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Chat log from R6 of 2016: Geelong vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Geelong vs Gold Coast, R6 of 2016

frenzy: if gold coast can muster a win, hawks will be out the 8
mark621: dont get our hopes up
Ben_Gogos: McCarthy cash gen could be stunted big time after that hit.
Breezey: Not what Danger kneeded
spudaroos: I have lincoln on field, of course this happens.
gazza39: can i use sub score if Mc Carthy stays off?
mark621: hall has remembered his job is actually being a player not a spectator
LuvIt74: bloody hell is the dangerous one ok?
LuvIt74: @Gazza Not in SC
J_Pinkman: tried to take captain off danger 5 seconds before bounce but SC locked me out, u know what happens now,soz to all owners
circle52: No Gazza once a player starts on field can not be subbed
Stuart88: No Gazza as he has started can only sub his score of didn’t take field. I’m hoping he come back to in my side
LuvIt74: not even in DT mate
Breezey: That’s a very good question Gazza39. My opponent has McCArthy
Tim Tam: McCarthy’s ok, waiting to come back on
AngryRyno: sadly not Gazza, I am in the same situation
snake_p: no but hes back on
circle52: How can that toch rule be overrulrd conclusively
MerleDixon: is the scores loading for everyone?
Breezey: No scores. No nothing
circle52: Nah been flakey for the last 15 mins.
LuvIt74: nope there having a issue
gazza39: Cheers guys, glad he is back on
circle52: And that one stays with umpires call – inconsistencies again with score review.
Apachecats: Is that the same Peter Wright as last week?
AngryRyno: there was no way they could overrule that, shitty camera angle
circle52: Know Angry but similar to the eralier one they overruled how could they be 100% that was not touched to over rule,
AngryRyno: agreed
LuvIt74: This will be a 100+ blow out.
circle52: If errors like that keep occurring will be Luvit –
circle52: Muppet for Hall as well
AngryRyno: butcher for Hall
LuvIt74: best part of round 6 was seeing the hawks lose, amazing how ordinary a team can look with out umpires assistance.
Apachecats: 38% accuracy killing Hall
gdshifty: Ryan Davis gone missing
Breezey: KK is starting to really annoy me
TheMessiah: So original luvit, bravo
TheMessiah: My highlight of the weekend was north bringing the bulldogs back to earth.
poido123: happy days, hall danger and ablett 🙂
AngryRyno: Hawthorn were never gonna get close with just 18 free kicks, umps should be ashamed
zadolinnyj: *undermanned Bulldogs! 3 best attacking defenders out
TheMessiah: Lol, dont think the umps matter. GWS are an insanely good team.
TheMessiah: They will dominate everyone in the next few years
poido123: to be fair, hawks looked super flat. they will beat gws next time round
AngryRyno: perhaps Hawks are just crap
poido123: yeah angry, last 3 premierships and they are crap ha ha
nbartos: AFL has gifted them a Premiership or 3
MIJG: Hawks always always always peak at the right time. Loses liktoday ony help them
the worm: how does losing help you?
AngryRyno: come on Lincoln let’s go!
AngryRyno: if losing helps Freo will win the flag
TheWarden : Cmon kolajajocvvbgfcgcfgc
cold pies: should we drop kk?
Breezey: Anyone who has less points than Jarrad Grant should be embarrassed
TheMessiah: LOL angry who do you support? Geelong?
thommoae: You gotta beat your man to the ball to get frees, Ryno – not much of that from the Hawks today
zadolinnyj: Angry spendIng the night fishing. Getting some good bites.
zadolinnyj: More entertaining then the footy.
mark621: whats going on with jack martin, came uot the first few rounds good… now a spud
AngryRyno: damn right zado
AngryRyno: and no, I do not barrack for Geelong.
MIJG: 100sc atvleast
LuvIt74: hall is killing me and so is McCarthy but I can understand McCarthys
oc16: geez duncan is good
MIJG: Blicaves robbed in sc
zadolinnyj: Duncan my pod but getting shafted in sc
zadolinnyj: 90% efficient yet Big difference
Stikman35: Duncan will scale up.
AngryRyno: Poor QTR Lincoln, expecting junk goals
benzammit: My deliberate C is looking good.
Gordo450: Danger 48% DE back to his Crows days
benzammit: P Wright has let himself down this week.
Ben_Gogos: Two supermans in a term, doesn’t happen very often.
Tonche: Whats Mckenzies TOG?
benzammit: Though Suns were better than 100pt flogging, I thought cats would win comfortably but not smash em like this.
TheMessiah: What the hell is up with GAJ
bigbaddasa: GAJ is playing injured
Stikman35: Missing May in April.
the worm: Gaj has never played well at Skilled Stadium
nbartos: Danger should not be 100+ with that accuracy
FlagDog: GAJ to Barlow next week.
SaintsMan: damn, put the C on Gaz
Stikman35: Blicavs gone wooshka
benzammit: He should get the tonne
a1trader: Glad I dont have Rosa in SC
benzammit: One of my opponent
benzammit: Flag dog I’d be sticking with the little master and buying Barlow in another way
gdshifty: is ablett in the guts or what?
casey22: GAJ a worry this year: stayed clear
benzammit: Agreed garza not cutting it yet but if you have him don’t sideways trade especially for SC
Breezey: 7 Cats have tonned up and 3 more about to.
AngryRyno: damn it Lincoln come on!
ballbag: were never going to play all games = sidey, rocky, GAJ, fyfe, SJ, wingard, mummy
casey22: Pity though cause GAJ one of best ever
AngryRyno: don’t get mad at your GC players tonight, no one has any points
ScootD: all those massive Cats points…. yet the only Cat I have is McCarthy 🙁
benzammit: True ball bag good point though Gaj should go closer than most
Jackwatt$: The cats of Australia have mad their choice Snappy Tom (Hawkins)
LuvIt74: Told ya this will be a 100+ blow out
Jackwatt$: Abletts score is very respectable, nobody scores tons on this ground. Wait for Priddis next week
Breezey: 12 cats over the ton. Huge
benzammit: I opted with Gaj Wingard and Rocky its left me short and frustrated.
Jackwatt$: Lmao at ppl who traded Bartel, he will still be top6 defender
jaxx: Can Guthrie make it 13 tons?
ScootD: yeah nobody scores tons on this ground. Presti and Hall are nobodies…?
benzammit: A 90+ in a team that got flogged ain’t bad.

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