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Chat log from R10 of 2016: Sydney vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Sydney vs North Melbourne, R10 of 2016

crazyet23: is it worth putting the vc on parker ……???
Viscount: Maybe crazy? I was thinking Goldy but am now thinking of vc on Shaw
leorosman_: parker, goldy, gawn or dusty as vc in sc??
crazyet23: i dont have goldy… as a crows fan im hoping shaw gets shut
RooBoyStu: Stick it up the doubters North, All North should do pre match is put a big poster of Hutchy’s mug in the rooms to win
wadaramus: Goldy VC I reckon.
frenzy: if I had Buddy, it would be him
Cyberdyne: first goal kicker, fellas?
J.Worrall: Gogo GoldenEye
Breezey: Evening gentlemen. Tippett for first goal
frenzy: whats the rule of the week this week?
DZL7: Going to be a cracking game, may the best team win! Thomas for first goal
cusch1: Favour the indigenous players?
Breezey: @frenzy. It’ll be dropping the legs trying to get high contact. They’ll let them all go this week
DZL7: When telstra is still being a tit and you cant change your SC team around… thanks telstra 🙁
Willymack1: Parker or Goldy VC?
mason2016: Got 5 playing tonight.. Hopefully all tone up- Parker , hanners, timitch, heeney and wells
Cyberdyne: how do I put the logo next my name?
Jukes82: when you join you pick your team in registration
LuvIt74: This will be a great guide as to see exactly how serious the Roo’s are because they haven’t beaten a serious side this s
oc16: how can you say Titch has had lots of midfield time when the game has only just started?
Tigger5: Can’t stand Lindsay Thomas
DZL7: Close enough to first goal ah well didnt lose much $
Jaypa: Gee Id love Goldy to go big tonight
Chelskiman: Need a big one from Titch and Hewie. Buddy and Mills can stay right down.
blashtroko: Cause he puts info in before the game and changes when necessary oc16
dimisalas: Come on wells!! Do it for the indigenous!
DZL7: stiff free kick right there
eagles86: come on gody do it for the white peope
circle52: And yet another bs deliberate Jack tackled as he kicked the ball
Viscount: Come on Hanners, in you go
DZL7: circle52 kick it center to the ground theyre strict on that simple
AngryRyno: not easy to kick to the centre while tackled
LuvIt74: Swans looking delicious
LuvIt74: Hanners needs a reminder of what the ball looks like ffs…lol
DZL7: quack quack
roshanetw: why hasn’t hannebery touched it
dipstick: @luvit oooaaaahhhhh
DZL7: holding the ball or in the back on ziebell comee on ref consistency..
DZL7: holding the ball or in the back on ziebell comee on umpire consistency..
Torz: Titchfinally looks to have free reign tonight. 🙂
Chelskiman: Loving this early start from Titch. Not liking that Buddy goal though.
Breezey: I loopholed Tippett as VC tonight. What does everyone think of that.
SaintsMan: how is gold on 13?
cusch1: Dzl he dived forward definitely no free
leorosman_: breezey at east you know no one else will do it
meka100: Titch sniffing around at his best
Chelskiman: Seriously, fuck off Buddy.
LuvIt74: Roo’s look very ordinary at best in the very early stages, this is a massive game.
HawkTalker: I’m hoping that fails miserably, Breezy
DZL7: cusch1 or the free when the swan player took athe north guy on and dropped/threw the ball
Breezey: Took a punt. See what happens I suppose
LuvIt74: If this keeps up I will have to start referring the Roo’s as the Poo’s.
circle52: Is wind favouring Swans or is it neutral
JockMcPie: lol hannebery wut…
DZL7: legit 10 seconds before the ziebell in the back
cusch1: Regardless of those decisions, north getting outplayed at Te moment
grossn: Hanners hurt oh sh1t
poolboybob: Norf getting a rude awakening here.
nbartos: Hanrs always starts slow
LuvIt74: I’ll start referring to the kangas as the Poo’s, there crap.
JockMcPie: slight breeze in favour of swans, north playing pretty badly
LuvIt74: DZL7 Dont start with these B/S frees.
HawkTalker: Goldy, stop stuffing around, mate
Neo Wanker: ready to bawl face Scott must be priceless at the moment
Chelskiman: Come on, Titch. Don’t slow down now.
J_Herer: Good to see the old North back
HowI Rioli: Who said north were pretenders who have had an easy draw???
circle52: Anyone game enough to vc JPK
Pull: circle I’ve got the big V on him
Breezey: It mightn’t look good now but North will lift. Far from over this
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Lloyd kicks into Thompson on the mark at CHB for Sydney, Thomas roves and lets fly from 50m for a turnover goal!
cusch1: Reversed my trades after Williams was dropped and forgot to reset my captains
Chelskiman: I wish I had a $1 for every time someone says indigenous this weekend.
Neo Wanker: thanks for that piece of useless bs kermit
Breezey: I have Hanners but my opponent has him captain, so I’m not real worried if he goes low
circle52: Easy done cusch esoecially when rushing at last minute
DZL7: kermit for the umpire!
Shaundog: Eat shit Thomas
circle52: BS 50 metres there
Neo Wanker: im just waiting for an australian footy fan round that would be different
Breezey: I reversed when Williams was out too. Lucky I did remember because I didn’t last week and it cost me the game
cusch1: Need goody to smash now
Sloaneyyyy: swans jersey looks pretty good actually
poolboybob: Massive quarter for Kennedy
The Swert: Superman cape for Kennedy
Chelskiman: Now Hewie is going backwards after the quarter has finished. Great.
RooBoyStu: I want a Snagathon round where the AFL give out free snags outside grounds sponsored by Bunnings
nbartos: Hanners so ripped of in SC so far
Breezey: How about Fan Footy Game Chat round
JockMcPie: if goldstein could get a possession that would be nice
Neo Wanker: snag round great idea
LuvIt74: Who have NM played and eat apart from the Bulldogs?
Yelse: Just logged on… and all three of my opponents don’t have Hanners. life couldn’t get any worse
SilverLion: Typical, the week I bring Goldy in. Just please don’t get injured, please.
cusch1: I reckon a boo round where fans can boo whoever we want without being labelled as racists
RooBoyStu: @LuvIt74 crows
LuvIt74: Silver still early m8, Goldy will ton up for yya have faith
shaker: Crows he meant good teams
3rdstriker: the crows are probably not even a top 8 team
LuvIt74: @Roo wouldn’t call the crows anything special at this stage m8.
Neo Wanker: how about a mad dog muir round where fans hop the fence and beat the crap out of the players or try to
RooBoyStu: when we win tonight, hope you hear the famous EJ words we stuck it right up them.
cusch1: Crows are defniitely one of the 12 teams that can make the 8
Chelskiman: Of course Mills has a blinder when I play someone who has him.
9inch: Goldy runningvat 100% de but no sc points 🙁
leorosman_: 9inch yeah cos he has one touch hahah
JockMcPie: 9inch hes had 1 disposal
All Reds: just the 1 disposal
gdshifty: quack quack thomas
SaintsMan: trust you goldy
Raspel31: Just home-Buddy delicious.
Breezey: Thomas dives his head at people. Someone should rip it off even in this round
LuvIt74: cmon Wells
poolboybob: Will Thomas be going to Rio as part of the Australian diving team?
SwanSong3: Thomas is a fair dinkum dog
9inch: Ha yeah but still he’s my VC 🙂
Snarfy: Yeah Breezey. Grab him by the ears and rip em off!
DZL7: no duck there, even then he should of recieved a free for few seconds before thaat anyway
The Swert: Kennedy on track for 200sc
nbartos: He taught Shuey well
leorosman_: Thomas you are a deadset flog, no wonder everyone wants to bash you
Chelskiman: I can’t watch this, my opponet’s players are running riot. Going to watch the England v Sri Lanka test match.
nbartos: Hanners bang
Shaundog: On ya hanners!
LuvIt74: Swans to win by 6+ goals
Tigger5: DZL, cleary dropped down and backed into him
Shaundog: Go swans!
JockMcPie: north aren’t looking very good…
LuvIt74: The Poo’s are starting to get on the nose.
SwanSong3: Ramps and Laidler. Always had my doubts but boy they are solid.
DZL7: Tigger he drops the knees that isnt ducking and perfectly legal.
nbartos: Tips towels Goldy WOW
3rdstriker: goldstein is getting a bath from tippett
Generalsor: Lift Parker!
Raspel31: God I love to see Goldstein struggling as he wouldn’t accept my offer of $500,000
JRedden: dzl, wheres the banter now? bad-mouthing the dogs?
Breezey: Tippett’s starting to get first touch now in the ruck.
LuvIt74: cmon hanners pick up son
DZL7: Jredden still better than the dogs :’)
circle52: Slow down McVeigh do not want topay too much for you in 2 weeks
LuvIt74: Bloody Goldy & Hanners doing jack
Tigger5: DZl, hes a dog and its not in the spirit of the game
JRedden: you beat a side with major injuries congrats, lets wait till season’s end 🙂
HawkTalker: Goldstein is getting SCHOOLED
JockMcPie: i like lindsay, but playing for the free (which he obviously does) should not be part of the game.
LuvIt74: Brown = Sideshow Bob
LuvIt74: The Poo’s look bloody shocking all over the ground.
DZL7: buddy is a grub
dipstick: LOL goldy… forgotten how to ruck?
poolboybob: Haha Buddy you knob
dezlav: Lovin Tippet Vs Goldstein, especially as my opponent has Goldy and I have the Tip Rat.
LuvIt74: Could not believe the draw North have had until I looked it up, no wonder they are 9 zip…
LuvIt74: Tippett is towling the gold member.
dipstick: any fools tip Norf against a top team?
poolboybob: Lol commentator says to let it go as Buddy clearly hits Thompson in the face
Stikman35: Leave north alone.
cusch1: Looked like Thompson said something though
RooBoyStu: LuvIt74 every week i read your tripe on here and this week you have no idea, our draw was hard pre season
SwanSong3: Tippett so impressive
geoffmack: Goldy move it for f**k sake. I just traded u in.
Raspel31: And wasa love slap
Stikman35: North will be better for the rodgering they get tonight.
RooBoyStu: it included freo who were one of the favs for the flag add gc who everyone said would improve, easy to say now
JockMcPie: godly been on the bench for seven minutes…
nbartos: Bench for useless goldy
tamoz: Anyone reckon S.Mitchell would be a good buy next week?
LuvIt74: Bit hard when he’s sitting down
Chelskiman: Goldy been on the bench for 7 minutes.
gdshifty: something wrong with Goldy?
dezlav: @Geoffmack. What, move it off the bench…
LuvIt74: @tamoz Hell no to old, but i said that last year also.
Shaundog: Yeah he’s been crap
dezlav: Thoughts on puttin the Big C on Barlow against St Kilda tomoz anyone?
Raspel31: Sure tamoz-but depends who else you got with byes coming up.
cold pies: i brought mitchell in this week. he will be top 8 mid
Chelskiman: I would dezlav. Should be good for 140 at least.
LuvIt74: @dezlav I like it, could be a sneaky move and pay dividends
blashtroko: Dezlav I was considering it in AF but wasnt game enough… feel like I might regret that though
Raspel31: Goodto see him back dezlav and will be hungry but I think not.
Tigger5: Norf supporters are the worst
SaintsMan: luvit what happened to goldy getting 100?
Stikman35: My bench is going well. Could be the story of the weekend.
RooBoyStu: up the haters Go North!
LuvIt74: Nice to see Hanners come and rise like a champion although not VC worthy at this stage.
Breezey: I’m not sure why everybody thinks this games over. North will keep coming I reckon
dezlav: Thought I have nothin to loose as I have the V on Hanners, but will wait to see how he finishes tonight? Who from Saints
eagles86: that goal by north was a game lifiting proformance for north
Stikman35: Here come the north kangaroos
LuvIt74: No I cannot stand Pie & Tigers supporters, the tigers supporters spit when they talk coz there full of booze
m0nty: Dumont +20, you don’t see that often!
the worm: they should rename the ferry “Shinboner spirit of Tasmania” when north merge and re-locate
Chelskiman: Steven, Montagna or Roo.
OnTheRocks: Luke “Fking VC” Parker
LovetShuey: Goldy getting into it
Stikman35: Dumont did a dumonty
LovetShuey: yeah the titchell
dipstick: @m0nty what did it consist of?
LuvIt74: Gr8 quarter by hanners
iZander: will see it more in the future Monty 😛
Roksta: Goldy!
Chelskiman: Goldy, best small forward in the comp!
valkorum: fair goal by goldy
LovetShuey: goldy with a sausage roll
LuvIt74: bout time
dezlav: Cheers all for thoughts/opinions, but I’ve decided that If Hanners dont crack 135 tonight, BARLOW WEARS THE C
Raspel31: Carn Sydney-Norff wannabees.
runt: Never doubt Goldstein, he is a champ
Chelskiman: Just had to hold on for 30 seconds, but no, they let Buddy get a shot on goal.
Stikman35: Solid gold. Plop.
yeah_nah: hanners just gets it done
SilverLion: Great last 2 minutes from Goldy. Went from 20 to 51 SC.
Raspel31: Don’t tempt me dezlav-dangerous but sexy.
eagles86: how the fuck di goldy go from 19 sc points to 52 in like 5 or 10 min
LuvIt74: nice to see all my players on song
dezlav: @Raspel31. Do it, live dangerously!
Jukes82: heeney the icicle, he had 0 possies that 1/4.
runt: Swans living dangerously
Yelse: parker been ordinary last 3 weeks
Roksta: Gawn C this week against no rucks me thinks
runt: Will Longmire make Mitchell tag himself to be fully accountable?
DZL7: if anything give petrie the icicle done nothing all game
eagles86: gawn is just a spud
Chelskiman: Petrie hasn’t done anything for two years.
eagles86: rekon gawn is the most overrated player in afl
LuvIt74: DZL7 What happened to the Poo’s damn m8, I think they might redeem themselves.
Roksta: Eagles are most overrated team in the Como
Jaypa: Jack Ziebell is the most overrated player hahaha
Roksta: Comp
dipstick: time for ziebell to miss a week
LuvIt74: Petrie needs to make way for new kids now, his used by date has expired im afraid..
cusch1: I think Bont is a good player but overhyped
frenzy: Compo
Jaypa: North Melbournes list is trash, I’ve no idea how they win all these games
colmullet: might have been a mistake to bench wells for petracca is DT….
LuvIt74: @Jaypa have you seen who they beat so far?
Roksta: Comopetition
frenzy: your right Jaypa, you have no idea
DZL7: @LuvIt i think it will be his last year this yeaar anyway, wouldnt mind to see daw or brown play next week instead ofhim
Breezey: You can only beat who’s put in front of ya.
bonecrusha: mcmillan better stop kicking it to grundy or i’ll peel his face back off his head
Jaypa: yeah I have but even still, I honestly can’t look at this team and think “gee he’s a star” besides Goldy
Raspel31: Goodgame ofrugger going on at the mo but not sure I’m allowedto say that.
LuvIt74: @colmullet bench wells? Its not a bad idea if you can get a non playing forward in your forward line to swap with Petra
yeah_nah: Not watching live, the roos the real deal this year?
DZL7: black*
runt: @Jaypa They do not know either
Jaypa: Name some North “stars” then Frenzy? Let’s hear them?
RooBoyStu: I so want North to win tonight to stick it up people like luvit74 who said swans by 6+ goals in 2nd qtr
dipstick: @jaypa coz there all pumped on bommers SPARK concoction
LuvIt74: @Breezey true but they haven’t blew any team away this season apart from Carlton last week
3rdstriker: Given a few weeks ago the Roos fielded the oldest team since 1946, they’d be wanting to do it this year
cusch1: North have no genuine stars but a bunch of a graders like ziebell swallow dal Tarrant and Cunnington
runt: If it rains goals in the 3rd qtr get back to me
Breezey: 1st leg of my multi I have North with 17.5 points start
frenzy: you still got no idea jaypa, lol
Jaypa: Norths team is awfully dull and boring.
Sloaneyyyy: i tipped swans but only by 12 pts…. should be a close one
Jaypa: No wonder they have 9 supporters
LuvIt74: @RooBoy yes that was my prediction, just be careful what u say when u use terms such as “stick it up people”
iZander: Goldstein is a star, but i agree with what everyone is saying, not many stars, not sure how they are this good 😛
Jaypa: Frenzy you were meant to name North’s stars?
oc16: swallow is hardly A grade
DZL7: North have around 45,000 members try again Jaypa your trying to hard :’)
frenzy: champion team will always beat a team of champions
iZander: to be fair, norths attendance is very low for an undefeated team frenzy 🙂
Jaypa: You North supporters are so easy to upset, you know you’re a team of nobodies and get upset when people mention it lol
JockMcPie: exactly right frenzy, north may not have the most paraded players but they work well
LuvIt74: @iZander they have not beat a decent side apart from the doggies, other then that they have played ordinary sides.
LuvIt74: This game will tell allot especially this 2nd half
cusch1: Luvit that doesn’t matter..they’ve beaten who they’ve played. That’s all that they can do.
Roksta: North have goldy and boomer as stars a
dipstick: takes a Norf player 3 yrs on avge to learn shitty 1st verse of their club song
cusch1: And as much as I hate to say it north have done well to be where they are,, regardless of who they’ve played
Jaypa: Sydney’s class is starting to shine through here, put these Norf nobodies to bed
3rdstriker: @cusch1, true, but we can still doubt them until they do beat someone good
Stikman35: Is firrito to any good
Jaypa: Boomer is one of there best players and he’ll be gone soon, then what lol?
MrRioli15: Fir riot just does his job
Raspel31: Something tells me I will not be exercising the loop Mr Parker-and,yes, Norffs 1st real test and failing
LuvIt74: @Cusch what are u talking about off course it matters, if they had of played top 8 sides it could very well be 5 – 4
9th Again: When you’re underfeated, every game you win gets you one game closer to losing
cusch1: Of course you can doubt them, but they’ve improved a lot considering that north are known to lose games that theyshoukdn
LuvIt74: Melbourne by 5 points, Saints by 7 points & Essendon by 14 points.
Jaypa: Apparently Macmillan doesn’t need to bounce 🙂
cusch1: But they haven’t played top 8 teams. They’ve won the games out in front of them
nbartos: Hanners Gun
DZL7: Dont forget the fact north have no way played their best footy in most of those games.
RooBoyStu: Richmond not only don’t know undefeated they can’t spell it.
poolboybob: Do something Parker
Generalsor: Geez Parker is disappointing me
Luigi197: go bombers
the worm: if only every game richmond lost would put them one game closer to winning
9th Again: hahah, yeah i’ll take that one @RooBoyStu
Jaypa: North are very lucky that Essendon game didn’t go any longer
cusch1: Dumont looks a great player
Jaypa: And then Coach (sook) Scott only wanted to talk about their record first half
MrRioli15: Agree jaypa
Jaypa: Mate you played (not) Essendon and just managed to get away with it
Shaundog: Gee why don’t some of you guys just enjoy watching the game
Breezey: And the Swans nearly lost to Brisbane. Sometimes your opponent does play well
Raspel31: North are not Leicester City-perhaps Victoria market on a sles day.
wadaramus: Come on Parker you hack.
man0005: wow GWS fans exist?
Krispin_35: Got goldy vc banners and wells beautiful so far
LuvIt74: Cmon Wells, Hanners & Goldy
Munza: I stopped watching footy when they invented fantasy footy. I just look at stats now lol
Torz: Amazing what Titch can achieve when let to run free. Take note Horse.
JockMcPie: got the feeling Jaypa is just on this website to troll other fans lol
dipstick: @raspel ease up. Arden St change rooms is a caravan
cusch1: North would be a good comparison with arsenal, up there but not good enough
Jaypa: Nah I’m an essendon supporter haha, I just like the Orange lol
LuvIt74: Shocking miss
nbartos: Same 3 Luvit
Jaypa: Not other fans Jock, just the sooky Norf ones
cusch1: Firrito is a hack
the worm: I change which team i support every few years, its awesome
DZL7: Mcglynn was about to get his head ripped off then :’)
LuvIt74: @cush1 do u mean Arsenal
poolboybob: Atley is a spud
Tigger5: north scum
Jaypa: Firrito is the biggest joke, nice head mate
MrRioli15: Atley has been promising for too long
LuvIt74: arsenal
dipstick: @worm supportter means you have membership. otherwise youre just a barracker
cusch1: Arsenal* the one time autocorrect doesn’t work
Stikman35: Firrito burrito. Chikkito.
Breezey: It’s a duckathon trying to get frees
LuvIt74: how come when u type ars enal it comes up as that obviously coz of the aussie slang of gluteus maximus
Gordo450: Dorito
Jaypa: Gee these umpires must be part of the 9 North supporters or something
the worm: i probably dont even qualify as a barracker, thats how little i care
dipstick: just say assenal
gdshifty: titchell going nuts this quarter
cusch1: North is assenal, will forever finish fourth
LuvIt74: lol
meka100: Dal Santo is a soft cock
Chelskiman: Wtf, I turn away for 10 minutes and then return to see Titch do this. Nice!
Shaundog: C’mon hanners try and keep up with Mitchell
JockMcPie: if i was to get a sydney mid in SC, which one should i get…
eagles86: goldstien is little hurt hes limping a bit
eagles86: put a bandaid on goldy
Pull: jpk
Jaypa: Spud firrito with the assist
Breezey: Hanners Jock
Pokerface: who have they beaten.
tamoz: Lift Hewett!
wadaramus: Not Parker.
Jaypa: Hanners @jockmcpie
Krispin_35: @JockMcPie get hanners
3rdstriker: goldys struggling with a knee
jeddies22: parker cmon mate need to fire
dipstick: FYI NickDalSanto name rearranged = An@lD!ckSnot
LuvIt74: Woopsie the Poo’s are starting to look quite soft, almost like Diarrhea
cusch1: Can ziebell kick to the boys in blue the fkn hack
9th Again: Cape for Mitchell?
oc16: @JockMcPie defs get Hanners
LuvIt74: A ton of players put Goldy in this week too
JockMcPie: thought so, just waitin for him to drop in price. doesnt look like hes gonna drop much though
Raspel31: Dear Mr Parker-we do appreciate you attending the game. We now invite you to join in.
eagles86: ive had goldy from the start
LuvIt74: I don’t think Goldy has much of a injury otherwise they would pull him off in a hurry
eagles86: if theres an admin here pls put bandaid on goldy hes struggling
LuvIt74: Goldy & NicNat I started with
MrRioli15: So has 40000 people Eagles
dipstick: @eagles your medal is in the mail
Munza: Will a bandaid make him play better
cusch1: Wtf is nahas doing in this team…he is a dud and provides nothing for nm
DanBlack: Hanners with 53 that qtr
Stikman35: Magnitogorsk has had a big qtr.
DZL7: goldy has been hit pretty hard tonight got a poke in the eye and has been limping a bit
runt: Mitchell needs to get a kick
MrRioli15: Bandaid for eagles
9inch: Yeah Nahas a special spud. Who knows why he gets a game!
Stikman35: Auto correct
runt: kennedy and Jack 22 tackles between them
eagles86: for an admin ur a bit of troll
Roksta: What’s going on with Parker recently
dipstick: 160 would be nice JPK
urmumsaid: I picked Parker up about a month ago. It’s my fault he’s gone to shit
RooBoyStu: North $13 to win, thanks TAB we are going to the scoring end.
monkebuket: last few weeks parker been tanking
wadaramus: He just plain sucks Roksta.
Stikman35: Parker did this last week too I think
SilverLion: Parker got 120 last week, dunno what people are complaining about…
9inch: What was Goldy on last week at 3qtr time? Anyone remember
LuvIt74: Goldy & Wells need to lift, bloody stupid Poo’s players. Nothing but a stain in the under garments.
LuvIt74: Parker will not score 70+ points in a quarter.
colin wood: Come on Hanners smash out a big one here!!
Stikman35: Parker sometimes takes a while to get gear. May have been week before.
LuvIt74: @9inch he was on 120 ish
wadaramus: 75 & 89 the two weeks prior to last weeks 120.
OnTheRocks: Goldy being worked on. Maybe needs bandaid for his knee
Munza: Parker got 120 last week
nbartos: If they hadn’t ripped Hanners early his SC would be closer to JPK
runt: Parker is just weighed down by his BE
Torz: Titch is going to go 150+
Shaundog: True nbartos sc has ripped him off bad
LuvIt74: Wheres my mate RooBoy come back son…
dipstick: @bartos im flyin mate… im fucken flyin!
nbartos: Bit inefficient though I guess
LuvIt74: SC ripped him another orifice big time
Generalsor: Parker needs a rest, pure and simple. Doesn’t look right
runt: Unselfish team oriented buddy is a sight to see
Breezey: Need North to get within 17.5pts for my multi
nbartos: Me too dip!!
Shaundog: @Luvit74 he only gets on when there winning
Munza: I need Goldy on 100SC within 5 minutes
Chelskiman: Keep going, Titch, 150!
LuvIt74: What the hell does brown see in his hair style seriously
wadaramus: Parker 51 from a premium mid. Premium? Not so sure.
urmumsaid: North have missed some easy goals
shaker: Roos need a Hannebery in there team
nbartos: Where is Wells??
MrRioli15: Zac jones will be half decent I’m year or two. Same as dumont
LuvIt74: There should be only 7 points in it if they didn’t get the yips
cold pies: will parker bounce back? or was his good run just a one off?
9inch: Heeny’s a gun but not fantasy wise.
Stikman35: Wells is getting rested running into last fortnites before finals.
LuvIt74: here come the rooboysssssssss…
Yelse: it looks like parker doesn’t spend as much time in the middle anymore
DZL7: goldy heart surely been hit in the eye / limping
Shaundog: Come on sc give hanners some fucking points
cusch1: It was always going to be hard for hanners jpk mitchell Jack and Parker to all have good games…
dipstick: yeh parker is smoked.. got no heart… needs to follow the yellow brick rd
MrRioli15: U might be right yelse. Maybe because he is the best fwd of their midfielders
poolboybob: F off Parker
cold pies: kennedy or parker??
runt: Mitchell not many kicks
dipstick: maybe goldy needs an atlas. his team is full o’ old fuckers like boomer
LuvIt74: Carn the swannies
runt: too many handballs because they watch too much rugby
monkebuket: it looks like parker doesnt try as hard anymore
kangawalla: Muppet to The Traders. Dump Tmitch they said. He’ll be tagging they said. Won’t make his 119 break even they said
MrRioli15: Will goldy hit 125?
hbui35493: Hanners is a beast
gdshifty: Mitchell to Franklin. Love that!
Krispin_35: What should I take as vc for goldy if I have danger capt
rickyb80: norf been exposed bigtime
DZL7: Sydney deserved the win welldone
cold pies: @mrrioli15 negative. 119
PieBoy: onya jonesy
LuvIt74: Swans are making the Poo’s look well very ordinary to be quite frank.
Stikman35: My opponent has both Mitch and kenny
Warney: hannebery brownlow votes?
Raspel31: Never in doubt
LuvIt74: Agreeeeeee
the worm: i might have to start barracking for sydney now i think
dezlav: @Stikman35. That sucks
OnTheRocks: I love my titch still. Almost dumped him for hanners
Krispin_35: @warney possibly titch 3 jpk 2 hanners 1
DZL7: give petrie the Cactus or the mare
LuvIt74: Give petrie the A rse
blashtroko: T. Mitchell working on that quadruple double
Breezey: Give Drew the Pee Tree
LuvIt74: How old is Petrie surly close to mid 30’s
Brown*Dog: Parker down – Was number 1 player 2 weeks ago
dipstick: titch 30 handballs!!!
3rdstriker: was that the worst free kick of the year?
gdshifty: titchell about to get the cape this quarter
dezlav: Petrie 33Yrs
DZL7: petrie 32 im pretty sure, might be his last year he looks done
Stikman35: Cmon Hewitt. Do it for my bench.
LuvIt74: Swans defence are killing Norf
LuvIt74: No way petrie is older then 32 mate
dipstick: fucken useless parker. you were a good cheapie… but your cheap
OnTheRocks: Titch making up for Parkers shit game
runt: Mitchell off the leash is a thing of beauty
grossn: Right with you there Stikman
MrRioli15: Nanas is playing selfish. Desperate to hold his spot
DZL7: petrie 33 yes turning 34 this year
wadaramus: Start every week full of optimism, then cop a score like Parkers!
grossn: Click on petrie’s name. He is born in ’82
Breezey: Petrie is 33
gdshifty: and thats 50+ points for Titch for the quarter!
Chelskiman: Hewie, you’ve let me down son. Titch, I love you.
3rdstriker: Loopholed Hewett, should have loopholed parker
LuvIt74: North are stuffed they look like crap, their ball use is deplorable
gdshifty: Goldys knee iced up
runt: Rohan is a luxury if ever there was
dipstick: hows goldy 700K iced knee looking?
Krispin_35: Yes wells u beauty nice finish
eagles86: now u put injurie on goldy ive been saying this since the start of the quater but did any listen
LuvIt74: Carn Wells
LovetShuey: precautionary dipstick
Gloryboy: Junk time Wells
MrRioli15: Wadaramus stuffs the weekend up
SilverLion: And of course, Goldstein injured. First Fyfe now Goldy. Gotta love insta trade outs… I give up.
cold pies: take goldy for vc or stick with shaw or priddis?
dezlav: Not bad Hanners but def leaving the C on BARLOW for tomoz
Migz: so if im reading this right does the super coach score need to be scaled up 218 points?
dipstick: pffft parker 22 touches for 61 pts… youre gone useless!!!
LuvIt74: Not a bad game by the Roo’s don’t despair guys.
DZL7: Oh well still on tough and will bounce back nextt week and smash tthe tigers
geoffmack: Oh wtf?? Goldy injured? I just traded in the prick? How bad is it?
Krispin_35: What’s the news on goldy injury???
LuvIt74: Will be interesting to see how bad Goldy’s knee is
dipstick: @dezlav dont do it. barlow will get 91
LuvIt74: DZL7 is doesn’t mean a thing where u are on the ladder, if your that ordinary at top level forget it son.
Chelskiman: Is 121 enough for a VC score? Wish I had of put it on Titch though.
LuvIt74: I’m taking Hanners 120+ as my C – Don’t play greedy it will bite u big time
PieBoy: onya jonesy
mason2016: vc doesn’t matter unless your c doesn’t play
shaker: if goldy’s was bad he would have been straight off earlier
goldy4pm: mason if you don’t know how to loophole, why are you on this page?

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