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Chat log from R4 of 2016: Collingwood vs Melbourne

Chat log for Collingwood vs Melbourne, R4 of 2016

BestCoast: Looks like the pies might cop wacking day, Go Pendles
poolboybob: I miss old Pendlebury
LuvIt74: I don’t have one Collinwood player.
Gott2Win: Collingwood are terrible. Bucks to be sacked before the bye rounds
Yelse: until bucks realises he failed with peddles experiment pies won’t win much
luked98: luvit we dont give one flying fuk
poolboybob: Those contract extensions to Hardwick and Buckley are looking great right now.
Raspel31: Agreed Luvit
facebook23: clayton oliver – spud icon please
pies13: agree @luked98 @luvit u spud
LuvIt74: The Dee’s are killing the spies all over the ground…lol LuvIt
cusch1: What’s jhunt got to do to get a new jumper?
LuvIt74: Pendels not so Dependles… First year I didn’t pick him
Fatbar5tad: Bucks plan. Brown>Pendles = Extension!
GJayBee: Oliver may need some fresh underpants
Zeratul: Oliver more of a crab
masterhc2: lol surely collingwood is the worst team in the comp atm. richmond up there too
masterhc2: jesus oliver
Gott2Win: Cloke and White are 2 of the worst key position players in the AFL
pies13: wow laugh 2yourself luvit thats weird?
Rebuild: Hunt should get a cape. He’s obviously wearing one
LuvIt74: Yeah but collingwood are allot worse atm. Wooden spoons for pies
cusch1: Grundy not even contesting in the ruck anymore
Yelse: finally peddles in the middle
poolboybob: Watts is killing it, this kid is gonna be a gun
LuvIt74: @pies I used the word “LuvIt” meaning I love to see them getting hammered. Although sidebum still playing ok
Raspel31: Wishing I had Goldy with no Sandilands and Gawn with no opposition.
LuvIt74: I was hoping to get pendles after the Uys but cannot touch him if he keeps this up
luked98: we will bounce back this qtr you watch
cusch1: Jesse White muse have shown up to Etihad stadium
korza: Oliver with the icycle already Monty rubbing it in for a bad week
poolboybob: That’s why they pay cloke the big bucks
Ben_Gogos: @korza my call mate, just the one Q1 touch
LuvIt74: Gawn could repeat last weeks effort at this rate.
thommoae: Is Pendles sore and Bucks is keeping him bruise-free, but playing?
Torpedo10: Pendles looks fine playing, just not in the middle.
LuvIt74: This will be 80+ point low out i reckon.
poolboybob: Wish I hadn’t started the year with De Blow-ey
runt: Demons playing like a team that finally believes they can play.
luked98: you dont hush do you luvit?
thommoae: Been a while since any Dees side blew anyone out by 80+ … big call, Luv!
runt: Buckley and Roos should swap teams at half-time for a laugh
cusch1: Collingwood should give up Anzac Day..
gavy J: Cmon Pendles
Costanza: Bucks worried about next gen – just put Pendles in the guts
Raspel31: No fan but surely the Pies will muster ?.
cusch1: Collingwood don’t deserve to play Anzac Day at this rate
LuvIt74: @thommoae have faith mate, anything is possible.
LuvIt74: What a goal by the Watts. Delicious
JDolling69: Glad i picked T.Adams…
gavy J: Is cloke rucking as well
Gott2Win: Watts pulls this out when my opponent is a demons fan and has him!
Ben_Gogos: I think Pendles ribs had a lot to do with him playing back. Its still a visible issue for him.
Yelse: pendles in the guts has changed this game
Torpedo10: Really Ben? From where I’m watching he’s fine.
poolboybob: Very good Q2 for Pendles
LuvIt74: When is that wast of space in Cloke contracted till?
LuvIt74: @Ben Agree and did ya see GAJ yesterday his shoulder is still a huge problem.
thommoae: Pendles with the ribs, playing in the guts – nice.
Gott2Win: Must be a good team if Pendles in the guts proves the difference. Imagine if he gets injured for a chunk of the year!
korza: According to C/data pendles BOG go fuck yourselves
LuvIt74: Watts he good for…. Carn boy
luked98: can we silence @LuvIt74
Mcswains: Pendles lifting!!!
poolboybob: Next week’s most-added player: Jack Watts
nkoutsou: piss of watts
Ben_Gogos: @Torpedo10, still not going in for contact like he would previously. Avoiding the contact.
thommoae: ‘Anything is possible’ is the mantra Dees fans have been living on for decades!
runt: Watts going on ?
Ben_Gogos: Watts capes!
MIJG: 7 tackles to pendles.
nkoutsou: bull shit
LuvIt74: Its nice to see the teams such as Melb play some half decent footy, they have had a rough trott for far to long.
pies13: nah we cant @luked luvit a keyboard flowerwit!
Ben_Gogos: Pendles 46 DT that Q
runt: How can Pendles have 7 contactless tackles?
Torpedo10: That’s a tight call Ben, Pendles has never been the big rough and tumble player. So many clearances in that quarter too.
Torpedo10: Hey Ben are you on the forums?
luked98: tell me about it!! @pies13
Ben_Gogos: @Torpedo10 just calling it the way I see it. Hope I’m wrong, he was awesome in that Q, but he was avoiding in the first.
Ben_Gogos: More of the same as an owner though!
thommoae: A fair point, runt but he’s made most of those since Bucks said, “Stuff this plan!”
GJayBee: pendles has a rib injury, everyone knows. it’s hard to change gears when you break a rib, let alone play footy
runt: Pendles doesn’t run on his ribs so he will be fine
runt: He just needs an old fashioned whale bone corset or a sumo suit
heppelitis: at least he has his ribs…missus told me poor old sandi had one removed
GJayBee: just give him some painkilling injections like the 11 viles the Bears had in one of their grannies made up of Vics
runt: Sandis rib was donated to a baby whale hit by a boat
heppelitis: haha runt classic
Ben_Gogos: @runt the sumo suit could work!
runt: @GJayBee Jealous at all?
runt: @GJayBee Which one exactly?, too many to recall easily
cusch1: Clnsidering the closest Brisbane will get to a grand final for another 10 years is the q clash runt, maybe yesterday’s
GJayBee: Nah, happy to be part of a club with sustained success and a grass roots following.
GJayBee: brisbane bears got extra cash and picks, your fake, propped up time is over. welcome to reality
GJayBee: runt, don’t get me wrong, i’m proud of the vic boys that used afl money and consessions to win a flag for the bears
runt: @GJayBee Dont get me wrong. You are simply a cunt.
runt: @GJayBee Did you manage to be the traffic when you left early in 2003?
luked98: here we go boys
luked98: wow varcoe comon, cant be missing those
thommoae: Handbags down, boys – back on the game now.
cusch1: Langdud
Ben_Gogos: Langdon earns a muppet after a turn over for the ages.
nkoutsou: what the heck did the pies just do!!! arrrgh
korza: Pendles no where near it. C/data still rewarding this maggot
nicw98: @luked98 ANZAC day will be tight this year i reckon
cusch1: Nicw we seem to play one good one bad and we played good yesterday
gdshifty: oliver to get the wall?
runt: The Pies sustained success has worn them out
heppelitis: Cusch…we been good in Melb…terrible interstate…we will be ok
nicw98: Dons beat Dee’s, Dee’s beat Pies therefore we win anzac day hahha
cusch1: Let’s hope so hepp,I just think we need grimley in to give joe Daniher a chop out
cusch1: Hopefully that stops brown and Reid from double teaming him
gdshifty: wake up pendles
runt: Lets see what Buckley has up his wizards sleeve
heppelitis: I hope so to for cover in rucks for stef martin (but I actually prefer Smack)
thommoae: Ben, what’s happened to player stats – ‘owned by’, BE etc?
luked98: i will chop off my balls if we lose anzac day
runt: Lions missing Aish….Yeh….
luked98: better qtr from de goey thankfuck
Ben_Gogos: Pendles still hurting…
GJayBee: very wise view from down the bottom of the ladder runt. you will be sending wisdom from there for decades.
cusch1: Smack had his chance…does one good thing for every 5 bad things
Ben_Gogos: @thommoae I’m unsure mate, but all those stats can generally be found with a subscription on the official game sites.
Pokerface: subscribe?? haha, good one ben
cusch1: Guys I got a 160 point lead plus + Oliver vs Barlow and wells..should I be worried
Ben_Gogos: @Pokerface, haha just providing some form of solution.
korza: @Ben fk C/data, Give Watts the star.
runt: @GJayBee In case you didnt hear me the 1st time, let me 3peat myself
LuvIt74: @cusch not at all, I would much prefer o e in your spot compared to your opponent.
cusch1: Runt living up to his name
luked98: what mothballed mean?
runt: @cusch1 Stay out of it….
awesomeguy: Cmon pendles need a ton from you son!!!
Ben_Gogos: Aish comes back from the grave, so does Cloke!
Ben_Gogos: @luked98, out of the contest, he’s done for the day.
LuvIt74: Silly miss by Hogan
heppelitis: beat em up dees…these injuries are tasty for Anzac day
grossn: Looks like pies are starting their injury season at the start of the year rather than giving false hope 1/2 way through
heppelitis: mothballed might be you if you have to castrate yourself next week luked…lol
LuvIt74: I’ll be having something on the Dees next week, the Pies have looked messy in all 4 games. As messy as eating a hot pie.
snake_p: LUvit they’ve been all over the place like a dog’s breakfast
cusch1: Watts for the X factor
LuvIt74: Dee’s defence is making pies look shocking, actually even when pies go forward there kicking it straight to opposition.
AngryRyno: Viney BOG, been everywhere
LuvIt74: Carn the Dee’s
LuvIt74: Gawn are the pies
luked98: actually shut the fuck up cunt, you cant keep quite and we dont want to hear it anymore
LuvIt74: Eddie’s face was priceless after the game.
nicw98: lol pies suck @luked98

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