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Chat log from R7 of 2016: Western Bulldogs vs Adelaide

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Adelaide, R7 of 2016

bernieV: foodland style jumpers are shit
bernieV: foodland style jumpers are shit
Mileroo30: Nice one thommo
Mileroo30: It’s a bit of a love it or hate it jumper, no inbetween
bernieV: apologies for the echo but it probably deserves 2 comments
AngryRyno: would very much like Brad Crouch to get involved
DrSeuss: Let’s go Biggs, Daniel, Hunter
Mileroo30: Don’t teach me how to Dougie…
tbrowne: i kept brad crouch for all this time i kind of just forgot about him
Breezey: Looking for a notable contribution from Biggs tonight please
the worm: are we universally cheering for libba?
kangawalla: Sacked Libba for Rockpig this week. Might pay for it
rtz23: anyone know of any mobile apps that provide SC scores?
thommoae: If we’re cheering for lIbba, that might mean we are vicariously cheering for his Dad. No thanks.
rtz23: @tbrowne i still don’t know which crouch i have. have to check every time
SaintsMan: matthew boyd you beauty <3
LuvIt74: gr8 skill stringer when he is hot he is very Ablett like.
Tim Tam: What are the senior players doing? Thompson and Douglas have got to lift….
JRedden: stringer is back
Raspel31: Ata boys Doggies
dibbydobby: Sloane? where are you mate?! Please!!
feralmong: Booing Talia! They do realise it wasn’t that one right?
bernieV: i wonder who brian taylor is going for..
DrSeuss: So glad I traded out Adams for Biggs
poolboybob: Maybe B Crouch should’ve stayed in the SANFL
LuvIt74: That Tom Campbell is a shocking kick at goal
Raspel31: A work of pure genius DrSeuss
Breezey: 3 more qtrs like that thanks Tommy Lynch
Bulky: Brad Crouch, the most overrated Crouch since Matt Crouch.
Buzz67: Gee Campbell is flying
LuvIt74: Adams for biggs when his breakeven is only 58? Thats crazy
Raspel31: Mind you I put vc on Mitchell and cap on Parker rather than Gawn or Danger
the worm: not crazy at all, alot of rookies peak at the same time, you cant trade 4 or 5 rookies in the same week
Roksta: His Brownlow medalist dad thommoae?
LuvIt74: if your playing SC and got rid of Adams thats beyond absurd, if your playing DT then i don’t know
rtz23: need boydy to do alright so i can afford him next week pls sc gods
LuvIt74: Carn doggies
LuvIt74: @rtz23 u mean u want boyd to do crap so he doesn’t go up much right?.
poolboybob: I like Wallis’ 70s white guy afro
bernieV: looking forward to finishing 6-10 again for the 15th year in a row
LuvIt74: Look out Stringer to kick 8
AngryRyno: TF? Adams took a big intercept mark and has gone down by 4 since quarter time?
LuvIt74: @poolboy him & Vickery
JockMcPie: the feels when u trade libba instead of mills to free up some cash…please dont do this libba
LuvIt74: @Angry you beat me to it. WTH is with that
Raspel31: Well, I picked this one but seriously-who has won a burger this year ?
LuvIt74: stringer a bit sore
Bursill: not me thats for sure @raspel31
Breezey: So he’s done a string hey BT
cusch1: Jock that silly mate Libya should be the last trade you make when al your cash cows are cooked
LuvIt74: bloody hell stringer looked like he done a string
LuvIt74: might be a corky fingers crossed
Rebuild: They don’t do burgers anymore
DrSeuss: Where is Daniel playing? Not getting many touches
Raspel31: No wonder I haven’t won one Rebuild
Pokerface: bailey dale with the icicle? isn’t that meant for good players?
LuvIt74: @Jock getting rid of Libba is nuts, he will be a M8 at worst.
MIJG: 52 for stringer is a bit outrageous
cusch1: Poker he is more worthy of a spud
MIJG: Dahl and stringer sc is outrageous
Ben_Gogos: @DrSeuss maybe a little less mid but pretty much the same role
NewFreoFan: why outrageous? High acc and contested possiess
heppelitis: hunter magnet already i think
painkilla: do adelaide players get frees for?
painkilla: major reason i avoid thommo
han solo: had a bet on 30 possies for sloane and betts 3 goals. dont think ill win
Roksta: not from behind the footy painkilla
LuvIt74: @MIJG its not outrageous at all, their possessions were contested.
MIJG: Because boyd is doing better but the sc dt ratio is crap
painkilla: more like not in melb rockstar
the worm: you mustve got ridiculous odds to make that bet han
Raspel31: Not looking particularly likely han solo
dipstick: anyone know what the major incidence with GAJ happened with a fan after the siren?
AngryRyno: a fan gave GAJ a spray and that’s about all lol
poolboybob: The most shocking part of that story is that Gold Coast have fans
the worm: just some idiot fan who thinks his opinion matters mouthing off and gaz told him to pull his head in i think
bernieV: wasnt a mark and 14:6 free kick count for wb..typical
Mileroo30: In the back my arse
dipstick: sweet. radio said major breaking story with GAJ and fan when the news in on… LOL
Gordo450: GAJ gave him his Supercoach stats for the last 6 years
dipstick: @worm OK. no doubt liitle Jesus gave him a verbal blessing, a few hail marys and maybe a couple of gospels thrown in.
the worm: i think gaz said “speak up, i have my brownlows in my ears”
PandaLove: Pretty sure the crows are the team with the most frees against… Absolute rubbish some of these calls
Mileroo30: robbed
Gordo450: They were having a laugh saying “can you believe Gordo has Libba, Stringa and Jenkins on the bench in draft?
circle52: Fan was abusing coast players for their performance and Gazz tried to act as peacemaker
MIJG: Mcgov will struggle to make be of 35 at this rate
bernieV: these umpires are completely fucked
deekay: where did hunter go??
linusp: fair enough the fan was prolly boozey and went overboard. But he was right?
linusp: and if those were his kids, bit extreme getting him ejected. Christ you’d be ejecting all the collingwood/richmond fans
Mileroo30: wow
the worm: lol @gordo
J.Worrall: you’d be ejecting all the collingwood/richmond fans. RESULT!
Torz: C’mon Biggs, get a kick.
circle52: Still reckon non victorian teams are on the worng end of 50/50 umpire calls most of the time.
dipstick: the week i trade him out libba could finally ton
painkilla: commentators like wot u complainin about you had 5 of the last 25 frees
deekay: has hunter had a touch this qtr?
Chelskiman: Choosing Simpson over Houli and Biggs seems to have paid off.
Gott2Win: crows turnovers and umps costing us this game
poolboybob: Adams has disappeared
bernieV: 19:6 free kicks, now sure some of them may have been there but if this game was in adelaide it would be a lot different
J.Worrall: yeh, all3 gott2
J.Worrall: but mostly crows
Jolles: Don’t play a game in Victoria if you’re not from there … umpires will take you to the cleaners.
Jolles: Could these umps be any more biased???
LuvIt74: crows turnovers and inaccurate to find the players is whats killing the crows.
benzammit: 6 straight bullseye!
Ben_Gogos: Hunter went statless that Q
Roksta: Umps got nothing to do with it… Are you even watching the game
Ben_Gogos: Scratch that he had 2 touches
JRedden: most of the free kicks were there.. crows players cant tackle
Chelskiman: Keep at it, Lukey. Work your way to a ton!
LuvIt74: not to mention not getting rid of the ball many times, dogs are a fast side.
Mileroo30: 2 missed frees, one to cheney for a hold and one to hartigan have both lead to doggy goals. makes a difference
bernieV: 20 to 5 rocksta
Roksta: Tex costing you the game he’s terrible
Gordo450: Free kick Hawbulldogs
LuvIt74: Sings Cry me a river. Happy now sooky la la…
MIJG: Go boyd dont stop now
circle52: Free kick count favours dogs 20/5 enough said.
Roksta: Dogs first to footy… Can’t blame umps
Gordo450: Crying a river coz I have Jenkins on bench in draft haha
circle52: Have seen 3 free kicks paid for “holding” in Dogs forward 50 and none in dogs firawrd 50 despite a lot of similarities.
circle52: If frees paid to dogs one end should be the same rules done the other end and I do not like crows.
J.Worrall: harmonising cry me a river here
deekay: Hunter is going backwards since half time… got the C on him too
dipstick: 27-18 shots on goal. enough said
bernieV: im sure you would make not mention of 20 to 5. anyway happy to talk about something else
MIJG: Says the dogs supporter
poolboybob: lol Jacobs you dummy
Mileroo30: This game is nuts though, entertainment!
LuvIt74: Tex looks like lekdog
The39Steps: Sorta like this 6 games on Saturday caper. Then two on Sunday starting after 3. Watch footy then big Sat night out.
J.Worrall: getting excited here
Heizenberg: Hi fellows fuck what a game
kangawalla: Umps trying to even up the frees here
Roksta: Umps tiring to give it to crows
The39Steps: Then sleep to 3. Watch more fan footy.
Heizenberg: How is everyone
LuvIt74: Thats absolute BS deliberate
bernieV: wasnt deliberate
AngryRyno: Umps worse than Dawson
Heizenberg: Makes up for the free walker shpuld have go
Roksta: Umpires shouldn’t know about free kick count always try to even it up
iZander: give stringer the heart!
dipstick: these frees are ridiculous. are these umps trying to give the crows a win?
LuvIt74: no way was it deliberate, that was a BS call
Heizenberg: It was bs though
Chelskiman: Umps have lost the plot.
Heizenberg: Thommo got a hand to that
Mileroo30: umps just saved the doggies
Mileroo30: every high for a dog, none for crows
Bursill: scott thompson gives away his sixth free kick
Heizenberg: What. Finsih it could be
Chelskiman: How is Eddie out the back on his own with nobody within 1000m of him? Happens far too often.
Heizenberg: Wprk rate chels amd pace
LuvIt74: Doggies Doggies Doggies
dipstick: X factor for Tex factor if crows win
circle52: Trust this game not decided by a controversial free kick but have that got feeling it will
kangawalla: Bottomsmelli!!!!!
LuvIt74: Stick it up em.
dibbydobby: The bias is incredible in this sport
Costanza: that’s a bit Rrrrruff
Roksta: Sloppy tackling from crows
LuvIt74: Carn Bail
bernieV: fark
bernieV: umpires were fucked, but crows made too many mistakes
wadaramus: Whyare the umpires never held to account for poor performances?
painkilla: 22 First rnders plus 6 academy players on their list, kapow everybody else, sydney promo already
painkilla: afl sold its soul to sydney
shaneyboy: dogs had ball for most of game, so that’s why they get frees, simple game
ScootD: Troy Pannell for X factor

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