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Chat log from R5 of 2016: Sydney vs West Coast

Chat log for Sydney vs West Coast, R5 of 2016

J.Worrall: Go Bloods
facebook23: kum on swanz.
Harmes37: any late changes?
Harmes37: only have Parker in this one .. with Paps/Mills/hewett on the pine
m0nty: heart icon for the paratrooper being carted off, looks fine
feralmong: To be different I have f6 menadue vs my opponent papley. Hope I have made the right call.
ballbag: m0nty- please elobarate. what paratrooper? what happened?
m0nty: it’s windy at the SCG, he came down very fast and lost consciousness but was okay later
Harmes37: Delay of game penalty …. 5 yards…Offense… Still 1st down
feralmong: You’d have to be nuts to jump out of a perfectly serviceable aeroplane.
Bursill: Parachuter landed heavily on the ground before the game delivering the match ball, 10 minute delay
Bursill: No late changes I believe
feralmong: Rule1. Don’t over complicate the simple things. Handing the ball to the umpire.
mpollock: Hope Parker kills it. Have Papley and Mills as loopholes in case they kill it
Bursill: well I guess the important thing is that the umpire now has the match ball
ballbag: glad he is OK!!! Did he dispose of the ball correctly (just jokes) Our defense forces are worldclass
JackRipper: Well if the paratrooper was playing against Hawthorn it wouldnt matter how he disposed of the ball ballbag 🙁
FREODUCK: how do you get the layout with all the different stats
mpollock: Papley started well
mpollock: Nek minnit
feralmong: Damn papley already. Think I did a Doo Doo.
Fury: Papley on track for an 800 point game.
geoffmack: Paps off to a flyer, 4 SC points in the first 3 mins!!!
ballbag: @freoduck. i told you yesterday CONTROL –
TheMessiah: Good start to this one! Swans will win though
FREODUCK: sorry ballbag didnt see it. Your a legend though
TheMessiah: Glad I held hanners, Have him and Mills in this one.
blues3222: Cmon Hannas and titch
mpollock: Franklin = gun
BestCoast: G’day everyone hope you all have a great weekend and your teams do ok
Mallon13: cmon hannas and mills
BOMBRBLITZ: Papley another clanger
BestCoast: Go the PapSmear carn Eagles
Yelse: would you bring in juggles or burn-jones? most security?
goldy4pm: Got buddy, nic nat, parker, pridda and mills in this one so big day at the office for me
ballbag: yeh yeh ease up on the legend stuff…. even though it true 😉 glad it helped
TheMessiah: Wow both these teams are so dangerous going forward
TheMessiah: Buddy of Kennedy…. Who would you pick?
Mallon13: i think buddy
BestCoast: Who gave Papley the big A, be honest
TheMessiah: Buddy so good overall, all over the ground. But Kennedy is a better FF in my opinion
BestCoast: Spuddy by a whisker @TheMessiah
circle52: Was going to put the VC on Pridda but chickened out for Ablett at last minute.
TheMessiah: I dont want the hawks to have to play either of these teams in the finals haha, or adelaide again!
Mallon13: mills on his way up!
Raspel31: Parker tackling his way to the ton.
BestCoast: Pridda is a bonifide ball magnet
TheMessiah: Where is hanners playing?
circle52: Should have checked the weather forecast because will suit Pridda
TheMessiah: If the eagles get better at kicking for goal, noone will be able to beat them.
circle52: Agree Messiah
Wends: Muppet for uncle Benny
uw0tm8: Parker on track for a 10 touch ton lmao
vartic: Anyone else trade Papley in SC this week :S
ryanbob: gee that was horrible by mcglynn
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Ben McGlynn, look out behind you!
Mallon13: priddis 130
Fatbar5tad: Weagles looking good
TheMessiah: Feels like Sydney have no run
Wends: Lining up 30m in front @Messiah
ryanbob: whats the record for most tackles in a game? parker is on fire!
Yelse: i put VC on Hannas from parker last min :((((
Bursill: Most tackles ever in a game is 19 by Jack Ziebell and Jude Bolton, Parker already up to 7
BOMBRBLITZ: Parker 7 tackles already.good man
TheMessiah: Man Hanners, wtf was that?
Mallon13: papley on fire
Fatbar5tad: Pap smear turnover king
Wends: Papley flying points wise but many clangers
snake_p: pap cape
gdshifty: how many traded out Paps this week?
TheMessiah: Who wins from here? I have $$ on Swans haha, should I cash out?
BOMBRBLITZ: Parker captain loophole
jesseboy: I’m liking paps points, but feel he’ll get dropped if this trash disposal continues
blues3222: Hannas and titch good start, nick Nat needs to lift
ballbag: whats with JPK?? is he too old and too slow? the guy has become pathetically emabarssing overnight
gdshifty: papley the 8th traded out player this week!
luked98: does paps really deserve cape, bad DE
frenzy: pink donut george
TheMessiah: Does anyone still have Hewett?
cusch1: Lot of high scores that quarter
ballbag: JPK couldnt ton up if he tried slack puss
leeroy81: Who else picked Papley as captain?
TheMessiah: There was no push there. come on umps
Smithy1: Is JPK josh kennedy?
Mallon13: yes smithy1
Smithy1: i mean which one?
Mallon13: swans
Smithy1: cheers
Wends: Raining at SCG
Harmes37: I have hewett on the pine
Mallon13: cmon mills
Harmes37: Mills has already hit his BE
TheMessiah: Sydney need to pulls some back while its pissing down
Mallon13: i have mills on ground
ballbag: pull out your thumb… and pump out a ton priddis…by HT! You owe me big for last week shirley!!
Kenny27: impressive by paps there
carlton_99: Mills just went up 10sc points after that kick YESS
Mallon13: looks like papley will get a ton
insano: who is mcglynn tagging ? not priddis i hope
uw0tm8: Gaff for some reason sano
Bursill: he’s tagging Gaff
Wends: Sounds about right @Mallon – have him emergency in RDT & SC (with no loophole option) 😐
insano: even that seems to be going well lol
circle52: much the same Wends but I have Mccarthy as emergency in SC
Wends: Trying to get rookie E options right this year has been a shemozzle @circle. Whoever I pick goes big… the next Rd.
Mallon13: mills getting better
circle52: Papley now with a goal
poolboybob: Where the hell was this the last two weeks, Papley?
Generalsor: Wowza Pappappappy
ryanbob: traded paps in after his first two big scores, and now traded him out before this score. typical!
frenzy: it’s a smear campaign
Harmes37: Paps only needed 62 BE in SC, If he fell short he wouldnt drop much anyway
Raspel31: Parker hasn’t tackled in 20-disgraceful.
Wends: Paps they just weren’t patient enough Frenzy
Fatbar5tad: That’s why I kept him Harmes
Harmes37: n1 @Wends
J.Worrall: Gotta love the smear in the wet stuff!
circle52: Glad Milera not playing forced me to keep Paps.
poolboybob: Lots of tackling and holding off the ball, refs not calling any of it.
Wends: Eeww JWorrall…
frenzy: paps making a bizzo out of eveybody who traded him
carlton_99: Very happy with Mill’s 45 at HT, bit dissapointed that I got rid of Papley this week but bought in Byrne who make cash
ballbag: @frenzy who trded paps?? who would trade a rookie who hasnt been dropped?? ridiculous
ryanbob: i got rid of paps, not too concerned though. still got another rookie and got me hanners
Wends: Hoping one SC opponent (who has Treloar VC & GAJ C) won’t be onto the Paps loophole option!
vartic: @ballbag – a rookie coming off two poor scores with a high breakeven, I cashed in and got on byrne-jones
Peterc60: Not ridiculous – 62 BE and made his money
goldy4pm: got rid of paps for byrne jones and stringer for fyfe. not too concerned if Fyfey goes big
AngryRyno: clearly he hasn’t “made his money”, he’s gonna reach 300k easily now
vartic: hindsight is 20/20 though. you wouldn’t be saying that if Papley was sitting on 1 point at the half again
Harmes37: cmon hewett half way to your SC BE then I can Fuck you off! 😛
AngryRyno: anyone could see that he could ton again, he only did it 2/2 times before
ryanbob: he also struggled in his two most recent games. not too hard to see why he was traded out with other good options around
ballbag: have you seen paps draw?? and the teams theyve played?? hardly say he is anywhere near peaked
AngryRyno: if a rookie’s club has faith, so should you
ryanbob: what does it matter for you anyway haha. clearly you kept him so good on you for holding. but it worked for me to trade
pharace: Why is that Ryno, last time I checked this was a game
AngryRyno: someone else covered it, why trade if he’s not even dropped?
poondog: what rookie did you get Ryanbob
Mallon13: cmon mills and hannas
Daroose: Come on Sinclair… Get a few touches mate.
the worm: guaranteed everyone starts paley next week for a 28
pharace: Then you have Schache then too I suppose on your faith logic
AngryRyno: nice work Georgey Hewett, passing that BE
AngryRyno: of course i don’t have scache, you’re a spud at this game if you started with Schache
Fatbar5tad: Loopholed Pap. Can’t trust him as starter.
J.Worrall: Yoyeo!
DrSeuss: Didnt check in last night to see Caleb Daniel out – Papley as Emergency. Looking good ATM
Fatbar5tad: Nice work Doc.
ryanbob: come on hanners get more involved
insano: a yone know who the out is for north ?
AngryRyno: out: Mason Wood
poolboybob: JJK has been a butcher today
Sloaneyyyy: need Buddy and YeoYeo to lift plz
Generalsor: Cmon Parker, back in son
Fatbar5tad: Parker in a pen? Gone quiet.
J.Worrall: I had Wood until I heard that …
carlton_99: Cmon Mills
DrSeuss: Come on Pap – A few more than 5 in a quarter
Generalsor: Attaboy Luke
the worm: is it too late to reverse my palet to wood trade?
the worm: *papley to wood
AngryRyno: obviously
circle52: Yep once Rd starts reversals are not allowed
Generalsor: Need Parker to outscore Titch, by 20 os so would be nice
AngryRyno: especially as your bloke is already playing
the worm: sorry I’m new to Dreamcoach
Terlob: You guys clearly dont get sarcasm
AngryRyno: what sarcasm? nice try
poolboybob: Eagles might lose by 40
BestCoast: Carn Eagles stop being flogs
Fatbar5tad: Raise the bat Lukey
Lecras: cmon eagles lift!!
Perry95: priddis fallen off a cliff since QT
a1trader: McVeigh into the team next week, going cheap
oc16: id wait until he has a good score first
cusch1: Pap
cusch1: Papley still yet to reach his breakeven
Gott2Win: Swan Kennedy and priddis to lift this last quarter!
SydneyRox: swans should be winning by 40+ if they could kick straighter
SydneyRox: is that in SC @cusch?
AngryRyno: can someone tell me what a Sorrell Wolf is?
cusch1: Yeah
ballbag: priddis is fairy fluff. so is JPK. humiliating my team
SydneyRox: yeah, the accuracy is killing him, but should get scaled well as long as he finishes off
BestCoast: Ton up Nic Nataknee
poolboybob: Eagles kicking is hopeless
Wends: JPK will come good over the year ballbag, has been a slow starter a few times.
Bursill: Fairly high scoring game supercoach wise so far. Looks like scores will pretty much stay the same with no scaling up.
Wends: Capper!
Gott2Win: Parker is still a pod. Not owned by many but pumping out huge scores
SydneyRox: nothing Teddy cant do!!
AngryRyno: WHERE the eagles, the west coast eagles…
poolboybob: Big Game Jetta having another blinder
SydneyRox: papley as good as cyril and poopy close to goal
BestCoast: Go Pappy boy
cjd7769: Teddy cant drink tequila lolol
vartic: Swans fans booing the hell out of Jetta, but don’t you dare boo adam goodes that’s racist
LuvIt74: Parker is now a must have, wish I started him rather then Wines.
SydneyRox: yeah, dont like the booing myself
cjd7769: very true Vartic well picked up
Sloaneyyyy: fuck you Yeo
BestCoast: Swans fans are flogs
Wends: SCG booing veryof Jetta v unclassy/uncool vartic, speaking as a swans fan.
poolboybob: Eagles game plan of bombing the ball in to nobody doesn’t seem very effective
Harmes37: every team has flog fans
SydneyRox: feeling sore @bestcoast since the eagles are losing?
frenzy: think CD might of traded Paps aswell
SydneyRox: West coast just cant travel and play anyone decent
Harmes37: Paps made his BE
Wends: Too many q1 clangers frenzy – making up for it since tho.
the worm: jetta is booed vs his ex club, thats not why goodes was booed
Gott2Win: go and get the leather pill Priddis!
BestCoast: And you wouldn’t have a side if you didn’t get propped up for years flog
AngryRyno: very nice Mills, pleased
Kenny27: Richards for the star
Dangertime: Caen gaff bring it home with a ton
SydneyRox: HA @bestcoast you want to bring up cola as well?? no new arguements Huh?
Mallon13: ton up hannas
BestCoast: Cola is good up here @SydneyRox better side today.
Gebs: lol richards where have you been forever
Bursill: Give McGovern the Rock (Ayers Rock)
Wends: Buddy driving instructor also his long range kicking coach?
AngryRyno: in terms of fantasy, this is a blue moon performance from Ted
poolboybob: Eagles have played two good teams and lost to both by 40. Probably not a great sign.
Wends: Hanners down.
Harmes37: ok so WCE are on the COKE and SYD have the COLA .. fair deal I reckon lol
BestCoast: Early days @poolboybob, but would need to gel a lot better moving forward
LuvIt74: Eagles = Pretenders
LuvIt74: Parker is now a must have, wish I started him rather then Wines.
BestCoast: The Cuz hungry Jacks meal doesnt come with burger or fries just comes with coke and ice
AngryRyno: Parker so injury prone, everyone stay away 😉
Mallon13: happy with mills 🙂
Fatbar5tad: Mills a Boon
Harmes37: n1 @BestCoast
Gott2Win: Had Parker the last 2 years but thought there were better options this year…👎
Wends: Thanks for the heads up, Angry 😉 and lol @Harmes
AngryRyno: Inside word ays Mills is actually on 91
Bursill: Had Mills as an emergency, going to put Parish on the bench and tale Mills’ 87
Mallon13: 91 even better!
jeddies22: Parkers a jet
jeddies22: Well done millsy
blues3222: I had
blues3222: I have had a successful day so far with titch, Hannas, Nic Nat and Millls on SuperCoach

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