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Chat log from R6 of 2016: Carlton vs Essendon

Chat log for Carlton vs Essendon, R6 of 2016

BOMBRBLITZ: carn the Dons
cusch1: Can we give a spud to Cooney already?
eagles86: 3 bombers players 2 carlton players in this game for supercoach
awesomeguy: cause of yeo out i have to put brown on
eagles86: zack merret tipungwuti and fantasia for bombers and kedridge and weitering for blues
ballbag: got Simpson for weiters today
Lecras: elliot yeo for the eagles late out not playing
Tonche: Gleeson not in Dons list?
heppelitis: gleeson going well considering hes not even on this list
cusch1: In the back again
armalitemk: things i hate as much as the late withdrawal of yeo mmmm cussing goldy and gawn this week!
poolboybob: Liam Jones potato
Zeratul: How garbage is Nichols as an ump!
DrSeuss: Zaha, Fantasia, Dea and Hartley – maybe get some possessions?
cusch1: Are we getting robbed here by umps or am I just biased
the worm: probably both
awesomeguy: sc cheese for brown 2 weeks in a row
eagles86: not long till eagles smash pies
Fletch91: Use your disposals better Zach!
LuvIt74: Byrne is on fire
heppelitis: superman or superspud for thomas…im confusedf
avtn: Hey how’d you guys get the icon next to your name?
circle52: As I have said before Nicholls is the most inconsistent umpire in the AFL
ScootD: Parish is gonna lose me the round
pharace: Kerridge doing well in the break
cusch1: Khal Courtney Dempsey needs a big game or his career is over
Tonche: Where is Gleeson?
ballbag: penguin time
pharace: Well done Kerridge – two touches during the break
cusch1: Write ring hasn’t moved
Breezey: Not looking good for Weitering
ballbag: where’s the penguin? bring it out please
Viscount: Weitering in strife
eagles86: wietering injuired
ballbag: ouch! if writers done hell lose 17k
eagles86: gonna watch the eagles v pies soon on afl website
Breezey: Good half of scoring from Daisy
Sloaneyyyy: Daisy is meant to score 71 for the game according to predictor… goddammit, ruining my league match
kangawalla: Agreed Breezey. I have Daisy in my Ultimate team. Hasn’t disappointed so far
cusch1: Give them the fucking points now umpire jesus
Sloaneyyyy: all I needed was Zaharakis to score 22 more points that Daisy… would have happened any other week – far out !
Apachecats: just logged in andit may have been mentioned ,but Ess only have21 players listed.
Viscount: Eliot Yeo out for Eagles
JockMcPie: goldy + s mitchell + montagna + mccarthy + weitering + hall + adams = PAIN
the worm: make 5 guesses on any random players from the next game…u will be mre accurate than the predictor
Stikman35: Scoring has become farcical with zorkos score today.
Apachecats: I share your pain JMcPie ,at least some of it.
GJayBee: zorko the great robbed by CD nerds
goldenleaf: weitering out for game
vamos77: mitch brown SC cant be right. I know he’s a spud but cmon
eagles86: time to switch games
zadolinnyj: AC I hear for weitering. Is that correct?
NoButYeah: Ahh nuts… Just noticed I’ve somehow left kerridge on bench with tippa on field
Viscount: Weitering right shoulder plus concussion assessment (3AW)
JanathF: why is Mitch Brown score always 1. Happened last week as well
fshow: janathF, you say that like it doesn’t make you a full blown retard…
fshow: sorry meant for nobutyeah
LuvIt74: Cox first goal
the worm: i was mystified at how so many people took weitering this year
poolboybob: Clean up your game, Zerrett
grossn: 15 more behinds to go bombers
ballbag: weiters out for couple. shoulder popped out then in 3aw
zadolinnyj: Ta @ballbag
Gordo450: FFS Casboult I put the C on you
SaintsMan: gee, bring in merit last week, wha a dud
Sloaneyyyy: someone please punch Daisy in the face
Apachecats: very funny Gordo.
shaker: This game is hilarious
Sloaneyyyy: lol this game is hopeless, Blues players couldn’t kick straight to save themselves
Gordo450: Not as funny as that shot on goal Apachecats
J_Pinkman: greatest game eva! the skills of these blokes
poolboybob: Not exactly finals-calibre football here.
GJayBee: Epic shootout!
MIJG: Goal fest
grossn: Oh my god a goal!!!
GJayBee: when they sound the siren they should play Benny Hill soundtrack
RooBoyStu: Hope for Richmond yet to have another win with these two shower sides
Apachecats: yes Grdo he’s going to beat his SC average of 46 today.Why would you captain him.
Gordo450: Mind you my lads versus Spudmond wasnt exactly GF material
cusch1: Let’s go polka welcome back to the big league
Pokerface: adelaide united scored more first half goals than essendon did
grossn: Here come the bombers
eagles86: lecccccca
grossn: @Rooboy Both these teams would beat richmond probably
cusch1: Good mark kahl drogo
fshow: lol@GjayBee
J_Pinkman: funny shit
Rossle97: can someone tell me what Matty Brown is actually on SC? Surely it isnt 1…
J_Pinkman: have the blues backed essendon….lol
fshow: Pokingwhores just 35 points for now.
grossn: @Rossle it’s champion data… I wouldn’t be surprised if he was actually on 1
cusch1: Has there been a more finluential first two goals in afl football?
meka100: Murphy touched it, I thought he couldn’t see with that helmet on
MIJG: In the context of the game ess have a big lead
SaintsMan: u disgust me merrett
Sloaneyyyy: even the game-blog has gone home
PureSwag: Guys Brown on 60
MIJG: Bloody Yeo out stuck with dea crap.
poolboybob: Let’s see who can tank best in the final quarter
fshow: big last qtr simpson!
Tim Tam: what on earth is wrong with fantasia today???
poolboybob: Good luck in the VFL next week, Grimley
J_Pinkman: gee plowman was good there not
Apachecats: Daisy’s almost a ‘buy”
Tonche: Put Simpkin back there too, useless
awesomeguy: I was deciding between hunter and docherty this week, and i picked docherty
RooBoyStu: what’s flowering Brown’s sc score? same crapola as last week.
Grazz: Stats are slow
OnTheRocks: all these fucking rookies are hitting the wall at the same time
Pokerface: behave apachecats..
Zeratul: That 1 on 1 contest was pretty fuckin good from Grimley!
ryanbob: Kerridge sc pretty rough
Apachecats: Now what have I done PF?
Pokerface: you didn’t do anything AC…
Apachecats: I’m very relieved
poolboybob: Dolla dollar Mitch Brown
the worm: here comes the money!!
RooBoyStu: lol @ryanbob only 4 contested possessions out of 19 and going at 68% eff
fshow: zaha has been poor two last qtrs in a row now
OnTheRocks: kerridge, tippa and weitering in this game for a grand combined total of 134. Pathetic
Choke: hartley is gonna kill me. Oppo has him and his 47 is scaling up to 78. WTF!
DrSeuss: Kerridge, Zaha and Fanta fallen asleep?
Stikman35: Wanted Thomas early. Priced at 300 thou. Misdboat.
poolboybob: Kerridge not getting any SC love this one
Apachecats: Weitering to Dempsey and bank 50k
Stikman35: Brown… What a quandary
Jukes82: byrne ying-yang.
the worm: lol, weitering to dempsey and bank a hamstring
Stikman35: Apache getting exited
Apachecats: I’vealready been exited once this year.
Stikman35: Ta 4 heads up Apache.
the worm: gee, it almost makes you think playing the eagles in perth is harder than playing essendon

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