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Chat log from R5 of 2016: Hawthorn vs Adelaide

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Adelaide, R5 of 2016

J.Worrall: GoTiges!
J.Worrall: …err, Crows?
Matty_Dogs: Birchall and Thompson for SC
whitsy: crows premiership favorites after tonight
frenzy: evening chaps
Tades: Tedbet says bet on hawk and the line
zadolinnyj: go crows
whitsy: Crows premiership favorites after tonight
Sloaneyyyy: Fire up crows!
kangawalla: Hi all. I picked L. Hunter as my C vs Brisbane. GAJ not scoring enough, can’t trust Dustbin or Tmitch.
Sloaneyyyy: You beauty Eddie!
Kernahan: Stand by your man!!!!
cjd7769: no late changes was there
kangawalla: @kernahan. A song that will live in infamy. 🙂
kangawalla: No late changes CJ
LuvIt74: Always bet on Eddie to kick the first goal and u wont be let down.
cjd7769: thx mate
LuvIt74: carn Rioli
kangawalla: Yep….Eddie & Rexona Luvit
Sloaneyyyy: Both teams won’t be able to keep up this pace
LuvIt74: Always betts on Betts to kick the first gal and he rarely lets you down is what I meant.
LuvIt74: M0nty why isn’t there SC points m8?
kangawalla: Yeah…poor segue from me Luvit. Rexona “it won’t let you down”. Champagne comedy…not!
cjd7769: not here scores SC
circle52: Hard to see both teams keeping this up for fout quarters – Blistering start though
casey22: Hawks can keep this up, crows cant!
uw0tm8: Herald sun got you by the balls again m0nty?
Zeratul: Hopefully Jacobs can keep dominating in this fast paced game!
AngryRyno: give it a rest lads, there’s more to the site than SC scores. be grateful not greedy
LuvIt74: @AR SC points is ALL its about though, the rest is for kids mate…lol
Jogr: no one was being greedy
AngryRyno: if SC scores are so important, don’t be stingy, cough up a 20
casey22: Yeah, angrywhatever, back off
Tonche: Low DT game?
LuvIt74: welcum sc thanx m0nty
kangawalla: Lift please Lewis!
AngryRyno: geez, sorry for not being a greedy fker like all you flogs
LuvIt74: AR i have SuperCoach gold m8 but that doesn’t give you live scores
Jogr: chill out
Heizenberg: No way tim o bried sc is roght
colmullet: hawks SC scores for real? lol
LuvIt74: Hope the crows kill the hawks
kangawalla: AngryRyno living up to his name! 🙂
m0nty: there we go, should be right now
Heizenberg: Oh now it changes
Heizenberg: Lol kanag
Breezey: My man Tom Lynch can’t get near it at the moment
Heizenberg: Kanga*
uw0tm8: Legend m0nty
LuvIt74: Cheers m0nty
Jogr: cheers m0nty
Heizenberg: Yeah angry you never know a perosnas finincial situation
Heizenberg: Hi everyone
circle52: @luvit if you go to SC gamrday you can get live SC scores with SC gold there at the moment.
Heizenberg: Persons*
poolboybob: Betts is the comp’s top cherry picker
AngryRyno: if you can afford to have a laptop/computer/phone to be on here, you can afford a $20
Sloaneyyyy: Betts with 3 in the first. What a champ
LuvIt74: @circles where do i find SC gameday m8?
J_Pinkman: all Blues supporters are crying right now. Oh Eddie, Eddie!
AngryRyno: it’ll be the button under team @Luvit
feralmong: Damn have McGovern on the bench no E.
circle52: If you reload SC and teams gameday appears under team You have to reload as it only comes up once game starts.
circle52: It also gives you your match ups live as well
J_Pinkman: at least we got Daisy for him. Oh wait!
Grumpman: keep going sammy jacobs
Heizenberg: Good point yno
Heizenberg: Ryno*
Heizenberg: Yeah pinkman it hurts
LuvIt74: mine just highlights the players score in orange however no score on gameday with sc gold
Sloaneyyyy: Another “great” highlight from Cyril “almost” Rioli
Kenny27: @pinkman not to worry yu will get Cloke next year
Palooza: poolboybob betts a cherry picker??? He works harder than most to get the pill u goose
circle52: aluvit when you highl;ight gameday beside it does head to head and players stats come up.
kangawalla: Isaac Smith cops a gentle push to the chest & goes fown like a European soccer player. We don’t need that Isaac!
colin wood: Gee the AFL need to do something about these freebies that the Hawks get every week..
circle52: Hill coming off with leg injury.
Zeratul: Prohibited contact?!
yeah_nah: here come the umps
circle52: Protected species col
feralmong: Hill off. Cut leg but holding up the other. So who knows.
Sloaneyyyy: No kidding Colin wood
kangawalla: @kenny, they’ve already been there, done that with Cameron Cloke. 🙂
3rdstriker: Gee sc hates sam jacobs this year
Breezey: Go get the red thing Lynch for flowers sake
kangawalla: C.Cloke best remebered for receiving a kick to the McNuggets from Setanta O.
tigerman28: Gunston is an oxygen thief
SydneyRox: how does eddie get the superman when he didnt even score the most?
LuvIt74: Subscribe and access Real-time LIVE SuperCoach scores for every player and track your entire team’s performance against
LuvIt74: your opponent.
Heizenberg: Cape is for three goals in a quarter sudney
Zeratul: Eddie got those 36 points in about 10mins
sammyo7: 3 goal in a quarter SydneyRox
sticky12: Evening…yeah Colin wood and sloaney…Hawks didn’t deserve to win last week against saints
Jackwatt$: Just traded in Eddie! Supermans got nothing on me!!!
AngryRyno: well you clearly don’t have gold @LuvIt
SydneyRox: oh, thanks sammmy thought it was just 50?
feralmong: McGovern two goals were much better than eddies 3.
Heizenberg: Also three goals
LuvIt74: AR i do have gold, i paid for it and can see Cash cows and all that
sammyo7: Yeah that of 3+ goals
frenzy: Lewis will be giveaway soon
sammyo7: or*
Stuart88: Started with Eddie this year been very good pick up. Just wish the umps would stay away
Jackwatt$: Is McGovern in the backline? What’s with the symbol?
AngryRyno: Strange, send SC support a message, they reply quickly
feralmong: Hills leg was not the cut one. Kicked the Adelaide player with his right. Lower leg.
Heizenberg: Wow skill riol
LuvIt74: Rioli carn mate thats delicious
Heizenberg: Rioli*
casey22: Special from Cyril
Stuart88: Bruce just made a mess in his pants
casey22: Tissues for Bwuce
Bruce: Special from Cyril Rioli, oh yes!!
Sloaneyyyy: Piss off ceglar
cusch1: I played Sicily over McGovern
tigerman28: Texan!
wadaramus: Yes Tex, carn the Crows!
feralmong: Don’t worry cusch1 like his brother he won’t score for a while.
bones351: @Angry the $20 SC Gold doesn’t get you live scores. Need a Herald Sun subscription for live scores and premium news.
bones351: I think that’s how it works anyway. Have Gold but don’t have HS sub and don’t have live scores.
LuvIt74: @bones351 thanx m8 i had the herald sun subscription last season and i canceled it as from 1st April, i was paying $250
feralmong: Airborne poo.
RooBoyStu: is it Gibbo or Zac Dawson out there?
Yelse: where is crouch and laird. lift :((((
cusch1: God Puopolo looks like a flog with different coloured boots
casey22: Great work, poppy
tigerman28: My opponent has Cyril and poo 🙁
colin wood: Had a feeling laird was gonna have a shocker tonight..
LuvIt74: per season just for live SC scores but wasn’t doing it again thats just crazy as i never read the sun.
Sloaneyyyy: Cmon crows get it back
LuvIt74: Yeah laird was doing awesome first 10 minutes but his score hasn’t changed since
kangawalla: I think Laird’s $500k price is better spent elsewhere
Breezey: Try spending the amount I did on Lynch
Fatbar5tad: Fuck this shit. Three weeks in a row. JJ, Parker, Mitchell. soon as I trade em in they go to shit. DOH!
LuvIt74: Cmon crown im sick of the hawks getting paid free kicks for no reason this season.
LuvIt74: Crows i meant
feralmong: Laird will score less as smiths form improves.
poolboybob: obvious HTB missed there
cusch1: Where the fuck is sicily
LuvIt74: @Fatbar5tad Whats wrong with Mitchell?
kangawalla: At the bottom of Italy Cusch!!!
Fatbar5tad: Cripes Bwuce is a flog.
casey22: Extra box of tissues needed
Heizenberg: Bruce gonna really get excited now now haha
LuvIt74: @cusch in Italy mate, down south.
cusch1: My dad makes that joke at least 4 times a quarter kanga!!! It’s torture
snake_p: Ripper game
Heizenberg: Damn it luvit i wa about to say same th
yeah_nah: umps cannot bounce it. just shit
Heizenberg: You beat me to it
casey22: Sam get that sc score up!
AngryRyno: Laird still going, don’t panic owners
Heizenberg: Yes it is snake
cusch1: Wouldn’t be surprised if this is our grand final
Kernahan: Jacobs tackle missed
colin wood: Laird started to heat up
kangawalla: There’s Sicily cusch!!!
yeah_nah: another freebie
Sloaneyyyy: Fumbling errors starting to cost goals now
snake_p: Still not as good as Ess v port Heiz
Grumpman: come on jacobs keep going son
Fatbar5tad: Umpire goal. I’m shocked to be sitting here
Breezey: Bruce gets excited when Cyril and Poppy are in the same suburb let alone the same footy field
cusch1: My boy Sicily pulling off a poppy (ducking his head)
feralmong: Thompson is so big he looks like Jacobs sometimes.
casey22: Langford not up to this
sticky12: Both ball heads feral
SydneyRox: thats dirty by frawley, should have been 50
Schillaci: Great game to watch.
Fatbar5tad: Fuck you Mitchell
snake_p: Casey he’s as hard as a cats head. Poor skills though
Fatbar5tad: Laird lucky there
sticky12: Is it just me or do most 50/50 calls go hawthorns way?
kangawalla: Laird in the flame zone!
Mash: dreaming sticky
feralmong: Hope Gibbo has a better 2nd half. But a lot of crow forwards to mind.
kangawalla: Correct sticky
Breezey: Tom Lynch should take some viagra eye drops at half time and have a good hard look at himself
RooBoyStu: Gibbo needs the icicle oh wait he is a hawk
Smithy1: is it minus super coach points if you get smothered?
FREODUCK: laird is not lucky he works for his scores
danmaio: No sticky , the 40/60s going Hawks way
GJayBee: Best half of footy I have seen in ages. Amazing really.
JockMcPie: What a cracking game. Wish Collingwood would play like this each week
wadaramus: High intensity footy with plenty of skill, loving it!
colin wood: Jock, we could only dream my friend!
GJayBee: feralmong, i hear you man, thompson is a beast! where did he get his legs? wtf
LuvIt74: Only got Rioli & Laird tonight id be wrapped if I scored 220
Gott2Win: wow this is a quality game. Just how AFL should be played
Grumpman: we would be lucky to beat toolybuc at the moment Jock:-)
LuvIt74: @JockMcPie maybe by the year 2099
ballbag: Nunawading FC lost by over 300 pts last week and they could beat the pies
kangawalla: At least you’ve seen a premiership in your lifetime Pies fans.
Breezey: We might’ve traded Jesse White byn then
insano: essendon beat the colliwobbles bucks wont last the week
LuvIt74: Did everyone here who owns Papley trade him out for Byrne-Jones?
CamT: Anyone got a prediction for how Mason Cox will go ?
3rdstriker: yes luvit, did exactly that
snake_p: No-one would take Jesse breezey
LuvIt74: The Pies have Buckleys chance.
cusch1: If Cloke doesn’t play, cox gets cleaned up by Hartley,
frenzy: carlton would swap with liam jones @ snake
LuvIt74: @insano im afraid Eddie is in love with Buckley, the sun shines out of bucks orifice.
feralmong: No luvit. Jj for byrne jones.
LuvIt74: I chose wyatt over cox
insano: look on eddies face last week = priceless
cjd7769: eddie love2buck
LuvIt74: @feralmong thats a fair trade mate
snake_p: Lol frenzy. Jones is the worst player in the AFL
LuvIt74: Eddie would rather a divorce then get rid of buckley
Sloaneyyyy: I swear if the hawks win another game by less than a goal I’ll be so annoyed
feralmong: Love to make a buck this time of the season.
cusch1: That’s what separates the good teams from the great sloaney
cusch1: and doing it regularly seperate the great teams from th legendary, which hawthorn are
LuvIt74: @sloaneyyy I concur totally their last two games against Dogs & saints they only won coz of umps
circle52: @luvit traded Milera to Byrne Jones Kept Papley
ballbag: eddies fav movie is mountain bare buck
Smithy1: When a player gets their kick smothered, is it minus super coach points
Gott2Win: jj to hall via dpp
LuvIt74: @circles considering Milera isn’t playing and had a breakeven of +61 im happy with that
FREODUCK: how do you get the layout with all the different stats
LuvIt74: I personally those not bringing in Byrne-Jones in SC with a negative B/E of -85 is madness.
circle52: Umps gifting Hawks another goal that was not high BS
LuvIt74: I jumped all over Hall just prior to round 3 b4 his price changed.
ballbag: @freo cntrl -. dont know how on tablet
feralmong: With the cash gained on Jj to bj. I went Milera to Merrett in fwd.
cusch1: Circle that was high every day of the week mate
geoffmack: Can someone tell Gibbo to get a kick?!
jocka: Not a free kick.
cusch1: Merrett has been my pod since his debut season, now he is in every second team,not happy!
kangawalla: Cmon Lewis ya deserthead. Lift!
RooBoyStu: Gibson having a mare
NewFreoFan: Dennis: Like a dentist with blood in his hair, Hodge is to be avoided. Brilliant.
feralmong: The problem with these elite sprinters is they turn over their crap kicks.
CamT: Cometti is a genius !!
kangawalla: Dennis will be missed when he retires at season end.
Breezey: My man Lynch starting to pass a few now.
LuvIt74: Laird gained 6 points in half a quarter.
colin wood: Laird is having one of those nights poor bugger
JRedden: yep i bring gibson in this week and he does this, sorry guys
LuvIt74: make that 5 points, he is going backwards
JRedden: @luvit74 gibson gained 3 points in a whole quarter?
Moona: I’ll be glad when Cometti is gone – so sick of his monotone voice
goldy4pm: Bruce should let dennis commentate the last seconds of the GF. Will go down as one of the greats the big fella!
LuvIt74: @JRedden thank u sir, im hoping to get hyim in a few weeks
casey22: At least cometti commentates, dermie talks crap
cusch1: Commetti doesn’t deserve to commentate on Anzac day
NewFreoFan: blasphemy Moona, ?Cometti one of the all time greats
kangawalla: Anyone but BT.
ballbag: for the love of god do something crouch
LuvIt74: centimetre perfect.
FREODUCK: how do you the stats as well as the fantasy point
kangawalla: Another soft Hawk free
Breezey: If they can find a free kick to Hawthorn they will
Moona: @Freofan – the odd line is good, but his voice never changes – can make an exciting game sound boring
feralmong: Gibson will magically finish on100 sc as he does.
casey22: Can someone please give the ball to Gibson!
Generalsor: Moona and Cusch get off the turps, Commetti is the GOAT
LuvIt74: BT is the best commentator of all time, Commetti puts me to sleep.
DrSeuss: Any chance of a touch Crouch?
Yelse: geez defenders this year for SC are hopeless
cusch1: Clearly you don’t understand my reference generalsor
cusch1: Kk and rance have been solid down back, Adams probably next best
LuvIt74: Rioli ton up in Q3
Sloaneyyyy: Must give it to the hawks, forcing every possession to a contest
goldy4pm: True Yelse, Adams and Weitering the real only outsatanding performers
ryanbob: How’d laird only get 2 sc points with a tackle, Mark and three or four disposals even with that poor kick with a headhit
LuvIt74: started with Rance but not KK
frenzy: eddie had a touch since qtr time?
NewFreoFan: JJ was good till his hammy blew up
LuvIt74: In general defence is always the most volatile position, its been like that for years, bar Shaw but hes crap to.
kangawalla: Just saw an ad for Home & Away. Summer Bay has become very lawless. Overtaken by ferals!
Sloaneyyyy: Geez McGovern has been very good under pressure tonight
LuvIt74: how was that a free?
uw0tm8: No way should hodge be on the same as mitchell
LuvIt74: in the back?
NewFreoFan: I’d be stuffed if I ever planned an event in summer bay, never works out
FREODUCK: d1ckheads the lot of ya
cusch1: McGovern could be very good…has stood up when llynch was quiet
Jogr: these bs frees killing adelaide
CamT: He sure has Sloaneyyy … looks like he’s played 100 games
RooBoyStu: lift Gibbo you hack
crazyet23: home n away….. you flog
LuvIt74: carn crows
kangawalla: Alf Stewart will be flamin’ outraged Ailse!
crazyet23: come on gibson
JockMcPie: far out laird and mitchell please score some SC points…
wadaramus: Go you Crows, fighting all the way.
Breezey: A 48 point quarter from Lynch. Good work son
LuvIt74: crows were all over it in the last 6 minutes of that 3rd
RooBoyStu: one thing that lets this site down is m0nty’s bias, Gibbo 1 kick in 2 qtrs and no icicle
TheMessiah: Come on hawkers!!!!
tigerman28: Did poo touch the ball that qtr?
CamT: Glad the anti-Cometti comments have stopped. There has never been a better commentator.
tommy10: Umps one sided favoring the Hawks
3rdstriker: just two players currently on track for a sc ton, bizarre
kangawalla: Still in the flame zone Jock. Laird that is.
cusch1: Can’t we send the true pride of south Australia to Shanghai
ballbag: is sally still on home and away??? what is she 50?
sticky12: woohoo thomo looking like getting a few. Always consistent and great pod.
LuvIt74: WTF is all this Home & Away chat, its over my head. Hate the show.
Sloaneyyyy: Betts has been quiet since 1st quarter. Only scored 12 pts in the last 2.
cusch1: Gibson and Gunston surely need icicles
Wolfman5: Sicily is fast becoming the biggest wanker in the AFL
desmondo: Jacobs SC score is BS
JockMcPie: gibbo needs an icicle
sticky12: Oops thomo
JRedden: so gibson is averaging 112, what the fuck seriously
danmaio: umps 3 votes for hawks
LuvIt74: thats awesome I want Gibson to have a shocker so his price drops
TheMessiah: Wish adelaide would just stop haha….. come on HAWKS
kangawalla: Sorry Luvit. I sawa Home & Away ad during a goal break. Stuff being blown up everywhere. The place has gone to the pack!
desmondo: If Gibbo needs an icicle then gunston needs an iceberg LOLO
danmaio: Took the $3.15 crows, cmonn
feralmong: In its Gibbo for me vs mitch. It’s not as bad as it could be.
3rdstriker: You can say that again desmondo, has not been helped by his mids constantly fumbling his hitouts to advantage
benzammit: Jacobs has been awesome but yet Ceglar has better SC score?
Wolfman5: Let’s go Paul Puopolo!
ballbag: @kanga muslims?
LuvIt74: Hawks need umpire assists to win
the worm: ceglar has clearly dominated jacobs…god sc is a joke
Snarfy: This performance from Adeliade is making the Swans effort last week look pretty good!
feralmong: Reckon Gibbo not sure about his hammy.
Jmachete: who will win the crows or the umires?
sticky12: @redden, Gibsons high average is due to a 191…avg scores otherwise
ballbag: hodgey is one tough nut!!
benzammit: Worm are you being sarcastic about Ceglar?
kangawalla: @ballbag. No. They’re all on that Homeland show
JRedden: @sticky12 talking about DT, and he still never scores this low
Bursill: Do you reckon Gibson is worth picking up in a few weeks if his price drops $100 k or so?
NewFreoFan: God that was a good decision by Langford
SaintsMan: calm down bruce…
SydneyRox: need gibson to pick it up a lot!
sticky12: No burs ill
danmaio: Great game
ballbag: magnifying glass smitch. done ZERO since HT
the worm: almost every player is worth picking up if they lose 100k
feralmong: Gibson can rack em up when he is loose. But crow fwds force him to be more accountable.
LuvIt74: hawks coughed that up straight down the crows throat.
sticky12: Oh my bad redden. He’s still not a consistent player though in dt?
3rdstriker: he will average 90 so if he drops 100k he will be basically fairly priced
NewFreoFan: Laird has really benefitted from the missing Jaensch in fantasy
sticky12: Would much rather Enright burs ill. More consistent in sc I reckon
LuvIt74: These SC scores are wrong laird just kicked to Betts t got nothing.
ballbag: Poppy having a good ANZAC round
Yelse: crouch and laird get posts but there SC drops or stays the same
ryanbob: Missed that laird kick to Betts on the stats
Gott2Win: puopolo killing it! Put Brown on him ASAP
danmaio: Lynch you fuck wit
RooBoyStu: Where’s Gibbo?
the worm: im watching jacob hit it straight to team mates…no sc scores given at all?…dont effective hitouts score well?
Yelse: and i am following the SC scores live
NewFreoFan: So… Hawthorn by 3 again?
Sloaneyyyy: When will the umps pay htb for going for a kick, getting tackled and dropping it???
LuvIt74: @Yelse do u have herald sun pass?
the worm: 38 hitouts and 17 possessions….70 sc, why even bother
axe9: missed tacke for laird as well
RooBoyStu: Betts on Gibbo, he has kicked 3 and Gibbo no negative icon…
LuvIt74: carn crows give them what they deserve
Yelse: no @luvit its on fox sports superfooty live HQ
3rdstriker: Last year Jacobs would be 140sc with those stats
FREODUCK: missed laird tackle
axe9: tackle*
sticky12: Geez not just the umps loving the Hawks but commentators too. Adelaide score and they barely raise their voice…
the worm: the more i read that sc is rigged the clearer it is becoming
sticky12: …hawthorn hold possession and they get more passion from the coomentators
NewFreoFan: good job pointing out every single stat to us boys, we’ll get right on it
CamT: How is SC rigged ?
leolo82: hey monty stats have missed a centre clearance and kick to matt crouch at start of fourth quarter
LuvIt74: @yelse can we all get that or is it a paid suscription?
ballbag: @worm agree. SC is the only thing in the world you can bet on without knowing how the result is made
3rdstriker: what a shocking decision
ryanbob: Jeez cd sure don’t like laird tonight! A few missed scores
Jmachete: umps keeping hawks in this
ballbag: thanks for nothing lyons ya drip
Yelse: i haven’t paid anything and its linked to my SC team and my players are highlighted @luvit
Sloaneyyyy: Woo hoo. Nice one Browny!
tigerman28: Huge goal!
LuvIt74: Ya need a digital pass for live SC scores via superfooty HQ
the worm: i wonder if there is a correlation between when sc started getting dodgy and when betting on sc started?
RooBoyStu: Gibson is the 2nd highest scoring hawk in sc & tonight the 2nd lowest, forget using icons m0nty
crazyet23: yyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!
poolboybob: Hill has not been good
Breezey: How is that not a mark to Lynch
NewFreoFan: how was that not a mark to Lynch?
cusch1: Langford is not afl standard
Yelse: SC today are generally very low to all players. will they all get scaled up?
feralmong: Gibbo can’t move. Not fit.
Sloaneyyyy: Piss off puppolo
gdshifty: lift crouch
tigerman28: Terrible turnover. Crows will lose.
NewFreoFan: They’ll need to reach the 3300 Telse
carlton_99: Enter Umpires
LuvIt74: rioliiiiiiiiii
tigerman28: Game over!
SydneyRox: omFG
NewFreoFan: 1 more goal to the hawks and they’ll be at their favoured 3 point margin
Zeratul: Central umpire also a hawks fan?
Jmachete: umps for the win
FREODUCK: every time crouch goes out of the mid the crows start to lose. It aint a coincidence
Yelse: is that a fact @ newfreofan re: 3300
colin wood: Laird intercept mark plus effective kick only scores 3??? Lol
Yelse: its on 3046 atm
poolboybob: Great match. Please more of this on Fri night, less of Collingwood, Carlton, Essendon and Richmond
NewFreoFan: How was that a free!?
Jmachete: no free there on walker, umps
carlton_99: What was that for??
LuvIt74: her come the BS frees
Zeratul: Umpire 15 is a joke!!!
carlton_99: He didnt touch him
Sloaneyyyy: Another bullshit call umps
NewFreoFan: come on Tex beat the umps
TheMessiah: There is a BS mark ffs
TheMessiah: Yep BS call for a mark there
carlton_99: That was a clear mark
SydneyRox: this is what friday footy should be!!
Jmachete: umps wont let hawks lose
TheMessiah: Clear mark…. what u have to hold it for 2 secs??
zadolinnyj: time left??? at game
carlton_99: Expecting a Hathowrn free right about now
LuvIt74: crows must be accrate and smart here
goldy4pm: oh fuck off umps
Jmachete: told you
3rdstriker: here come the umpires
NewFreoFan: that free was there
maygs: Here we go
colin wood: Lol
cusch1: That was fair
carlton_99: If that wasnt a mark it was not push in the back
J_Pinkman: yup
SydneyRox: wow, that wasnt a free
LuvIt74: well there goes that
kangawalla: You tipped it Carlton 99
feralmong: Lol
tigerman28: Poo will get 50 SC points for that
NewFreoFan: god damn it hawthorn
colin wood: 25 seconds
poolboybob: Puopolo star and blue moon
Mash: haha
J_Pinkman: throw by cyril
carlton_99: I KNEW IT @kangawalla, shocking decision
cusch1: That’s a free every day of the
tabs: We could have watched games like this lat year but instead watched Carlton games
swannies05: and the afl love child wins yet again thanks to umps
3rdstriker: how was that not holding the ball
goldy4pm: That was holding the ball god the umps want hawks to win every night
carlton_99: Great win by the umpires.. Oh sorry Hawthorn
NewFreoFan: Well the umps will be happy the free against Tex let the hawks win
Sloaneyyyy: Biggest load of shit umps I’ve ever seen
DrSeuss: Should have been THB on Isaac Smith there as well.
wadaramus: Well played umpires you got the win again.
ballbag: seeya later crouch ya flog. you only know how to HB
cusch1: And the boys, is what makes great teams legendary
Jmachete: absolutely disgusting umpiring toward hawthorn
SydneyRox: give poopy the star no doubt
axe9: get it right CD
the worm: that last ball up bounced straight to mcevoy…play ons the call
maygs: I hope they scale Gibbons up to a ton
Zeratul: 3 votes. Puopolo. Umpire 15. 2 votes….
circle52: Umpires help Hawks win
SaintsMan: another game they won that wasn’t deserved
benzammit: Umpires clearly all barrack for the hawks terrible!
J.Worrall: cherries for poppy
tommy10: Totally agree Jmachete, disgraceful umpiring
SaintsMan: circle, how do you think i felt last week
ScootD: Hawks bring their own umps every week, fucking disgraceful
the worm: that goal ceglar got mustve made up for the 4 free kick and 24 hitout differential to jacobs
benzammit: That’s why I try not watching Hawthorn the umpires let them cheat at will
tommy10: Flower u umpires
Mash: 23 frees to 19, not sure I see your point
circle52: @DrSeuss HTB any day of the week except when it is Hawthorn
sticky12: Agree saintsman, I’ve gotta stop tipping/betting against them…they get the help every week to win.
ryanbob: absolute disgrace by the umpires. gifted hawks a win
wadaramus: Gutted.
danmaio: How did smith get rid of it,
desmondo: Jacobs 40 hit outs most to the advantage of a team mate and scores 73 SC? WTF?
Fatbar5tad: The big 4 are screwed so they need the Hawks to represent Victoria in the finals. The AFLs sponsored Vic team.
benzammit: Jacobs very hard done by agreed
benzammit: Mash it’s where the 23 free kicks are paid and the frees they don’t pay
qcumbers: ruded
TheMessiah: Oh my, look at all these sour grapes! Funny how the geepong supporters are the whiniest of all haha

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