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Chat log from R7 of 2016: Richmond vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Richmond vs Hawthorn, R7 of 2016

BestCoast: Greeting hope the weekend is kind to all
SilverLion: Mitchell a late out,suddenly tipping Richmond doesn’t look as crazy
SilverLion: Mitchell a late out, suddenly tipping Richmond doesn’t seem as crazy.
J.Worrall: GoTiges!
Sloaneyyyy: Sam Bitchell dropped out again. He does this every year… glad I didn’t jump on board this time
heppelitis: already unkind to mitchell owners!
wadaramus: Mitchell out is already meting out the unkindness!
Apachecats: Hi BC.Big out for Hawthorn.
boo!: no mitchell….cmon tiges
Harmes37: anyone acytually believe that menadue will start ruck rover?
SilverLion: hopefully @harmes37
Exxxx: Go Haroosa
desmondo: I will have more touches than menadue LOL
Jogr: is castagna playing
whitsy: good evening lads
whitsy: jenny craig programs 50% off i see…
lisapizza7: Yes castagna playing
zadolinnyj: Gents
dibbydobby: Carn tigies
kangawalla: Is Pinnell umpiring tonight? If so, free kick Hawthorn!!
zadolinnyj: Game has not started @kangawalla and Hawks lead the free count 15 zip
ballbag: hahaha mitchell not injured… just rested.. corked calf my arse
Jogr: m0nty cana u ples put castagna on the stats
benzammit: Greetings from Ireland, Free kick Hawthorn!
Goldie: Hey Go Tigers
SwanSong3: Hawks could have rested the whole team
benzammit: Tigers by 23pts
LuvIt74: Carn the tigers
Chelskiman: Not jumping the gun, but a nice start.
danmaio: Cory Ellis got more points in 5 minutes than the 4 games I had him
Jogr: cheers m0nty
ballbag: hawks have lost the plot. no chance of making the GF this year. bunch of flogs
LuvIt74: As long as the umps aren’t playing for hawthorn the tigers are looking ok this early.
zadolinnyj: Feel like a pizza for some reason Monty
LuvIt74: Wish menadue would move
Chelskiman: I must be dreaming. Someone pinch me.
benzammit: Lol the shows over for Hawks loving it!
zadolinnyj: Here come the umpires
Tim Tam: Clearances 5-0, Contested Possessions 18-7… Hawks in trouble!
Chelskiman: How was that not in the back on Jack and then the exact same tackle on Smith was called?
zadolinnyj: Oh my god. Two examples of in the back and one gets paid
Tibbsy1604: This is going to be an amazing game from the looks of it!
LuvIt74: Agree im feeling like a domino’s Pizza to be more specific for some reason.
kangawalla: My nearest Domino’s is 35km away. Tipping they won’t deliver a $12 pizza that far.
ballbag: lemme guess, gibson is doing his hair
Breezey: Horrible decision. That is a mark to Gunston
Tim Tam: @Chelskiman, you’re playing Hawks, what’d you expect?
danmaio: Few phones destroyed tonight in the Hawks box
zadolinnyj: Possibly a big red mega meat lovers @Luvit
Grumpman: tigers look on tonight…!
Chelskiman: Really gotta put those away, Vickery.
Tim Tam: Phones? More like walls…
Chelskiman: Oh well, the start was good while it lasted.
zadolinnyj: Massive miss by vickery. 11 point turnaround
Breezey: Is Brand new. He is in my team
Chelskiman: And here they come…
Grumpman: i spoke to soon:-(
zadolinnyj: Would not want to be a port fan on a bridge next to Clarkson if they lose this
LuvIt74: pll your finger out Rioli
3rdstriker: classic menadue
LuvIt74: lol Zadol
Chelskiman: Fuck off, Bruest.
Goldie: Ive got Puopolo and vlastuin and birchall
Breezey: Bruce just got a little excited in his jocks about Cyril just then
LuvIt74: Whats with the new fashion statement of wearing jocks on your head. Maybe a good luck superstition.
benzammit: So glad I don’t listen to Bruce he loves poppy as well.
kangawalla: Sicily is threatening to be one of the wonkers of the AFL
Chelskiman: Almost seen enough already. I’ll be back to the PS4 by 1/4 time.
Roksta: Breust giving tigs a lesson
PieCannon: houli is the definition of a derection, always lets me down
zadolinnyj: Gee Lewis looks slow
zadolinnyj: Opponent has vc on houli?
kangawalla: The difference between the 2 Rioli’s was stark just then.
LuvIt74: @zadolinnyj I cant see him using his loophole…lol
kangawalla: And then too!
zadolinnyj: Correct kanga
zadolinnyj: My luck this year, houli will get 300
s1bbald: What’s your opponent’s team name zad?
ryanbob: Haven’t seen houli since the first couple mins, where the hell is he playing
LuvIt74: keep it up delicious C Rioli
zadolinnyj: Crap even on roids @s1bbald
benzammit: Hawthorn getting the umpires into the game now.
s1bbald: Cheers @zad, not me, but figured if I were playing a FF alumni, I’d be up Sh*t creek!
Costanza: Castagna – what can I say
Breezey: Brand is one short of his BE already. Glad I grabbed him.
RooBoyStu: Gibbo bullshower sc score, should be single figures.
zadolinnyj: It’s a paid league in sc
Tonche: Lewis at least looks interested tonight!
Yelse: omg what that S mitchell out to go with my R cray S gray Rance Laird and weitering :(((
Fury: Go umps, you can get the Hawks over the line again
RooBoyStu: who’s the Pizza delivery man? is it m0nty?
kangawalla: Still a shower score even on sC @
ryanbob: I agree rooboy, gibbo should be under 10 for sure
kangawalla: @RooBoy. Still a shower score by SC standards for your mate Gibbo
danmaio: Brought Brand in before my outs of Adams, Gray and Laird. Fmdt
patchi: Hey Monty,ou might want to provide a better quality of service if you want to charge 10 bucks annually.. #kiddingUR
kangawalla: Tell us what you really think patchi!
benzammit: Put the VC on Martin as a gamble late often Mitchell out would be surprised if he scores 140 plus
LuvIt74: Gibson has a breakeven on 159 on SC he will be worth getting in a few weeks
jaypeee: is super coach down?
TheMessiah: Shut up BenZammit. If anyone’s getting a better deal with the imps it’s the tigers
Harmes37: hawks 9 free kicks Richmond 3…
zadolinnyj: Umpires have been terrible in general would think
benzammit: Lol Messaiah…Free kick Hawthorn!
LuvIt74: Never Massiah, the hawks have the umps helping them out big time. Hawthorne 3 Votes
LuvIt74: I wonder if benzammit is Maltese…lol
zadolinnyj: Miles has looked great
Harmes37: why arent the umps listed on the Hawks team?
zadolinnyj: Lol
benzammit: Zammit is the 5th most common surname, half Malltese very good LuvIt
LuvIt74: Who shot Rioli
TheMessiah: Stfu idiot
kangawalla: Ha! the crap Rioli is out scoring the special Rioli!
poido123: give this heartless team a hiding hawthorn. 😛
ryanbob: How’s houli losing sc lol. God I hate him
LuvIt74: @benzammit well there’s no guessing that your dad’s the malteser. I have quite a few Maltese mates, bloody zops.
zadolinnyj: LuvIt74 can tell your future as well for a small fee
LuvIt74: lol
LuvIt74: wth didn’t rioli kick that himself.
kangawalla: Let me guess benzammit. Borg, Bugeja, Caruana, Buttegieg. How many of those are top 4?
gdshifty: houli in the forward line….
Generalsor: C. Ellis slowed down after QT? Color me surprised
Breezey: And Zarb
m0nty: back on the footy please
LuvIt74: Rioli’s score isn’t right he is missing a goal assist
benzammit: None but good work Borg actually could be 4th
Tonche: Low scoring all round
kangawalla: Is Houli Maltese too? 🙂
benzammit: Zara’s about 30th Vella first.
benzammit: Sorry Monty Free kicks are flowing for the Hawks now
LuvIt74: get rioli back on ffs
poido123: umps are trying to give the 50/50s to tigers for sure
gdshifty: richmond rioli is a fraud
benzammit: No Maltese are not Muslim, Catholic fanatics.
Harmes37: gibson got beaten easily by Bartlett jnr!
Breezey: Galea must be up there
poido123: slow down dustin, youre in next week lol
BFAsh: Jebus. Wake up Houli and Edwards. FMD.
benzammit: Tigers need to get this goal.
Harmes37: Burgoyne having a shocker
Chelskiman: Dusty been great. Nice kick to Vicks.
Generalsor: @poido I know right? Brought Barlow in this week instead
JRedden: ye gibson is done for me next week, looks so unfit
dibbydobby: VC on the Dusty woop keep pushing lad
kangawalla: Teething problem. Every time I enter something into the chat box, I start to order a bigredmegameatlovers pizza!
benzammit: Barometer Martin when he’s up and going the scoreboard ticks over glad I bought him this week.
wadaramus: FFS Houli, how abot some week to week consistency?
dibbydobby: lol
Torz: Any danger of CEllis scoring this quarter?
benzammit: Same Dibby 1st Half specialist though
wadaramus: Dusty VC well done so far Dibbydobby!
cold pies: had dusty as my vc and parker my captain. hahaha what to do peeps????
Raspel31: Hm, Vc on Mitchell rather than Dusty a slight error
poido123: unless unfit, there’s no reason why griffiths isnt best 22. vickery is shit normally
Chelskiman: Richmond have never been able to contain small/medium forwards.
dibbydobby: true. hoping he can AND the tiges can beat the odds…
ballbag: poor tiges. is B ellis really their future
tbrowne: Take anything over 125 as vc
Torz: Probably because they’ve got the likes of Morris playing small defender Chelskiman.
benzammit: Free kick Hawthorn resulting in a shot on goal again.
cold pies: raspel you fucked uo brother
SilverLion: Why the hell is Houli playing up forward?
Raspel31: yep cold pies-but still got Parker and Danger-hmm
wadaramus: Get Houli to halfback Hardwick you compete hack.
poido123: lovell is a piece of poo seriously. i bet his own shadow scared him
Chelskiman: Can’t argue with that, Torz.
danmaio: No, I am loving houlis new role
poido123: why the hell does richmond play hampson? he is a stiff. houli up forward? someone needs to be fired
TeamJab: pick up the damn pace houli
J_Pinkman: hey Menadue might get past he’s break even……cool
kangawalla: Brand has been stuck on 29 for the last 18 minutes
TheMessiah: Benzammit you done whining… U are such a flog mate
benzammit: Messiah glad to hear it eats at
Roksta: There goes the 4peat… Hawks sliding
kangawalla: +5 to Brand. Well done Him!
Generalsor: 3pts for C Ellis for the 2nd, turn it up!
Yelse: how is gibson on 49 SC
dibbydobby: haha
poido123: @danmalo never trust a mus…a prayer room at the mcg ffs
Roksta: Cause he’s a gun Yellen
ballbag: @zammit of course you do. you’re the lowest common denominator
jalapenoh: Seems to be eating at you more from the looks of it. You are the one constantly whinging ben
benzammit: Number 1 then thanks Ballbag.
TheMessiah: Stfu benzammit…. You are a complete POS
poido123: Richmond threw their best punches. I don’t know if they can stay consistent enought to stay with hawks
SilverLion: Keep going Menadue!!!
dibbydobby: m0ntyy palaese
zadolinnyj: Dusty would be on most clubs shopping list if he hit free agency.
Harmes37: he keyboard warriors are doingwell tonight 🙂
benzammit: Love you too sweetie, Free kick Hawthorn!
ballbag: whatever makes you happy inbred 😉
vamos77: @yelse because your opponent has him
LuvIt74: Shut up the lot of you going on & on.
PieBoy: houli douli , lolz
zadolinnyj: Anyone got the Mail on gablett. They were reporting a leg test. Chances of playing?
m0nty: back on the footy please
LuvIt74: I was going to bring in Martin this week, his price is gonna sky rocket
m0nty: so I wonder how many goals it will take to win this… surely the Hawks can’t get five from Breust, Poppy and Gunstall.
wadaramus: Can Dusty double his score or will he fade out and score 110?
zadolinnyj: Would think this won’t go to 100 Monty
ryanbob: Lol how is gibbo on 49
tom_cohen: been a close game so far
dibbydobby: the question is if Richmond can pull some out…
circle52: Ablett will play – did ful;l session after a test on his calf.
PieBoy: 20 goals and a rioli winner. free kick. hawks by 3
LuvIt74: @zadolinnyj GAJ passed the fitness test he received a corked thigh but hes fine going by AFL site.
circle52: Expecting him to let his footy do the talking this week following the in depth chats
the worm: my theory is dusty thought they’d lose and considered the whole game to be junk time
zadolinnyj: Ta circle52. Risky for c this week. May go parker
Dommy02: houli is running away from the ball, never seen anything like it
kangawalla: I reckon they’ll all get 5 or more Monty
dipstick: @circle I reckon viney will destroy gaj
circle52: Houli definitely not jandling the forward position
goldy4pm: parker vs bombers? C all the way 140+ 9 tackles and 30 touches
wadaramus: Why the fuck isnt Houli roaming halfback picking up cheap possessions?
zadolinnyj: Needs the bin you reckon @the worm
benzammit: Hard to see Hawks not kicking the 100pt mark unfortunately, just hope the Tigers can get there 1st
the worm: parker wont get that many tackles, essendon will never have the ball
circle52: I have lingering memories of Ablett going 189 SC points when supposedly injured. Cost me big time.
the worm: m yother theory is he was promised a free dinner at a chinese restaurant if he played well
goldy4pm: thats a very good point worm
zadolinnyj: Hey Monty. How about a Seasaw picture icon for players that go up and down each week. Houli’s on one a lot
kangawalla: I’ll be happy for GAJ to miss this weekend, even if he’s in my DT side!
benzammit: Lyons been dropped for Crouch my apologies to the Adelaide fan I was debating that with…Bugga
Raspel31: That’s an interesting point the worm when choosing between Parker and Danger
Snarfy: But Parkers playing that well he’ll start tackling his own teammates if he has to, to get the points!
Raspel31: Whoops-you already said that goldy
zadolinnyj: Maybe @the worm his dad now owns a sheep station in NZ and he thinks they are playing for other?
benzammit: Franklin loves ripping us a new one as well.
kangawalla: You’ve been debating a few punters benzammit! 🙂
Zugfrig: Hey month, will the mobile version have target/accuracy added or any other premium features now than we have to pay
zadolinnyj: *for one
zadolinnyj: That will crush me circle52
m0nty: I will post a thread about it in the forums, we can discuss it there.
Zugfrig: Thanks
m0nty: also, you can see target/accuracy etc on the desktop version for free
the worm: glad i didnt take dusty this year
cold pies: love my boy martin
benzammit: Monty upgrade Mr football please keeps me going at work some nights
Zugfrig: Sorry which forum section. Yeah I know it’s free on desktop but prefer mobile version. Would be good to have exclusives
cold pies: anyone bringing in martin for different choice this
m0nty: Feedback section… now back to the footy
Chelskiman: How was that not deliberate. 15m out and kicks it straight to the line, but he was off balance. :rolleyes:
the worm: what do u mean “martin for a different choice?”
jalapenoh: Proper hawks play, first time this season
SwanSong3: Composure on the ball Hawks is so impressive
jalapenoh: And its gone now…
Generalsor: Nek minnit… Lewis
cold pies: sorry im blind. ive had martin since the start. but was wondering if anyone intended to bring him in
benzammit: Bought him in this week myself
the worm: most who dont have him yet will get him pretty soon since he has lost so much money….i just cant due to blind hatred
jalapenoh: Some bad calls both ways tonight when it comes to holding the ball
cusch1: Lloyd and Rioli do look impressive when near the ball for Tiges
zadolinnyj: How is that not making an attempt. Swinging his arms like a windmill
cold pies: and also curious on the rumour of pendles young bro coming to richmonds seniors???
Generalsor: Geez that last kick inside fifty…
circle52: HTB Jalapenoh continues to be a lottery most games.
LuvIt74: Except the umps should be wearing the wee’s & poo’s colours.
benzammit: Go Tigers
cold pies: did stoker hit biller wtf???
jalapenoh: True circle, atleast they are consistantly calling bad calls both ways tonight i guess haha
LuvIt74: I want martin to slow down bloody hell.
jalapenoh: Really luvit…. you actually think that or you just trolling?
blues3222: Get in the game houli
jalapenoh: Umpiring been really even tonight
jalapenoh: That was about 7 metres
SwanSong3: @ the worm. Funny
3rdstriker: when did 8m become 15m?
wadaramus: Get some ball Houli.
circle52: Bad Goalkicking costing tigers 4 more scoring shots.
jalapenoh: Absolute bullshit call
kangawalla: I won’t be buying real estate off that ump! 15 mt???
benzammit: Lol coming from a Hawthorn fan.
dibbydobby: good ol umps always consistent
cusch1: might have had to even the ledger after the saints non 15 m decisions
Breezey: Hasn’t gone 8 meters
circle52: So do I have luv it have 4 opponents who have him as VC
jalapenoh: Who do you support ben?
Breezey: Geez Hawthorn can find a high contact free kick
cold pies: lets have a gamble on martins final score… i say 137
cold pies: place your bet baby
benzammit: Drug cheats. 😉
Generalsor: They want their spot back, come on Ninthmond!
danmaio: Loving houli score, stay down son
dipstick: martin to slow down? he’s been on 80 sc for 40 mins
LuvIt74: I really think that, as does most of Australia, its gone viral on social media also. What rock u been hiding under.
circle52: How many times though do we see kicks that have gone 20 called not 15 and then kicks that go 10 allowed as gone 15
LuvIt74: Carn the Tigers give it to them
zadolinnyj: C Ellis looks promising
LuvIt74: @dipstick hope he stays like that another 40 minutes coz i want to get him in next week
Generalsor: 99 for Martin I reckon
Chelskiman: Pick up the pace, Dusty.
deekay: zado i picked him up. He has been consistent
wadaramus: Dusty second half gone home, bloody typical.
zadolinnyj: Rebounds strong @deekay
dibbydobby: i should be happt the tiges are in front.. but my scores 🙁
Woosha 73: Not many flames
Torpedo10: Happy I kept Menadue at this stage, destined for a 65+ at this stage. Wish I’d fielded him over McC/McGov!
poolboybob: Dusty should have a yin yang symbol next to his name permanently
3rdstriker: Does anyone give more handballs that result in a teammate getting tackled than B Ellis
LuvIt74: Dusty will score 112 SC
Breezey: Menadue will be lucky to get 50
the worm: is dusty negative for the quarter?
danmaio: C Ellis improvement is all down to me getting rid of him
Generalsor: 99 AFL fantasy pts
the worm: @3rd striker Yes Cotchin
LuvIt74: bout time lewis done something, he looks cooked, actually the hawks game play is very slow compared to the opposition
Ash777: what has happened to gibson
benzammit: Important 10 mins of game time coming up
JRedden: ash777 are you kidding? this is the first quarter hes actually donig something
Roksta: Wow Gibson on 80
3rdstriker: @the worm – true, tigers looked a lot faster tonight without Cotchin
danmaio: Dustbin goes missing for longer periods coz he has to travel to NZ instead of his local pub
LuvIt74: That’s what is going to be the undoing of the hawks the next few years, they need youth.
Bulky: Ol Dustin 3 quarters of football Martin.
gdshifty: menadue donut this quarter
OnTheRocks: Rookies piss me off
LuvIt74: Well menadue wont be losing cash as he has reached his 41 breakeven on SC
LuvIt74: that was stupid play by the tigers
Gordo450: Went Menopause to Josh Smith this week
wadaramus: Martin you one half specialist.
ryanbob: I hate you houli
LuvIt74: carn rioli ton up for puppa LuvIt…
linusp: Tigers would win if they didnt carry McIntosh, Hampson & C Ellis
Breezey: Menadue has to get 46 DT to get to BE. I’m doubting it
danmaio: For once, Houli not fucking me over
wadaramus: Get to 75 Houli you spud.
LuvIt74: I cannot wait to get rid of my menopause next week…
Stikman35: Dea 4 Dempsey?
dibbydobby: agreed luvit
Generalsor: Carn C Ellis, finish strong – back to back 80s son
desmondo: wtf are people doing with menadue in their teams??
LuvIt74: @Breezey what 6 more points your doubting in a quarter?
cusch1: Corey Ellis has been one of their best tonight linusp
cold pies: on dustbin has less than gunst
Chelskiman: So glad I went Simpson over Houli this week. Now watch and Simpson does worse…
BFAsh: What’s with all the charity points for Burgoyne?
kangawalla: @stik. I’d avoid Dempsey. He’s a bit of a burn man.
akbal: Boyd > Simpson > Houli
cold pies: suck thatdeck f cards kade simpson
mason2016: do we need martin back?
Gordo450: Dempsey is just having a purple patch Stikman, he will let you down eventually
BFAsh: Cmon Dustbin, smash this last qtr, show us you are a 3/4 game player, not just a half game.
benzammit: Martin 2 last art goals 8 possessions and some loading 140+
LuvIt74: Menopause to Petracca next week as long as Petracca scores 60+.
cold pies: martin is my slut biatchh
benzammit: Boyd next week.:)
zadolinnyj: Will be some serious scaling at this rate
the worm: for dempsey 1 good game IS a purple patch
Breezey: @luvit. He may get there. He may not. As I type he just has.
mason2016: what happened to switch?
mason2016: smitch
zadolinnyj: Houli with a self inflicted falcon then out of bounds on the full
benzammit: 40,000 Friday night footy poor
willywalks: wtf happened to brand, has had 18 points since qtr time?
danmaio: Why the fuck do you get plus 3 for out on the full
leeroy81: Not sure y people would consider Petracca at his price when there are rookies like Josh Smith for cheap who score better
jalapenoh: Boom!!
deekay: BEllis is killing me tonight..
benzammit: Free kick goal!
zadolinnyj: Petracca will score some serious point. Got midfield time in first game
deekay: danmaio – Houli? I agree
kangawalla: Agreed leroy
wadaramus: Petracca 123K, he is so expensive compared to Smith at 102K.
the worm: im guessing you misclicked when you selected Brandon Ellis in your team
LuvIt74: Petracca is only $124,000 on SC mate
3rdstriker: surely that was 50
jalapenoh: Sicily!!! Champion!!!
leeroy81: Sorry guys, fantasy player here 🙂 disregard everything I said
danmaio: Sicily is on track to be in my most hated list
cusch1: Love having sicily in supercoach…good cash cow and only had the one bad week
circle52: Smith is on the bubble this week and Petracca next week.
deekay: @The Worm avg 98, nah i didn’t. Has a very high ceiling
benzammit: There goes that important 10 mins of clock time 5 goals Hawksbill!
the worm: ur not alone leeroy…but yes, for some weird reason most seem to do supercoach as well
ryanbob: Menadue doing better than houli, embarassing
Generalsor: Geez chalk and cheese
LuvIt74: I brought Smith is this week and next week menopause to petracca.
jalapenoh: Well i guess we will hit the 100 mark after all
wadaramus: Weird reason? SC is the shit.
benzammit: Supercoach is my preferred due to the fact it’s champion data stats
LuvIt74: vickery = sideshow bob
the worm: yep wada, sc is shower alright
the worm: why would cd stats make it ur preferred comp benz?
benzammit: Yes home and hosed now.
shaker: SC has the best prizes
zadolinnyj: I’m sure Ellis has an invisible friend called milko who he keeps hand balling to. Can’t be that bad
jalapenoh: come on hawks put them away…..
benzammit: More diversity in the scoring system.
wadaramus: Lol worm, shit vs the shit, there is a difference:)
circle52: Going by SC scores atm still some 800points available so some serious scaling to occur.
the worm: sc does have the best prizes, and you only have to beat half a million people to get one!
wadaramus: I hope Houli gets some serious scaling!
LuvIt74: Rioli will get at least 100 of those scaled points.
shaker: You don’t play tattslotto?
benzammit: I won the weekly prize in 2014 whoop woop pure luck!
BFAsh: What’s the go with the scaling?
colmullet: thanks for repaying the faith Lewis
the worm: if houli goes anywhere near 60 tonight i will be stoked
wadaramus: Dusty 81 at HT, still hasn’t cracked the ton, extract the digit Martin.
LuvIt74: Rioli’s SC points are absolute BS
danmaio: Fuck off Houli
Breezey: I know a lot aren’t happy with Dusty at times but Richmonds only chance of winning is Dusty
the worm: thats probably why theyve barely won for 5 years
blues3222: Why are you complaining martin will still get 115 sc
Breezey: Spot on there
3rdstriker: gunston star I reckon, has been the difference
benzammit: 1st half specialist, 2nd half cruiser
jimmy294: batchelor is so shit
the worm: wow, i just googled richmond…theyve been playing finals recently….lol, hadnt even noticed
zadolinnyj: Hawks will get most of the scaling now
benzammit: 117 please that was my bet
RooBoyStu: Toothless Tigers!
Mileroo30: Looks like my guess of hawks by 72 won’t be too far off
wadaramus: 81 at the half, 115 at the finish, serviceable but disappointing.
the worm: you bet on hawks to get 117 or more?
Gordo450: Have a look at Hartung’s stats, why is he so low?
Bulky: Ol Dusty half a game Martin.
Generalsor: Dusty should be on 99AF now! Siren!!
Gordo450: SC that is
benzammit: Highest score of the year for the Hawks.
Gott2Win: Gibson SC is crap. Has not been good enough for a ton!
the worm: was that a short quarter?
benzammit: No on here Worm Dustys sc score
linusp: hope they drop Kamdyn McIntosh into next year, shouldnt even be playing vfl
linusp: and hampson’s the worst afl player i’ve seen. Makes Spuddy Brown look good.
jalapenoh: Pretty happy with no mitchell or hodge… great effort
circle52: Hartung 2fa and 2 clangers will hurt his score in SC
LuvIt74: coz goal umpire assist for the hawks
McRooster: Richmond are like a wedding cake, only the top tier is interesting, the rest is just fruit cake.
jimmy294: dusty done for the night
the worm: betting on sc scores is so dubious imo. but good luck with it
deekay: BEllis is seriously a 4th qtr specialist… while dusty rests he plays
Generalsor: Lol he’s off ground! 99 it is boys, PAY UP
jalapenoh: hahaha ok liuvit74
danmaio: 2 iffy goals
benzammit: Yeah and Lewis and Smith found some touch, dam I hate the Hawks
LuvIt74: lol McRooster
jalapenoh: 2 iffy goals??? when you moron?
jalapenoh: Sicilys goal was a clear goal.. and dont know what the fuck else you are talking about
m0nty: nice one McRooster
benzammit: @ Rooster I like it. Lol
jalapenoh: what about the other 6 that we are winning by? what are you going to blame them on??
zadolinnyj: Nice mcrooster
cusch1: Sicily’s went over the post which is debatable…but ive seen those calls go either way jala
blues3222: Fuck
kangawalla: Bronxies from Hawks fans about free kicks
Bulky: Richmond are clearly the worst side in the VFL/AFL. over the last 30 odd years.
LuvIt74: @jalapenoh its like fishing in a bucket, you’re so easy to real in. lol
cusch1: Sicily drops three marks, Breust crumbs all three for goals
Tonche: Breust vulture
danmaio: I said iffy clown, get over it, you 8 in front
jalapenoh: You guys just love winding me up… arghhhh let em have this one game hahaha
Generalsor: Pay me my imaginary winnings damnit
benzammit: LuvIt him and Messiah hook line and sinker every time….bzzzzzzzz
Gordo450: Breust for a vulture more appropriate than a Superman
jalapenoh: me*
the worm: would you like an imaginary cheque or imaginary cash?
Breezey: What’s your account number Generalsor. I transfer it over now
BFAsh: Phark me dusty.
jalapenoh: Well played trolls, you got me good.
Torz: Here’s hoping for a changeroom Dusty tackle.
JackoB11: What agame
gdshifty: only Vickery could kick 3 goals and get sub 50 points lol
LuvIt74: if Rioli doesn’t ton up i will throw it in.
danmaio: Lucky for dimma the players are right behind him
benzammit: Enjoy your song and look forward to next weeks torment.
JackoB11: Bruest played brilliantly
zadolinnyj: Now goal umpires are playing for hawthorn jalapenoh you should win the flag. #windinguup
JackoB11: I cant believe Hawthorn won by that much
Gordo450: That sounds bent @Torz
Generalsor: Its 1800 McDonald Pitching Woody. Cheers lads, prompt payment appreciated
Generalsor: It’s 1800 Mcdonald pitching woody. Prompt pay appreciated

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