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Chat log from R9 of 2016: North Melbourne vs Carlton

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Carlton, R9 of 2016

poido123: One remote down, let’s see how we go this game 🙂
Chelskiman: Stay down, Sumner. Go huge, Simpson.
Sloaneyyyy: Goldstein gonna crack 150 tonight
LuvIt74: If I bet north –13.5 & Over 89.5 does thismean they need to win by over 13.5 points & total score over 89.5?
Neo Wanker: here’s hoping sloaney
poido123: Come on Goldy, big one in supercoach
Tigger5: If Blues knock off Norf it would make my day
LuvIt74: Hope your right poido
poido123: think so Luvit
cusch1: Go pod ziebell
poido123: have in captain Luvit, i know a few went with Dangerfield
LuvIt74: Brown needs a head cut something chronic
JockMcPie: woah ziebell…
CarltonGuy: I got fired today – cmon Carlton – make my day somewhat worthwile…… pleeeeaaassseee
LuvIt74: @CarltonGuy hope they do m8 but think your night is gonna be blueeeeeee
gdshifty: cant see kerridge on the ground…
The39Steps: Your fault @carltonguy or business downturn?
poido123: Sorry to hear that Carlton guy.
Torz: He’s only just come on gd.
LuvIt74: carn goldy
CarltonGuy: @luvit @poido -likewise -but here’s hoping…. 🙁
CarltonGuy: Im tough – been supporting the blues for nearly 30yrs now – my skin is like a dragon… hehe
gdshifty: keep racking it up Simpson! I need a big score!
LuvIt74: notice Docherty & Simpson have scored the same SC points this year but Docherty much cheaper
CarltonGuy: @the9steps – illness…
poido123: LEt’s go Goldmeister
Chelskiman: Shouldn’t Simpson be on 25? THey missed his +4 from the free kick.
Fatbar5tad: Bullshit free to Thomas
CarltonGuy: Docherty is a champ…!!!
AngryRyno: yeah they messed up Simmo
PieBoy: onya jonesy
Kenny27: @poido any update on the tv remote? is it back in action or out with a long term injury
CarltonGuy: – as is simpson btw… haha
OnTheRocks: stay down Goldy so i can upgrade Jacobs to you on the cheap
AngryRyno: there we go, Simmo just got his FK and kick
The39Steps: @carltonguy – sorry to hear that. Seems pretty heartless. Hopefully Blues will salute 4 you!!
DZL7: @fatbar lol please free kick everyday of the week
man0005: Fatbar’s vision must be a little blurry from the tears this afternoon
Fatbar5tad: True! Lol
poido123: It’s taped up Kenny, good until the next flog bet.
LuvIt74: I want goldy on 40 sc at QT
CarltonGuy: @the39Steps – my sentiments exactly… but it is what it is – no point having a pity party – onwards and upwards…
CarltonGuy: could be worse – imagine being a dockers supporter…. oh my…
poido123: I don
The39Steps: @carltonguy – excellent attitude!!
cusch1: Someone give a carltonguy the star p. Lad has the best attitude
LuvIt74: Well said Carlton, always others in a worse off position then ourselves somewhere.
poido123: @Luvit, we are looking good my friend 🙂
JockMcPie: keep it up goldy, 150+ tonight!
CarltonGuy: need Cripps to eat his wheaties… !!
poido123: Does anyone have what’s known as a Full time job? Used to be around once upon a time
cusch1: White Waite and weitering all up the one end is going to cause commentators some trouble some stage tonight nd
Yelse: dale thomas stop now pleaseeee
CarltonGuy: hehe… shucks…
LuvIt74: Goldy hit his 40+ at QT awesome
CarltonGuy: @cush1 – lmfao
LuvIt74: @poido 1st half line & Total double bet i had. NM minus 13.5 & over 89.5 at $3.60
DrSeuss: Cripps….you there? Hello?
LuvIt74: never had a bet on line betting.
Jackwatt$: I’m loving this game: Docherty just traded in, Kerridge avoided trading out last min & Goldy captain!
CarltonGuy: why why why did I drop Thomas from SC… doh
JockMcPie: kerridge, simpson, docherty and goldy. thank you very much
AngryRyno: Gibbs 0 chance of a suspension for that
SangaT13: @CarltonGuy I’ve done worse.. started with Sloane, Gaff and Gibbs at the start of the year. Only Gaff remains……
Central : Whats wrong with Murphy?
LuvIt74: I reckon Docherty is better then Simpson.
CarltonGuy: @SangeT13 – ouch
LuvIt74: Waite has been as quite as a church mouse.
benty691: goldy skip!!!
CarltonGuy: so how long do u reckon b4 Waite has a brain fade and belts somebody and cops a decent suspension…..??? 😛
LuvIt74: speak of the devil
CarltonGuy: Waite for it…… haha
LuvIt74: goldy going ackwards
The39Steps: I reckon if you belt Boomer u should get 3 Brownlow votes, not reported.
DZL7: @carlton never he aint like that anymore 🙂
AngryRyno: agreed @39
LuvIt74: Was norh paid that free for that attempted mark?
dipstick: waites gonna blow a pfoofer valve and cop a month.
CarltonGuy: @DZL7 – True – seems he has pulled his head in
DanBlack: Byrne was a forced hold for me this week. Looks like I’m getting lucky
Torz: Mullett spending way too much time on the bench.
CarltonGuy: @dipstick – cant escape that feeling eh – dispite his recent discipline
DZL7: @carltonguy i was worried at first when we got waite but he has been fantastic
LuvIt74: C Byrne has a B/E of 53 so its a decent move
CarltonGuy: @DZL7 – yeah, he’s been a superstar -wish he was like this when in navy blue….!!!
JockMcPie: any1 who held weitering…lol
dipstick: yep. Waite lacks that mass of gray matter called a brain. he has a walnut or something there
LuvIt74: goldy has lost a few points since Quarter time
Breezey: I had to play Mullett when Ruggles was out then Ruggles plays and Mullett is stunned
CarltonGuy: this is like watching a snuff film…. lmao
the worm: healty waite was always good
CarltonGuy: @Jock – that’ll be me – it really isnt my week it seems….
LuvIt74: anyone who held weitering has no grey matter between there ears
Chelskiman: I didn’t wanna check scores to see Simpson going backwards. >>
CarltonGuy: @Breezey – at least he isn’t a blind one….
CarltonGuy: @LuvIt74 – i’ll cop that… fair play
Zeratul: Oh geez…. ruggles wasnt named so I had to play weitering…..
JanathF: come on blues
LuvIt74: Rugles played didn’t he
Zeratul: Sadly. with other injuries. Weiters was worth the least. better to replace the 500k injured player then the 290k player.
DZL7: Docherty muppet
JockMcPie: lift simpson
DZL7: Docherty will be feeling a little better after our miss
Solat: has mckenzie taken macmillans role?
Chelskiman: Come on, Simmo, at least 45 by half time.
JRedden: soz guys, i brought simpson in this week
CarltonGuy: am i seeing things or was that actually a Carlton free….?
DZL7: @JRedden that makes 2 of us :’) sorry everyone
cusch1: Hard for Carlton to win frees when north have led them to the ball all night
DMS774: First Goal?
CarltonGuy: i need a break… this is just… YUK
Breezey: Ain’t Thomas first goal
LuvIt74: Daisy Thomas
cusch1: Ziebell dms
Breezey: Bloody auto correct. Daisy Thomas first goal
LuvIt74: i cannot get over goldy’s score, 8 points since QT
Chelskiman: Now Sumner is beating Simpson. FFS.
DMS774: thanks all!
Dominator8: Jones to have a big 2nd half and bag 6
JockMcPie: yes Simmo!!
dipstick: NORF melbourne most fantasy irrelevant team. who has a NORF player? LOL! other than silverstein
cusch1: Luvit there have been minimal stoppages this quarter
gdshifty: Nice +14 for simmo there 🙂
CarltonGuy: and my fence has just blown over – sigh – what a day… lmao
LuvIt74: Jones is the biggest dud in the AFL, I was shocked with his play last week.
Chelskiman: I have Goldy and Wells on the bench.
Dominator8: Give the bloke a chance
OnTheRocks: have a look at the current bunch of Freo players for fantasy irrelevance. Highest % is 4.31 and that’s Tommy Sheridan
DZL7: the questiion is who would you pick spud dawson or spud jones? tricky one
Dominator8: I’ve got Waite he is ranked pretty high this yr and is a POD
CarltonGuy: @Chelskiman – its a topsy turvy world eh… lol
Dominator8: The Doctor
CarltonGuy: @OnTheRocks – whatever way you look at it – you just cant polish a turd…
Dominator8: Roos are going to choke, jones to go into beast mode and bag 6 this half, he’s a gun
Chelskiman: Nice comeback, Simmo!
dipstick: cmon byrne. stay with goldy son!
CarltonGuy: @Dominator8 – like the way you think – just can’t see it happening…
JanathF: jones will go absolute marshawn lynch beast mode lol
Dominator8: @CarltonGuy if you dream it, it can happen
PieBoy: i would pick jonesy
poolboybob: I was pretty keen to get rid of Kerridge, but everybody got hurt. Now I’m happy I still have him
Dominator8: He’s in my side he’s another POD
Dominator8: He hasn’t pulled as high of numbers since 2014 he’s in career best
DZL7: @poolboy was like me but decided to finally trade out weitering glad i did haaha
Dominator8: Where’s your understanding of economics by trading out weiters?
dipstick: has goldy lost 200k yet? what is he 3rd 4th best ruckman?
Dominator8: #rookie
the worm: how did anyone think a scrawny key position defender was worth having?
the worm: 2 good games out of 6 before he got injured
Dominator8: Jones is ranked 427 for marks this year he is up by 50 ranks from last year
Dominator8: @theworm cash cow that’s why
PieBoy: crippsy stay low
Dominator8: The Doctor
the worm: 117k isnt much of a cash cow
LuvIt74: give me docherty over simpson any day
DZL7: @theworm he got injured hence why he’s BE is so high
SaintsMan: y not have both
Dominator8: Better than a slap in the face @theworm
poolboybob: He only gained 117k because he got hurt in the first half and scored 22 in his last game
LuvIt74: Will Wells be back this week
JockMcPie: @LuvIt give me both 🙂
DZL7: wells might miss the swans game @luvit
the worm: weiters is a kid, the injury wasnt a surprise
tor01doc: You rang, Dominator8?
JockMcPie: goldy!!!!!
Chelskiman: Goldy with another!
SaintsMan: goldy u gun
LovetShuey: Ohh yeah goldy with the C
DZL7: goldy can do it all!
blashtroko: I need another toilet break. He was on 25 when i left
tor01doc: Only got Goldy (C), Doc and Kerridge this game. First good thing all season
Dominator8: Goldy is a protected species
Kekkington: Looking at my phone and nek minute Goldstein is on 96
Betoneddie: Goldy you star!! 🙂
Dominator8: Umpires bounce it on he’s side every time look at the stats
LuvIt74: Kerridge reaches his SC B/E
Neo Wanker: cry cry carlton he’s brilliant
Dominator8: Jones looks switched on
Dominator8: The signs are ominous
BOMBRBLITZ: great stuff Kerridge
dipstick: @dominator yes but carlton will win a flag before Norf will 🙂
Dominator8: @neowanker who are you talking about?
iZander: honestly what is petrie doing? is he even playing a role this year?
Dominator8: If you’re talking about my man jones you’re right
Torpedo10: Dochers has frozen
Fatbar5tad: Good goal by Jones
Chelskiman: Goldy looking at a Superman.
JockMcPie: goldy!!!!!
SaintsMan: goldstein you cheeky boi 🙂
Dominator8: JONESY! That’s where the goals are!
Kenny27: big Goldy dominating!!
Chelskiman: Petrie only plays well against us.
wadaramus: Yes Goldy, the big C is well spent on you tonight man!
Dominator8: Softball get Goldstein
poolboybob: My opponent doesn’t have Goldy 🙂
Dominator8: Goldy doesn’t get many hard balls like mummy
Dominator8: Jonesy!
Fatbar5tad: Goldy raises the bat…
tor01doc: Time for a ‘C’oldy
Dominator8: The Doctor
Dominator8: Surely a free kick to jonesy
grossn: I loopholed Pendles 140 instead of going with Goldy… hmm
Dominator8: Summer should have passed to jones
Dominator8: Jones was my lock C
MerleDixon: I got Kerridge, Doherty, Byrne and Simpson all ton up please
Fatbar5tad: Gotta bank 140 gross
Dominator8: I’ve got Jones (C) armfueld, nahas and Petrie
wadaramus: Nothing wrong with Pendles 140!
grossn: @fatbar obviously but this will be interesting
Dominator8: Should have passed to jones
Fatbar5tad: Yeah reckon Goldy will pass that
Dominator8: Goaloftheyear
Dominator8: Goldys opponent where was goldy prob just sheepdogging softballs
wadaramus: Goldy should clear 140 from here, but not by alot?
dipstick: goldie ruck work is shit. without multiple goals his lucky to just ton up
AngryRyno: Goldy has had tons of HTA amongst his 38 taps
DZL7: lol @dipstick u always post crap he had a spell in the fwd line
Stikman35: Oh no. I made goldie capt. Is that bad…
benzammit: Turn it up Dipstick . Your living up to your name with that comment
tor01doc: Dipstick living up to his name
Fatbar5tad: Butthurt blues
spiggs: Lol at all the goldy hate from Carlton supporters. Enjoy your pick 1 lemon in kruez
Dominator8: Agree with dipstick goldy just sheepdogs it
DanBlack: Gold – Just a cash cow hey Dipstick?
Dominator8: Get around him
LuvIt74: Goldy my captain also, oops.
wadaramus: Xlnt call dipstick, Goldy is such a hack…
Stikman35: If you haven’t got him, it’s just bitterness. I want blakely. I’m bitter about that.
the worm: Goldy will get the key to Hpbart when the roos relocate there
dipstick: @danblack yep for sure LOL. but only if you dont have him
wadaramus: Why the fuck did I captain Goldy? 122 @ 3QT? Oh yeah, that’s why!
Dominator8: Goldy is a protected species from the umpires, continually bouncing it to his favour every time, stats don’t lie.
Dominator8: @stikman35 prob how ppl feel about Liam jones too
wadaramus: Bouncing in his favour, LMFAO dominator!
LuvIt74: lol @ wadaramus
Stikman35: Yes 11 posis should equate to Scott Thompsons aggregate.
dipstick: @DLZ huh? whats my comment got to do with him resting forward? concentrate brudda
Stikman35: Weitering is abit down on his breakeven. Anyone got him on ground.
Breezey: Did I just see Petrie yawn.
wadaramus: Traded him already Stikman.
FlagDog: Yup, had to play Weitering after Boyds suspension :/
Zeratul: Yup… played weitering because ruggles was omitted.. but then he played anyway… sad
AngryRyno: Gorrginge potato? harsh, working hard against best ruck in the comp
Stikman35: No loopholes on weits. I did. Still leaking more cash than he’s worth:(
FlagDog: Get going Kade!!
Stikman35: Going brown as bigger s orer. Ha. He may only score 30 as well.
poolboybob: Liam Jones is just happy that someone else gets the potato for once
LuvIt74: catch a golden star and pt in in your pocket save it for a rainy day.
Lodgy: @AngryRyno according to dipstick Goldy cant ruck to save his life! now i dont know who to believe…
Stikman35: Go goldy…go go go go go….
wadaramus: Docherty, Keridge an Simpson, fairly pleased so far!
Stikman35: That’s an awesome song luvit74
thommoae: Weitering = no score, but he sure has kept Petrie quiet.
dipstick: @lodgy pfftt quick einstein- how many HTA has goldy got tonight. his ruck work has gone to shit oh you go by SC pts LOL
LuvIt74: Docherty’s B/E was 37 this week on SC
Torpedo10: @dipstick, mate you gotta give credit. Goldy has rucked superbly, Gorringe hasn’t even made a showing.
AngryRyno: Are you watching the game? they’ve done packages on all the Goldy HTA
PieBoy: onya goldy
Lodgy: sorry i go by 42 hitouts. which is a reasonable number of times to get first hand to the ball
Raspel31: Phew, after bringing Waite in and no touches in 1st-some reward.
LuvIt74: SC points is all that matters when your 136 & counting with him as captain
the worm: amazing that nth are undefeated despite having such a dud ruck
Kenny27: being a blue supporter he thinks his tap work is crap as they have all gone to roo players
Chelskiman: Keep going, Simmo. 110+
LuvIt74: oops sorry 144 and counting.
poolboybob: Yes only SC points say he’s a great ruck. And Brownlow voting. And All-Australia selectors.
Stikman35: Still building goldy. Give me my pay you hack.
benzammit: Drop it Dipstick your making a flog of yourself
wadaramus: Goldy 144sc with half the quarter to go, what will he get to!
poolboybob: Wish I could’ve brought in Byrne. Too many good rookies the week he was on the bubble.
Jackwatt$: Cmon Goldy 200 is in sight!
LuvIt74: I’m saying Goldy will get to 170
spudaroos: Thank you Byrne 🙂
LuvIt74: Although im happy with 150
donsfan86: So i put Shaw captian and Golds vice……..
Torz: Good work Mullett. Junking it up.
SaintsMan: cmon simmo 110 at worst
Breezey: Good junk Mullett. No longer stunned
LuvIt74: @dons change it and put the captain on a non player. Or are u talking DT?
donsfan86: sc
LuvIt74: Wheres the dipstick lol
Raspel31: Agree-they should drop rucks. Half the time the ball just goes anywhere.Other games up date-bit of a furphy.
The39Steps: 20 hit outs Carlton. Anyone know the record low?
LuvIt74: @dons yes u can still get goldys captain score if he is your VC
Kekkington: Port only had 15 hitouts today.
dipstick: @raspel dont say that mate. most of these twits believe if you touuch it first it counts as something positive
Stikman35: 39 steps.. Reason for making goldy capt. Blues outs made it easier for him.
donsfan86: @LuvIt74 would be nuts if i didnt lol
The39Steps: Thanks @kekk. Thought there was one for the ages…only one for the hours.
Neo Wanker: great week to bring in goldy and captain
Kekkington: I’m not sure what the lowest is though
benzammit: Oh here he is off give it up dippy.
gdshifty: kerridge highest score this season
LuvIt74: @dons sorry m8 i thought u weren’t sure if u could.
Neo Wanker: of course it counts you dipstick gives the onballers first use of the football
wadaramus: Goldy you ripper, scale him up to 180!
Neo Wanker: ey y that sytem is probably too complcated for a carlton team
The39Steps: Anyway, hope @carltonguy is good after his tough day. Hope you’re better soon and get a job ok.
dipstick: @neo your surname says it all if you think that. goldy over 40 HTA you think??? heh heh spud
frenzy: hearts2hearts
Betoneddie: Goldy you legend mate!! 😉
Neo Wanker: carlton still a decade away at least and 2 crows to make them even better
wadaramus: Hunjys all round, well done Dochers, Simmo and Kerridge!
LuvIt74: Is Wells coming back?
Betoneddie: Yep spot on @Neo
PieBoy: onya jonesy

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