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Chat log from R5 of 2016: Port Adelaide vs Geelong

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Geelong, R5 of 2016

J.Worrall: CatPower!
AngryRyno: Broadbent is the only guy allowed to touch it
OnTheRocks: get that superman cape ready for Broadbent, already over half way there
the spud: Hombsch is the sound I make when i take a big bite out of a sandwich
J_Pinkman: broadbent does this every week. he’ll finish with around 60
ballbag: oh i see, danger taking the week off again
SaintsMan: put the c on him ballbag
poolboybob: Bartel is tagging empty grass again
spudaroos: Is bartel dead?
wadaramus: Come on Dangerfield, you too Bartel.
ballbag: LOL crows no worse off without danger and cats no better off
Torpedo10: This is making we seriously wonder why I have Bartel on field over DBJ
wadaramus: Bartel just doesn’t seem to really give a fuck.
FlagDog: Minus 6 Danger? What a potato.
THESKUNK: no one should have bartell this year
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Ruggles gives away two frees in a row in Port’s forward line to gift Amon a goal from the line!
J_Pinkman: bullshit free kick against the ruggler….officially hate umpires, their all wankers
grossn: I love how non victorians think the umps are biased towards victorian teams
AngryRyno: no one should barrack for Fremantle this year either
jocka: Umps ruining this game
Yelse: cmon S gray lift please
J_Pinkman: 2nd free kick that is. just to clarify
SaintsMan: you are a dud danger
THESKUNK: ouch Angry
ryanbob: God wingard has been so disappointing
poolboybob: Bartel has been reliably good every year. Guess it had to run out eventually.
wadaramus: Well it looks like Danger is happy just surfing at Moggs Creek, fuck footy.
grossn: Port are feral holy shit
bigpens: TVs for everyone
jocka: cheap, and weak, shot.
THESKUNK: fired up a tad!
J_Pinkman: kinda wished for some biffo there….alas, not to be
Zeratul: plenty of fines and a couple of weeks for some players i hope!
Rilian: Muppet = Monty considering at least one of those 2 frees wasn’t there against Ruggles. Umps providing great Sat comedy..
AngryRyno: Ruggles is an angry chap
TheMessiah: Cracking game! Love the physicality! Umps should calm down a bit and let it go
deekay: bring back the biff, that was brilliant at qtr time
Stuart88: Where’s the donuts for Bartel
AngryRyno: a tackle is a stat, so no donuts
J_Pinkman: ha ha ha aha, oh lordy great decision
ryanbob: Must be the same umpires for last night. Absolutely shocking
Rilian: I don’t normally complain about umps, but WTF are they on tonight?!
Bursill: bartell finally gets a kick….straight to the opposition
poolboybob: DBJ you beauty
Zeratul: Umpire nichols isnt in this match atleast!
J_Pinkman: umps were woeful last night, and a few decisions here equally so. totally impartial observation here
uw0tm8: Much better from geelong, just need a couple to settle it
Kenny27: Ollie have the tank of a 10 yr old? cant stay on the ground for longer then 5 min stints
Yelse: S.gray killing me all year. DE shocking
Yelse: Why did i put Byrne-jones on bench 🙁
Bursill: loves a goal from danger!
MIJG: Danger terrible de but godd sc go figure.
grossn: Take that you feral port. Keep going Danger and Selwood. Ultimate Karma so far
snake_p: make that 2 Bursill
bigbaddasa: yeah Danger is crap, just kicked back to back goals….lol
FlagDog: Put Papley on the bench for McCarthy after Papley 22 last week. Gonna cost me the game…
SaintsMan: well done danger mate
AngryRyno: nah FlagDog McCarthy moving along nicely
Raspel31: Have to love Danger and Gablett-Gablett struggled and stuck as my cap but both battlers.
AngryRyno: was stuck on 25 for a while and I was worried (same scenario) but he’s still ticking it over
kangawalla: @flagdog. Same here. I sacked the Pap smear after last week. Benched him without the E! 🙁
uw0tm8: Wines, dbj and danger ooo yis
blues3222: SuperCoach gold has Selwood on 105 sc points
Rilian: Wonder if Pittard will get cited by MRP lotto. Been a while since a cheapshot bump like that well after the siren.
DMS774: Selwood 67 on my SC gold
LuvIt74: @DMS how do u see scores on SC gold, i have SC gold but dont have live scoring
RooBoyStu: Glad I traded out Papley for Darcy Byrne-Jones
deekay: bartel is just killing me week in and week out
Rilian: Ayers Rock for Enright? Marking everything, even the couple the umps took off him from freekicks.
mark621: someone take danger out before i lose my match
Rilian: Was typing that before Richo said similar..
J_Pinkman: have we worked out Menzel can’t kick? yeah we have.
LuvIt74: bartel is a dud to old, I warned all my mates not to get him
LuvIt74: carn Cask wines, start playing like a Penfolds
J_Pinkman: bartel past it SC wise. Risk picking him first up
the worm: yeah too old like boyd and scott thompson and enright
Stuart88: I made the mistake picking him
the worm: and james kelly
Rilian: LOL @ Port bashing up a 3rd gamer. Brave!
Stuart88: Muppet grey hahaha
gdshifty: robbie gray on the angry pills
ryanbob: Gray is filthy
J_Pinkman: get Gray back in the midfield for fuck sake
ryanbob: Thinking wingard might be gone for me next week. Been shower besides the first game
deekay: if bartel gets 70 ill be happy
kangawalla: Onya Toomp, ya muppet!
AngryRyno: come on McCarthy get a move on
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Amon kicks across the backline but misses his target, Blicavs gathers on the behind line, easy goal Menzel!
AngryRyno: just need Lincoln to match/better Papley
Stuart88: Come on jimmy and McCarthy need points
wadaramus: Come on Danger, bust it up!
m0nty: Robbie Gray looks like Dangerfield did in his last year at the Crows
jocka: ayyyyyyyyyy mccarthy!!!
Zeratul: Spuds, burgers and muppets for most of the port team i think.
wadaramus: Patty never stopped trying m0nty.
McRooster: Power has more missing passengers than MH370
poolboybob: Still don’t know why McCarthy got dropped last week.
poolboybob: lol McRooster
FlagDog: Danger better get to 130 or I’m stuffed
Kenny27: @poolboy didnt he get rested?
Costanza: Port need to roll out McCarthy to re-ignite that passion
ajpearce: McCarthy rested, didn’t play reserves either
AngryRyno: DBJ might have event a spot on my field now
LuvIt74: Motlop needs to step up, my POD is fas becoming the wrong kind of POD (Point Of Disaster)
Pokerface: potato for sam gray
Costanza: no the McCarthy who died and Port rose as one. That passion is gone.
poolboybob: Great to see DBJ playing so well. Port are a spud factory so he’s in no danger of being dropped.
stuballs: God it’s good to see Menzel back kicking goals
AngryRyno: Toump deserves a spud
BestCoast: fried spuds at that @poolboybob, cant talk to load we were flogged today
J_Pinkman: sao that was 15 but saints last week wasn’t …huh
McRooster: Playing with Toumpas and Pitiful Pittard is like giving the opposition two extra players #turnoverkings
wadaramus: Oh you got smashed too hard, have a free kick.
ballbag: swap the testicle icon from oshea to r gray who is crying like a girl
kangawalla: Almost Horsey time for R Gray. Mare!
J_Pinkman: good Maths Richo, if you kick 3 goals every week you kick 66. well done mate
Raspel31: They said buy Darcy-Byrne Jones so I did. Hasn’t even tonned up yet.
McRooster: Lol! The Power crowd cheering the successful score review – the game is over dip shits!
wadaramus: Yeah, what a crap buy Raspel 🙂
J_Pinkman: thats a mark u tosser..omg
FlagDog: Keep it under 39 Port FF
BestCoast: Jimmy Spudtel
RooBoyStu: Zac Smith dropping in $ what a spud, glad i avoided him
stuballs: God it’s good to see Menzel back kicking goals. How do you rob a man a mark and shot on goal like that?
AngryRyno: isn’t that correct Pinkman? 3×22 = 66?
Raspel31: Yep, $126,000 down the drain Wada.
the worm: bagging bartel is insane
J_Pinkman: yeah it is correct, he was stating the bloomin obvious. my point was brilliant special commentating
deekay: junk time jimmy brilliant
wadaramus: He’s on 98sc, he should ton up!
J.Worrall: BANG – was that the sound o earth?of RGray’s score coming back t
McRooster: The fact that, for whatever reason, that Adelaide Oval seats are teal coloured only highlights the premature departure
Raspel31: No ton Wada-sigh. Totally useless.
Pokerface: what are you on about raspel
RooBoyStu: Where are the blokes from earlier today bagging people for trading out Papley for Darcy Byrne-Jones glad I did.
Viscount: 103 yeah

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