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Chat log from R6 of 2016: Adelaide vs Fremantle

Chat log for Adelaide vs Fremantle, R6 of 2016

kangawalla: Come on Laird. Need a big one
Stikman35: I need 150 each to come back from goldy. Nea
Stikman35: Le and laird
benzammit: Lyons go big again son.
AngryRyno: not again Sheridud
bernieV: freo paying $9
kangawalla: Dawson flaming!!!!!
Gordo450: Fyfe to Dawson paying off already
Gordo450: sauce getting robbed SC
benzammit: Watching Lyons but interested in Jacobs getting shafted again might be a good price soon as his numbers have been good
Gordo450: This was the week to get Lyons I was a bit concerned about his job security though
korza: Laird quitely fucking me
snake_p: go capt Neale another 130 please
zadolinnyj: Still 8 minutes in first 1/4
korza: That a boy Rory
benzammit: No last week I got Lyons he’s safe a lot worse in there
benzammit: Barlow or Martin upgrade this week thinking Barlow with Fyfe out
elitegod22: Grey is he ok or injured
zadolinnyj: Lyons will be out for crouch in next few weeks
benzammit: Injured
benzammit: Not if he is averaging 90+
mark621: i went fyfe to danger, really considered neale
benzammit: He also plays forward not inside mid
benzammit: Crouch for crouch all Matt does is handball he can’t kick
cusch1: Come on McGovern
zadolinnyj: We will see. His disposal average and they want to get crouch and Milera back in
benzammit: They want form players you don’t drop players in form he will be safe till byes id say.
tbrowne: where abouts is barlow playing guys?
poolboybob: Nice kick Crouch
zadolinnyj: On ball tbrowne
benzammit: 3 kicks 2 clangers hmm
tbrowne: thanks legend
zadolinnyj: Mundy looks like he has not missed a game
benzammit: I think CD got he memo on Jacobs
AngryRyno: Barlow! he’s come good!
benzammit: Yeah Fyfe out they need him for CP
Fatbar5tad: Opponent sauce…Fatbar Goldy. 🙁
JButcher: McGovern knee injury
Torz: Seedsman and McGovern on the ground. 🙁
Fletch91: Cmon Crouch, get into it.
benzammit: 4 kicks 3 clangers Crouch
AngryRyno: Laird, Barlow, combine for a 260 boys!
poido123: i have seedsman and crouch. wagner, kent and petraaca other game. 2 games dead
wolfheart: of course Sauce is killing it. I traded him out this week.
nbartos: Holding the ball?
benzammit: Plenty of time left in both matches, chin up poido
AngryRyno: trading out premo rucks? silly
zadolinnyj: Couch tagging Neale unfortunately
roshanetw: mundy running around checking out the girls or is he playing footy
benzammit: He’s doing a good job 16 touches oh 17 now
3rdstriker: Also traded sauce, averaging under 80 through 5 weeks was enough so fully expected him to kill it this week
Tonche: Seedy back on?
zadolinnyj: He has him at 47% efficiency which is pressure
zadolinnyj: Atkins improving each week
nbartos: Joke umpiring again
MIJG: The gov back on thank flower
benzammit: Yeah but he’s still getting far too much glad I traded him he is garbage
tbrowne: ahhhh what is brodie smith doing to me
Mallon13: wish i kept barlow
zadolinnyj: Just got Barlow cheap so stoked. With Fyfe out more mid time
zadolinnyj: Wwwwhhhhaaaaaattttt?
poido123: refs definately gave that free to keep fremantle in the game
poido123: refs definately gave that free to keep fremantle in the game
Daboo: No surprises with McGovern…….
wolfheart: 2 goals 10! this team has the queue in the rack
benzammit: Umpires poido
kangawalla: Just heard R.Griffin out for GWS. Nick Haynes in.
Daboo: He’s dead weight.
benzammit: Or they can’t kick?
benzammit: Griffey out! Free kick Hawthorn!
nbartos: They lead by the 2 dodgy 50m frees
ballbag: wow. mcrouch is pretty useless
Fletch91: I think I may trade out Crouch. Hangs around the packs too much but gets little ball.
poolboybob: Blue moon watch for Craberner
benzammit: Yep and wastes it when he does get it I gave him the flick no good after a great preseason
benzammit: Crouch is tagging Neale
zadolinnyj: Should I tip the blues @ballbag???
benzammit: You would be mad not to tip Carlton Zado
zadolinnyj: I think Kelly has really added something to the bombers now he is match fit
MIJG: McGovern may as well of stayed injured
cusch1: I think that the only top up who has a chance of being signed on next to year at any club is dea
Stikman35: Neale another 40 posis for 100 coming.
snake_p: still hit his b/E MIJG so wont lose cash – time to trade
Stikman35: Drop the tag crouch. No bench left 4crows
Torz: Handy +12 in the back pocket Seeds.
Tim Tam: what is up with this game??? is it the wind? channel 7 decided to show a SANFL game beforehand….
cusch1: has mcgovern come back on?
snake_p: yes cusch 2 handballs that quarter
poido123: Matt crouch gone next week
cusch1: This is the first week that i played him of Sicily Snake…its a bad week for me
nbartos: Umps hmmmm
snake_p: sicily mightn’t do much better against GWS cusch
Stikman35: Neale. Ffs man.
cusch1: My luck this week has been so bad that i might lose to last from 3rd mate…sicily will probably kick 10! hahaha
snake_p: sometimes happens. I got rolled last week by a guy with a team full of pies players
zadolinnyj: Accidental c on Barlow may work out
colmullet: what happened to Laird??
cusch1: Joking Snake! Unbelievable
Fletch91: Crouch terrible tag on Neale. Gone for me too
ryanbob: What happened to laird?
benzammit: How does one accidentally put there captain on it’s quite important to get that right?
Fatbar5tad: Laird?
preki1: oh man! is laird ok?
MerleDixon: I agree with you benzammit
GJayBee: I hope Laird isn’t injured to bad. I can’t take this kind of pressure. I’m getting a beer.
Torz: Hopefully Laird is only precautionary
zadolinnyj: Don’t care to much for DT and when I traded Fyfe it gave the c to him.
Tim Tam: Crows don’t tag…. Crouch has 23 disposals too…
PureSwag: Why is the score wrong?
Torpedo10: Mitchy McGov needs the wall I think.
benzammit: He can’t kick God bless him.
snake_p: torp he’s actually binning it up compared top the first half injured
zadolinnyj: Crouch only tagged first half
Torpedo10: Sorry Snake, my PC is going slow. Just saw his +16 lol.
benzammit: He never tagged he had 19 touches to halftime admit your wrong and move on.
frenzy: see why I kept Sheridan now, Lol
Fletch91: Laird SC still gradually going up. You go son!
oc16: barlow is repaying the faith
zadolinnyj: Lol frenzy. At least north doing well
snake_p: trop he now needs the bin. about to make his average of 62
Foss: Seedsman butchering it?
Torpedo10: Snakey I’m moreso talking about SC, but even there he’s lifting. Had him as EMG so not too concerned yet.
zadolinnyj: Crouch 70 good. Needs to kick more
zadolinnyj: Bin harsh on Walters. Worked real hard
benzammit: If he kicked more he would be 50 from the clangers l70 don’t cut it for a strictly mid that’s 370k
JackRipper: Hope Laird ok for next week. Just brought him into my team.
benzammit: 8 kicks 7 clangers glad I binned him!
scrappers: 3 clangers 4 are free kicks against
scrappers: ripped of actually

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