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Chat log from R7 of 2016: Collingwood vs Carlton

Chat log for Collingwood vs Carlton, R7 of 2016

desmondo: Simon White out for Carlton replaced by Michael Jamison
desmondo: hello?
desmondo: Simon White out…Michael Jamison in for blues
J.Worrall: traditional rivals – should a great show!
JanathF: lets go blues
Chelskiman: Big days from Simpson, Pendles, Kerridge and, to a lesser extent, Smith.
zadolinnyj: Gents
m0nty: bit of a clash jumper issue today surely
zadolinnyj: Thinking m&m light blue Monty?
Chelskiman: If Carlton had the dark shorts then maybe it would have clashed.
Torz: Holding the ball rule is getting a bit ridiculous.
Exxxx: Let’s hope jones kicks a few today
Chelskiman: As is the deliberate rule tbh.
BestCoast: Superman cape for Casboult done more in ten minutes than he has in 4 years
cusch1: The true question today is, will Dale Thomas return to spud form or has he returned to 2010 form?
Mallon13: kerridge on the bench?
Torz: Stop giving away frees De Goey. :/
Chelskiman: Cripps is going to be a genuine star in the near future.
BestCoast: @cusch1 i am calling spud form
JanathF: cripps is already a star for us
BestCoast: Is Buckley’s head in a guillotine
poolboybob: Jesse White vs Liam Jones. Battle of the spuds.
Pokerface: it wouldn’t fit in one bestcoast
Pokerface: i wish trent dennis-lane played. i like the burmese flag
Chelskiman: Lift, Pendles!
tbrowne: Daisy back to his finest
the worm: his face has probably been through a wheat thresher though
Heater: Is this J.White’s last chance??
grossn: lol @ these umpiring decisions
Yelse: are the umps on a power trip. holding the ball and deliberates geez
dipstick: @chelks pendles is on the bench bro… has been for ages
Chelskiman: This might be the last year I start with Pendles.
the worm: casboult for cloke….who is the winner in that trade?
grossn: @theworm colling
Chelskiman: Is he injured, dipstick?
Pokerface: pendles plz.
Kenny27: pathetic footy pies just terrible
BestCoast: @the worm lose lose
the worm: thought you would have at least expected liam jones thrown in
zadolinnyj: Your onto something with the clash Monty. Blair just dodged a collywobble player
Woosha 73: Is that Barry Crocker for Collingwood?
poolboybob: 36 SC for Jones, that’s more he normally gets in a whole game
Heater: The Pies will have to come from behind again…
Exxxx: He is ok, I think hbf is his spot
Chelskiman: Daisy done.
dipstick: poor daisy hurt his other shoulder
Bursill: Daisy has gone down the race
Chelskiman: Come on, Simpson. Good start but hasn’t been sighted in ten minutes.
snake_p: liam jones with the flame and Jesse White kicking goals. April 1?
Chelskiman: As I say that he gets a mark.
the worm: how bolton gets anything out of this list is astonishing
jimmy294: Anyone else this josh smith sc prediction of 81 is a bit ambitious ?
dipstick: larkins reckons same as wieters. shoulder popped out and back in. daisy 2 fucked shoulders now
the worm: they just draw thos predictor numbers out of a hat
Ben_Gogos: Rare moment when J.Frost has the flame!
Kenny27: cant believe we are paying Greenood 500k a week to chase a player around what a waste
Heater: Aish just runs around and that is it!!
Kenny27: year* sorry
jimmy294: @ben Same with Liam jones his useless
Yelse: as if cloke shouldn’t have been picked. he is ahead of at least 5 players easily
circle52: @jimmy wish Smiths projection was real as he is my emergency and have to take his score with Mitchell late out.
Stikman35: Cox is looking like a lazy boy to Jamison.
BestCoast: one thing Aish doesnt have to worry about and that is leather poisoning
Stikman35: Aish just doesn’t have the taste for sherrin
Heater: @BestCoast – Aish is not alone in that.
Chelskiman: Simpson please.
grossn: jesus christ the umpires
Torz: Kerridge is going big this quarter.
McRooster: Crowd looks a bit light on, I didn’t think Centrelink was open on Saturdays?
Chelskiman: This is th worst year of umpiring I’ve ever seen.
BestCoast: Aish should change his name Myki first class passenger
grossn: @my previous comment
Stikman35: Magic pendle
poolboybob: Josh Smith 23 and 29 touches. Now 4 touches once everyone traded him in.
Bursill: gotta lift here Smith
Torz: De Goey goes missing in the second quarter every week..
Heater: Come on Pies. Oh and come on Simpson, Kerridge!
Woosha 73: Everyone except my opponent Poolboy
grossn: Was greenwood’s arm not being held the entirity of that 2v1 contest?
dipstick: for a great player cripps is useless at fantasy
Ben_Gogos: Surprised I’d write this in today’s game, but that goal was a purists dream!
jimmy294: @circle Mitchell out hurt, had to chuck petracca in for him which I’m sure he will improve from last week!
NewFreoFan: Sidebum you legend
the worm: what leads you to beleive he will improve?
LuvIt74: cox & smith quiet when we bring them ALWAYS
preki1: c’mon byrne give us more than one quarter
the worm: did people actually bring mason cox in??
circle52: I brought in Smith but not Cox
NewFreoFan: I brought in Cox to dpp with Grimley in case of a ruck emergency
desmondo: bloody grundy…couldn`t beat time with a drumstick 🙁
Apachecats: Hope Smith isn’t going to be another fizzer.
Heater: Smith to to sub in for Mitchell = car crash!!!
Jair: Sith to kicking the winning goal please
SaintsMan: Exact same Heater
Heater: Not watching game. Can Pies win it? Are they good enough?
kangawalla: Good to see Barry Crocker in the Pies lineup, & living up to his name too! 😉
circle52: Come on deGoey lift you have lost 3 SC points sinve quarter time.
frenzy: pies need Witts
Chelskiman: I think the AFL stands for Abysmal Freekick League.
Chelskiman: I rest my case.
Jackwatt$: There are 3 certainties in life: death, taxes and Aish having a magnifying glass next to his name
dipstick: @watt$ you only pay taxes if you have a tax file number. tax is not a certainty.
Chelskiman: Pies look cooked.
kangawalla: You’re no dipstick, dipstick! 🙂
PureSwag: and if you earn a certain amount of money, then u pay taxes 🙂
NewFreoFan: Reid doesn’t look good
kangawalla: Upset brewing here Blues fans!!
Chelskiman: When Gibbs is dribbling from the boundary line you know you are in trouble.
poolboybob: Carlton are failing badly in their tanking efforts
Heater: Getting ugly, Pies. I feel ill.
BestCoast: Mini Bus Buckley half a coach, hope the flog gets the ass.
bernieV: buckley in serious trouble if they lose this
Chelskiman: Says a lot about Richmond when Carlton are putting the Pies to the sword and we lost by a point to them.
dipstick: @heater dont worry. the wooden spoon will be gentle on your tooth when you eat
DMS774: @dipstick you only pay tax on your earnings if you have a tax file number, you pay tax on everything you buy
Chelskiman: Simpson spudding it up this quarter.
kangawalla: Blue moon Everitt??
pies13: carn pies lift!
BestCoast: thats a pisser @dipstick
Chelskiman: And now he’s going backwards, great.
kangawalla: J Smith making a move
BestCoast: Yeah Pendles go large
Ben_Gogos: @kangwalla nah Everitt has had a fair few tons in his career
Apachecats: Rough chance for 50 SCfor Smith.At least he shouldn’t get dropped
pharace: Hard to believe Aish can be so bad= pedigree means nothing
BestCoast: Aish isnt even worth the sweat of his uncles bag
Apachecats: Cripps nice premium in SC to DT
Apachecats: Is he related to someone BC?
kangawalla: Never when I had him Ben. NEVER!
dipstick: damn- did the brown cox swing thing. waste of a trade
BestCoast: His Uncle Michael won a Magarey Medal
BestCoast: Meanwhile at the cattery flower flower flower
kangawalla: I was excited when the teams came out on Thursday. The matchup of Liam Jones & Jesse White was long overdue.
kangawalla: @bestcoast. James couldn’t even win the Marjorie medal!
pharace: @Apache, Michael Aish 2 times All Aust, best SA player to not play VFL/AFL
zadolinnyj: Michael Aish was a gun
Apachecats: Thanks BC pharace and Zadol
Generalsor: De Goey is Degawnsky next week. Spud
pharace: Father played at Norwood with Michael, Grandfather captain / coached Norwood too
LuvIt74: OMG the pies need to find 30 new players
Gordo450: Blue Moon for Howe
poolboybob: Also blue moon for Jesse White
heppelitis: Geez Sumner is gone cold…winter approaching
Jukes82: pendles gun
frenzy: Jones is the difference, Lol
bernieV: casboult star
Mallon13: ton up simpson
BestCoast: Is Bucks reporting to Centrelink ??
dibbydobby: what happened to cox today
BestCoast: @dibbydobby he went limp
scaryness: Magnet for Simmo
Mallon13: collingwood spuds just messed up my multi
frenzy: cox flopped
yorgis: bucks IS working for the dole

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