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Chat log from R7 of 2016: Geelong vs West Coast

Chat log for Geelong vs West Coast, R7 of 2016

maestro: light weight commentators
OnTheRocks: Go Jelwood, keep your score above Danger. That is all I ask
poolboybob: Eagles well on their way to another 50 point road belting
cusch1: Need Hurn Priddis and nicnat to go humongous
circle52: Yea Selwood 150 and Danger 149 will do fine
OnTheRocks: @circle: not that close. More like Jelwood 150, Danger 100. Can’t have my opportunity vc do well
OnTheRocks: Opposition*
circle52: I have both as you could guess with Dander VC
OnTheRocks: Have to go out now so hello captain Laird
zadolinnyj: Come on duncan
OnTheRocks: I think Geelong have rocked up expecting an ezi win
ryanbob: tried to change vc to selwood but missed by a minute, keep up with him danger!
poolboybob: Selwood on pace for 16 frees
Rilian: 14 disposals and 47DT points in Q1 not worth a superman logo?
Gordo450: Jelwood 4 free kicks LOL
Chelskiman: Rilian, a cape is 50 points in a quarter or 3 goals in a quarter.
deanie: Priddis please touch the football
JackoB11: Selwood is playing tooo good
wadaramus: What is wrong with you Priddis?
poolboybob: Cats getting some nice home cooking
Rilian: Ah, fair enough then Chelskiman!
zadolinnyj: Priddis will be a steal soon
circle52: Agree poolboybob – Couple of HTB against Eagles very dubious.
Chelskiman: Feels good not to have Yeo this year.
BestCoast: Carn Eagles ya flowering flogs
deanie: what time roughly does this game finish?
MIJG: Blicaves robbed in sc
wadaramus: You can steal him from me zado!
poolboybob: Eagles keep kicking into 1-on-3. Hey, maybe this time it will work!
Chelskiman: Before 5pm, deanie. Probably like 4:45pm.
ryanbob: gee gonna cop it this week, donut in defence, mccarthy on field
Chelskiman: Muppet for Ruggles.
PureSwag: Muppet for Chelskiman
armalitemk: I’m on fire this week, Yeo, Mitchell, Wright playing Mills and Smith as my mids cause Gray couldn’t get traded this week
Chelskiman: I didn’t mess up a simple kick that cost a goal.
the worm: thats why i traded gray 2 weeks ago
poolboybob: Eagles high-profile recruits with a massive 6 touches combined.
armalitemk: @the worm mate i’ve had bigger fish to fry than gray just you trust that 🙂
poolboybob: Eagles need to petition AFL to move all of their matches to Perth
poolboybob: Naitanui scores really well for a guy who sits on the bench for a third of the game
maestro: really unhappy with motlop not giving that goal to kersten, not the geelong way
kangawalla: Lewis Jetta must be loving the move to the Eagles so far!
ryanbob: maestro, someone needs to replace stevie j
BestCoast: Jetta couldnt get a kick in a Rodney king beating, Flower off back to Sydney Flog
MIJG: Traded McCarthy to Buddy today good move so far.
BestCoast: Eagles promised us the world and gave us an atlas
PureSwag: why would u get a key position player, they don’t score that much in SC/DT
ryanbob: pureswag, are you talking about buddy?
Gordo450: Not sure whether to loophole Danger, looks on track for 120+. Or put the C on Parker
poolboybob: Good news for Egales is that they host St Kilda next week, so they can pretend to be good again.
BestCoast: @poolboybob thats no certainty
poolboybob: Eagles tackling and effort is pathetic. Well deserved flogging
kangawalla: Correct Poolboy. Eags are flat track bullies at home
dipstick: my sister could beat priddis 1 on 1… though she’d lose in a hair care rock off. look at those locks
kangawalla: So are Geelong at home too.
Jukes82: danger or gaj captain?
Apachecats: JJK having a mare.
Apachecats: Bird in the hand rule ,Jukes
deanie: in a similar situation Jukes, Wondering if i take Danger or switch to parker
bernieV: anyone know why there are so many games today and only 2 tomorrow?
Brown*Dog: mothers day dude
Jukes82: if danger is under 120 sc i’ll change.
BestCoast: Move aside West Coast Bus full of passangers coming through
ryanbob: nic nat should be 100+ for his efforts this qtr
ryanbob: we always seem to struggle in the third quarter, happens every time
Tommo9: Do you get points for spoils in SC?
ryanbob: so what does everyone reckon? take danger for vc?
zadolinnyj: To early to say ryanbob but looking ok
Jukes82: you can’t be too greedy, but if he’s over 120 you should take it
deanie: Yea i have too call it shortly, im thinking ill jsut take it, hopefully he can hit 120
poolboybob: Motlop star
vartic: Someone convince me not to panic on Priddis D:
pharace: Was upset when I say LeCras’ score…….. then I saw Yeo
BestCoast: Pridda will come good
poolboybob: Another road game against a good side, another 50 point belting.
Sloaneyyyy: first I had to deal with Houli’s woeful effort, and now Yeo…. ffs!
Gott2Win: 10 more minutes til decision time on Danger/Parker?? Looking like going Parker
BestCoast: @vartic Pridda smashed good scores early then got injured he will rise again
Sloaneyyyy: lol, Selwood = 7 free kicks for…
Bursill: far out, i’m torn between Parker and Danger
frenzy: junk it hard jelwood
dipstick: is priddis wearing his high heels with screw ins or moulded stoppers?
BestCoast: Missing person out on Lewis Jetta last seen impersonating a footballer
ryanbob: umpires are way too inconsistent, they dont call the same incidents moments after it happened
DrSeuss: Selwood – promised so much at half time
Wends: I’m still taking Jelly’s VC score – never look a gift-duck in the mouth
ryanbob: he will still score 135+, nothing to complain about
Rilian: Sloaneyyyy – Wouldn’t have anything to do with 17 contested possessions would it??! Go for hard balls you can get frees.
poolboybob: Jetta will look great doing that in the WAFL next week.
Viscount: Who did you go with Bursill?
Sloaneyyyy: or just be a master at dropping to your knees at the right time
zadolinnyj: Hard decision for you ryanbob. Cash in the hand I would say take danger
dibbydobby: Bursill went parker
iZander: Jelwood, he started this all, Second best on at worst
uw0tm8: Parker 7 touches already.. good choice
Viscount: cheers dibby

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