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Chat log from R10 of 2016: Brisbane vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Brisbane vs Hawthorn, R10 of 2016

MattyZ: So who’s ready for a totally competitive game between two really even teams!!
kangawalla: Ok Lions, it’s “bravery in the face of certain doom badge earning day”! 😉
heppelitis: Lions did wellat home against swans not long ago…so you never know!
Rebuild: Got here a bit early. Didn’t want to miss the blockbuster of the round.
OnTheRocks: i’m just here for the SC score of SMitch and Dorko. This game, it means nothing!
Torz: Stef starting forward. :/
iZander: lions to win this 😛
nikos: As if they are playing that battler Trent West over Stef!!!! infuriating
kangawalla: Never seen so many Demon fans on FF at one time. Switching channels at 2.10?
MattyZ: spangher has already done his hammmy
Torz: Hanley playing in D50 a fair bit lately. Reckon he’s a chance for DPP given he’s had it before.
facebook23: why frog for lewis?!
Bulky: “Hanley kicks it” says Basil Zempilas. It was Zorko you idiot!
Torz: Gave away a 50 by kicking the ball away.
kangawalla: @mattyz. Spangher may have to take up his alternative career as understudy to the Eurovision bearded lady!
RooBoyStu: Spangher injured, that puts a Spangher in the works.
colin wood: How does Basil get the gig in footy commentary… hes hopeless
Torz: Sicily from the McLean/Selwood school of ducking.
the worm: could be worse colin wood, it could be brian taylor
facebook23: cos he is from murdoch uni, the best uni in the land!
Rebuild: Mathieson no FF, no score?
Stikman35: Basil is good. Makes me laugh
Chelskiman: Stay down, Robbo.
colin wood: I actually prefer BT worm. Basil is just not a footy commentator. Cringe evertime he speaks.
OnTheRocks: touch the fucking pill mitchell, don’t do a Parker on me
JanathF: i cringe whenever BT speaks
Chelskiman: I think Martin’s golden period has come to an end, boys.
Torz: Stop giving away free kicks Lewis. 🙁
Preston007: Oh Steph… why did I keep you!
Jukes82: bloody hell martin, this is your last chance or i’d trade you.
kangawalla: That’s it Matho!!
the worm: it has to be the collingwood supporter in you that prevents you from cringing at BT
heppelitis: My kids wet themselves when BT is commentating
swannies05: is smitch in bad form or do we just blame he is copping the tag now
OnTheRocks: “He arches his back”, then handballs
solitude: My dads feet are bigger than my mums feet
SaintsMan: move mitchell please
kangawalla: @hepp, do they wet themselves from laughter or coz he’s crap?
the worm: i dont doubt BT appeals to kids
heppelitis: haha laughter…just enjoy his passion
kangawalla: @hepp, I reckon BT’s style has a use by date. Like Rex Hunt
Rebuild: Seeing that +1 next to Gibson brings a tear to my eye
Chelskiman: I hate Trent West.
oc16: i really hope trent west gets injured
stakerz: i hate cyril and hill. both soft.
wadaramus: Gee whiz Stef, I didn’t think you could get any stinkier but here you are on just 4.
Munza: Didn’t pay 600K for Martin to sit at FF FFS
heppelitis: Agree Kanga…@Chelski…Bliscavs. Nicnat or Gawn in hindsight would have been the go
JRedden: well i traded stef to goldy this week… if goldys fine then it was good
frenzy: berger used to destroy stef’s score aswell
Woosha 73: I have Martin as my emergency ruck this week. Bought in Nic Nat
Jukes82: that concussion destroyed Martin.
feralmong: It’s not good to trade premo to premo. But I did. Steff to goldy.
Chelskiman: Thing is, Martin is very quickly losing his premium status. That was a nice upgrade, fera.
OnTheRocks: almost traded Jacobs to Goldy
MattyZ: gave the cold to martin so hopefuly the curse happens and he suddenly goes 200+
MattyZ: also how good is Schache? this kid will be so freaking good next year even
feralmong: I hated to waste a trade but I needed to stay in touch for cash league.
oc16: who should we trade martin to out of Gawn, Blicavs, Tippett and NicNat?
Pokerface: mumford
JRedden: ye same, martin had to be traded, it was either goldy, blics or nic nat tbh
Preston007: Martin no longer premium.. lucky to score 40. He used to touch the ball, now doesn’t get near it
rrrbird1: jump on martin when west gets dropped
CamT: A boxer who gets concussed isn’t allowed to spar for 30 days. It’s more serious than people think.
frenzy: I would go NicNat @ oc16
RedSwan: Really glad right now that i downgraded to Tim O’Brien. Fricken Penguin
MattyZ: a boxer’s job is to get hit in the head with intent for minutes on end, different stories for different sports
dipstick: premo to premo a wasted trade? martin maxing out at 50pts = long term injury equivalent. hardly a wasted trade.
Chelskiman: Robinson really starting to annoy me. He’s meant to be tagging, not getting cheap possies in the back pocket.
The39Steps: Is Rocky expected back next week?
MattyZ: getting rid of martin shouldn’t be condemned as a bad move, knowing when to jump off is part of the game
oc16: @frenzy yeh im thinking either nic nat or blicavs – gawn and tippett too inconsistent
Bulky: “Robertson to Robinson. Try saying that a few times.” Classic Basil!
stakerz: carn lionssss
ScootD: Lewis leading possessions, now just lay some tackles Jordan!
man0005: Gun for Basil
Tigger5: Hawks not looking to good
Gordo450: Glad I traded Martin to Goldy a few weeks back
wadaramus: Fair dinkum, Stef you cannot be this bad. DO SOMETHING!
JockMcPie: good zorko, he’s lifted.
Torz: They should be playing Stef in the midfield as a Blicavs type.
oc16: @ Torz couldnt agree more
RooBoyStu: Gibbo is the type of bloke that would rock up at Woolies just before closing time to grab the $1 roast chickens
m0nty: still hurts losing him, eh Stu? 😉
heppelitis: well f me stef got a plus 1
nikos: Yep Rocky back next week. With Beams done for the year.. I reckon he gets back to his 125+ averaging best
RooBoyStu: hH yeah m0nty especially after he has improved 500% at your club and I didn’t put the C on him
JockMcPie: no-one should put rocky in their side ever again
ScootD: keep going Gawny, u need to make up for that spud sitting next to you on my field (Stef Martin)
JockMcPie: gawn scored more in the first quarter than martin will score for the game
Jackwatt$: Ughhh. I’m playing a drinking game, every time Mattyz says something I have a shot, if m0nty says something it’s a doubl
Jackwatt$: Bring back the Purple Name Game, that was a much easier way to pass my Saturday arvos
Luigi197: SMartin and OWines. guns
oc16: @Luigi197 glad to know someone else feels my pain
tamoz: Ffs S.Martin!
Boomsey: when you have keays on the field
para: Sorry if I should know this but why is the asterisk on Zorko?
tamoz: Asterisk = first goal of the game
para: Nevermind I learned to read…
heppelitis: first goal para
frenzy: zorko is short for zorkolemium, lol who kicked the first goal
para: Thanks @heppelitis
para: Thanks guys
Heps: Really Martin? Really?
Torz: It’s not even like West is doing well in the ruck. Hopefully he’s dropped next week.
frenzy: omg, hepps has come back as a magpie
blashtroko: Where is martin doing when not rucking?
feralmong: Just back from going out. Omg so glad I traded Martin.
para: One of the keays to scoring well this week is not having keays
Torz: Keep going Lewis. Killing it!
heppelitis: haha…my brother from a another mother
ajconodie: @Torz – He will still make plenty of $$
shaker: muppet for leppa for having 2 spud rucks on the field
Raspel31: Mr Mitchell-we would appreciate you rewarding our loyalty.
Fatbar5tad: Well said Rasp
Stst1001: Mathieson could be a nice dgrade option
Barniclez: love for brisbane to beat the hawks
heppelitis: geez just noticed lewis 33 touches
dipstick: how humiliating for smartin. nowhere to hide
MattyZ: oh wow i didn’t know bastinac was playing until just now hahah speak about influence on the play
Raspel31: Dropped Martin after that concussion dipstick and been invisible since
Luigi197: what’s the symbol for Keays represent?
ScootD: @luigi has hit a brick wall
JButcher: Poor Spangher can’t take a trick
ajconodie: Hit the wall @luigi
nbartos: Wall. This young player has had a good run since entering the league, but now he has hit the rookie wall.
Barniclez: hitting the rookie wall
dezlav: @Luigi197. Has hit a wall
JButcher: Cmon Big boi
Breezey: Duryea fair dinkum. What’s doing buddy
blashtroko: What an awful game of footy this is
colin wood: come on Rich.. wanted 75sc at 3/4 time…
Stst1001: Gotta get the grand Zorko…
Tigger5: mathieson only 56% game time?
MattyZ: mathieson always had tank concerns but 56 seems outrageous unless they’re gonna unleash the beast for the 4th quarter ra
nbartos: beastmode LOL
eagles86: lol lewis scored hasnt started yet
DrSeuss: Great job Leppa bringing in West
j-easy: kicking the footy to himself in the break hey
j-easy: lewis is kicking the footy to himself in the break hey
RedSwan: Lewis is in for a big one with 108 at 3Q time. regret not picking him up a few weeks ago
Raspel31: Is Mitchell finally showing his age-slow.
RedSwan: he is being tagged by Robinson but still getting a lot of the ball
Breezey: Mathieson = Beast. Looks a beauty
crazyet23: shizer gibson !!
Fatbar5tad: Corked 🙁
Preston007: Steph has zero marks and only one tackle.. he’s simply not trying
Tigger5: Zorko would have to be almost the most consistent playe rin the league
Breezey: Has Duryea gone home. My god
colin wood: Disgusting Rich 14 pts in the 2nd half.
Fatbar5tad: Come on Sammy a few more
PieBoy: lol martin
Pokerface: great kick hilly
Luigi197: a few SMartin goals would go good now
j-easy: couple more jewis, carn
colin wood: time left?
Tigger5: 2 mins

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