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Chat log from R6 of 2016: Brisbane vs Sydney

Chat log for Brisbane vs Sydney, R6 of 2016

facebook23: I hope player a has a good game, i need him to win my matchup, in addition i hope player b has a stinker – dis chat
J.Worrall: your face is a book, amateur rookie /dis chat
poido123: a captain in this game and a -35 start in the rain. sucks to be me lol
J.Worrall: anyone who has player c must be a noob
snake_p: Didn’t you check the weather forecast poido?
Lecras: zorko kicked the point? still on 0 haha
J.Worrall: lift, player d
facebook23: Worrall, mate. who ya having a go at mate? me?
poido123: placed the bet two days ago. You’d think sydney could still flog the lions anyway. still up on the weekend though
J.Worrall: bag of schiezen, player e
poido123: lets go hannebery, franklin and mills 🙂
J.Worrall: nah, i was liking your tone and wanted to join in FB23
OnTheRocks: Paker??? Titch? please don’t do this to me
facebook23: ohh lol, aiiight, yea u cool mate. ave a good one yeah?
J.Worrall: Did yo twice? is that nearly a champing?u just mate me
J.Worrall: 3 times u mated me now!
poido123: lets go sydney. None of this I don’t want to get the hardball shit
Raspel31: Parker obviously never learned to swim. Come on lad !
OnTheRocks: captain Parker is going to kill me
Torz: C’mon Titch, these are your conditions. 15 tackles today!
Goldie: Cmon Papley
Goldie: Lions keep on going
Breezey: Captain Hannebery today
rtz23: captained parker…
Wends: Rocky going bonkers
avtn: Is it raining?
OnTheRocks: magnifying glass Parker
JockMcPie: need parker to have a crap game please !!!
korza: *Jock you happy yeah
casey22: Not a good week to get parker in my team, ffs
Smithy1: I agree Jock, my opponents captain
OnTheRocks: piss off Buddy
dashurg: SO glad I went with Sloane over Parker. Saving that Sydney mid spot for Hanners instead!
Zeratul: Slow down parker!
tbrowne: Not only did i bring parker in this week i put the c on him
awesomeguy: parke has had 8 touches how is he on 4sc?
JockMcPie: rapt so far, plus i have zorko so need a big game from him
desmondo: Lift ur bloody game parker 🙁
awesomeguy: Soz rd it wrong
JockMcPie: awesomeguy misread the stats much?
JockMcPie: lel
Generalsor: Parker has never had over 100 in his career vs Lions. Research boys
deanie: He will today Generalsor
Woodie: Buddy in for a big day I think
Raspel31: Buddy-you’re making up for Parker-go champ !
Generalsor: I have him, hoping he does well, just saying not good Captain choice
nameless: Generalsor – he hasn’t had 100 against Coll before this year either…got 160
OnTheRocks: Dorko, welcome to my team after this round
Zeratul: Stefan with just the 5 hitouts is disappointing
Raspel31: Well said nameless
Generalsor: I put the C on Danger because he was more likely to kill it, and he did
FlowerTime: Hewett with the cape! what a boss
The39Steps: If you running along and kicking the ball off the ground in the wet is each kick a stat please?
casey22: generlasor; you recruit for the long term
deanie: Does everyone else have hewett on the bench?
Wends: Hewett $ sign already.
OnTheRocks: Keays and Aliir, you’re both on rookie watch. Please perform well so you make me lots of money
Fletch91: Got Zorko this week, happy so far!
DrSeuss: Martin and Papley – awesome start.
iZander: buddy for cape too 😛
FlowerTime: Started Hewett over Menadue and Davis, looking like a good move so far
vartic: Opponent has hewett on field :S his team is so shit and it’s gonna smash me because my premos keep failing
Wends: Not unhappy with Martin’s SC. Nearly half of goldy’s already.
OnTheRocks: i would have gotten Zorko but i had to dump R.Gray for Joelwood
oc16: keep going Captain Mitchell!
AngryRyno: started McCarthy over Hewett, grate
Jackwatt$: I just took a screenshot of Hewitts cape. I don’t think we will see it again. One to show the grandkids.
Wends: Callum sinclair always reminds me of the skinny kid from Road Trip 🙂
facebook23: started clive waterhouse over buddy.. damn
Generalsor: Lol I have Parker casey22. He’s just not my Captain
Jackwatt$: Bring back the purple name game
casey22: Stupid dermie, “is there a better wet weather player than kennedy?”
casey22: Generalsor; nor mine
oc16: lol Jackwatt$ I dont think we will see it again either
Jackwatt$: It was Parker or Shaw for Fyfe. I’ve course I chose Parker
casey22: Note fro dermie; look at hanners & mitch stats, you idiot
TheMessiah: Come on captain hanners 😄
Raspel31: Everyone has off game-Parker a good bet Jack.
oc16: why is parker tagging?
Breezey: Parker playing a defensive role on Rich. Won’t get many while that’s happening
The39Steps: Try again – if you run along kicking the ball off the ground, is each kick a stat please?
casey22: Dare i suggest aliir x 2 not up to standard
facebook23: no 30steps. no stat
Wends: Dermott giving schpecial comments on any sydney game is painful. Wish AFL radio streaming was in synch.
The39Steps: Tks @facebook.
Breezey: Bit early on a wet day to suggest that Casey22. Looks solid enough for mine
frenzy: sounds like soccer 39steps
oc16: why is mitchell off the field?
uw0tm8: You dont have one of your best players tagging someone, this is rediculous
Wends: He’s not going too bad for first game, in the wet and all @casey
casey22: breezey, hasn’t been in for one hard ball get, not one!
pharace: so facebook, if a goal is kicked off the ground is it a kick and a goal 3 +6
AngryRyno: pretty sure a kick off the ground is a stat, rarely effective though
casey22: who’s going to recruit Aliir x 2?
awesomeguy: Why the f is parker tagging???
facebook23: like obvious soccers off the ground are counted, but like like just keeping infront of u/pack kicks are not
Pokerface: cripps is out!
AngryRyno: if he scores like this, I will recruit Aliir Aliir
Pokerface: a disposal is different to a possession. you get points for both.
Breezey: Is that his job. thats the midfielders job. Has everyone else got a hardball get have they
circle52: That was definitely 15
facebook23: actually a kick is only counted if someone else touches it next after u kick it, meaning you cant kick to urself.. so no
Wends: Crap. Martin heading off the ground with trainers.
pharace: tks facebook, that makes more sense
JockMcPie: good news for me martin going off, opponent is looking a bit weaker
Raspel31: Lost Martin last week-concussion can last for weeks
ryanbob: Surely parker isn’t tagging?
Torpedo10: Just a rib knock? Should be fine.
Wends: He copped 100kgs of Bell into his ribs so non-concussion related this time raspel.
pharace: Agree Raspel, Concusion takes 3 weeks to recover enough from. Players performance often proves it
Raspel31: Okay Wends. Set Luke Parker free. He’s innocent.
Preston007: Don’t stop now Hanners…
Wends: I’m more trying to convince myself it was right to hold him….
AngryRyno: Don’t stop now Hanners
FlowerTime: Parker hardly tagging
tbrowne: Don’t tell me parker is tagging rich……
casey22: Parker – hoo ray
korza: Aliir in Turkish means, will take.
Torz: C’mon Titch, you’ve stopped.
Zeratul: Parker needs a rest… put Mitchell back on xD
JockMcPie: almost take the tag off parker its not effective…
circle52: Goal kicking yips returning for lions
DrSeuss: Thanks to Cripps – Sunday is sucking hard so far
cusch1: I really want Brisbane to win this
the worm: hopefully hanners will tag after half time
casey22: Dermie: when they review they all go upstairs, you idiot
gdshifty: geez Franklin your work is not done yet. Get going
Costanza: Pap smeared it
Zeratul: Saddens me seeing Titches TOG % decreasing 🙁
korza: Sitting 15th overall, live right now AFL Fantasy )))
Torpedo10: Stef back on ground?
Breezey: Hopefully Allir Allir will take will take a few marks
JockMcPie: yes martin is back
Wends: Yep stef back on. Paps and Harharwood may just kill each other before full time.
Bulky: Anthony Hudson is the new Bruce McAvaney. Creams himself every time Allir is within 200 metres of the ball.
Raspel31: Atta boy Parker-the cream rises
Breezey: @DrSeuss. What’s the story with Cripps
korza: FFS Asimple well done korza will do. Im now 12th overall, fantasy
JockMcPie: sydney rookies having a solid outing – hewetts mills and papley looking solid
eagles86: hey everyone
eagles86: whats wrong with papley as soon as i pick him he does terrible
snake_p: well done korza 🙂
the worm: korza, we’ve all been leading one of the competitions at some time or other…
korza: 40 is not terrible eagles, its actually very good
the worm: but ok, congratulations on almost leading a competition 17 weeks before the finish. happy now?
korza: the worm i didnt say i was leading
pharace: clap clap Korza – end of round will be more interesting
eagles86: yeah my scores refreshed after i said it he was stuck on 25
tommy10: Yeh 35 sc is not that bad. Hoping he kicks some goals in 2nd half though..
korza: I’m just happy im doing well after trying for a long time. Sorry to upset you
Raspel31: 12th overall in your league-well done korza
the worm: i didnt say you were leading either. seriously well done, im just annoyed tom mitchell has stopped 🙁
eagles86: im lucky this week in my supercoach league my opponant has 13 bulldogs players in hes side with the scores this weekend
eagles86: goldy let me down this week
Raspel31: Hmm-he might suffer in the bye methinks eagles
shaker: I don’t think I have ever seen a team with 13 players in all the years of SC
Jolles: Hi all … new to this chat.
shaker: from one team I mean
pharace: Gidday Jolles
Raspel31: Welcome to the madhouse Jolles
Jolles: Hi Pharace.
Jolles: Thanks all.
pharace: Buddy – too easy
eagles86: come on zorko papley and parker do me pround u superstars
stuballs: Why is everyone giving korza shit? Pretty sad and salty guys
pharace: lol, Lester too easy
Tonche: Is Hewett on?
eagles86: pharace dont ya wish buddy played for hawks lastnight
eagles86: shsame he went to sydney
kangawalla: Hi all, just logged in. Cripps out of Carlton side today, replaced by Whiteman. Source, Carlton twitter page
casey22: Hate to say it again; aliir x 2 not up to this!
pharace: Haha, care factor 0 – it’s supposed to be a Tiger symbol
Costanza: Parker made for rain
Breezey: My opponent has Cripps so that’s good for me
pharace: Hewitt is on
kangawalla: No late outs for Bombers. Just checked
Raspel31: Cheers Kanga
eagles86: come on papley lift m8
facebook23: need a big game from cripps in the carlton v essendon game
Smithy1: he isn’t playing facebook
snake_p: he’s a late out FB23
Woodie: Cripps out M8
facebook23: what? how do you know?
raffa: Sydney has given aliir the red vest
eagles86: i picked bombers to bear carlton hopfully they win
kangawalla: You need a big game from his E facebook
eagles86: beat*
Breezey: It’s on the AFL site Facebook
the worm: yeah, there is this website of the afl that gives information about the games. you should check it out one day
facebook23: would love to know how you all know cripps is out when the game hasnt started yet lol… idiots
Raspel31: Parker-didn’t exist first term. What a champ.
Mileroo30: gets announced on twitter fb23
the worm: oh god, nice trolling, u got us
uw0tm8: Parker cape
kangawalla: Zorko the magnificent raises the bat again. 🙂
Raspel31: He’s out facebook- not our fault.
Tonche: You guys are getting reeled in something shocking by fb23
Woodie: Don’t answer him
Breezey: Check out the official AFL site champ. He has been ruled out with injury. It’s not hard
shaker: Can’t you guys read the sign don’t feed the monkeys
facebook23: not trolling m8, we will see. we will see
SwaggyP: Putting the C on Parker might just be a masterstroke
m0nty: back on this game please
OnTheRocks: nice come back Parker, was going to go insane if you didn’t do anything
Pokerface: that was like watching a multi car crash and fb driving away from the scene
spudaroos: Cripps is out mate, check Carltons twitter.
SwaggyP: facebook- Cripps is celebrating greek easter, not playing footy, soz.
kangawalla: Oh yeah, I now remember last season Fb23 was a shower stirrer.
ScootD: Find the pill Hewett!
cusch1: Gee Robinson goes in hard..good to watch most of the time
snake_p: yes poker I think he should change his handle to Mr MaGoo
JockMcPie: this is not the place for trolling, some people take Supercoach seriously guys…
the worm: everyone has gone off since qtr time except tom mitchell 🙁
facebook23: come on liam dawson.. do something!
ScootD: let me guess, you have dawson as captain no doubt fb23… fucking troll
eagles86: anyone know that baguley is out for bombers
snake_p: cmon FB23 you are taking the piss if you have liam dawson
heppelitis: might have to field currie and bench stef…bloody hell
circle52: Game on if it was not before
cusch1: Keays looks to be a great player
tbrowne: who’d parker tagging?
facebook23: no, got rocky
snake_p: yes eagles he came out of team yesterday
casey22: Bastinac; 3 for kick, 6 for goal. Answer to kick off the ground scoring
Stikman35: 🙁 all irrelevant. Goldy was capt. Opponent has j Kennedy wc.
eagles86: wow brisbane have come back wow]
OnTheRocks: papley and hewett hit rookie wall?
pharace: Keays a gun junior, should translate into the big league Cusch
stuballs: Franklin still playing or?
Torz: Good couple of minutes Titch.
kangawalla: @on the rocks. If they get 60-70 eah, that’s respectable for rookies
cusch1: Looks like a steal at pick 24
Stikman35: Keays and patracca in….
Stikman35: Or maybe coxxxxxxxxx
kangawalla: *each
eagles86: who wins from here prediction
cusch1: Stikman I just think that Essendon made cox look better than he is…will Se how he goes next week
Raspel31: Sydney
BeastMode: Hannebery Captain <3
Stikman35: Need Zorko to go huge
avtn: Is it still raining?
JockMcPie: sydney probably hold on just
Bulky: Allir Allir the Sudanese Zac Dawson
Breezey: Swans too experienced for mine
avtn: Is it still raining
casey22: What was parker on at quarter time, dt wise?
Zeratul: All those complaining about parker’s first quarter….
AntoRyan14: Parker Cape!!
circle52: Sin is now out avtn
kangawalla: Parker always starts like a piano falling out of awindow. Slow at start, frighteningly fast at the end
Raspel31: Complaining good Zeratul-he obviously heard us.
Dangertime: I need 60 points between Parker and mills this quarter
eagles86: nooooooooo elliot yeo is out
circle52: As much as I want a lions win agree Breezy maybe too much experience in Swans side
kangawalla: Yeo out for Eags.Hutchings in. ABC radio
Pokerface: spud for aliir x2
facebook23: its his 1st game pokerface, ease up mate
eagles86: damn eliot yeo is a superstar
Fletch91: Buddys downfall is he cant mark overhead
cusch1: You cNt be tough on aliir based off of fantasy scores. He will have a role which no doubt he is playing well
Pokerface: i stand by my call fb
casey22: fb23; irrspective you have to show more than he has: out next week!
awesomeguy: pokerface its his first game, you should get the potato
the worm: by downfall you mean he goes from being the best to still the best?
facebook23: you just a troll pokerface, please take this serious
tbrowne: what do mills’ icons mean i can’t find them
cusch1: But tough fletch considering relatively wet conditions
Pokerface: m0nty it says he only has 2 muppets. i think you missed a couple?
jeddies22: cmon brissy
Fletch91: By downfall I mean it is the one thing he lacks is a good overhead mark.
tbrowne: oh theyre gone dw
Fletch91: Im not talking about just today, have noticed it all year.
the worm: thats why he leads instead of waiting for pack marks i suppose
Fletch91: Exactly
casey22: How could you possibly give Robbo a concussion test?
snake_p: agreed casey concussions would actually make him smarter
heppelitis: haha casey
casey22: snake_p: LOL
Stikman35: Zorko has put anchor on since qtr time
circle52: Robbo finished for day
deanie: Cmon rich!!
ballbag: yeo out is the only change in late game
circle52: How is Zorkos SC so much lower than Hanner 9% better D/e 1 less possession and 1.2
kangawalla: Poor old Mitch R. It’s not his fault he’s got a head like a bucket of smashed crabs!
m0nty: IQ hard as a cat’s head
Breezey: Robbosst
Breezey: Robbo’s still out there
Tonche: Robbing back on?
spudaroos: Is parker seriously tagging?
Ceema: Parker is a gun
Pokerface: circle – 16 contested possessions and 13 tackles.. zorko not in the ballpark
uw0tm8: Good clutch time points coming up
Raspel31: Phaw-this is exciting
kangawalla: Happy with Tmitch as C. Agonised over Goldy but don’t like Friday night captains curse
stuballs: Zorko and Buddy are stuck on the ton
Tim Tam: parker tagging? is that serious? and everyone knows that you put a tag on Rich and he disappears…
Tim Tam: if Swans lose because of Rich, they kinda deserve it….
kangawalla: Welcome back Rockpig!
awesomeguy: damn had parker as vc
Lecras: elliot yeo for eagles late out not playing
casey22: Parker you hero
circle52: Umps pull aholding out in clutch time
JockMcPie: ur killing me parker
Woodie: Ice man Parker
Breezey: Parker class wins them the game
Costanza: Parker was on 3 half way thru first qtr
casey22: REpeat, repeat: I wont be picking up Aliir x 2
Raspel31: Parker-that score in 3 terms-hero.
circle52: Swans do a hawks win by 3 points
jeddies22: lukey such a jet
JackoB11: I so hoped Brisbane won
JackoB11: Brisbane should have won

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