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Chat log from R9 of 2016: Gold Coast vs Adelaide

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Adelaide, R9 of 2016

SilverLion: On ya Davis
MontyJnr: Davis 2 touches already. Is this real life?
AngryRyno: GC appear to be missing a player
Chelskiman: Slow down, Jacobs. Also stay down Milera, McGovern and Smith.
MontyJnr: Give Davis & MacPherson a full game in the midfield rocket
Torpedo10: Brodie Smith being typically useless yet again, he won’t ever come good.
Tigger5: brodie smith makes me regret having him every week
King_Robbo: Did Brodie smith just get 4 quick touches?!
poolboybob: Remember when Kolodjashnij seemed like a good footballer?
Sloaneyyyy: Forced to play Davis and Wright on the field, happy with them both so far
Tigger5: Kolo is just the clanger king
cusch1: Who’s the late out for suns?
Harmes37: Jack Leslie
Tigger5: Brodie Smith already smashed his last weeks score
dzl7: doesnt surprise me kade kolo spudding it up as usual
tbrowne: Brodie smith = houli 2.0
Torpedo10: @tbrowne if he could average high 80s to low 90s like Bachar I’d take it.
northernstar: Can everyone here help lift Ryan Davis please?
Chelskiman: Fuck off, Smith.
GJayBee: Ryan Davis probably loves U2 and think’s his dad could be prime minister.
RooBoyStu: the only bonus for GC Members is they get a tan while at the footy
JockMcPie: theres one for davis 🙂
poolboybob: The Suns are an unmitigated dumpster fire
King_Robbo: Wow good boy smith! Repay the faith and smash out a 120+
GJayBee: GC should be popular, they are fake and contrived, just like Gold Coast!
AngryRyno: a goal for Davis! jet!
Torpedo10: Benched Davis for Smith this week, wouldn’t mind some cash generation either way.
MontyJnr: Go Davis! 30 SC is like a full game score from him
poido123: @GjayBee injuries to all their key players. get a clue
GJayBee: poido123, Gold Coast were formed in a board room, not a real club. Get a clue.
SilverLion: Thankful I kept Davis at this point.
Sloaneyyyy: you know your team is crap, when Daniel Talia is kicking a goal against you
GJayBee: does anyone think GC will be good next year with players back?
poido123: @GJaybee, you sound like a butthurt ablett fan. why you hating on GC?
dzl7: heres hoping kolo gets 70+
Chelskiman: Keep plugging away, McP.
GJayBee: Im on Adelaide minus 56.5, feels pretty safe!
GJayBee: poido, ablett has not prayed hard enough to his invisible god this year. not my fault.
poido123: @Gjaybee I hope you lose your money you puppet
GJayBee: I just wish a tassie or darwin team was established poido, that’s my gripe you picked up on!
shaker: Surely this would have been a good game for Crouch to get some touch
GJayBee: thanks poido, coming from you it brings a smile
m0nty: back on the game please
GJayBee: Back to the game, great to see Walker getting into it!
JockMcPie: shit game for supercoach honestly…
GJayBee: sorry monty, i got on one hahah Go Walker, great to see him up and about!
poido123: GC on the comeback 🙂 Why not have a darwin and tassie team too?
dashurg: Give B. Smith the downhill skier icon, last week compared to this week…
dzl7: @poido already 2 teams play games in tassie, and darwin crowds would be shocking
poido123: @dzl7 true. Gold coast has crowd issues too, not enough population and afl fans to sustain it IMO. Hope Im wrong
poido123: i will say, gold coast effort looks much better this week. last week was witches hat material
Tigger5: lets go Kolo, big last half
Sloaneyyyy: nice goal Seedsman, making up for last week’s choke that cost us the game
Torz: Good work Seeds. Bout time you put up a decent score.
leeroy81: If anyone needs the $ symbol near their name it’s Currie. Break even of -27 🙂
Generalsor: Finish big Seedsman, keep it up
benzammit: Glad Lyons back should never been dropped for those crouch hacks
Torpedo10: Solid effort from Brodie her
willywalks: kiss of death from me again, this time on Henderson, which player should i pick next week?
benzammit: Preston a Bomber in 2016 no doubt
benzammit: Already collected a sweet 500 from pies halftime @ 4-1 now for the multi
benzammit: Prestia dam auto correct
cusch1: I’ve heard matera to dons but Prestia ?
benzammit: Yeah prestia replacing retirements of Watson or Stanton, McKenna leading the way.
Chelskiman: MacPherson done. That means I’m done too.
cusch1: Macpherson knee injury, could be four weeks according to fox footy
blashtroko: Hows macpherson doing? Heard he had a knock at the end of q2
poolboybob: And MacPherson generates no cash. Is there a reset button on this year’s Supercoach season?
blashtroko: oh ffs of course
shaker: Does Prestia like needles?
willywalks: whats another injury to the mix, flower sake…
feralmong: Cmon mcgov do something.
All Reds: at least the majority of the SC community is with me in this MacPherson injury pain
Tigger5: im glad i decided against dmac
JRedden: if you decided against him thats stupid, was best option
leorosman_: far out i was gonna go hopper but got persuaded for dmac damn!
AngryRyno: decided against Macpherson, not so stupid now he is injured
poido123: mcpherson reported medial
Torpedo10: Brodie Smith goes icicle
JRedden: literally just lucky he got injured
JockMcPie: had hopper up until 4pm yesterday, switched him to macpherson…
AngryRyno: i clearly foresaw the injury 😉
benzammit: McPherson is not a lock for me another rookie upgrade I saved.
benzammit: Stay off hopper wait the week
Torz: C’mon McGovern, you should be feasting on this junk time.
benzammit: @ shaker he must love success 16 premierships
Woosha 73: Brought in McPherson and Merret this week. Sounding awesome!
JRedden: now i really regret not starting davis..
shaker: Haha Ben time will tell
Woosha 73: Has Eddie Betts been doing pre game shower again?
JockMcPie: benched davis, played mcpherson…
GJayBee: I’ll have Mcpherson, Cox, Petrecca, Smith and Hopper by next week. Then it’s time to chill.
Gloryboy: Macpherson injury?
cusch1: Macpherso. Medial ligament
LuvIt74: Gjay dont u have MacPherson this week?
FlowerTime: milera supercoach is absolute shower.
benzammit: Loopholes Hewlett left smith on ice should pay off
FlowerTime: was on 51 before 2 tackles, a fee and a goal, and now only 63?
Chelskiman: Really need Zerret to play now as I have no cover and opponent has Milera as cover.
SilverLion: How serious is MacPherson’s injury guys? 1 week? 2? The season?
FlowerTime: Why wouldn’t he play chels?
Generalsor: Fox reckons up to4 weeks
poido123: silver its a medial so id imagine it would be a long time
Jackwatt$: I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to McPherson. I ruin players careers when I trade them in, sorry bud
Sloaneyyyy: at least if Zerrett is a late out, I get wright’s bench score
Tigger5: Medials not super bad
FlowerTime: nah didnt look too bad poido
Chelskiman: To be fair, Jack, I’m pretty sure 90% of us traded him in.
Torz: Get back on the ground Seeds
poido123: even if its 4 weeks, you dont want someone warming the bench doing nothing
benzammit: If you have got Mc peer which I don’t your 3 red bench a shed in ain’t bad
poido123: seedsman is so fustrating. capable of big scores every week but doesnt go after ball consistently
Chelskiman: I need this game to finish so all these crows stop scoring.
Yelse: will GC have a team to field next week
AngryRyno: 17CPS for Lonergan very good
Torz: They missed a McGovern tackle and handball.
circle52: Good question Yelse on;ly 3 AFL listed players playing in NEAFL this week.
poido123: wheres the +3 for Seeds kick there?
Central : How does the pies get over the cats???
AngryRyno: thanks for the spoilers Central
Breezey: Because they are back Central
Jukes82: GCS getting smacked by 80 with Jenkins and Betts having mares.
poido123: Pies are back, Ive heard it all 😛
Sloaneyyyy: mental note: captain anyone vs GoldCoast for the rest of the year
Central : Slow down Breezey great win still along season
Sloaneyyyy: Eddie Betts just stood on someone’s head… missed the ball completely, but was so high !
Breezey: Some confidence helps
PieCannon: please no more goals gold coast
shaker: You mean make Sloane C?
poido123: Seedsman gets his first ton of the year 😀 😀
SydneyRox: its a sad thing, eski (if he makes the tonne) should get a blue moon
GJayBee: Eskie is a legend, but typical of GC recruiting, to old
Sloaneyyyy: game over… nice to get back in the winner’s circle Crows
poido123: GJaybee, it was an amateur move. players at back end of career looking for payday often dont meet expectations

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