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Chat log from R4 of 2016: Western Sydney vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Port Adelaide, R4 of 2016

facebook23: come on gws
Dangertime: Come on wingard don’t make me regret holding u
Zeratul: Lets go Wines and SGray! I need more than 1 ton from my team :'(
facebook23: i am just hopinh for a good game, not really that interested in fantasy scores, just good old fashioned footy
Gott2Win: hoping for Steele to have a big game
luked98: good luck with that gott2win
korza: C/D loves Gray
deanie: Does not look like we are going to get that facebook23 poor footy :s
Gott2Win: Ward has the ptoential to be a top 10 mid this year.
Pokerface: come on mummy. hickey was able to dominate lobbe.
spiggs: Shaws having a bloody nightmare
JockMcPie: muppet for shaw?
Fatbar5tad: Hawthorn like run with the maggots the Power
poolboybob: Shaw is going full Heath Shaw
Rebuild: Shaw 3 FA already? Geez
Yelse: how did show go from 11 SC to -1 in one tackle
Fury: C’mon Gray you pinhead
Raspel31: Stop giving away frees Shaw you absolute moron.
Fatbar5tad: Lol. High fend off
JockMcPie: Yelse it was a FA plus 50m penalty
Rebuild: Yes Mummy!
wadaramus: Shaw is a defender, but not good at defending!
Fatbar5tad: Money for jam for Dog
wadaramus: He needs to play loose to be of value.
frenzy: c’mon robbie, playing like heater now
the worm: only just now realized that the symbol next to stevie j isnt a whetstone or a strange cup….
brodiejay: Those symbols are so cringey!
Costanza: Grease Palmer slides thru
Zeratul: yeh… too many symbols nowadays. keep it simple
brodiejay: I’d be embarrassed if I worked at Fanfooty. Just lose the awkward symbols!
urmumsaid: what is wrong with heath shaw?
the worm: they are better than nothing, i like to know where the guys are lined up
Costanza: yep use the hover for all info
Fatbar5tad: Free site…
facebook23: way out dated too- israel falou is still on there for a flag, and he no longer plays the sport!
luked98: Greene is a spud and a half
the worm: and this site is the best of its kind by a mile otherwise none of us would be here
Raspel31: Shaw-pleez feel free to give away more frees if it gets you near the friggin pill
brodiejay: Surely FP for forward pocket, W for wing, CHB for Centre half back
the spud: the only good symbol is the spud
the worm: i’d prefer a chicken for the wing symbol myself
Damo07: The symbols are awesome, Monty should add a golden cape for Goldstein!
the spud: but actually the new symbols are nice especially with the DPP changes in AF
brodiejay: Yep its a great site for sure that’s why I cringe so much at the awkwardness
Fatbar5tad: Oops. Didn’t mean to SHOUT
poolboybob: Shaw going to be nice and cheap in a couple of weeks if he keeps this up
JDolling69: Time to bust out the Witches hats
uw0tm8: Just go home port, hand in your resignatuon
shaker: Stop whinging
september: Why don’t you try find a better site other then sit here and cringe at things that are so small to cringe about
the worm: how on earth did i imagine port would play finals this year…
brodiejay: This weird green thing that looks like a rat is the broccoli symbol because he once ate a salad
cusch1: Well you can’t play Essendon every week
deanie: How are a couple of symbols awkward and make you cringe?
GJayBee: I’m on GWS to win at about $1.95 which will put me in the black for a crazy gambling weekend! Entertainment + pub feed!
september: Darcy Burne-Jones doing okay so far for his 2nd game
korza: The GWS team a beats to be
feralmong: Pfff come to this site for the stats and the robust chat. Why else?
GJayBee: shaw is pushing the riendship
GJayBee: Shaw needs to remember that love is based on trust
feralmong: Shaw is adding to my misery this weekend.
ScootD: omg, Port are so shit this year, lucky not to be 0-4 after this round
Roflcake: Shaw enjoying the game from the stands?
GJayBee: JJ doing a long term hammy is still hard to talk about
circle52: Not wrong Gjaybee – just got home and seen the score and said ubeaut till I seen Shaws score.
Fatbar5tad: Shaw sighting!
luked98: so much cold
GJayBee: can you carry JJ’s cash on the bench cause the def rooks are killing it? lot of $$
GJayBee: luckily JJ’s SC score was manipulated by a CC intern and he got scaled up like he was Kim Kardashian
the worm: i dont care what it takes, sam gray is getting jettisoned from my team this week
cusch1: Of course shaw has done f all…ball hasn’t been in giants defensive 50 at all
Raspel31: At least 3 of Shaws 4 touches have been accurate
korza: Some big no’s coming for the GWS players. Sorry except Shaw
GJayBee: true cush1, but him taggin Chaddy the little god is a bad move in my drunk opinion
the worm: defenders have trouble sroring when the ball is never down there…
OnTheRocks: At the game and ball has only just been near us for the first time this qtr
GJayBee: chad could hang with beiber
feralmong: jj to ruggles. Perfect timing really.
cusch1: Would it say shaw is tagging, just doing his job and playing on a direct opponent
snake_p: yes worm shaw down to thing wing chasing kicks
happytimes: how bad are the power
cusch1: Wouldn’t *
snake_p: *the wing
feralmong: Still not a stinky as my team happytimes
the worm: we are the shower from port…its a true port adelaide traditon…SHOWER!!
LuvIt74: R Gray doing nothing hopefully he keeps it up so he can drop price
feralmong: Lol shaw. Watch the turd ton up from here.
JDolling69: Voss needs to go, mids cant get a clearance
GJayBee: MIssing Patty, Shultz and Monfries is HUGE
GJayBee: If shaw ton’s up my week will be better
LuvIt74: @Feralmong hope shaw continues doing nothing, will be a great pick in few weeks
september: 10 goals at half time huge
GJayBee: Why put down Vossy? He can’t help it he is a *&^% $%#@
feralmong: Yeah we all love a bargain luvit
GJayBee: margin is big enough to temp the footy gods to conjar a boilover
feralmong: Cmon get this shit weekend over with.
verda32: Port have no depth
the worm: who else needs a big one from goldy?
frenzy: need a bigone from the footy gods, Fyfe out would be great thanks
feralmong: I’m cactus frenzy. 420 pts behind with just shaw and Pendles unique
Gebs: Four of the Port’s six goals have come from free kicks and 50 metres penalties. lol thanks funny stat
BestCoast: Port played on emotion a few year back. They are nothing but a good ordinary side
Roflcake: Greene tackles missed?
BestCoast: @the worm thats a big fat yes from me
korza: Wines overrated butcher
cusch1: Sunday footy show said that Goldstein might be a late out…
GJayBee: That’s OK, I only have goldy in SC, RDT, AFLF and my draft league.
GJayBee: Green needs some love. Three points is a hangable offence. Wish someone at CD had him in their team like me.
cusch1: Not to mention captain gjay
heppelitis: my set and forget combo of martin and goldy theory crap!
GJayBee: oh shit
korza: Goldsack is a late out
Torpedo10: I doubt Goldstein will be a late out.
cusch1: lets hope that is what they said and I just misheard Korza
snake_p: no late changes for North vs Freo
korza: Ollie now playing 2nd ruck Fk me
poolboybob: Shaw will be available at a nice discount in a few weeks after this clunker
Pokerface: sam gray you are a peanut
Pokerface: potato for sam gray. i know its not a peanut symbol but it will do.
Grazz: Goldy playing no late changes for Roo’s
BestCoast: Where does it say Goldy is out is that Fact if not stop talking rubbish flogs
masterhc2: yes greene junk it up
LuvIt74: Step up wingard
BestCoast: @m0nty can you sort all this rummor mill out, if Goldy is not out ban the flogs
LuvIt74: Shaw & Roby Gray will both drop nicely & be great pick ups
bones351: Just logged in to see Heaters score. Wow defenders really suck this year. Are there any consistent premiums?
cusch1: Bestcoast rumour came from a legitimate source which I stated, therefore did nothing wrong
m0nty: Goldie is not out, but the rumour was reported on the Footy Show so it is not bannable
Pokerface: ch 9 is not a legitimate source cusch.
bones351: Byrne-Jones a good defensive downgrade at least. How’s his JS looking?
Raspel31: Thanks Luvit-great if you’ve already got them.
BestCoast: @cusch1 all good have him as my captain and still have Pendles and fyfe so panicing a little
Mileroo30: Ban the footy show reporters
Torpedo10: It was also reported on SEN m0nt.
LuvIt74: Does Wines know what the ball looks like
BestCoast: @m0nty thanks for clearing that up
Pokerface: more than the down arrow. sam gray deserves pumpkin, or potato, or some other vegetable of your choosing
LuvIt74: @bones351 Defenders are always hard to find, a consistent defender scoring 80’s is fantastic. Adams seems a keeper
masterhc2: do something ward need to ton
uw0tm8: Hes been consistently average this year hey luvit
snake_p: steele for the bin
Gott2Win: 100 points definitly on the cards here
cusch1: Time left?
Fury: Port copped a huge buttfucking today
bones351: The rookies have been pretty good LuvIt. Might not start any premos next year lol
Zeratul: Dixon spud
masterhc2: jesus ward 3rd straight week done nothing last qtr

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