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Chat log from R10 of 2016: Melbourne vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Melbourne vs Port Adelaide, R10 of 2016

desmondo: Broadbent out..replaced by Sam Gray
ScootD: Sam Gray in for Broadbent
colin wood: Thank god DBJ is playing! In comes robbie Gray!
Yelse: so pissed off… traded sam gray and now the comes in… he will kill it you watch
Yelse: would you VC Gawn?
Gordo450: Cheers for the heads up, got Broady in Draft
Stikman35: Gawn will go big
kangawalla: Not watching the game. Who is rucking for Power v big Max?
SilverLion: Gawn being robbed in SC…
Torz: Trengove is rucking.
Yelse: comnnnnnnn gawn pleaseeee
JRedden: dbj from 0 to 9 love it
kangawalla: Cheers Torz
Chelskiman: Come on, Wagner. Need a good 70 from you today.
JRedden: get into it vince come on
OnTheRocks: Go big like last week Petracca
ScootD: Stretch has gone under the radar
9inch: Why didn’t I trade benken.
Shaundog: Fuck off wines I’m trading you after this week
Pokerface: come on ollie. whats going on with you recently
Shaundog: Having a great game wines and Kennedy killing it
Torz: C’mon Bernie.
9inch: Enjoying them donuts benken!!
heppelitis: any chance of getting involved viney ant petracca
wadaramus: Nice quarter DBJ.
Shaundog: Try having wines and Kennedy 6 points between them. Pathetic!
frenzy: Lol BenKen wtf?
JockMcPie: lol bennedy…go big gawn! nice quarter dbj
PieBoy: bencan gagf
tamoz: Can wingard keep this up for the rest of the game
Tigger5: knew i should of chucked the C on Gawn
blashtroko: And here I was thinking I had a premium on Ollie Wines
ScootD: Sam Gray spent more than half the quarter on the bench
JockMcPie: need robbie to not reach his BE so i can trade him in this week
Yelse: where is kennedy. MIA completely
deanie: I think i actually have to trade out Wines this week, useless
Stikman35: Wasted an emergency on Kennedy. His bets low.not this low though.
Raspel31: I cap you Gawn and zilch and now you pull this out. Aaargh.
Stikman35: Breakeven for Kennedy?
Twatter: 55 @stikman
Roksta: I put the c on Gawn this week cause port have no ruck
GJayBee: Upgraded Kennedy to Zorko. About time I had a some good luck!
Stikman35: No chance…
Pokerface: pumpkin for wines
heppelitis: hmm…loopholing dbj on the bench might be on the cards
Raspel31: After last week’s ton glad I benched you Petracca
Luigi197: SMartin and OWines. guns
luked98: wines you star
Sloaneyyyy: all I can say is thank jeebus Wells was back so I was able to bench B.Kennedy
Stikman35: Same here hep. Handy having laird.
heppelitis: tough team manager there Raspel….good move though
Raspel31: Good call Roksta-dumb me
JockMcPie: should have VC gawn instead of goldy…goldy did OK but gawn is having a day out
Yelse: when is laird back they said 2 weeks now he def costing me points on bench. need him back asap
tamoz: Ffs Wines!
Torz: Where have you gone R Gray?
Roksta: Bit of luck as well raspel
dipstick: @yelse he broke his toe. you really think he was out for 2? try 4-6
JockMcPie: laird next week most likely
Yelse: kennedy geezzzz lifttttttttt
a1trader: Kennedy nearly got a tackle there!
Torz: Laird was close this week. Surely back next week.
DrSeuss: Wines and Petracca – lift perhaps??
Luigi197: hindsight is 20/20
heppelitis: benken is lifting his doughnut to his gob
armalitemk: kennedy is hurting me so badly 🙁
kangawalla: Cmon Demons. Don’t let them gve us the slip!
Pull: kennedy martin petracca fuck me
dezlav: So, if you still have Ben Ken (like me) who’s trading him next week.
luked98: Bennedy to Robbie gray next week
9inch: Ben thinks he is the sub
JRedden: vince huge quarter
Twatter: traded him out this week, best decision
Roksta: I am dezlav
luked98: eyyy kennedy nice to see you
ajconodie: Kennedy starting to show why he was a great VFL player.
heppelitis: who to bench in DBJ loophole?…Dea or Adams?
RooBoyStu: More people own Young than Boak and no magnifying glass?
dezlav: Well done Twatter. Am glad to have held Byrne-Jones for another week though. My only good move this week.
Stikman35: Go big kenny
9inch: Ben been subbed on.
ajconodie: Still has a higher score than Kent
heppelitis: Haha silly Kent
colin wood: luked, I did the same thing bud, currently very happy
swannies05: dbj hard done by heard his name called a lot
Raspel31: Gawn pre half time higher than past 2 weeks. Sigh-why didn’t you do this last week?
ajconodie: Just heard Kennedy was proppy before the game.
Roksta: Benken running at 100%!!!
jeddies22: far out Gawn and Wingard 167 between them and guy im versing has both
ScootD: @ajconodie because last week he wasn’t playing a team with no ruck.
ScootD: @raspel rather
Preston007: I have Wines, Kennedy and Steph Martin… team is lighting it up
feralmong: Nice Gawn and pittard.
Stst1001: Lift petracca lift…
dipstick: benken injured in the warm up?? the why the fuck is the fuck wit playing? i hate the look of that maggot
goldy4pm: if benken wasn’t right? Y play him? Would’ve rarthered that instead of costing me $
nbartos: bloody hell Gawny
nbartos: im one of the stupid ones that went Gawny to Goldy bahh
nbartos: trying to stay in top 1000 SC
iZander: i think its time for that magnifying glass on boak to go 😛
JRedden: need vince to lift.. my only under performer so far
nbartos: could Wingard be a final F6?
Sloaneyyyy: too bad Jay Schultz isn’t playing… he could have gone “Hooooooogannn! I know nuzzing”
Sloaneyyyy: nbartos: no.but feel free to waste a trade and get him
nbartos: thanks mate ;/
DrSeuss: What is Petracca doing? Where is he playing?
colmullet: fielding tracca over wells worked out well…haha
frenzy: keep stinkin robbie, nice
RedSwan: Come On Demons you were my roughy for this round
RedSwan: Nice to see Gawn petting back into the points after last weeks sub40
Luigi197: anyone notice why Gawn has strapping on his knee?
Ninty: Got Wingard in this week 👍
Tigger5: always does i think @luigi possible past knee injury
Jukes82: is their anything to worry about with viney?
Tigger5: Pretty sure he’s done an ACL on that leg in the past
Sloaneyyyy: Why Ollie, why?
Luigi197: i’m watching. but i don’t see Ollie
Roksta: Mark on the line unlucky tracca
Luigi197: oh nvm i just saw Winesy!… watching the ball as it sailed past him
Shaundog: Ollie just seems to be standing on the outside and not getting in amongst it
blashtroko: Burger for ollie
JRedden: dbj you gun
Stst1001: I need a solid H2 effort from u DBJ
Roksta: Was the 50 against benken or Gawn?
J_Herer: Petracca in, Petracca out (AF)
Gloryboy: It was against Ben Ken
Nuffman: how does Petracca have higher SC score when Wines has superior stats all over?
JanathF: keep going wingard
Shaundog: Is anyone going to trade wines now or hang on to him?
GJayBee: CD bias
Roksta: Cheers glory
oc16: @ shaundog i am defs trading him
Luigi197: even my last minute downgrade of Howard is doin better than Ollie
Roksta: Big captain maxy!!!
Pokerface: held faith with maxxy, and im holding faith with ollie
PieBoy: onya gawny
colin wood: why’s DBJ’s score dropped 4? lol… must get scaled down for kicking a goal??
ryanbob: petracca and benken youre killing me
nbartos: will Port hang on here?
poolboybob: Young gets so many seagull goals
LuvIt74: Those that went Gawn to Goldy will be spewing
Roksta: Got both luvit
Roksta: And I luvit lol
Jackwatt$: Melbourne have been screwed by the authorities (umpires) today in Alice Springs similarly to Lindy Chamberlain
grossn: As if it was even a question to trade out Gawn
poolboybob: Gawn must be one of the least consistent players. Either scores 60 or 150+
SilverLion: poolboybob, hes like a ruck version of houli.
Roksta: Good vc option poolboy
SilverLion: got the beard and everything.
Tigger5: hes had only 2 scores under 85? @poolboy
ryanbob: get your BE kennedy!
nbartos: yep rookie error damnit
PurpleName: You know nothing poolboy
Ninty: People shouldn’t be playing SuperCoach if they traded Gawn out this week
Chelskiman: lot would have picked Melboure in this. Glad I went Port as I’m a few in front in my pub’s footy tipping.
poolboybob: Could be his 4th game over 160 but also has scored a 59 and a 47.
Tigger5: exactly @Ninty
Maerzy: People shouldn’t be playing SuperCoach if they traded out Zac Dawson ever
nbartos: is that right Ninty & Tigger – you experts
Chelskiman: Push to 75 Wagner.
Raspel31: Ha ha Maertzy-butGawn did look so very useless last week.But of course stuck with him.
Tigger5: just saying @Nbartos, stupid to waste a trade on a proven premo whose got multiple scores over 150
Stst1001: Push to 60 tracca
dezlav: So I finally give up on J.Gibson and trade for Docherty, the Gibson puts in 118 SC pts. Bloody Typical
poolboybob: Put the cleaver on Dean Kent. 8 clangers!
Maerzy: Cheers raspberry lemonade
JRedden: need vince to junk it to 90
ryanbob: why would you trade gibson ? terrible sideways trade
JRedden: why would you trade gibson when they are vsing brisbane? makes no sense
GJayBee: BJ getting jibbed on SC? Looking good stats wise, teams winning???
the worm: hey ninty and tigger, you guys are 100% correct
blashtroko: Wines decent after HT? He has scored 29, same as 1st
Raspel31: Got 1 minute-Danger or Neale cap?
Breezey: My opponent has Gawn and Martin. From the Penthouse to the shower house
Ninty: You don’t trade your premo players if not injured / suspended a long time. Make those sort of trades on the run home.
leorosman_: neale
Chelskiman: Neale. He’s my cap.
All Reds: danger
grossn: I’d say Danger, but it could go either way
Chelskiman: What was Wagner’s BE? Gonna try and turn him into Boyd next week and don’t want him to lose too much money.
Raspel31: I did leoro but 30 seconds and hasnt touched the pill.
Tigger5: 75 chelsk
leorosman_: back him in raspel give him some time, i had gawn as c
All Reds: choice leoro
frenzy: looks like I’ll be hanging onto DBJ
colin wood: Two dads should be scaled up to 90 big game from him today
Chelskiman: Ahh, he’ll lose a bit then, but hopefully not too much.
JockMcPie: round of applause for bennedy showing up
leorosman_: i was gonna go with danger but everyone in my 3 leagues has him, so went gawnyy
gopower: Hombsch is the one injued, not Howard
Breezey: I missed it but is there anything in Vineys TV
poolboybob: Dixon is a downhill skier
nbartos: mistake trade yes but shouldnt be playing SC is just as stupid a call
Raspel31: Gawny brave-got him but too scared. But winning call.
All Reds: don’t take it personally barto
the worm: @nbartos no, ur trade was stupider than the call
the worm: but yeah, im sure in a week or 2 it will seem like a great trade

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