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Chat log from R5 of 2016: Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane, R5 of 2016

Harmes37: Stef Martin definitely playing?
missmagic: why is caleb daniel showing as an out on ultimate footy site?
vartic: Because he’s out
THESKUNK: deffo out
J.Worrall: Woof woot
missmagic: phew glad i saw that
insano: suckers or boyd for maychday D
ballbag: @missmagic update please
Xephyrise: toby mclean in for caleb daniel
circle52: Brisbane with first 2 goals
Zeratul: lets go stefan martin… time to bounce back for your first ton of the season!
J_Pinkman: hopefully Zeratul
thommoae: Why Daniel out – headgear problems?
blues3222: What’s up with Biggs sc score
AngryRyno: Daniel out injured, announced yesterday
circle52: No push in the back paid
Brown*Dog: Lester has seriously improved this year
ballbag: nah, he fell through a grate on the road boarding the bus
SaintsMan: martin just not doing enough
Brown*Dog: Nice start Rocky, reward the guys that held on to you
J_Pinkman: bullshit bullshit bullsit freekick. CRAP CRAP CRAP
J_Pinkman: man umpires are stupid
heppelitis: Jinxed him Brown dog
bigbaddasa: well lets see if Rocky can get through the next 2 weeks, then be very cheap
ballbag: dogs thought fuck it- we’ll get people watching our games by scoring high in DT pts
OnTheRocks: cmon Robinson and Hunter, after having GaJ as C, i need you guys to make up for that crappy 101
deekay: Rockliff to Hunter has been a great move so far
LuvIt74: Is the Suckling pig ok or off?
Bursill: he’s in trouble
ballbag: suckling pig looked porked. put a fork in him
J_Pinkman: stefan not his usual self
deekay: sucking pig ACL apparently on Channel 7 – getting strapped up.
RooBoyStu: good to see muppets without Foxtel commenting
LuvIt74: if it was his ACL he wouldn’t be getting strapped up. Think its his medial strain only
Torpedo10: Martin seems to be playing deplorably.
bigbaddasa: I am surprised Martin is actaully awake after last week
LuvIt74: Suckling back on although they should of rested him
IHateChat: Heart for suckling.
LuvIt74: This is a hard at the ball game, almost like watching wrestling. sooner or later one side will burn out.
circle52: Agree Luvit very physical game
LuvIt74: Rocky looks ordinary for his first game back after a few weeks
heppelitis: haha my package got larger!
LuvIt74: It was only a matter of time b4 one team broke away, they couldn’t keep up that pressure for long. Like UFC for 2 hours.
ballbag: package?? pffft hes not even an envelope
TheMessiah: Zorko was a great pick up 🙂
heppelitis: 3 lions lined up like fallen dominos…brilliant
Grumpman: suckling back on yet??
LuvIt74: Yeah he came back a soon as 2nd quarter started but id like to see him rested coz dogs need him against the Roos
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Koby Stevens butchers the ball on the last line to allow Hanley in for an easy goal.
circle52: Another BS free against
LuvIt74: That was a BS free kick to the dogs and im a dogs supporter
FlagDog: C’mon Stef, get going.
TheMessiah: Come on HUNTER… Pick it up matey
TheMessiah: Adams scored 3 in last 35 mins
circle52: Misses a high on Lions and pays the Dogs which was there in fairness
rooboypete: where is suckling? Is he even on the field?
Seb78: Whats with Zorko SC? Surely hasnt been that ineffective?
circle52: Free kick count favours dogs 2/1
Xephyrise: suckling injured
ballbag: youre about to play ya last qtr for me stringer. godd riddance spanker
rooboypete: I can see he’s injured but is he iced out of the game?
LuvIt74: They were bloody stupid for playing suckling after that slight medial injury, UNREAL
frenzy: got the trakkie on rooboy
kangawalla: I got M Adams in last week after all the hype & he’s scored 100 in 7 quarters. Thanks mate….not!
circle52: Has track suit on
ballbag: i put money on mboyd to be the bulldogs injury next week
LuvIt74: @Kanga stupid move bringing in Adams once he has appreciated almost $200k
AngryRyno: why trade him in Kanga LOL
ballbag: @rooboy not iced just mothballed
LuvIt74: Did Suckling get re-injured again after the 1st QT?
jfitty: Boyd quarterback?
Kenny27: you traded him in after the hype? or all the points you missed out on lol
LuvIt74: WTH does mothballed mean?
TheMessiah: Please ton up hunter
ballbag: @kenny dont laugh too hard. you dont want your last couple teeth to fall out
Fletch91: Is it just me or does Libba seem to always have a quiet second half?
circle52: Mark to Hanley not paid
oc16: well at least boyd finally cracked pass 92
kangawalla: Bit a both Kenny
wadaramus: Can Dahl, keep going man.
ballbag: mothballed means stored away for future use
Kenny27: @ballbg i’ll save the hardest laugh for your wooden spoon this year
LuvIt74: oic thanx ballbag. lol I thought maybe he was getting eaten
Zeratul: Wow. adams…. been on the bench for 3qtrs?
oc16: i think stef deserves the heart considering what happened last week
kangawalla: @Luvit. Hindsight says you’re right but I was happy to pick him for $275k if he tonned up like his ave
LuvIt74: @kenny id say the pies have just as much a chance as Carlton for the wooden spoon. lol
Kenny27: @luvit so do I, Im in hope our percentage is better lol
jfitty: I agree.. Heart for Stef
ballbag: @kenny well if we get the spoon and 1st pick i’ll get you some plastic teeth. win win
FlagDog: Top work Stef!!
LuvIt74: lmao
LuvIt74: nothing wrong with Adams 76 when his breakven is 9
AngryRyno: how about Adams 80

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