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Chat log from R6 of 2016: Richmond vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Richmond vs Port Adelaide, R6 of 2016

poido123: cmon port! You are better than richmond 🙂
Ragnar: port are shit
shaker: Port have a chance Morris is playing
Ceema: Not watching, are port really that bad?
RooBoyStu: you’d watch a better game in local footy with div 5 reserves
the worm: well they arent losing because richmond are really that good 😛
Mileroo30: port mids getting smashed
dibbydobby: Carn Tiges
poido123: im going to laugh when port win this game 😛 everyone said richmond will smash them
the worm: how could anyone sane person say with any confidence that richmond would smash anyone?
AngryRyno: Power won’t win this
Stikman35: If Sam Gray tons up I’m flowering giving up
jaxx: he handballed because he misses from that distance all the time
RooBoyStu: Richmond more frees than Hawks
jaxx: told ya
mark621: is the gc/gee match not loading for anyone else?
poido123: lol stikman i got rid of him too ha ha
jaxx: told ya he misses from close range
LuvIt74: Why is wines SC so low
dibbydobby: B Ellis lift u flog!!
poido123: give it to them port 😛
Ceema: Watching now
Stikman35: Menadue is an enforcer
LuvIt74: sorry to bring it up here m0nty but I cant get the Geelong Vs. GCS to load?
RooBoyStu: Just heard a joke: Richmond Football Club hahaha
circle52: Been flakey Luveit but OK at the moment
LuvIt74: shut up Roo, your mob beat my mob last night. lol Although it was a ugly game
the worm: that joke has cracked me up since the mid eighties
AngryRyno: looks like DBJ only scores well in losses
TheMessiah: Any chance the tigers come back in this one guys?
AngryRyno: that’s better Darcy, keep it up
Stikman35: Messiah. Give it to Sam grey
Stikman35: Gray
nbartos: Cotch next Ablett who said that
uw0tm8: get off the bench wines you fat flower
MIJG: Thankyou bjones. Was getting worried putting you on.
Breezey: Tigers don’t look capable of scoring enough points to come back
dibbydobby: what a joke this is
RooBoyStu: Port 17 scoring shots to 9 and no Robbie Gray or Wingard
RooBoyStu: Toothless Tigers!
Kenny27: wines spends way 2 much time on the bench
Stikman35: Here come the tigers
AngryRyno: Dusty! Carry the Tiges!
Jukes82: rance is better than those 2 combined.
spudaroos: Robbie Gray and Wingard are excellent players you flog.
Stikman35: Sam Gray has played his
Stikman35: Sam Gray playing final game for port.
AngryRyno: you don’t see R Gray & Wingard punching blokes in the back of the head.
RooBoyStu: Rance only better combing his hair in front of the mirror and blowing you jukes82 a kiss
TheMessiah: Tiges coming back!! Come on!!!!
Stikman35: Maric on burbers
TheMessiah: 1. Robbie Gray 2. Alex Rance 3. Chad Wingard IMO
cold pies: will martin make 150?!?!?!
Stikman35: Magic having burgers
Stikman35: This page refreshes at the wrong time.
AngryRyno: come on DBJ don’t stop now
benzammit: Book is an ordinary player sometimes can’t believe he still holds captaincy.
Stikman35: Castagna. Serenity now!
uw0tm8: ability has nothing to do with leadership.
benzammit: Just like my spelling Boak I
wadaramus: Hoochie Mama!
zadolinnyj: Lol @Stikman35.
the worm: wines shot for goal was touched and so it was a point, is that a clanger?
Stikman35: Grays scoring like Richmond. Going backwards to go forward
zadolinnyj: Here he is sponsored by Vandelay industries @Stik
jaxx: Ah Chee, best long handballer in AFL
Gordo450: Jason Cant-Stands-Ya!
zadolinnyj: *hear
TheWarden : wowwee Richmond are gone
Stikman35: B-J is doing fine
Kenny27: These pretzels are making me thirsty!
nbartos: Martin SC a little generous even as an owner
wadaramus: Stick a fork in Richmond, they’re done!
Stikman35: Who’s playing Cosmo in this act
the worm: you couldve stuck the fork in richmond 30 years ago..thats how long theyve been done
benzammit: @uw0tm8 you obviously are not a leader.
Stikman35: Cmon menadue
Fury: Guys, Richmond has a list that can win the flag. I read so in an article today.
dibbydobby: this is hard to watch
jaxx: Polec star for mine
TheMessiah: Richmond ruining my perfect tipping 🙁
Stikman35: Umpires will blow siren soon.
nbartos: Same TheMess
colin wood: Lift dusty FFS need 30 touches to win 560 bucks
Gordo450: Eat a D, Troy Chaplin
poido123: told you lo port would win 🙂 richmond lost heart
AngryRyno: DBJ finish it off come on!
RooBoyStu: @frenzy from previous match, i stuck fat cha ching!
benzammit: What’s the burger and seagull signifying?
Zeratul: Where is wines? sam gray has caught 25points on him this qtr 🙁
the worm: how many grand a year do u guys blow gambling?
Stikman35: Both are scavengers. Nothing left on their plates.
Jackwatt$: To think they wanted to end the port rich nab cup game early, could someone put us all out of our misery and end this
Demons15: sam gray junking it up nicely
tbrowne: seagull= cheap possies Burger= fat and slow
benzammit: Thanks
frenzy: good man rooboy
the worm: cotching should get the pumpkin
Stikman35: Cotchin digging for potato.
frenzy: imagine what hawks will do to them next friday
RooBoyStu: Toothless Tigers!
Fury: I wish Menadue could score more than 60
bigbaddasa: Hawks by 100 next week…..they will play angry
mason2016: is wines worth having?
mason2016: westy
vamos77: sam gray looks like a teen going in for his first fuck. inevitably the recipient will end up going for proven
fshow: like you are a burger if you are too fat and slow to scroll dwn the page and read the icons legend

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