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Chat log from R7 of 2016: St Kilda vs North Melbourne

Chat log for St Kilda vs North Melbourne, R7 of 2016

Gott2Win: Gotta love a cruisey sunday with the win in the bag already
Chelskiman: I’ve had the win in the bad all week. Legit playing a guy with Zac Dawson in his side.
SilverLion: @Gott2Win Hah, I doubt this game will be one-sided either way.
BestCoast: @Gott2Win you must be lovin’ it, mine will go to the last kick of the day
circle52: Need Goldy to outscore Danger
mod0001: goldy needs to have a better week than last week
Ceema: Come on captain goldy
Gott2Win: Was talking about my SC SilverLion! This game won’t be one sided. Haha who the hell has Dawson?!
blues3222: cmon wells
Gott2Win: Wouldn’t be hard Circle
Bursill: Who are the late outs?
Torz: Sinclair and Wright
Gott2Win: Wright and Sinclair
Ceema: Sinclair out for saints
circle52: Lonie for Sinclair and Mullett for Wright
Fletch91: Anyone watch afldude’s stream? Been closed down 🙁
mason2016: why have i still not got riewoldt?
Bursill: alright thanks
uw0tm8: Ben jacobs is a germ
Bursill: I need Goldstein to triple his score from last week.
blues3222: yea i heard about that fletch91
circle52: @mason2016 not alone but he is on my watch list. His price going up though
las_cons: ben jacobs is a bottom feeder
Gott2Win: Saints will beat some good teams this year. Just have some off quarters/days
jfitty: Montagna looking like a good trade target this week
mason2016: sam gray to mav weller?
Gott2Win: Double down for me this week if Keays plays well. Him and Petracca will come into my team
Zeratul: Montagna or Riewoldt? That is the question
mason2016: or is there a cheap option to make some cash?
ryanbob: Don’t do this to me goldy
Gott2Win: Waste of a trade if your talking SC Mason
Daboo: I have both, problem solved!
blues3222: @fletch91 is there any other sites that you know of
Bursill: considering goldy–>gawn, sounds stupid though
poolboybob: Gresham is killing it
Gott2Win: Why Bursill?
jasonjjh: @Bursill, good move goldy a spud only av 115
Bursill: Gawn has been killing it
JockMcPie: goldstein and montagna in this game, need goldy to go big…real big
SilverLion: Lift Gresham…
jfitty: Gawn’s been awesome, but 2 of his big scores have been against Maric and Currie..
mason2016: who should i trade sam gray out for need some cash?? josh smith?
JockMcPie: @mason2016 if u havent got petracca then get him, if not than maybe ben keays depending or smith
JockMcPie: @jfitty what about his 170 against goldy??
Gott2Win: Agree Jock
boyley: don’t forget his 172 against Goldy, jfitty.
jfitty: 2 of his big scores were against terrible rucks, that game against Goldy was brilliant
Pull: dusty or montagna next week
Torz: Steven tackling his way to a decent score today. Gonna be hard work.
mason2016: get montagna he plays the same roll as hunter!! plenty of ball every week
Bursill: I could have loopholed Petracca’s 83 but i decided that Wells would score higher
dipstick: @jfitty gawn destroyed Goldy. forgot that did you?
JockMcPie: montagna has dropped heaps, get him this week before he goes up again
zadolinnyj: Massive trouble if montagna and Goldy stay on top
Ceema: Lol jfitty you Melbourne hater
Torpedo10: Seriously dipstick? Forget that Goldy scored 170+ in that game too?
ryanbob: Why is goldy losing points?
jfitty: I just hate Melbourne so much! lol
Bursill: Montagna’s BE is 174 at the moment
circle52: Clangers ryanbob
mason2016: sc loosers! dt for the win
dipstick: @torpedo ahhh he got 5 goals. how many from frees? lol
Ceema: Did you like it last night jfitty when we smashed gold coast
Pull: dt is so shit
Jukes82: dt for muppets.
ryanbob: Is it minus 5 points for a turnover?
Pull: pls no wells you are a gun
Daboo: Please wells, stay on the bench.
MIJG: Unlimited trades spoils DT. Everyone ends up with same team come season end.
Torpedo10: Remove the frees dipstick, he still wasn’t smashed.
Gott2Win: Yep unlimited trades makes it a lot easier
Torz: Yet someone still comes out on top MIJG. Still about timing your run.
dipstick: @mijg yeah but 50% don’t log into sc near end of year. phantom teams everywhere
gdshifty: What happened to Wells? At work on my phone
Gott2Win: SC is better in my opinion
dipstick: no he was destroyed ruck wise from what I watched
m0nty: Acres cruising for a pumpkin icon
zadolinnyj: Correct dipstick. That’s why he went forward. Got most points kicking goals as full forward
nikos: So are you m0nt, trying to charge for fanfooty mobile
ryanbob: Goldy wrapping up an absolutely shocking weekend for me
Torpedo10: Goldy was frequent in other areas, can’t score 170 by only kicking 5 goals.
MIJG: Be good to be able to buy trades for say 500k once you’ve ran out.
dipstick: @mijg should be able to bet some salary cap to make$$
casey22: is missy playing
Rockafella: paly AFL dream team if you want trades every week, RDT is better, makes you think
AngryRyno: Goldy no good
qcumbers: Draft is better, no copycat bandwagoners
dipstick: Goldy 2 HTA so far
MIJG: Any ruck that rests up forward should be fwd ruck options. So many wasted points.
Zeratul: Zieball 69% game time… hope he finishes strong
GJayBee: fan footy was down, it made me panic. Has Monty got a chosen one to take over? I need to know fanfooty is eteral
m0nty: my heir is only one year old, I’ve got a while to go yet though
Sloaneyyyy: fanfooty really needs a stand alone chat window, kinda like IRC
Sloaneyyyy: i also miss the mobile version of the site too, was much easier to read on my phone screen
Pokerface: when is the iphone app coming?
Sloaneyyyy: i used to be able to replace the ‘live’ with a ‘m’ and it was awesome on mobile
tamoz: Power off Montagna!
blues3222: is wells off the field
poolboybob: Minchington is a spud
Pokerface: i’m playing the only person in the world without wells. he has montagna instead :/
GJayBee: Monty, I’m sure your heir will be ready to fill your shoes when he is 40!
Sloaneyyyy: Roo’s gone beast mode!
AngryRyno: Wells on the ground
BestCoast: NRoo Blitzing last month
the spud: the chamber of fanfooty has been opened, enemies of the heir beware
the spud: “You’ll be next spudbloods”
Regis124: C’mon Goldy, I need you to get 100 for a win
Hadouken: I’d like to know what veggies Roo is eathing this season…. super effort.
AngryRyno: keep going Gold coming into this game
Hadouken: or even eating* lol
AngryRyno: c’mon Wells work hard for an 80
Torz: This is shocking by Steven.
SwaggyP: the one year i decide not to pick rooey he dominates….again
Chelskiman: Ben Jacobs can die in a hole for all I care.
Torz: Wells and Steven in this game. Disaster.
AngryRyno: everyone has Wells, don’t stress
Rockafella: if wells is done we have money to spend
JockMcPie: lol wells…im not even mad, i got montagna and goldy
BestCoast: NRoo star
iZander: anyone confirm what Armitages injury is?
Fletch91: Lets go Sainters, come out on top!
JockMcPie: give roo start cape and gun he deserves
Jukes82: wells was due for an injury, he’s like higgins in that regard.
DirtyDawn: Hello all. Howdy Rockafella
Bursill: Goldstein winning point!
BestCoast: hello DirtyDawn
AngryRyno: Goldy with a match winning point?
jocka: Terrible way for a game to end.
LuvIt74: Who kicked last goal
God_: Umpire conveniently ignores the potential free kicks until roos are in scoring distance. another result decided by umps
frenzy: hearts2hearts
LuvIt74: who kicked last goal from north?
AngryRyno: Wood @Luvit but it was after the siren
LeFtBehinD: I’m a north supporter and that wasnt a Golfy free. Mason deserved the HTB free and goal at the end
Daboo: That was poor sportsmanship at best!
tom_cohen: @Daboo by who?

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