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Chat log from R5 of 2016: Fremantle vs Carlton

Chat log for Fremantle vs Carlton, R5 of 2016

Harmes37: C’mon Blueboys! Have a crack!
zadolinnyj: Let’s go Fyfe
poolboybob: Too early to put the potato on Liam Jones?
snake_p: lets go Capt Neale
gdshifty: grey P plate?
snake_p: no poolboy he should have it permanently
heppelitis: was caleb daniel traded to blues?
Tommo9: Cmon Captian Fyfe
Bulky: I’d like to see Liam Jones V Zac Dawson. What a dream match up that would be.
poolboybob: Elite kicking skills in this match
Bursill: Both of these teams are playing so badly this year that this game deserves to be a draw, noone should win
Harmes37: we’re in front head for the boundary line!
circle52: Come on Fyfe Barlow has scored more than you.
heppelitis: neale everywhere
circle52: and my oppoinent in DT has Neale as C
Bulky: I’d say Dawson with his 1 disposal at 0 percent efficiency is just shading Jones at the moment.
ballbag: dawson 1CP with zero possies. on fire!
poolboybob: Another Liam Jones donut
blues3222: Can Fyfe and Barlow get injured
SaintsMan: fyfe getting looked after again
heppelitis: glad i got sumner in dt not sc
casey22: Zac on fire again!
snake_p: yes Hepp he’s a butcher of the ball in the mould of Carrazo
jimmy294: grey killing it!
blues3222: What do you guys think Martin and Houlli will score tonight
snake_p: yes Jimmy Lyon will drop him in 2 weeks
the worm: 80 for martin 90 for houli
jimmy294: how come snake? for mundy?
ballbag: as long as casboult and jones are in the team the blues are doomed
snake_p: ross doesn
snake_p: probably ross doesn’t play the kids
oc16: maybe freo will actually finish bottom 4
ryanbob: has barlow ever worn a shirt that actually fits?
korza: Cripps is a beast
wadaramus: Fyfey limping.
heppelitis: worst news ever wada
circle52: Looked like a corkie so should be back
lachlan.w: Jones is a hack
Demons15: Dear Docherty, go fuck yourself
AngryRyno: Sheridan no longer the +1
Bursill: Fyfe’s gone into the rooms
ballbag: that or left your fucken game docherty. best regards. Demons15
J.Worrall: just got fyfe and made him Capt …
LuvIt74: there is a horse racing at Geraldton now called Nat The Fyfe
Demons15: if he gets overtaken by jones i might actually delete my DT account
snake_p: does it have a badly styled mane Luvit?
poolboybob: This is an awful game, lol
Kenny27: come 3rd aswell
wadaramus: Hopefully Fyfe is back after the break.
blues3222: Is Fyfe injured
AngryRyno: need this Nat the Fyfe to get back on and dominate after HT
wadaramus: Is Weitering starting to run out of steam?
Gordo450: Is Brady Grey worth a downgrade trade
wadaramus: Fyfe went off with calf trouble blues3222.
Zeratul: Hoping weitering and Byrne can get more involved in some defensive switches
lachlan.w: gordo dont forget they are playing the blues’
lachlan.w: gordo dont forget they are playing the blues
Zeratul: Home vs the blues is the only reason I didnt trade out Barlow and Sheridan yet!
wadaramus: I chose Wagner over Byrne this week, we’ll see a bit later if it pays off.
LuvIt74: @Wadaramus was Fyfe’s injury bad m8?
GJayBee: Byrne made my weekend
Zeratul: Reckon Barlow can make his B/E? Its 97… but last week didnt do much after half time
LuvIt74: @Wadaramus who did u trade out for Wagner?
Tonche: Sheridan lots of the ball, just needs some easy marks
wadaramus: I didn’t see the incident,but saw him limping to the sideline.
Harmes37: fyfe out there?
wadaramus: Traded Kennedy, moved Kerridge to mids, M.Brown to fwds, Wagner in!
Bursill: fyfe is on the ground
ryanbob: ywah fyfe back on
poolboybob: Where’s Tuohy’s four leaf clover?
Harmes37: thanks @Bursill
J.Worrall: fyfe is off the ground
ShavedApe: Fyfe is OFF the ground again, he’s in trouble
heppelitis: doesnt mean he will do anything though
LuvIt74: Is Fyfe on or off?
heppelitis: deledio out
wadaramus: Byrne-Jones was a good result.
Bursill: he was on but just came off
J.Worrall: on off on off
LuvIt74: ok he’s off
zadolinnyj: Fyfe off with ice on calf
wadaramus: Fyfe is on the pine with ice on his left ankle.
crazyet23: come on barlow, show to those who kept faith you still got it !!
J.Worrall: getting iced
ShavedApe: IMO he will have limited game time for the rest of the match.
FlagDog: Fyfe on bench with ice pack on
bernieV: fyfe done for the day
GJayBee: metaphorically he is off
JDolling69: Fyfe Hair down, calf on ice
wadaramus: Fyfe top knot is undone, he’s finished for the day.
colin wood: fyfe done and so’s my sc
LuvIt74: @Shaved think your right but hope your wrong…
the worm: todays game will hoodwink everyone into thinking barlow is still worth keeping
GJayBee: can the blues do this fellas? I would love it, hate Ross’s style.
heppelitis: fucking fuck fuck
Zeratul: TY heppelitis, changing my tip and my matchday team
colmullet: ffs, my AF captains have been a consistent nightmare
ShavedApe: Yeah Fyfe my SC Captain so I hope Im wrong too.
LuvIt74: is it confirmed he isn’t going back on?
ShavedApe: The Blues can definitely do this
ballbag: the fyfesta has been mothballed. put him in cotton fellas
wadaramus: I’ve still got Barlow, but not by choice, just other fires nee putting out first!
Zeratul: nah im still ditching barlow after this match 😛
MacPack: apparently Fyfe hurt himself just before break on concrete trip near astro turf strip on boundary. He should sue AFL
heppelitis: ok Kerridge….200 from you to make up for it
bernieV: sad but i think the questions is can freo lose this, and yes they can
LuvIt74: The premo midfielders this season have been very problematic.
colin wood: they need fyfe out there but dont think he will be back
FlagDog: Barlow 100+ this week, 60 next week.
GJayBee: i figured barlow wouldn’t bomb to bad, but i couldn’t resist the sideways to merret!
LuvIt74: @bernieV ya must have 28+ trades left
bernieV: fyfe on bench with ice strapped to ankle but hes not in tracksuit..slight chance maybe
GJayBee: i had greene, barlow and robinson in sc, one of em’ had to go. Barlow it was
ballbag: sounds like neale is looking for the mothball cupboard aswell
Bulky: Dawson V Jones. A race to the bottom.
heppelitis: was literaly flying up DT rankings with Capt on Fyfe…dam it
wadaramus: Barlow, barring injury, should crack the SC ton today, giddy up!
Torz: Barlow is everywhere this quarter.
zadolinnyj: My year just about done in sc. can’t take a trick in my paid league
ballbag: @hepp yeh but everyone has the C on Merret
the worm: you would hope barlow would be everywhere when there is no fyfe or mundy
jesseboy: Ice means no chance of return.
the worm: how can eveyone have the c on merrett, he is only in 15% of teams
heppelitis: mate was top 1000 with 3 live and 6 to go….spewin
bernieV: yeah never seen anyone return with ice taped but thought it was odd he wasnt wearing a robe etc
bernieV: okay, fyfe officially done
ryanbob: fyfe done for the day
Yelse: is fyfe out for weeks??? did he tear the calf?
Kenny27: this is one shocking game
zadolinnyj: Looks
zadolinnyj: Looks like a calf knock
zadolinnyj: Ice on front
ballbag: @hepp even if C merret get 120 its really only 61 points more
snake_p: shocking defence freo
shaker: I have Barlow and Kerridge I think it is ok
wadaramus: Ice pack was around the outside of the ankle, maybe he just rolled it?
GJayBee: I think you are correct shaker
AngryRyno: who else has Fyfe C
heppelitis: I know…not that bad…but im normally crap at this game haha
heppelitis: Actually I ranked 11 for last round in SC…close but no cash
Tim Tam: Just got Fyfe and put the C on him and Blues might even win this…. I’m done….
colin wood: i did angry
zadolinnyj: Impressive @hepp
Viscount: Had guaranteed win Angry now neck and neck
Torz: What a mare for Docherty.
GJayBee: this is really hard to say as a pies man, but, uh, go blues?
ballbag: holy smoke. thats 1 place of an achievement award. i finished 49 in AF last year
GJayBee: I have fyfe c in RDT, hurts me. Centrer bet game me some money though, so i am ok
the worm: understandable for pies fans to sympathize with the blues the way both teams are going at the moment
SaintsMan: what happened to fyfe
LuvIt74: I got him as C also and was doing ok till this but serves me right, I should have taken Goldy’s 125
wadaramus: Ice on the ankle SaintsMan.
oc16: cape for barlow
heppelitis: 49… normally about 10000
JDolling69: get the hell out of my team Sheridan
vartic: I had a tight game with my opponent and decided to match him with Fyfe captain instead of taking goldy VC D:
SaintsMan: bad wada? are we looking at weeks or a quick return?
vartic: should still win but cost myself a lot of points
GJayBee: ball bag well done mate, i have never got close to that!!!!!
poolboybob: Surely it’s time for the Jones potato?
ballbag: pfft carlton couldnt win a 1 entrant raffle
LuvIt74: Fyfe’s B/E will be massive next game, he may drop $100k in 4 weeks.
Demons15: Jones should have the potato permanently
Gordo450: @dolling went Sheridan to DBJ this week mate
SaintsMan: how many weeks luvit? like is it just today or ?
LuvIt74: Best thing the dogs done was get rid of Jones
heppelitis: went backwards 1500 places that qtr lol
AngryRyno: Jones is the reason WB are so good
Demons15: Just did a tad of research. Carlton gave the dogs pick 46 for jones, dogs picked up caleb daniel
LuvIt74: Have they actually said exactly whats wrong with Fyfe’s ankle? I think its a precautionar thing coz hes standing on it
poolboybob: Ballantyne has been terrible
HawkTalker: Is Fyfe off the ground?
ballbag: put casboult in def or fuck him off!!
LuvIt74: Caleb the little pocket rocket.
ryanbob: terrible decision making by casboult there
LuvIt74: @hawkTalker Yeah
ShavedApe: If Fyfe comes back on the ground it will be on crutches
poolboybob: Half time Auskick was at a higher standard than this
HawkTalker: what the hell actually happened to Freo? It’s like they went back a decade
ShavedApe: Its survival of the Showerest
LuvIt74: What stupid colours for the blues, they should be called the whites.
wadaramus: Fyfe didn’t look too bad when he was limping off, he should be OK I reckon.
poolboybob: Potato potato potato
Bursill: of course Jones would kick a point
ShavedApe: Its official this is the worst game I have watched in years
LuvIt74: Jones should be dropped seriously he is not AFL level actually neither is this entire game
Demons15: @hawktawker, 0 development in a ross lyon team, look what he did with the saints
elitegod22: Jones needs to kick it here
snake_p: one potato two potato…Jones
Bursill: am i seeing things or did Jones just kick a goal?
HawkTalker: Best case scenario here: fyfe limps on and kicks the winning goal
LuvIt74: @Wadaramus totally agree mate, he was bearing full weight so I think there doing it for precaution.
Disco DB: That goal doesn’t matter… potato.
bernieV: agree its an average game but its close
elitegod22: Draw draw fitting result
Demons15: nah best case scenario for dockers is a loss, cant give lyon an excuse of “we got the points”
LuvIt74: Under 10’s have close games also
wadaramus: Must have been sore enough that he couldn’t go back on, ice it up for next week probably wise.
Yelse: ross needs to start playing more kids. needs flare
elitegod22: My sons under 11 game today was better than this dribble
RooBoyStu: concussion test the 0.10% AF & the 0.13% SC people that have Jones.
LuvIt74: Cannot stand Lyon’s when he talks i feel like punching him. “You know what I mean”
zadolinnyj: Hello kermit
Demons15: blakely and collins to come in next week surely
bernieV: taberner just went full retard
snake_p: tabenerr having a mare
LuvIt74: Lyon’s most commonly used phrase. “You know what I mean”
ryanbob: wrong team taberner
Demons15: taberner should have the kermit for the rest of the game for that
poolboybob: Problem is, most of Freo’s kids are terrible. Craberner, Langdon, Grey, Crozier, none of them use the ball well.
Torz: Spud icon for Taberner please.
GJayBee: never go full retard!
elitegod22: Taberner villan to hero
Torz: I withdraw that request for the moment.
GJayBee: afl footys have changed over time, we need to look into making a better ball like poof ball did. get one that bends
Demons15: yeah but poolboy thats more because they dont get regular footy, used to wafl pressure
RooBoyStu: ying yang Grey
ballbag: has murph got a french tickler on his scone?
AngryRyno: Sheridan was spoiled, not D Pearce
jimmy294: pav to kick his first goal of the game and win it for freo
vartic: Get absolutely fucked Freo, killed my perfect fucking tipping
SaintsMan: good boy simmo!
poolboybob: Freo are a tyre fire. Guess this will help the rebuild.
NoneyaB: does gibbs get an extra 50 pts for that kick or not?
GJayBee: gibbs must be wearing special underpants
Viscount: Tucker bag
vartic: Well, maybe not dead just yet. CMON
GJayBee: Pav to kick another point after the siren and lose hahahah
Mash: Not sure of the rule anymore noney. The rule use to be 50 for after the siren and 40 if it’s within the last minute
zadolinnyj: Lol jones
Bulky: Jones! Match winner!!
poolboybob: Neale muppet
LuvIt74: One things for certain we don’t need to wait for any scaling on Fyfes score.
jfitty: Jones X-Factor!!
ballbag: heh heh heh 🙂
Gordo450: Jones = X Factor
poolboybob: Liam Jones star. Brownlow smokey
Disco DB: Shocked he kicked that. Potato.
GJayBee: it’s so good to know i don’t have to listen to ross lyon speak, can you imagine the pain?
LuvIt74: @pool lmao
GJayBee: every spud has it’s day
Yelse: any chance fyfe broke his fibula???
zadolinnyj: Saying on tv that may be same spot Fyfe fractured previously
LuvIt74: is that what Murphy looks like, couldn’t recognise him without his underwear on his head.
LuvIt74: it doesn’t look like a break, he is bearing weight on it, even with crutches he was walking on it.

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