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Chat log from R5 of 2016: St Kilda vs Western Sydney

Chat log for St Kilda vs Western Sydney, R5 of 2016

J.Worrall: Careful – There be Giants!
jocka: Let’s go! LOL JK No one caress about these teams.
SaintsMan: shut up mate
Tommo9: Toby Greene and Dylan Shiel killing me
Breezey: I have no one in this game. Just watching for interest sake
the worm: because u have them or dont have them?
Tommo9: I only have Shaw but opponent has Shiel and Greene
Viscount: Shiels off ground for a while I think
the worm: i dont see that shiel is doing that much at the moent
Viscount: check time on ground for Shiel
Breezey: Toby definitely off to a flyer
the worm: where areyou able to check live time on ground stats?
poolboybob: Tag Greene please
m0nty: expand your browser window and extra columns including TOG will appear
Viscount: top right hand corner of the table purple clock for time on ground
feralmong: Cmon shaw. Junk up this game as big a kim k’s huge rectum.
the worm: my browser seems fully expanded…no clock or extra columns for me…nevermind
snake_p: worm try reducing the zoom to 90%
m0nty: you might need a bigger screen 😛
Fenix: hold control and mouse wheel down
snake_p: gee greenes SC score higher than DT you don’t see that often
snake_p: +4 to DT score ignore that last comment lol
Gott2Win: Greene is still not odds on to ton up from here. Has the potential to go frosty cold
HawkTalker: Billinds was supposed to have a breakout year. He looks terrible
SaintsMan: you must have only seen this game then hawk
Tonche: Is Billings on the ground??
poolboybob: Patton apparently has 2 contested possessions with 0 handballs and 0 kicks
Breezey: I’d say Greene will ton up by half time at this rate
Gott2Win: Might finally put together a full game! Watch his ownership rise and his form drop after this week!
vartic: It’s possible to win a contested ball and then not dispose of it
nikos: there is a difference between a possession and a disposal Poolboy
vartic: also lift Shaw ffs
korza: A lot of Jack named players. Grandpa must of been a nice bloke
Tommo9: Stop Greene
FREODUCK: Jack Steven missing some points
Zeratul: Lift captain patton!
Fletch91: Is Steele gonna appear anytime soon?
colin wood: Was just absolutely to ask Callan to lift and he comes good! Phew!
Generalsor: Lol Korza
poolboybob: Good luck in the NEAFL next week, Patton.
snake_p: coing of a knee reco poolboy give him a few weeks
HawkTalker: Billings getting worse. What a chump
snake_p: *coming
Gott2Win: Scully nearly becoming fantasy relevant this year
SaintsMan: Guys, stop saying billings is bad and getting worse. For christ sake the kid is 20 and only getting better
G-Mo77: Didn’t you get the memo SaintsMan. High draft picks don’t get time. Produce now or no good. 🙂
LuvIt74: Afternoon all, the Saints are shocking, they really need to start recruiting better players fast
LuvIt74: That Billings is a disaster they should drop him along with Lonie & half the team
Gott2Win: Bring back Raph Clarke
LuvIt74: Not one of their young kids looks a stand out, I like Bruce as FF though.
LuvIt74: You look at the bulldogs kids and they have tons of talent in all their kids, yet the saints have squat its not good.
nikos: Saints have an abundance on young stars. Will develop nicely IMO
Gott2Win: Nice day for fishing Luvit?
BestCoast: Saints 21 points behind a team that has had a 1000 top ten draft pick. give em a go
Tommo9: C Fyfe needs a big one from after Greene’s game for me to win this week
korza: Shaw and Steven (C) have me sitting 65th overall AF Fantasy )))
SaintsMan: we’ve been so poor today
Kenny27: bit rough on saints IMO, if you remember 2 years ago the bulldogs were said to hve no young talent tipped for the spoon
Kenny27: Heater seriously chopping up the qtr
heppelitis: Go big heater…..make up for your average start this year
Roos 7: Good stuff Korza ! keep it up amcam
shaker: Wow 45 points in SC for Shaw this 1/4
snake_p: yes Kenny Heater Haters gone missing
Breezey: Saints coming here
colin wood: Lift a little ward need u to go big
Kenny27: cmon Tagna gimme something
Kenny27: pressure is up great stuff
Breezey: Hudson. Steele. Man of puts it through
Ben_Gogos: I’ve been super impressed with Lee today. Serious option now.
Lecras: riewoldt going down to the rooms not looking good
Torpedo10: What’s going on with Ward, Ben?
Ben_Gogos: @Torpedo10, he drifts in and out of contests, it appears to be happening again. He was in the same spots as Q1&2.
Breezey: I don’t care what anyone says Johnson is a great asset for GWS
colin wood: Come on Ward get near the pill!!
m0nty: nominations for star please
the worm: whoever said he wasnt?
Torpedo10: Geez, been really quiet this Half Ben. Killing me.
Kenny27: Greene for star
Breezey: Greene or Shaw for the Star
poolboybob: Greene for star, set the tone with a brilliant Q1.
Mash: Riewoldt for star
korza: Taner my nephew a is on as a new member. Welcome Roos 7
BestCoast: Greene
Torpedo10: Lift Ward!
Fenix: go hawks
vartic: Thanks Giants 😀 6/6 with correct margin so far
Sloaneyyyy: Nroo should have a permanent bandaid icon, he gets one every game anyway
heppelitis: Ross goes alright Dt wise
J.Worrall: better stay premium then, ay, korza!
grossn: Greene for star, Shaw for X or Cherry
Sloaneyyyy: how is Jonathon Patton so bad ???
korza: *JW he drinks more piss than i do.
m0nty: not sure what Ben is impressed with, Lee is spudly IMO
Breezey: It was a 10 pt margin. Nek Minit
Kenny27: gotta give it to Noo, great player
Tonche: Greene to get the cherry, surely
the worm: is toby playing forward or mainly mid?
SaintsMan: lift shiel
BOMBRBLITZ: Star for Toby Greene
Kenny27: @worm been playing lead up half forward role
Torpedo10: Such an average second half from Ward. Should be on 100 SC now.
Sloaneyyyy: good to see Coniglio stringing together a few good games now
LeFtBehinD: Anyone know whats the deal with Smith? So down on last year.
Breezey: Patton helps Cameron being another target up forward. He will improve I reckon in DT/SC scoring too
heppelitis: shabby numbers today Joey M,,,lift
Ben_Gogos: Ward fallen asleep.
Tommo9: Greene back to Q1 form
colin wood: Ward is off the ground
LuvIt74: Saints biggest problem this season is unable to play 4 quarters.
SaintsMan: we did against collingwood and even the hawks
circle52: Nick Roo is a machine just wondering whether to get on in SC
Torpedo10: Would’ve liked Ward to hit 100, this is really disappointing.
LuvIt74: Was hoping Heater would score poorly so he continues to drop in price ut he’ll make his B/E
Tonche: Can’t believe the diff in Billings game past two weeks vs today
snake_p: he’s already made it Luvit B/E 101
LuvIt74: @Saints yeah that hawks game was total B/S the saints won that game, umpires lost that game 4 you, those 15 meter calls
heppelitis: oh joey injured
LuvIt74: @snake i only talk SC mate not DT
LeFtBehinD: Montagna hammy?? No mention on coverage
SaintsMan: oath
Kenny27: yep Monty iced up on bench
Sloaneyyyy: surely Cameron gets the target icon – 5 straight
snake_p: Luvit what was his B/E in SC?
LuvIt74: Shaw’s B/E is 127 on SC mate which he achieved.
Lecras2: Shiel not spending much time on the field??
Breezey: Giddy Liam
LuvIt74: Those idiots that traded Greene out must be spewing
snake_p: thanks Luvit. He aint getting any cheaper
Gott2Win: Roo is so good. Has been awesome for years
Sloaneyyyy: i was one of those idiots, but I traded out green to get Hall in… but yeah still spewing
SaintsMan: brought in hall
Viscount: Shiel spent a third of his time on the pine
Sloaneyyyy: SC really hate ruckman this year
SaintsMan: oi luvit, do i give shiel the boot or nah?
LuvIt74: Saints no m8 stick fat with him
SaintsMan: probs a waste

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