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Chat log from R9 of 2016: Port Adelaide vs West Coast

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs West Coast, R9 of 2016

Fatbar5tad: Hoping that DBJ gets a kick today
Fatbar5tad: Bosk crunched!
JockMcPie: boak could be gone for the day
awesomeguy: Haha me too!
the worm: poor Bosk 🙁
Torpedo10: What on earth is wrong with Pridda? 3 Disposals already and none effective,
man0005: captained Bosk this week
Ben_Gogos: Boak back out there
PT74: What happened to boak and Hartlett?
Jukes82: nicnat on pace for 120 hitouts lol
Chelskiman: So now I finally play someone with Yeo he does this.
SilverLion: Cmon DBJ, you owe me big time for last week.
DrSeuss: Come on Ollie – no need for the slow start mate.
All Reds: into em nicnat
poido123: Hope DBJ gets less than 50
tbrowne: keen to get gray back in a couple of weeks
Breezey: Let’s go Gaff. Fire up buddy
OnTheRocks: really? my oppositions 3 West Coast players are all up the top
cusch1: What constitutes a sc tackle? Does it have to result in a stoppage or loss of possession or?
Chelskiman: My opponent has Yeo, Pittard and Wines. 2/3 aint bad.
Krispin_35: Finally some of my players this week actually trying to play footy in priddis and nicnat
DrSeuss: Is Wines in the guts? Is he just not getting near it?
JRedden: gaff having a shocker
poido123: Aaaron Young looks like a damn girl
luked98: pittard and wines..
Tigger5: priddis doesn’t mind a contested possi
Rebuild: Go Priddis Go!
Kekkington: Put the C on Nic Nat for a POD hopefully it pays off
Ben_Gogos: Nice @Kekkington
cusch1: I think Sydney asked for the wrong ruckman. Lycett twice the player Sinclair is
Fletch91: I have JJK, NicNat, Priddis and DBJ. This match could save my week at this rate!
All Reds: pittard whaddya doin
blashtroko: Scott lycett has the ugliest name in the AFL
LuvIt74: bloody hell Priddis looks like he’s gonna go huge, i brought in pendles this week coz his B/E was low
Krispin_35: What’s pod mean
LuvIt74: @Fletch dont jinx it m8
pronga: Priddis is so consistent
LuvIt74: Point of difference
cusch1: Point of difference
Tigger5: point of difference
boges11: Point of difference
Krispin_35: What does point of difference mean sorry not familiar with these terms
PT74: Anyone know how long Macpherson is out for?
SaintsMan: means a good player who not many owner have i.e dylan shiel
LovetShuey: way to ruin it
LuvIt74: @pronga He hasn’t been this year at all, hence why his price dropped $150,000
AngryRyno: early call is 4 weeks PT74
cusch1: 3-4 weeks – fox footy
Magicsmell: Pod is a player that you have that others don’t. An uncommon selection
LuvIt74: @PT74 there saying its his medial so anywhere from 3 to 6+ weeks
Krispin_35: But lots have Nic nat
JRedden: keep going dbj
poolboybob: Someone give Broadbent the number for Ashley & Martin
AngryRyno: DBJ on the move
frenzy: the frenchman needs an icicle
AngryRyno: give Lecca that downhill skiiiiier again
colmullet: Lift that SC NicNat
SilverLion: Keep going DBJ
cusch1: Jjk the target as well
pants42: Did priddis get inj?+
Jolles: So what POD players do people have … mine would be Lachie Neale.
Fatbar5tad: @Jolles I have Duncan
Ben_Gogos: Lycett is really coming of age.
cusch1: Jolles mine was Zach Merrett in the preseason but every man and his dog jumped on him after round 3
frenzy: Lycett is killen it
pronga: Pod…Gibbs,tex,ward…winning
NewFreoFan: I started with Sidebum but I think a few more would be on him now
cusch1: But I got ziebell, Viney and hurn as pods rn
DrSeuss: Seriously, where is Wines?
PT74: Duncan and Simpson
grossn: Priddis has 12 possessions but 13 CP…
cusch1: We just gave away all our pods…now what is stopping everyone from jumping on them. Gg jolles, gg
PT74: Anyone no how long Macpherson is out for?
JockMcPie: i got zac dawson as POD, everyone should jump on that one 😉
Sloaneyyyy: seriously Wines…? what the hell man
LuvIt74: My pod was Mottyloppy had him from the get go, now that people are jumping on him he done jack today.
poolboybob: LeCras skiing uphill this week
Fatbar5tad: wines > s Mitchell
poido123: whining wines owners ;p
pronga: Thought tlynch from gc was a great pod… pooh
boges11: 1st time I didn’t C JJK in matchday cos I didn’t think he was going to play
desmondo: bloody LaCras LMAO
LuvIt74: @PT74 at least 3 weeks but it could be allot longer depending how bad he damaged his medial ligament
DrSeuss: My POD Wines is playing like a POS
pronga: Wines is too fat and slow
poido123: wines sucks
LuvIt74: Think I need a few ottles of wine, while watching how crap wines is playing. bury my misery
Krispin_35: Priddis and Nic Nat have done nothing in the last 10 mins
dipstick: @groosn the FF site is labelled wrong. It should say disposals NOT possessions. they are 2 different things
PT74: Ty @luvit
dipstick: it is possible to have 10 contested possessions are NO disposals
poolboybob: Obvious HTB, umpire blows it
LuvIt74: thought priddis was gonna go huge at QT but he done nothing in the 2nd quarter
RooBoyStu: Darcy Byrne-Jones has hit the wall
j-easy: can someone go find lecras and tell him to find the footy
Chelskiman: Damn Pittard and his 30 point quarter. 🙁
poolboybob: Apparently the commentators don’t know who the WCE captain is.
SilverLion: Send the search party after LeCras people!
desmondo: A nice SC score coming up for Kennedy at least 😉
Breezey: While they’re out looking for LeCRas can they hurry Gaff along as well
desmondo: LeCras gets scared once he steps away from Subiaco oval useless one ground player
feralmong: He hit the wall last week roo. Would have traded him if not for the carnage.
RooBoyStu: same feralmong, anyway off to the footy, think we will win by plenty took the $4.25 61+ points from tab fixed
freoyeah: LeCras useless away from home…only kicked 12 at Etihad one lazy arvo v the Bombers
feralmong: Reckon roo might be right. Carlton 5 in a row? Can’t see it.
desmondo: Thanks for reminding me of that froeyeah…LOL well a one hit wonder?
grossn: I wouldnt be too sure RooBoy…
PieBoy: onya b-jonesy
RooBoyStu: no Kreuzer & Casboult hurts them
grossn: Apparently Roos were 8-0 in ’78 and lost to carlton 😉
freoyeah: desmondo..lecca is a one hit wonder..over 60 goals in ’10 & all Australian 😊
DrSeuss: FMT – Wines going backwards now?
feralmong: Rack em up pittard.
Chelskiman: Stay down Pittard and Wines!
Tigger5: come on dbj get past your BE
the worm: as a carlton supporter i hope Waite buries us
Chelskiman: Pittard has gone nuts since 1/4 time. 🙁
whafc: cmon Nic Nat
LuvIt74: DBJ only needs another 19 to reach he SCB/E
spudaroos: Redden and Lewis Jetta have been pretty shitty recruits.
AngryRyno: pittard has gone nuts since 1/4 time 😀
LuvIt74: Wines is having a stinker
Paul105: @poolboybob i thought mackenzie had been wce captian for years? Haha
Tigger5: oh no DBJ doesnt look good
poido123: yep DBJ hyperextended knee
dipstick: only thing wines is good at is getting it. has ZERO clue of how to use the ball
SaintsMan: is DBJ done?
DrSeuss: And now Trengove has stopped
Tigger5: dont think it was his knee?
Krispin_35: Possible season ending injury for dbj didn’t look good
LuvIt74: think its a hyper extension
JockMcPie: dbj looks ok, might be back
poido123: @Tigger did you see it? it looked hyperextended on the replay
AngryRyno: DBJ running on the sidelines
AngryRyno: FF says its an ankle
Tigger5: didnt see the replay but i thought it was his ankle
JockMcPie: gaff KOd
Krispin_35: No gaff
poolboybob: That’s a month off.
Chelskiman: Gaff out like a light. Weeks for Jonas.
Torz: Jonas gone for many, many weeks.
Pokerface: a couple of weeks ill pick me up some cheap Wines
poido123: Jonas gone for the season. Thats as dirty as it gets
Tigger5: should get atleast 4
Ben_Gogos: Jonas looking at a holiday after that one.
JockMcPie: bye Jonas, at least 4 weeks
Krispin_35: Lift priddis and Nic Nat for up I need two 120s
LuvIt74: yup Jonas should get at least 4 weeks for that minimum
JRedden: dbj, gaff and macpherson in 1 week, this is ridiclous gg for me
jeddies22: He is out cold
Paul105: Better get himself a netflicks account gonna have some freetime
poido123: wheres the reward for having a player taken out? should be allowed an emergency for plays like that
Sloaneyyyy: Come on Yo-Yo – time to get moving!
LuvIt74: Who ever is contemplating bringing in a cheap wines is NUTS
Sloaneyyyy: Pittard doing well considering the 0 touches in the first quarter
JockMcPie: cheap wines next year maybe…
Chelskiman: Pittard would have tonned up already had he not got 4 in the first quarter. Fucker. >>
GJayBee: got ten bucks on robbie gray most disposals with Centrebet, seven to one! come on son!
poido123: cheap wine and a three day growth, comon!! Ill see myself out
northernstar: Lift wines!!!
poolboybob: Jonas might as well have elbowed Kennedy in the head, why not make it 3 months?
northernstar: DBJ was a terrific cashie
GJayBee: Im over bringing in cheap players without two tons, in other words, no cheap players hahah
Breezey: Jones got Gaff in the head. It would’ve been around the hip on Natanui
Tigger5: anymore news on DBJ?
benty691: is DBJ back on?
cjlong: damn, DBJ is ded
GJayBee: I’d like to thank DBJ for the two hundred grand, and for tuning into simpson
LovetShuey: yeah wingard keep it up
Breezey: How many band aids equal a Red Cross
whafc: heart for dbj
Ben_Gogos: DBJ is back on
Sloaneyyyy: Trengove doing a decent job against NicNat
Breezey: Young Aaron is becoming quite a good player
LovetShuey: priddis 23 disposals all contested.
Sloaneyyyy: one more week and I might consider jumping on the Gray train
Chelskiman: Gray reported.
Krispin_35: Jesus priddis 23 touches 23cp 10 tackles u absolute jet. Now get to 120
JockMcPie: same here Sloaney
poido123: You should pick him up Breezey ;p
poido123: gray might miss a game or two for tripping. there goes that idea
Fatbar5tad: Kennedy what a gun
LovetShuey: yeah jk
Grumpman: Lycett 11 tackels thats a great effort for a big man.
shaker: Think port might have a ruck on there shopping list
Zeratul: Junk it up wines 🙁
Breezey: I might at that Poido123. He is Young
Breezey: Port will get Ryder back next year
shaker: Oh yeah forgot about him Breezey
poido123: ffs west coast. i need margin 12 or more
poolboybob: Maybe time to take that star away.
LuvIt74: give it to wines
JockMcPie: lol that was priddis’ first uncontested possession…
AngryRyno: that’s incorrect @Jock, possession is different to disposal
JockMcPie: really? whats the difference?
poido123: fuck fuck fuck ioff you cunt
Chelskiman: That goal has gotta hurt, poido123.
AngryRyno: disposal, getting rid of the ball. Possession, getting the ball.
poido123: in the last 10 seconds the margin. fck you young
AngryRyno: therefore, if you get tackled, you have possessed the ball, but not disposed of it
gdshifty: sucked in port scum
LuvIt74: @poido123 close mate but no cigar.
Yelse: noooooo the line :(((((
poido123: There goes the remote. think thats number 4

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