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Chat log from R4 of 2016: North Melbourne vs Fremantle

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Fremantle, R4 of 2016

LuvIt74: look at Freo’s players they have hardly touched it.
LuvIt74: looks like its going to be a depressing round
SaintsMan: Stay down GOldy..
SwaggyP: The week I give Goldy the C…
luked98: is goldy injured?
NewFreoFan: What are we doing this year 🙁
Pokerface: usual weekly question.. where’s barlow lined up?
GJayBee: I am happy Lyon sucks. Defense is boring. His tone is boring. He is a school teacher.
Torpedo10: Are you guys seriously criticising Goldy this early? He’s a beast, and is on track for a very good score at the moment.
luked98: capttain fyfa
GJayBee: Buck’s not doing as well though! Just good at cliches in the media.
BestCoast: Goldy go you good thing
thommoae: School teacher = boring? Harsh.
GJayBee: thommoae, have a think about that one
luked98: fyfe is lyfe thanks captain
LuvIt74: Barlow is useless
GJayBee: traded barlow for merrett, sometimes keepers have to go
awesomeguy: Last week i was glad i had barlow, but now…
thommoae: But that’s like saying all accountants are boring … no, wait
spudaroos: I’m just glad I didn’t do anything rash and trade Barlow to Papley or someone 2 weeks ago.
Yelse: why isn’t gold scoring?
luked98: Wells has been nothing short of fantastic
FlagDog: Dropped 600K on Goldy this week for this shite?
Heizenberg: A persons career doesnt really determine qetaher thye are boring or not Imo
Heizenberg: Weather they*
J_Pinkman: goldy will still score over 100, nothin wrong with that
Heizenberg: Hi pinkman
Heizenberg: Bbl
J_Pinkman: hello Heizenberg:)
heppelitis: Heiz and pinkman mates….very funny
heppelitis: need to change my name to gus fring
LuvIt74: Wells, Goldy, Fyfe & Barlow lets kick some orifice in 2nd half.
OZDocker: Wells 70 s/c for 16 possies at 78% and the fyfe only 68 s/c for 16 possies at 81% and 2 goals???
DirtyDawn: Afternoon all
luked98: soooo true OZDocker
the worm: in saying that all teachers are boring
the worm: well must have more marks and kicks and less handballs i guess
Pokerface: you forgot to add that wells has 7 tackles to fyfes 3 ozdocker…
Pokerface: i saw a clip on some coloured tube. that teacher was not boring at all.
snake_p: I bet she wasn’t teaching english Pokerface
LuvIt74: Cmon goldy lift son.
3rdstriker: Is Barlow up forward again or just unable to find the footy
CamT: Just logged in. What’s the story about teachers ?
Pokerface: not too sure, the volume was down. may have been biology.
Heizenberg: Lol yes hepp
Pokerface: apparently they are all boring CamT
CamT: **** I’m a teacher
SaintsMan: who ever said they’re boring. The kid must be 12 or something
m0nty: back on the game please
Heizenberg: Cool
Heizenberg: What do You teach?
FlagDog: Do something Goldy you big ape!
CamT: High School Science but Monty’s not happy with our conversation :O
the spud: m0nty must be a teacher because he just gave you boys a lesson
Heizenberg: Cool and yes I’m gonna stop now
tbrowne: whats the go with the scores guys?
the spud: strange for ziebell to only have 1 tackle
cusch1: Will wells and Barlow score 204 between them? Hopefully not
Viscount: C’mon Goldie
LuvIt74: carn Barlow
Fatbar5tad: I’m sunk if Sheridan and Fyfe get 209. Not looking good.
LuvIt74: @cusch sure hope they score more
deekay: barlow annoys me like crazy
NewFreoFan: Why didn’t I take Neale like I was going to in RDT
cusch1: Why did I get Anderson sintead of wells
tbrowne: wells surely top 3 biggest cash cows this year
cusch1: I think his body will fail him sooner rather than later
OZDocker: as per usual the umps have put the whistle away for freo
AngryRyno: Sheridan bloody hopeless this qtr
FlagDog: Wells, Goldy and Barlow vs Fyfe and 5 points, in the bag?
cusch1: All yours flagdog
Mcswains: come on Goldy. I need you to beat Waite by 10!!
cusch1: How many points need to be allocated in SuperCoach?
LuvIt74: @cusch what do u mean?
LuvIt74: I’ll be scoring about 2200 to 2250 this week
cusch1: Aren’t players scaled to reach a score?
kirky12: @Cusch, both teams total SC points add up to 3300
J.Worrall: 3300 cusch
LuvIt74: At the end of the game there will be some scaling/corrections but thats all it is.
J.Worrall: another 600 yet to be allocated
spudaroos: This is why I paid the big bucks for Fyfe, doing this well against Jacobs playing for this rabble. Well done.
kirky12: Give fyfe all 600 please
heppelitis: lol kirky
AngryRyno: Sheridan has added 4 points since HT, not long before he becomes Heater now
cusch1: Dismantle dockers
han solo: what’s the logo next to fyfe meant to be?
rickyb80: norf are perennial pretenders. will get found out in September like they do every year
awesomeguy: Gotta love urself a cheeky little bit of Barlow dont ya?
grossn: They made the prelim last year ricky
cusch1: Han Solo did you really shoot first?
jasonjjh: how are they pretender got into the prelim from 6th
Heizenberg: They will
jasonjjh: if anything north has overpeformed in finals
awesomeguy: @hansolo it means he is just a beast
han solo: Have you been speaking to Leia? It’s a common problem a lot of men have okay
rickyb80: yes grossn they did..then what happened?
han solo: @awesomeguy cheers mate, couldnt see it in the icons list. must’ve missed it. has been a beast won me my match this week
Heizenberg: Be a big chance for the gf this year
rickyb80: lol overperformed in finals…well done mate funniest thing ive heard all year
grossn: uhh, they came 8th that year ricky and made the prelim only to lose to WC in WC. That’s a success.
kirky12: Fyfe needs his own symbol nowadays, Fyfe the Knife?
cusch1: Talking to leia but seeing padme on the side hahahha
rickyb80: ok cool. so the definition of success is losing a prelim? doggies fans will be wrapt to hear that
Harmes37: Fyfe has the HULK symbol
Harmes37: Hulk. This player copped a hard tag, but through strength and gut running he delivered for his team.
ryanbob: fyfe getting these easy goals will screw up my head to head!
kirky12: I know Harmes, but needs a personal symbol.
deekay: fyfe and sheriden vs goldy and wells it is so tight at the moment.
jasonjjh: they havent been considered a contender so prelim is good
the worm: i didnt know the hulk was much of a gut runner
Mcswains: Fyfe you god dam freak!!
jasonjjh: now this year they are a contender so need to show more
Torpedo10: I do agree with you Ricky, the fact is North have made three finals and really need to make a GF this season.
kirky12: Fyfe Captain with Goldy and Wells, loving this.
frenzy: another good game browny and waitey, busting packs
frenzy: hearts2hearts
awesomeguy: watts and waite will be most traded in this week
AngryRyno: wtf? is Tarrant out there? he just got a +15 although injured
awesomeguy: barlow and wells vs fyfe and +19 advantage, who wins?
LuvIt74: @awesomeguy add it up.
AngryRyno: Barlow and Wells
awesomeguy: Thanks boys
LuvIt74: Fyfe, Barlow, Wells, Goldy im happy with their scores
PureSwag: down by 1, its Barlow vs Sheridan
dkelly: Brad Scott: Knock Knock, Ross Lyone: Who’s there Brad: Owen Lyon: Owen who? Brad: Owen 4
st_steve: dkelly, maybe don’t open with that one.
st_steve: dkelly, maybe don’t open with that one. start stronger.

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