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Chat log from R6 of 2016: West Coast vs Collingwood

Chat log for West Coast vs Collingwood, R6 of 2016

eagles86: come on eagles
Breezey: Come on Pies
fshow: f.uck the pies
JockMcPie: not expecting a win, just a good showing would be nice
Lecras: stay like that pendles my opponent has you as captain
Jair: Just try not to get humiliated please Pies.
eagles86: redden
ShavedApe: Come on Pendles
GJayBee: Go Pies. Would love to see some of the fellas get a touch.
GJayBee: Redden was the most underated trade of the year easy!
Lecras: go lecca
nbartos: Shuey the biggest ducker since Joel duckwood
the worm: the secret is that when they duck u dont wrap your arms around their neck
JockMcPie: nah dylan grimes and allen christensen beat shuey
Pokerface: pendles in the middle again this week?
RooBoyStu: what a nice way to finish a weekend, skunks getting flogged
Sloaneyyyy: i agree Stu
Jair: Did the Pies miss the plane?
eagles86: this like training drill for the eagles
Sloaneyyyy: Super-Frenchman Lecras!
BestCoast: Lift Pendles, Carn Eagles
poolboybob: LeCras cape
grossn: Comeon pies, 4 more quarters like this for a great % booster
eagles86: wow
Heater: Show some fight, Pies. At least gives us that much.
nbartos: NN 3 disposals 10 hitouts for 50SC?
JockMcPie: eagles got 3 lucky goals from the boune, collingwood missed some chances, but is it really that hard to man up?
fshow: man up? jesus its not the eighties. its zone footy. modern footy. no one is manning up these days. sheesh. typical pies
awesomeguy: priddis c, parker vc…..
nbartos: and you couldn’t take parkers awe? Damn
23rookie23: Any1 tell me where Pendles played Q1 -> The guts? and in Q2?
zadolinnyj: Witches hats for Collingwood
BestCoast: Carn Eagles run over the top of these flogs
MIJG: Steele ffs
zadolinnyj: Parker C has won it this week for me.
JockMcPie: may as well add steele to my dud list this week 🙁
Heater: Is there a worse kicking side than Collingwood??
pharace: Yes Heater there is – they are called Richmond
Wends: Capt Pendles you may very well save my bacon.
OnTheRocks: gogo CD hyper-inflate Pendles’ SC score for me
raffa: @Heater would be hard to beat
nbartos: Check Freos misses yesterday for bad kicking cost em the game just about
deanie: Priddis?
MIJG: Pendles 20 pos at 100 de.
Stikman35: Langdon had a hair cut yet?
Stikman35: Pendles should play in Olympics for boomers. Pies crap.
GJayBee: lol pharace
Heater: Can Bucks survive this?
BestCoast: @Heater you would expect the microscope to be put on sooner rather than later. Dead man walking I think
NichoB: should i get parker or shaw??
grossn: @Nicho Do you need a mid or a defender?
BestCoast: Parker been constantly racking up points already have Shaw will be trdoin
Torpedo10: Priddis disgracing himself with his DE
Heater: Agree, BestCoast. Something has to give…
Smurf_x: In serious need of priddis to actually do something
BestCoast: Traded in this week !! Flowering iPhone
BestCoast: I come from a family of cold pies they were all spewing that MIck Shi$house got the ass. Karma
BestCoast: Carn Eagles ya flogs
grossn: lol under 3 goals…
Breezey: Etchings the Pies are coming
JockMcPie: carn the pies
the worm: i come from a family of blues spewing that malthouse got hired
fshow: malthouse was circling the insane asylum at the end.
JanathF: i got priddis and a 130 point lead in supercoach. he has pendlebury and de goey. Will i win?
grossn: Quack quack Shuey
Torpedo10: Priddis is being robbed mate, should be up around 70SC.
RooBoyStu: laast week Steele wins Anzac Medal, this week Spud Medal, when I next cook Mash Potato, it will be Mashed Sidebum.
Torz: De Goey unsighted in this quarter.
snake_p: yes Torz De Gonemissing
Tim Tam: I needed De Goey over 86 sc, was looking good at half time….
the worm: It almost makes you think that pg the eagles in Perth is harder than playing essendon!
SaintsMan: 28 puts from kennedy
the worm: lol, kennedy kicks a third of the teams score for 67 sc….worst scoring system…
RooBoyStu: @theworm is 17 a third of 73?
pharace: Interesting math Worm, glad you are not my accountant
the worm: oops, thought it was 3.5…bad maths and illiterate….i got it all
pharace: But agree, not a fan of SC score system
bones351: Wow worm, can’t believe CD don’t employ you to work out the scoring system lol
pharace: Qualifies you to go into politics though
Heater: Has Broomhead got his heart in it??
bones351: 22% disposal efficiency
bones351: Make that 20%
the worm: has scored 8 times from 10 possessions
BestCoast: Kennedy should convert better
OnTheRocks: NicNat looks at the ball and he gets 1 SC
JanathF: comon priddis
BestCoast: Eagles consistently scoring more behinds than goal. We won’t trouble big team doing that
ShavedApe: Jetta has to go he is a passenger
BestCoast: Behinds should be minus 8 in SC
pharace: Guess one of the SC Scorers has NicNat
Gordo450: JJK couldnt hit a cows arse tonight
MIJG: Sidebum getting ripped in sc.
spudaroos: Nic nat gets tons of hitouts to adv, contested ball, frees for as well. SC goldmine.
RooBoyStu: Hope you’re having fun at Collingwood Greenwood
MerleDixon: treloar in, matt crouch out?
ballbag: priddis starring in thr role of shirley temple fucken sheila!!
cobrakai00: Sidebottom only performs against crap teams.. Massive downhill skier
armalitemk: Oi RooBoyStu we are always grateful that other people leave north we got waite 😉
Heater: Now its getting ugly.
RooBoyStu: lol true armalitemk at least the spud Aish chose the skunks before us
Gordo450: West Coast bottom of ladder for team song, even behind Port
shaker: The Pies will have to stand in the plane tonight there bottoms will be a bit sore after that 1/4
eagles86: shavedape u gotta give jetta time to jell into the sides gameplan give him atleast a full season to get into eagles g
SwanSong3: Testing

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