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Chat log from R7 of 2016: Sydney vs Essendon

Chat log for Sydney vs Essendon, R7 of 2016

Bursill: I decided late to go with Parker as captain. fingers crossed
Bursill: I decided late to go with Parker as captain. fingers crossed
grossn: I decided to loophole pendles instead of sticking with parker
Viscount: You and me both
dibbydobby: good choice mate im the same
RooBoyStu: mitch brown sc will be 1 for 2 qtrs like the last 2 weeks, constant error
NewFreoFan: I decided to leave Hannebery as captain. Looking good. 🙁
cusch1: Went with Franklin
PT74: Is it silly having Parker, Hannebery and T. Mitchell all in one fantasy team?
dipstick: @bursill really? most decided to go Parker pretty early
Tommo9: Buddy VC for me
Bursill: yeah i don’t like to risk it
Wends: loopholed ducky selwood.
DrSeuss: Where is Fanta playing this week?
cusch1: Looks forward seuss
Viscount: Ease off Dea, you have been traded!
Torz: Where was this the last two weeks Dea?
DrSeuss: Damn position change
cusch1: The inclusion of Crowley polka and Simpkin has killed zerretts scoring
Jukes82: brown 27dt 1sc lol
RooBoyStu: if this site wants to charge they have to 1 remove the grey box and 2 get Mitch Browns sc working
ryanbob: 11 disposals, 6 contested, only 23 sc? pretty low for that surely
grossn: Mitch brown back on 1sc as usual
dibbydobby: efficiency is low though
vartic: low efficiency and 2 clangers ryan
dipstick: @rooboy what do you mean charging? theres a dozen free other score sites
Sloaneyyyy: cmon Buddy, kick 10 please
Wends: Crowley been lurking on my bench all season…
heppelitis: huige dt points bombers…good effort
Jukes82: glad i picked up dempsey this week
wadaramus: Every time the page refreshes you have to get rid of the stupid grey box.
heppelitis: good boy razz
nameless: Monty, can you stop with the 1 on Brown joke
frenzy: its m0nty’s suggestion box and you can suggest where he can put it
nameless: Monty, can you stop with the 1 on Brown joke, I need to know whether to bring him on in SC
ryanbob: whats brown sc score? might loophole him for kennedy
SilverLion: Fix M. Brown’s SC. Every week this guy’s score is bugged….seriously annoying…
m0nty: hang on, working on it
Wends: Don’t mean to be anarchic but we need to start a grey box revolution…
Jackwatt$: Good job m0nty
m0nty: there we go
ryanbob: sydney looking very average
rtz23: great stuff m0nty (the fix)
buttox: thanks m0nty
Wends: Brown on 36 Ryanbob. Yay monty :))
wadaramus: Parker 12 possessions, 7 contested for 27SC?
Wends: Oh, I thought you meant you were fixing the grey box 🙁
dipstick: yay- fix it 1 minute after the TMacs games starts
banta: wtf mcveigh you old hack. retire already and go coach. spud.
ryanbob: hanner, parker and buddy, come on guys start playing some footy
Wends: Hey, I’m just grateful we’ve still got like SC scores…
Wends: *live
CrowEaters: arker only going at 58%
MIJG: Cape for brown lol
ryanbob: no one on the sydney team are chasing or tackling, shocking performance so far
dibbydobby: Parker mate. please
CrowEaters: i need him to score 150+
wadaramus: Danger scaled up to 129, should have taken the loophole!
Gordo450: Dangers final score 129, I would have kept that but he was on 113 when I swapped to Parker
banta: mcveigh equals spudtard
the dud: all you cunts stop complaining and just watch! dont think, DO!!!
Viscount: Cmon Parker
feralmong: Go zerrett
Wends: d’oh wada!
the dud: dont think, DO!!!
vartic: took Dangers score with 20 seconds left 👌
the dud: why did the swans drop aliir aliir? dont think, DO!
man0005: took pendles score with 7 seconds left 👌
feralmong: Wanted to lock in Parker with that start. But messed up my loophole. Lol.
the dud: fanfooty mobile costs 9.95 now. what a rip! dont think, DO!!
Bursill: was only seconds away from captaining danger and now im stick with parker, fml
the spud: I DO think
uw0tm8: why is no one talking about how underwhelming Mills is once again
dipstick: heh heh heh Puke Larker nice score
MIJG: Do something besides kicking goals buddy.
AngryRyno: don’t worry about Parker, he scored a ton in the second half alone last week
LuvIt74: Got AMT, Brown, Hartley & Hanners in this great seeing the dons rookies lifting.
the dud: that was last week AngryRyno. Dont think, DO!!
LuvIt74: need Hartly to lift, then happy days. Motlop had a blinder for me today
CamT: Put Brown on the field to cover Weitering. Can’t complain.
feralmong: The fantasy footy gods are both cruel and facetious.
Wends: @Ben_Gogos there seems to be a glitch – broken record in chat?
circle52: TRust dea to lift after I traded him this week
feralmong: Nice DE Merrett
Zeratul: No joke, i traded Dea out and kept Hartley -__-
Bull8: Parker >> ? on the field ??
Gordo450: Mills in the gun next week…
Hadouken: had dea and tippa on the chopping block. going to have to hold now….
AngryRyno: Go Hanners!
Bulky: Callum Allir Allir Mills.
Lodgy: Zaha plus 10! he can do that all game if he likes
LuvIt74: Tipa’s SC is not right
AngryRyno: little disappointed to have moved on Dea, but pretty sure most are in the same boat. Good week to be stuck with Walla!
colin wood: mills lift please mate your doing my head in here
AngryRyno: C’mon Millsy work hard for a 50 please
dipstick: ouch!! Parker wont even get 85 SC
Seb78: Mills has hit a wall
BestCoast: Mills will be another lamb to the slaughter for me this week
LuvIt74: Cmon Tippa lift ffs
colin wood: come on Mills FFS!
circle52: Common Mills still 13 short of your b/e – axe is sharpening,
Apachecats: I bet Parker tons up SC
Jackwatt$: Hey Ben are you in a league with m0nty? And if so what’s his team like?
LuvIt74: stuff parker I want Hanners to score 120+ he is my VC
Mileroo30: Today I’m pretending my only player is Zaha. Life is good
dibbydobby: hope your right apache
Ben_Gogos: @JackWatt$ probably a better question for m0nty mate!
Chelskiman: So happy I was forced into a Mills trade as I was going to get rid of Dea this week.
Chelskiman: Captain Mitchell going well too!
m0nty: my team is shower
crazyet23: parker, ffs +_+
han solo: Put C on Parker. Looked genius first qtr. Not now.
HawkTalker: me too, hansolo. Me too
Solat: @gogos how is your keeper league goig?
feralmong: I tried to Han Solo but messed up loophole. Stuck with Gawn capt.
LuvIt74: comn hanners pump the score out
AngryRyno: LOW sc scores, don’t panic kids!
han solo: my opponent in my cash league doesn’t have him either. hurts.
Torz: Titch is going alright, but I’m surprised by his lack of tackles.
SaintsMan: how is merrett on 86? wtf
frenzy: FFS Parker move it
the worm: Han, the odds of successfully navigation the captaincy loophole is 725-1
dipstick: % booster for swans next week versus the tiges
colin wood: mills now at the bottom unreal…
urmumsaid: i want to punch mills
ademase: i tried the capt loophole with too with danger vice and ward C, but left myself with no bench to sub ward with….
colin wood: come on mills!!!
circle52: You should be happy with Gawn so far feralmong 83points at HT
feralmong: I’ll take it circle.
zadolinnyj: Parker limping
han solo: never tell me the odds 😉
cusch1: Essendon can’t even buy a goal
Gordo450: @circle back on the game please lol
zadolinnyj: Star Wars joke from Han Solo. Nice
colin wood: keep going calcium mills
SaintsMan: put the C on heath shaw a risk?
Chelskiman: Come on, Titch, push to 125+.
zadolinnyj: Did the same SaintsMan. Had V on parker
Chelskiman: Huge risk, SaintsMan, but he can go massive.
dipstick: hahaha thanks parker. C danger destroyed you
SaintsMan: exact same zado
SaintsMan: get the 110 merrett
Torz: Get off the bench and junk Titch.
AngryRyno: Hanners still out there to collect some junk? Would like 120 as C
colin wood: will go close angry as the sc scroes are very low so some scaling to be done me thinks
Slightly01: ATW beating Parker – Geeet ffuuucccked SC
Chelskiman: Buddy cashing in now with the junk.
Breezey: Who was calling for McVeigh to retire
CamT: The one … and only time I put the (c) on Shaw he got 19 sc points … and Ablett my usual (c) got 256.
AngryRyno: agreed, happy with his performance as I was out all day so couldn’t loop Danger
LuvIt74: bloody hell hanners wont hit the 120
AngryRyno: Go Paps! Fielded him over Lincoln
the worm: the entire sydney swanns team has essendon rookies in their dreamteams
ademase: how much time left? kids have the tv
Chelskiman: It’s over, ademase.
Breezey: Finished
JockMcPie: bye mills
Chelskiman: Captain Mitchell, you beast!

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