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Chat log from R4 of 2016: Adelaide vs Sydney

Chat log for Adelaide vs Sydney, R4 of 2016

desmondo: Sinclair is out…
uw0tm8: Just waiting for mills to do something this year…
JDolling69: Just waiting for Sam Jacobs to stop being a flog
Grazz: Still flowered
feralmong: Hehehe
buttox: this doesnt work
Heizenberg: Hehehe, always nice to see a felow giggler haha
Viscount: we’re up!
buttox: woot its back
poolboybob: Put the pumpkin or brick wall on Papley
buttox: hurrah its back
Gordo450: Benched Papley this week, looks to be paying off so far
zadolinnyj: No parker
LuvIt74: finally thank u m0nty
IHateChat: Wow
zadolinnyj: How was that not ball
AngryRyno: laird my only good player
zadolinnyj: great game so far
feralmong: We’re back cool
feralmong: Papley rookie wall already.
zadolinnyj: Very concerned about c on parker
mark621: man… two weeks ago you all said get papley.. i thought hard against it but so many said he is a must, why did i listen
Jackwatt$: It’s still a fast 150k Mark, not so bad. I’m trading him out with Lonergan and getting Shaw. I’m still happy
AngryRyno: you’d be pissed if he kept toning @Mark
mark621: 150 vs 2 trades burnt, one to get him one to get rid of him
Raspel31: Other site out again
zadolinnyj: A fumble is not a throw
Raspel31: My mistake-apologies
uw0tm8: Papley mills and parker y
kangawalla: Just logged in again. Oh the Smear. 🙁
BestCoast: Swans getting tested after three easy opponents
zadolinnyj: Right knee getting checked on Jacobs
3rdstriker: Jacobs has a knee problem
AngryRyno: wow Laird has stopped
BestCoast: Parker squat pissing
zadolinnyj: Jacobs knee being tested
3rdstriker: Jacobs back on
cusch1: Franklin vs Papley and Parker…very happy atm
FlagDog: get down and dirty parker, love it!!
Raspel31: Why is Parker 49 SC with 20 touches, 5 tackles, a goal and 88% ?
scaryness: Traffic Cone for Richards
AngryRyno: says 65 from here Raspel
Raspel31: Just updated-still low angry.
AngryRyno: agreed, i’m a first week owner!
NewFreoFan: Because 52% disposal efficiency Raspel
urmumsaid: Ozzie have great shoes at low prices. Get on it
Gordo450: Muppet for Mills
uw0tm8: More like spud for mills, so far the dud of the top draft picks
FlagDog: Put Mills on the bench this week before trading and he comes up with this shit. MEH!
Raspel31: Ah,that’s what that means-ta NewFreo
cusch1: I’d say Francis is the spud of the top picks…can’t even get on the park! Been injured since draft night
BestCoast: Tom Pap-Smear you stink
power2000: mills has been ok
AngryRyno: how long on the clock?
colin wood: Great quarter here by Mills
3rdstriker: 78 sexonds
urmumsaid: 12 hours
uw0tm8: Goal umpire for best on ground
zadolinnyj: What a game. Cmon crows
3rdstriker: Mills should have the mixed bag icon, has done some amazing things and had some shocking clangers
Seb78: Keep going Heeney
3rdstriker: crows win
zadolinnyj: Yes
jocka: all over now
Heizenberg: Wd zad
Heizenberg: Damn eddie 🙁
Heizenberg: Hurts every time he plays wel 🙁
3rdstriker: heart for jacobs?
zadolinnyj: Ta heiz. Finals footy tonight
Heizenberg: Okay cool zad
AngryRyno: great second half Parker, Mills
Gordo450: Good footy crows! Hats off!
Xephyrise: Only 3.5 rounds in and 17 teams have lost a match
BestCoast: @zadolinnyj you might need a change of undies. Congrats
zadolinnyj: Have good night lads
Salambo: What a cracking game. Hats off to both sides, my beloved Swans went down fighting, Adelaide were exciting tonight.

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