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Chat log from R7 of 2016: Fremantle vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Fremantle vs Western Sydney, R7 of 2016

cusch1: Need shiel and Barlow to spud up big time
dibbydobby: I really hope all this Barlow thing is just a mirage. spud it mate
Buzz67: A lot of empty seats. Dockers faithful have bailed already
JockMcPie: nononononono barlow please do well after failures from priddis ablett and hall i need you to go big
Torz: Barlow starts on the bench, don’t stress
Raspel31: Thanks Torz-after no Mitchell, phew
Raspel31: But is he coming on Torz ?
RooBoyStu: Happy with my POD Coniglio
Torz: No, he’s interchange steward Raspel. 😛
Raspel31: Cheers Torz-and immediate impact
poolboybob: lol @ the dockers for playing that spud Suban again
AngryRyno: c’mon Heater let’s go
jaypeee: wake up shiel
nbartos: Shiel must feel good – tag the most damaging player
RooBoyStu: @poolboybob he has kept Shiel to 2 handballs
nbartos: Shiel
Viscount: Cmon Shiel, escape from Suban
Apachecats: Go Captain Ward -milestone game
Raspel31: Scully-haven’t touched the ball for 15 lad. Think of mother’s day.
Jackwatt$: I Shiel Good, na na na na na na
nbartos: Poolboy still bitter over Mastern biting
poolboybob: Suban can stay in the side if he plays that role. But bit of a waste of time, better to blood the kids.
Bulky: Zac Dawson was obviously spotted 11 SC points before the start of the game.
frenzy: Lol zac dawson SC for nothing
nbartos: Nice start Freo
Torz: We’ve blooded just about every kid we have now.
LuvIt74: need Barlow & Ward to fire
Torz: Barlow’s TOG sucks.
BestCoast: Freo Floggers , will steal defeat out of the jaws of victory
LuvIt74: @Torz how do u see their TOG?
nbartos: Howd ya egirls down hill skiers go today?
poolboybob: Bold move to be talking trash when your team hasn’t won a game all season, nbartos
LuvIt74: Amazing how both Perth teams were top 4 last season & this season Fro will finish bottom 4 and WCE could miss top 8
JockMcPie: woah shiel on fire this quarter 0.o
the worm: eagles had an easy draw last year, not the case this year
dipstick: @nbartos wheres the cash mate…. the fucken cash…..get the fucken cash right now 😉
Chelskiman: Barlow coming back to reality then.
Woosha 73: Flower you Barlow. And Ross Lyon
AngryRyno: Neale carrying Dockers
uw0tm8: barlows barely hit the field this half not his fault
Woosha 73: Hence the flower you to Ross Lyon
dipstick: barlows played 78% TOG… what doyou mean he barely been on?
Chelskiman: Golf clap for heater.
BestCoast: @nbartos ya team melted again knock knock who there Owen Owen who freo0 and 7
LuvIt74: lol
dipstick: put your hands up if you’d like another 50’s score from Greene
LuvIt74: carn Ward get the ball ffs
Chelskiman: I’d take an 80 from Barlow.
LuvIt74: Barlow’s had a stinker. Not happy JAN
LuvIt74: Greene has been very good the past few weeks
AngryRyno: nah, Greene is an inconsistent spud
dibbydobby: *hands up*
BestCoast: It’s official Freo Floggers will commence there 12 rebuild without silver ware
dipstick: lift ye fucken game scully. youre my balls guy pick ffs
RooBoyStu: at least we get a laugh every week watching the Dockers, Skunks & Toothless Tigers.
Magicsmell: that goal was insane
Gordo450: I like Pattons style of play, unfortunately he is too big and slow for the modern game
BestCoast: my team is crud at the moment @RooBoy but i agree
dibbydobby: the roo gets a taste and laughs at others now! ha
LuvIt74: Draw
Gordo450: Cant tell homo man buns from gws wtf
nikos: RooBoy your team will lose a prelim this year and cough up 20 years of mediocrity
BestCoast: Come on Dockers, i want GWS to goal after the siren to win
dipstick: roos are all pumped full of boomers homemade conocktion Spark!
LuvIt74: id like freo to win this
BestCoast: @nikos your team 50 years of greatness
RooBoyStu: comment not relevant from a demon @nikos
dipstick: stick this up your arse and light it boomer says. youll be fucken flyin like bartos
LuvIt74: conocktion??? WTF is that?
RooBoyStu: every team except for Freo & GWS have won flags since Melbourne’s last flag lol
OnTheRocks: That has got to be Dawspuds highest ever SC score
AngryRyno: why is Heater’s score going down?
vartic: didn’t know Gold Coast had won a flag rooboy
Woosha 73: Yes Gold Coasts GF win was great Rooboy
Gordo450: GWS Should be deducted 18 points for too many flamer haircuts
J.Worrall: Barlopotato
Gordo450: Lol at woosha!
AngryRyno: Karmichael Hunt kicked 12
dibbydobby: shh now Roo, your embarrasing your club
RooBoyStu: add GC and Doggies to that list, so 14 other clubs
Gordo450: GWS looking the goods boys
Costanza: the Bombers have won 1 more – yes!!!
Woosha 73: Thank flower this nights over!
Woosha 73: I just got that AngryRyno. Nice one!
ryanbob: barlow only 69 tog? was he injured?
J.Worrall: Its a miracle Costanza!

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