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Chat log from R7 of 2016: Gold Coast vs Melbourne

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Melbourne, R7 of 2016

Jukes82: viney will probably tag gazza
dipstick: viney will hurt GAJ no doubt
circle52: No strapping on Gazz’s shoulders is interesting
gdshifty: macpherson to get $ symbol already
Jukes82: had macpherson on my bench all year, good to see this
Jukes82: GAJ is responding well this week I see
Torz: Should’ve benched GAJ and played MacPherson. :/
circle52: Definite Mark to Hall not paid
pharace: McPherson a tackle machine? 3 touches 1 goal yet 37
circle52: Yep credited with 5 tackles so far,
Torz: 5 tackles for him pharace.
feralmong: Awesome captain Gawn.
pharace: Fair effort Torz, some players or groups of players don;t get that in a game, do they Vickery
frenzy: Bugg forcing me to trade him in
Breezey: I’ll be pleased if GAJ stays down
linusp: the fuck happened to you Tom McDonald. You were awesome last year!
colin wood: i grabbed bugg this week in my SC draft lg looking good early
zadolinnyj: No he is not frenzy. I have made that mistake in the past
Gott2Win: SC scores generally low. I’d be happy if Hall out scores Ablett
LuvIt74: bloody hell gazza pull ya finger out son
feralmong: Bugg needs a nick and icon. Lady?
Breezey: I’ll be happy if KKolo stepped it up a tad
Bulky: Is that Relton Roberts wearing number 9 for Gold Coast?
RooBoyStu: mashing Petraccas, absolute spud
Lodgy: BUGG used to have an icon in Old SKL FF
Lodgy: Icons dont really work with these fancy new zone defences
nikos: Rooboystu name a young player on your list who is better?
nikos: Oh wait… you can’t.. youngest player on your list is Shaun Higgins aged 28
pharace: Day of injuries here, first McCarthy now Sexton and Rosa, add Ablett snowflake as well
BestCoast: @nikos at least the Roos didnt scab years of cherry picking draft picks like the Dees
Lodgy: roo boy stu says kayne turner
RooBoyStu: nikos your comment makes you lok like a goose, not wasting my time responding as they’re numerous younger than Higgins
pharace: @Bulky, no Relton would be busy at Hungry Jacks
jasonjjh: @nikos we dont have any early draft picks as we win
RooBoyStu: *look
colmullet: glad i punted on Hall for DT capt this week….
nikos: Just saying take it easy on a 2nd gamer
nikos: @JasonJJH I look fwd to you blokes losing a prelim this year, then becoming irrelevant for the next 20 years
BestCoast: Attention Attention could GAJ please report in immediately
zadolinnyj: Opponent has Ablett c
BestCoast: you might get to watch your team win a Granny on colour TV in the next twenty year nikos
pants42: is Rosa gone for the day???
LuvIt74: I cannot get over Gazza this is deplorable
RooBoyStu: lol when have melbourne been a contender since 2000? Petracca is a VFL player, not AFL standard, if you think I’m wrong,
linusp: jeez Tom McDonald is 1/4 of the player he once was
BestCoast: @zadolinnyj you must be licking your chops
RooBoyStu: get back to me at the end of the season re last post
Apachecats: must be something wrong with junior ,is anyone watching who can report in
nikos: Haha Trac a VFL player? right..
LuvIt74: Agree Petracca way to much hype, I wont be bringing him in if he scores under 60
Jukes82: give gaz the spud, it’s time
bernieV: petracca has played 1.5 games, ridiculous comment
Apachecats: I bought the hype unfortunately Luvit
linusp: ablett, rosa & mcdonald in this… fml
circle52: Just an observation with umpires they seem very quick to call not 15 for marks
CamT: Does Petracca have the same Publicity Agent as the Crouch brothers ?
circle52: But can not seem to be able to mark 15 metres with a player carrying the ball.
colin wood: 11 in a half for gary take the icicle off lol
BestCoast: @Apachecats just having a barry croker
circle52: Jnr scored 25 points that quarter so may end up close to 100 if he maintains it
LuvIt74: kennedy & GAJ are killing me
colin wood: hall, gablett, kennedy and oliver… what a hirrible game… apart from Gawn.
Roksta: It’s ok gaz gets 3 points for a handball cause he’s gaz
Chelskiman: I’m not watching the game, is Gaz getting heavily tagged, or just having a mare?
colin wood: looks like the Hall facade has finished. I’d almost put the wall on him.
feralmong: Get into it Hall.
circle52: Having a mare Chelski – Only 8 points in first half.
Chelskiman: Went Merrett over Hall a few weeks back. I think I’m now in front.
kangawalla: Cmon Dees keep it up boys!
circle52: Think the 2 players out of game effecting Suns rotation really taking effect now.
BestCoast: @colin wood was thinking the same thing. He has always been sh$# just gets lots of the ball and wastes it
colmullet: lol captained hall, this year and captains i tell ya what
Torz: GAJ looks a shadow of himself.
colin wood: bood boy benken!
tamoz: Please Hall, lift!!
AngryRyno: GC getting no points in losses, gonna be hard for Hall to keep his average up
circle52: Explains where Gazz is Run Down by Wagner which you very rarely see
BestCoast: Suns washed up as a club, what a waste of a million draft picks
dipstick: currie munching into gawns possible 200 sc score
zadolinnyj: Like what you did there dipstick
iZander: Thats how good Halls been going, he can be doing better than GAJ but still get the magnifying glass before him hahahahah
iZander: when the last time someone got 200SC with 41% efficiency haha@Dipstick
circle52: Bit harsh West Coast when you consider the injuries for Suns – O’Meara, Swallow, Riska, Thompson and McKenzie and May
circle52: and injury early to Rosa and sexton not helping
JockMcPie: between ablett, hall, priddis and sam mitchell i may quit SC this week…at least I have Gawn
jasonjjh: @izander gary injured, hall overatted
BestCoast: Mckenzie Riska B Grade May C grade O’meara A+ Swallow B+
colin wood: good Q’s Oliver and BenKen. Lift Gaz and Hall
Roksta: Petracca not going too bad…
iZander: haha yeah must be carrying something, I’m talking about DT wise, Halls been amazing @ jason
Torz: Hopefully Gaz kicks 3 in the last quarter and dons the cape.
Chelskiman: Come on, Gazza, big +12 coming up!
Chelskiman: Another two or three more of those would be nice.
jasonjjh: @izander yeah DT he is good. Its Holz by the way
jasonjjh: lets all watch hall junk it up to 90
the worm: i’d be bitter too if i took sam gray instead of hall
Raspel31: Hmm-should have capped the Gawn-but who would have thought
gdshifty: prestia looks so average
gdshifty: how does hall still have magnifying glass?
circle52: Hey Jason will Goldy match Gawn tomorrow – Tossed the coin on the 2 for c and went Goldy.
gdshifty: Give KK the magnifying glass
Breezey: I’m watching the $ fly out the window as we speak with KKolo
poolboybob: Kolodjashnij has been garbage this year
Chelskiman: Melbourne are so unpredictable this year.
Raspel31: Is it finally time to drop the Gazza before he drops too much ?
circle52: Think Suns teased us early and we were conned by Hall. KK, Lonerghan etc and all came back to earth.
frenzy: jack watts is still showerhouse
linusp: Has gawn done anything this quarter?
gdshifty: wagner on fire here
LuvIt74: Those who have the Messiah like myself, really need to get rid of him this week, he isn’t right unfortunately.
cusch1: Is Viney injured?
gdshifty: Monty Wagners BE = 0. Give him the $$ symbol already!
linusp: but paul roos said viv michies vfl form demanded an elevation
desafinado: Time to trade out Gaz. Not 100% and his team is crap.
LuvIt74: Ya cannot knock what Hall has done this season including tonight he will score 80+
BestCoast: Gull for Hall, he should have it permanantly
LuvIt74: Kennedy saved himself from getting culled next week
Apachecats: Petracca ,go you good thing!
RooBoyStu: Moments like these I feel for Fitzroy and Tassie supporters, watching the GC crapola
Roksta: Where’s the bloke that said petracca isn’t afl standard?
kangawalla: Well done CPet. Not bad for a supposed VFL player RooBoyStu 🙂
Seb78: Should have put mitch browne instead of kolodjasnij
AngryRyno: this is junk time, don’t get too excited about Petracca
Apachecats: Leading CP winners on the ground ,Petracca and Oliver
BestCoast: all his score in junk time
nikos: Trac will be a superstar!
cusch1: Question: Can Gawn win the Brownlow?
tbrowne: Will take 85 from Gaz haha
poolboybob: GC don’t even look like they’re improving. At least GWS are on the right path.
poolboybob: Harmes blue moon
RooBoyStu: He has played 2 games against the saints and GC wait til he plays some opposition.
Stikman35: Mills to petracca next week a easy decision now
Raspel31: Gawn you fat gnome- do something
frenzy: gawns sc is bullshower
AngryRyno: Gawn could win the Coleman, that man can do anything
gdshifty: nooooo Gawn dont give it off
tbrowne: rooboystu exactly, 2 games. Give the man a break
Breezey: He can only play what’s in front of him
kangawalla: Nice even spread of goals by the dee’s. Like it centurion!!
JockMcPie: Gawn is making me feel things I shouldnt feel
Roksta: Frenzy you don’t have Gawn?
Drak: Ptrac is a monster. Heeney Mills Brayshaw Ptrac and Parish will be fighting it out for the brownlow in 4-5 years
Raspel31: Oh to lose Mitchell and cap Parker instead of Gawn or Danger-groan
dipstick: @rooboy how hard will it hurt when the roos fail again. team of grandpas. Petracca has more of a future than the roos.
bernieV: jack martin has been disappointing
cusch1: He was the number one pick for a reason
dipstick: @roksta hahahaha he prob got goldy hahahahaha ohhh hilarious hehehehe
AngryRyno: bad thing about starting two premo rucks is you might miss one, aka me with Gawn
frenzy: I do
Jukes82: ablett cape
Breezey: Dare I say GAJ junking it up
Brown*Dog: This must be close to the largest score melbourne has kicked in the past 10 years
Gordo450: Might FO Goldy for Gawn at this rate haha
ryanbob: 46% DE, surely gawn shouldnt be 163
thommoae: Big Max is keeping me alive after the Rosa/McCarthy pain. Solo v Gaz, Hall!
poolboybob: Naitanui could score like Gawn if he wasn’t sitting on the bench for at least a quarter of every match.
RooBoyStu: bin Gazza
AngryRyno: HTA take no notice of DE%
frenzy: you make me laugh @ Dipshower
gdshifty: yes!!! Hall captain goal in dying seconds :DD
feralmong: DE is not hit out to advantage. Rucks gain with that.
LuvIt74: bloody hell GAJ scored allot better then I expected
JockMcPie: not even sure how hall and ablett managed such good scores…
poolboybob: F off KK you dud
kangawalla: Ton up Hall!!
the worm: yep, hall is a fantasy dud alright
tbrowne: Ablett thank you
LuvIt74: Hall, Kennedy, GAJ scoring well considering they looked as though they would struggle to score 150 between all 3 of them

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