipstick: @zera. go outside. have a beer or two. have a shower then come back. manedue will still be on 11
dipstick: * meaning have a shower not take a shower. damn auto correct
Zeratul: ayyy +4 he’ll give away a free with my next drink!
poolboybob: Menadue sighting!!! :-O
tbrowne: Wtf is with jayden short?
Chelskiman: Menadue racking them up now.
cusch1: God that was ugly Fremantle
Breezey: I’d like a Weller sighting poolboybob
cusch1: Bt carrying on like this is an exciting game
blashtroko: Blakely legitimately looks like freo’s best player right now
Zeratul: If anyone can do it… BT can!
whafc: how in the flower is Rance on 46sc
Breezey: If you can’t get the ball Weller then tackle everything that moves then mate
Bulky: Ol’ Zaccy D justifying his recall to the senior side.
Chelskiman: I don’t wanna say it, because we could still lose, but Freo look terrible.
GJayBee: Mendadue making opposition coaches nervous. He’s ready to pounce.
Chelskiman: The weather is brutal though, to be fair.
Lodgy: you go for a run out there atm and see how you look
DZL7: @Chelski not with the weather your 32p lead is like a 60+ lead
JockMcPie: gj menadue, will somehow reach his BE again….
DZL7: @JockMcPie unfortunately that aint good enough
SangaT13: Richmond gonna score 20 this qtr?
feralmong: Gonna be tough with the wind sanga. If they keep freo to 20 it’s good.
shaker: I’ll happily take 50 or 60 off menadue with all the outs this week
Raspel31: Well Lyons, you bench Barlow after 39 touches in the WAFL. What do you expect. Idiot.
Chelskiman: Ballantyne is my most hated player in history.
wadaramus: Carn Menadue, get to 60 man, it’s not that hard!
DZL7: Vickery is a grub
feralmong: Dawson u dog
Tigger5: why is zac dawson even on the field?
Chelskiman: Spud Dawson reported.
poolboybob: Zac Dawson gets to take another few weeks off
Lodgy: Dawson needs the spud icon after that disgrace…
DMS774: Dawsons a freckle! Enjoy your holiday!
Bulky: Zac Dawson alone is the reason why Lyon can’t coach and should be sacked.
circle52: Made the righgt choice by the looks of it take Davis’s 66 or rely on Menmadue beating it
circle52: Took the 66
poolboybob: Vickery and Dawson on each other. Hopefully they knock each other out simultaneously.
Chelskiman: Was a no brainer really, circle.
Chelskiman: Even if Davis got 40 you would have taken it.
Jackwatt$: Poor ?Menadue, I bet even his own mother is starting to get embarrassed.
Torz: At least Blakely is showing a bit tonight. Not bad in close.
wadaramus: Even Menadue’s mother would hope for 60sc!!!
AngryRyno: Menadue -3 for the QTR geezus
poolboybob: Menadue is the most consistent player in AFL. 35 every week.
dipstick: @wadw menadue mum traded him out weeks ago
HawkTalker: Walters hasn’t moved for an hour. AN HOUR
Chelskiman: lol
AngryRyno: Fremantle haven’t moved for 2 months. 2 MONTHS
HawkTalker: 15 freo players on 10 or fewer possessions at 3/4 time. FIFTEEN
JDolling69: Good quarter menadue you dink
wadaramus: @dipstick, she’s a shrewd operator!
gdshifty: so who traded in Walters this week?
T-Mac: Kudos to Neale to lead disposals in the comp in this team
feralmong: Ling has some dude pointing a heater at him. HTFU lingy.
wadaramus: Not me gd.
Kekkington: I would have considered trading Neale in if he didn’t play under Ross Lyon
Stikman35: Oooh Neale. You really get me excited. A man to rely on. Xx love you.
Chelskiman: This is the Cotch of 2012.
m0nty: bandaid icon for Ross Lyon’s foofer valve
Chelskiman: lmao
Stikman35: Helmeted players are on fire this year. Narkels legacy.
benzammit: Lyons butchered another list lol Bye bye lyon
Stikman35: Broomstick putter rule changes may come into action soon.
heppelitis: m0nty loves the term foofer valve
wadaramus: Blow to foofer valve, such a classic!
wadaramus: Blow to?
colin wood: Go the Pies!! Whooo… Oh sorry wrong game
Chelskiman: If Grigg had defender status he would be a great pick.
PieBoy: menadue 2 points since half time. the one week i have to play the spud
feralmong: Menadue goal lol
DMS774: Menadue wakes up! Goals!
Tigger5: menadue get around him
Fatbar5tad: Nek Minnet menagoal
Gloryboy: Junk time Menadue!
Lodgy: Do the Due!
PieBoy: bout time u potatoe
blashtroko: how does cotchin have 37? I havent noticed him once
wadaramus: Bust it up Menadue!
Chelskiman: Been in and under, doing the hard stuff.
LuvIt74: cmon Rance ton up
Torz: He was due.
desmondo: why the fk do ppl have menadue in their teams?? the guy is a spud
Stikman35: Cox
LovetShuey: loo at rance DT to SC
wadaramus: Pay your dues Mena!
poolboybob: Menadue is the king of doing just enough to not get dropped
Lodgy: Cotchin playin in disguise as Ben Griffiths so he has been rightly left alone
LuvIt74: isn’t it just lovely
Chelskiman: He has kept Pav goaless. 😛
Tigger5: does DT get points for spoils?
gdshifty: wow at Walters might not get his BE
desmondo: geez the vickery V dawson battle must have been something to see LOL
thommoae: Blue Moon Morris
Breezey: I was tempted by Blakely. No guts no glory.
Salambo: Oh Zac Dawson. In the game since 2005 – 1 Supercoach ton. ONE! Owned by 1.16% of coaches. WHY!
LuvIt74: i bet both my test tubes, that Freo are not even trying this year, lyons wants the wooden spoon & id luv to give it to
frenzy: fallen short again jayden
LuvIt74: him
JRedden: macpherson to blakely?
Tigger5: @Salambo at least you know what your gonna get with Dawson, sub 50
Chelskiman: Was there a missed Dusty handball in there? Thought he should of been on 107.
Salambo: @Tigger5: Too true, can’t knock consistency I suppose!
LuvIt74: MacPherson to hopper
tigerman28: Jack on 93 from 9 possies? Wtf?
Breezey: Neale going real big
Stikman35: Who else has neale
JRedden: blakely much cheaper.. id rather save 100k
desmondo: Neale my game day captain 😉
LuvIt74: Actually blakely will be well over 200k after this round
frenzy: Vickey’s SC is a joke

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