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Chat log from R5 of 2016: Gold Coast vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Gold Coast vs North Melbourne, R5 of 2016

J.Worrall: Gazza gogetsome today!
Harmes37: is jacobs going to tag GAJ or Hall?
Gott2Win: Won’t matter who he tags. They both are good enough to beat the tag
frenzy: what happen to Woods, FFS
Harmes37: I have both GAJ and HAll anyway lol
Gott2Win: Goldy to go huge today. Hoping for a 150 with the VC loop
J.Worrall: Gazza will rove to goldy’s taps!
vartic: Goldy VC, he’ll make an absolute mess of Currie
vartic: Ideal start 😀
spiggs: When goldy is life
BestCoast: Hall, GAJ and Goldy VC on goldy loophole @vartic i agree
PtsHunting: Yup, Goldy VC for me too
Gott2Win: Yep. Nicholls is a big out for suns.
bones351: Nice start for Goldy! First possession, first goal!
ballbag: why isnt GAJ -3 for the 50metre penalty?
AngryRyno: Nicholls will be first picked next week at this rate
insano: gay off
mpollock: Ablett looks injured on the bench
gdshifty: oh god gaj injured
spiggs: They dropped Nicholls, he’s not that big an out
Schillaci: Goldy VC bout to be C methinks
jasonjjh: please let jacobs go to hall with gaz off
insano: same umps as hawks game ?
AngryRyno: Goldy 0 points in 15mins oops
a1trader: got Turner as emergency for Caleb Daniel
Torpedo10: Holz Chat?
Mallon13: ablett back on
mod0001: goldstien is playing well
spiggs: He’s a star
mod0001: what the hell ben brown 47
Ben_Gogos: Ablett is struggling big time here.
poolboybob: Sideshow Ben having a blinder
SaintsMan: Gazza might be done
wadaramus: Think Gazza has a sore shin.
Breezey: I gotta tell ya the trade in of Sam Gibson could prove to be a master stroke
RooBoyStu: They might need to grab the Big Green Screen from the Gold Coast Turf Club for Ablett
frenzy: get back on Lonegan, you plow
Raspel31: Mitchell-Vc-didn’t work-Gablett ahead of Danger cap-groan
ballbag: seems ol’ GaJ has a shinboner injury
Fatbar5tad: Ablett off, injured. Lonergan off shithouse.
Harmes37: none of my opponents have Goldy as C thank Satan!
Daroose: Wells. 1 Pos, 19 pts. Quiet, but effective.
blues3222: Gas has injured his right calf and is really sore
uw0tm8: Oh no ablett :(((
poolboybob: Vice Captain Goldstein is looking like Captain Goldstein
mod0001: is gaz injured i’m nott watching the game
blues3222: Kolo butchering the ball
RooBoyStu: Goldy easy VC choice, against nobody of note
TheMessiah: can the suns get themselves back into this contest?
frenzy: has the penny finally dropped Eski
circle52: Gaz I think is really done 2 bumps with a corkie calf.
Bursill: i had Gary Ablett captain for first 4rounds, decided to give captaincy to Goldstein this round. What a decision !!
AngryRyno: GC are not out of this
AngryRyno: Bald Jesus back on, but i might trade next week with shoulder and ankle
vartic: Gaz moving a little better after the break
Raspel31: Thinking same Angry, sigh
Ben_Gogos: Apparently a corked calf. They’ll use him as a small forward if he really begins to struggle.
TigersLair: i’m glad i kept Parker’s 129 as VC and playing a no name as captain
Raspel31: God Norff are a dirty bunch
circle52: Cunnington knees to back of Gazz may be looked at
poolboybob: Not many hitouts in this game
Harmes37: What is the icon next to the tiger fans name meant to be?
m0nty: the eye of the tiger
Bursill: The eye of the tiger
uw0tm8: Eye of a tiger harmes
the spud: the thrill of the fight
Harmes37: thanks @m0nty
Harmes37: didnt mean to start a song sorry fellas
GJayBee: dunt dunt dunt, dunt dunt dunt, dunt dunt duuuuuuuuu
Fatbar5tad: We’ll survive
Harmes37: why am I shadowboxing now?
Bursill: Risin’ up, back on the streets
Regis124: gold coast rising up to the challenge of their rivals
circle52: Sost free for tackle there
yorgis: not trusting gaz anymore . bit of a softcock at 32
Harmes37: lmfao @GJayBee
GJayBee: Come on Goldy, there are not just premiership points at stake, there’s money too!’
uw0tm8: Where is wells!!!!
bigpens: Cmon Suns, don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past, you must fight just to keep them alive
Fatbar5tad: In everyone’s team wotm8
TheMessiah: Where is C Cameron playing….
GJayBee: Suns have the eye of saros
Harmes37: Wright for GCS wow!
yorgis: pull ur finger out gaz
Torpedo10: GAJ is in massive trouble
Regis124: 2 touches for Gaz…
GJayBee: Gaz has to pray, pray, he’s got to pray to ton up today
Regis124: Peter Wright looks like a good addition at SC $187000
poolboybob: Goldy you beauty
insano: 21 in pretty good form
SaintsMan: hot the hell does goldy have 88. does nothing, lets looked after so much
Bursill: hahahha, yes Goldy! anyone else have him as captain?
Harmes37: only his 4th game ever
uw0tm8: Gaz and hall not too bad for ht scores
vartic: @saintsman ??? He’s been everywhere, what are you talking about
AngryRyno: SaintsMan an angry bloke without Goldy. poor child.
poolboybob: Rosa could be a handy fantasy defender. Gets a lot of ball on the wing.
the worm: except he plays 14 games a year
frenzy: thanks for th BE’s m0nty, your a champ
frenzy: spud firrito needs a mare or something
LuvIt74: Hate to say it but a sideways trade from Gazza to a Parker or Robbie Gray is starting to look wise.
cjd7769: luvit74 luv it
GJayBee: spud’s personal icon is the mare, except with a bigger nose
LuvIt74: I’m surprised GAJ hasn’t lost cash on SC but has a B/E 127 which he could still get. Just dont like how hes moving.
frenzy: c’mon Cunners, your playing showerty
Regis124: He will get a holiday next week
zadolinnyj: agreed @luvit
mod0001: goldstien slowing down
cusch1: Guys what’s up with Brandon matera? Injured? form?
GJayBee: it’s a soul thing with Matera
Bursill: Come on Goldy!! Lift mate
MIJG: Few more goals goldy
circle52: gee the umps have been missing quite a few holds off the ball this weekend.
Torpedo10: Goldy getting scaled up Mid-quarter by the looks, he’s on the bench at the moment
J_Pinkman: goldy still a must have in sc isn’t he. Have to weave my magic to get him in somehow……………eventually
GJayBee: need a big finish from Goldy today. I am very greedy.
schmicko: EAD Jacobs
goldy4pm: says every fan because he shuts down every teams gun player.
Harmes37: negative football is shit football!
J_Pinkman: second that Schmicko
blues3222: How is halls sc score so low
TheMessiah: would love 50 from CC
cusch1: Unpopular opinion: I actually liked Crowley as a tagged for freo
MIJG: Big last qtr Goldy…150SC pls
Bursill: Russel is playing a blinder
Yelse: ruggles or borne-jones? to bring in
mod0001: big game from peter wright
Harmes37: byrne jones
MIJG: Best case… Suns come back via Gaz… Goldy kicks winning goal.
schmicko: *both
Tommo9: Is Wright a viable option for Supercoach if he plays well next week???
Tommo9: Is Wright a viable option for SuperCoach is he plays well next week???
GJayBee: in he ton’s up twice in a row he will be many, many things. one of them is viable hahahah
LuvIt74: @yelse Byrne-jones on -85 so go with him over Ruggles plus Rugs JS is a concern
Gebs: last 3 scores have been in the forties would have to do something else next week for him to be a viable cash cow
J_Pinkman: oh nice handball Kade
wadaramus: Hall 25 possessions for 65sc, disappointing.
zadolinnyj: Does kk get a goal assist for that amazing work
Harmes37: other 3 scores were last year I think for Wright
Yelse: thanks guys u made decision easier. borne-jones and rance in
AngryRyno: Hall still going to get 89, nothing wrong with that
Gebs: yes last year but thats more of an indication of how he performs then a one off good game this year
ryanbob: Maybe won’t take goldy as Captain
Harmes37: agreed @Gebs
Harmes37: Bec Judd on TV atm…Better be twin boys!
Bursill: yeah I have to decide as well ryanbob, i’ve got him as captain loophole
goldy4pm: I think the wall icon suits the Gold Coast suns at the moemnt. Will be interesting to see if they can bounce back
mod0001: who has wright?
LuvIt74: I made a stupid mistake I put Mills on bench deliberately i should of put dunkly now cant take goldys VC
the worm: bounce back from what?
MIJG: Goldy surely get to 130+
Fatbar5tad: Got him in DT. On the bench though but a nice little earner.
J.Worrall: Bec is my C
circle52: That Deliberate out of bounds needs to be looked at North Player just shepparded it while it rolled out
circle52: Surely rule was intended to keep ball in play so norths player shopuld be pinged for not palying it
LuvIt74: bloody hell Gazza looks pretty injured he’s not moving well at all.
SaintsMan: looks fine luvit
circle52: Gazz to Danger looking good next week Yep one of the 44% who does not have him
Fatbar5tad: Ablett junk goal. Need my man Goldy to do the same.
bones351: Wells is a bit quiet
GJayBee: do it for the people goldy, for all of them
man0005: do it for the rock goldy
ryanbob: Come on goldy just 10 more
J_Pinkman: a 130 from goldy would be enough for capt wouldn’t it. he’ll get that
AngryRyno: do it for a cookie Goldy!
Viscount: Bank Goldy or punt on Fyfe?
ballbag: CD is a joke. GAJ just got +5 for scratching his nuts
GJayBee: sc i’d bank
MIJG: What the heck is goldy doing.
blues3222: Punt on Fyfe against Carlton
J.Worrall: Gazza is a little master of the scoring nut scratch
Viscount: thanks GJayBee
Sloaneyyyy: cmon Gaz, ton up for me in SC please
GJayBee: Goldy, such in the guts and get this done. Need one through the sticks. Do it for Johnny.
Viscount: thanks blues3222
Sloaneyyyy: yeah Gaz gets 1 pt per minute he plays in SC just for being on the field, no matter what he does =)
AngryRyno: clock?
the worm: i wonder how many still have spud mckenzie?
J.Worrall: … watch also for his little ear wiggle – usually good for a couple.
GJayBee: You played your best game in a year last night Sloaneyyy, good work
jfitty: Trash can for Hall..
J_Pinkman: who had Wright in Perfect nine
blues3222: All good viscount
BestCoast: Lindsay Thomas the worlds most certified flog
TheMessiah: come on another 10 from cc hall gab and wells
GJayBee: Hall’s sc is like my last girlfriend, a bit weak and dissapointing
frenzy: yep @ wetoast
frenzy: hearts2hearts
the worm: u were hoping for manly and not so dissappointing?
MIJG: Is goldy on ground or what

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