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Chat log from R6 of 2016: Western Sydney vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Hawthorn, R6 of 2016

frenzy: free kick hawthorn
benzammit: Uh that’s too quick let’s make it 50!
Lecras: lol
snake_p: let the haters hate…
RooBoyStu: if m0nty is doing this game free kick to Hawthorn & no negative icons for Hawthorn
gavy J: Go Hawks
Lecras: omg a free kick against the hawks
poolboybob: Great to see the Power Rangers again
Fatbar5tad: Mighty Horphin Power rangeeeeeerrrrsss
snake_p: free kick Hawks 🙂
Lecras: cmon mitchell need at least 130 from you
benzammit: Just getting on was Poppy’s goal from a free kick?
DrSeuss: Come on Scully – no using being a POD if you play like a P.O.S.
TeamJab: good start mitchell. ffs
zadolinnyj: Power rangers can’t keep up with gws pace
Raspel31: Yep teamjab-not a good week so far-come on Mitchell lad
Ben_Gogos: This is ridiculous from Shaw
Daboo: we all know Mitchell will get a ton, relax!
Raspel31: Least Mitchell’s 1 touch was 100 % accurate.
benzammit: Poker face would not have Shaw as impromptu didn’t win with premium prised backs!
Fatbar5tad: Like he did last week.
Tommo9: Forgot to trade FYfe after failed attempt of VC on Goldy. Bugger. Weekend done
a1trader: any chance of a positive score Wilson?
Raspel31: That’s a bummer Tommo.
benzammit: Ouch Tommo that’s a large blunder.
Pokerface: you paid 600k for shaw as well ben? lol
Tommo9: Played footy today and was out from 8 till 4
Raspel31: Mitchell still 100% accurate.
zadolinnyj: Got shaw this week. Happy with this
roshanetw: is birchall playing in the centre or backline today, hoping he’s back in the back line
benzammit: Yep the only banker back, did you go value like Johanasson from Dogs?
benzammit: My only back line premo rest all rookies and their killing it for me.
Tim Tam: GWS all over Hawks at the moment… but free kick Hawks!
zadolinnyj: Johanasson was the cow to get shaw
Jukes82: Don’y worry, the umps will come to the rescue!
zadolinnyj: See how quick service J claimed that
benzammit: Shaws a hack ain’t
RooBoyStu: Fat Lady sings noooo frreee kiiiiccckkkkssss ittttsssss ooooovvvvaaaaa
Pokerface: ben knows all, you should listen to him.
benzammit: And burn a trade smart plan potty he got injured
ballbag: @zammit shut up already child. is your whole life sc? lol
Pokerface: i didnt say he’s a hack, but last year was 15 above his average from any year. how much has he dropped?
a1trader: woo hoo, go Wilson, hit positive territory!
zadolinnyj: *stevie j
Yelse: the afl has created a super powerhouse here for many years
benzammit: Lol your learning fast Pokerface
Raspel31: Whoops Hawks.
RooBoyStu: Ben said last week he liked the look of Tom Lee, nek minnit he is dropped lol
zadolinnyj: Shaw has started the last 3 years expensive and has decreased each year. Always a good pick after week 5
benzammit: Agreed Yelse beasts in the making
Fatbar5tad: Fucking Mitchell. Upgraded Davis to get him for about the same shitty scoring power.
Pokerface: ben knows all do not disagree with him
zadolinnyj: Shiel very good
Apachecats: Tipping now,Hawks aren’t going to wriggle out of this one.
benzammit: All the premier players decrease always why not wait till rand 15 when every player except rookies have dropped, dud pla
benzammit: Don’t be wrong when you debate with me I’m like a dog with a bone! Free kick Hawthorn
Ben_Gogos: @RooBoyStu haha I think the lack of talls hurt his JS. Clearly a bad call though!
Pokerface: nope you are right again ben.
Apachecats: Lewis,Smith and Sheils 18 SC between them.
benzammit: Ball bag I’m surprised you don’t follow Supercoach as I’d be guessing the last decade ain’t be great watching your blues
Pokerface: dimmawits when he won – every player he picked initially thought would go up in price. but you are right again champ
ballbag: @zammit more like you’re a bloke that hasn’t discovered women. listen to yourself flog. hilariously pathetic
zadolinnyj: Mummy looks like he’s out to wreck people. Please don’t get suspended.
benzammit: What are these things Women you speak of?
Raspel31: Don’t mess with the ballbag.
cusch1: Ratchet and Clank is a great game
benzammit: Personal insults show your lack of wit buddy keep em
frenzy: missus Palmer and her 5 daughters
Pokerface: dimmawits was the name of his team. do you know any winners>?
casey22: Earth to m0nty: this is just a bad dream; you will wake soon & all will be well
Pokerface: and you throw out words like rookie. too funny
Raspel31: The French call it 5 against one which is a fair appraisal. Back to the footy.
ballbag: no doubt he 5 knuckle shuffles
benzammit: Not personally no, I don’t unlike ball bag say stalk past winners searching for there advise i choose my own destiny
zadolinnyj: Love having stevie J. Like riding a roller coaster but genius
the worm: he only 5 knuckle shuffles when you cant see him
Pokerface: brave pick zad
jaxx: why isn’t stevie j still playing for geelong? ridiculous decision
benzammit: You just speak garbage not my fault half what you say is bull and the other half so all Shite
Pokerface: but i love it
frenzy: getting ripped by CD thou @ zado
Raspel31: Peacelads and ladies. Back to the footy.
Pokerface: ben be quiet. if you stopped talking like a twit people wouldnt treat you like one
zadolinnyj: Think it is because scaling going down at moment frenzy due to some big first 1/4 scores
Maerzy: Chris Benoit
the worm: had to take stevie too…oh the joy from stevie j and chappy for the past 10 years 😀
dibbydobby: didnt see GWS giving it to the hawks
jaxx: ten Giants with better scores than every Hawk
Tim Tam: @zado, nah stevie j’s 3 goals were kicked in junk time, lol
Zeratul: cmon umpires… lift!
Ben_Gogos: The Hawks are getting poleaxed at the centre stoppages…
the worm: wow, hawthorn’s getting whipped like a government mule
the worm: I’m still tipping the hawks to win by 3
Raspel31: Cunning game plan Hawks
benzammit: Great to see for 17 other club supporters.
circle52: Hawks will come back and win by three with help from umpires
Kenny27: be good if the ball went down to hawks foward line so shaw could get the pill
the worm: theyll need a big 2nd half from Buddy and Roughy though
benzammit: Lobb is giving them some real problems
Tim Tam: hawks are ordinary when the umps have a mare… 🙁
Costanza: Lewis second kick woo hoo
benzammit: @Tim Tam shows over public have spoken on that, the afl listens
MIJG: Few of the boys at CD picked up Greene this week?
TIMWHATSON: ie: Mijg doesn’t have Green
Magicsmell: and free kick to hawthorn
benzammit: Really Hawthorn free for what?
benzammit: Oh trailing buy more than 4 goals of course
benzammit: Stevie J is Gem
Ben_Gogos: SJ is proving a massive get for the Giants
Dangertime: Keep it up ward
Tim Tam: at this rate, the umps will be dropped to play for Box Hill next week…
Lecras: if mitchell keeps going he will easy get the ton
frenzy: stink it up Lewis, good boy
RooBoyStu: where have the hawks supporters gone from the chat? no umps, no hawks
Apachecats: Mitchell not going to ton up today Lecras
cusch1: Rooboystu seems to only talk when north are winning…
Apachecats: Got a roomfull of Bombers RBS
frenzy: that would be a Hird @ cats
RooBoyStu: we win every week cusch1 what about the bombers? lol
cusch1: We’re not here to win this year, but even last year you were like this hahaha
desmondo: We got 16 premiership cups rooboy 😉
RooBoyStu: glad you take note when i’m on
snake_p: we’re still here RooBoy. GWS too good tonight
Snarfy: Picked a good week to drop Shiel for Mitchell!
Apachecats: K McIntosh out for Richmond.see blog
Jmachete: seriously umpires lift lol
armalitemk: as a roo supporter it’s been a long time between drinks and even last night people still have doubts about us being top4
kangawalla: Can’t fault RooBoyStu’s appearance on fanfooty regardless of Roo’s performance. He would be a fanfooty hall of famer imo
Gott2Win: Wat a stupid trade Snarfy!
cusch1: I’m still doubting roos but their starting to win me over arma
nbartos: Never trade a premo unless inj
armalitemk: thanks cush1 we have a group that will look scary if we can just get both both attack and defence firing same weeks 🙂
Jmachete: There will be an umpires meeting at the end of this round on how hawks can bounce back next week
frenzy: stanley and mackie outta cats team
Preston007: Shiel isn’t a premo.. Mitchell number 1 ranked pla.
Preston007: A bit of a luxury trade, but not horrible
Ben_Gogos: SJ goes from superman to muppet! Silly 100m penalty gifts a goal to the Hawks!
frenzy: muppet stevie j
Ben_Gogos: Has anyone gone from superman to muppet before? #FFHistory
oc16: i would laugh so hard if the hawks won this
Team Flog: Go Heater!!!
benzammit: 100mtrs only Hawks could muster that SJ knew it would get chins a
Ben_Gogos: This may well be the Giants coming of age game.
MerleDixon: Nah they usually do well against hawthorn
jaxx: Smith down to 8
Ben_Gogos: Not saying I think it is, but the evolution is clear now. Just a matter of time.
nbartos: Mitchell ranked 1 at what Prest?
frenzy: gunna be sum cheap premos soon
zadolinnyj: Ranked 1 at giving corkies
zadolinnyj: Report Stratton for head high on frawley
Preston007: Points scored…
Mileroo30: Mitchell also ranked #1 in banter
Gott2Win: shiel not a premium?! Massive luxury trade. wasted at round 5 of the season
ScootD: No soft frees for the Poo today, HTB son!
Preston007: Will he be in top 8 mids? Top 20 mids? Agree it was a luxury trade. Not premo.
Ben_Gogos: Agreed @Gott2Win
Ben_Gogos: Shiel will be top 20 in SC I’d have thought
Pokerface: preston you mustnt be playing sc. he’s premium
Pokerface: maybe not fantasy
spudaroos: He may not be a top 8 mid, but he hasn’t even had a bad score yet. Waste of a trade.
nbartos: I been happy wit Shiel so far
RooBoyStu: This will be interesting for a team that has won the last 3 flags, how may hawks do you have in your SC team? me 0
Ben_Gogos: This is the performance of the year thus far.
Zeratul: Wait… what was the trade??
Fury: Umps can’t save the Hawks today
tbrowne: I have that obrien bloke im surprised not many have jumped on him
Zeratul: No hawks in my team either
Fatbar5tad: Mitchell UGH I want Davis back.
dibbydobby: what a beating from GWS
nbartos: Is RGray worth tradin boys? 2-3 with an inj prone plyr
frenzy: poor tigers next week verse hawks
RooBoyStu: has a multi all hd2hd North Saints GWS & Port, do I cash out before the Port game?
dibbydobby: not at this point nbartos.
bigbaddasa: lol…yep, nothing like playing the Hawks after a bad game, they will play angry next week
frenzy: sit fat rooboy
Yelse: ill cash out rooboystu tigers should beat port easily
Torpedo10: Geez Ward, don’t go throwing away goals like that. 🙁
RooBoyStu: might cash out depending on offer then have a small bet on Port just in case.
RooBoyStu: just refused on friday to take Richmond at $1.30
shaker: junk it up Shaw
frenzy: put a small wager on hawks to not make the 8
pies13: who ever said paying 600k 4shaw then laughd is a spud
Fletch91: Cmon Mitchell keeping binning it up!
pies13: least we didnt have 2burn a trade 2get him
casey22: What did pies get for shaw?
poido123: few people would of had mitchell captain here 🙂
Team Flog: Heater!! Keep going bud!!!
the worm: why would anyone ever bet on richmond under any circumstances….
poido123: yelse i wouldnt be so confident. both these teams are down on confidence.
SaintsMan: dylan shiel spends way too much time no the bench
pies13: who else tipd gws?? ton up shiel n greene
shaker: Nathan Buckley
Torpedo10: Geez Cal, throwing away goals.
poido123: i could see richmond getting a decent lead then choking it away lol
Kenny27: taylor adams
nbartos: Yup pies & Staints
Breezey: A fair old schlacking this.
zadolinnyj: What’s that paying @frenzy?
bigbaddasa: should be able to pick up Lewis at a rookie price in a few weeks
ScootD: junk time for Greene
zadolinnyj: Is Lewis past it.
Costanza: yep Jordan is a girls name
dibbydobby: why would u want lewis lol
the worm: god i hope everyone picks up lewis
MIJG: Bloody greene seagull picking up the chips lol
Yelse: can GWS win the premiership?
frenzy: thinking just that bigbadas, probs sideways davis
poido123: wonder whats wrong with lewis? usually very consistent high scorer? what happened to him?
pies13: @breezey agree so glad i tipd gws!
Ceema: Maybe next year @yelse
shaker: Jeez ton up Giants
MerleDixon: shiel 120 pleaaaasee
Breezey: @Yelse. You’d have to think they’ll be there come finals time somewhere
MerleDixon: jack dare ew
Mileroo30: window very much open
frenzy: it not every week you get to spud the entire hawks team ben gogos
Yelse: there is no clear cut fave for the premiership.
Breezey: What’s the record for having the most players ton up in one game. GWS looking at nearly 10 players
dibbydobby: they will get finals, a flag is another story though
Dangertime: Hawks won’t even get 1 ton
poido123: swans. they look the goods
Zeratul: Burgers for the entire hawks team please…. monty will enjoy that
shaker: Looking like 11 Breezy don’t know the record
Torpedo10: Ward hasn’t touched it in 10 minutes.
pies13: good junk shiel!! ton up greene
frenzy: FF showers itself evey game with 3 mins left
circle52: More like dunces capa Zeratul
Ceema: Johnson empty
Tim Tam: I think whitfield deserves something…. was great early
heppelitis: Gunston should be 100 for that effort
RooBoyStu: hawks hahaha gibbo 2nd week in a row shower score
dmagnus: gunston deserves nothing but a punch in the face. just look at him, clearly a flog of the highest order

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