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Chat log from R4 of 2016: Carlton vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Carlton vs Western Bulldogs, R4 of 2016

Bursill: I’m ready for a BOG display from Libba here
Mileroo30: Backing in big boy Boyd myself
JockMcPie: johannisen and libba to get 300 between them please
LuvIt74: Woof Wook carn doggies
IHateChat: wook?
kangawalla: The shortcut link at top of the page has an 11 goal win to the Blues!
J.Worrall: wook woof
Bursill: decent leap from Boyd
LuvIt74: lol woof
frenzy: Houston we have a problem
uw0tm8: Weitering playing loose gives me trouser arousal
LuvIt74: I’m starting to get sick of Tom Boyd he needs to spend less time doing his hair & more time learnin how to mark the ball
deekay: the shortcut at the top of the page made me refresh it twice and check AFL app hahaha 119-53
Ozzy14: hugest falcon ever
colin wood: Welcome back JJ 🙂
carlton_99: Pathetic umpires so far have cost us goals already. Especially that Umpire Nichools
vartic: classic suckling goal there
BestCoast: Tom Boyd the new Jack Squats
Brown*Dog: Marc Murphy WTF?
Heizenberg: The tunnelling one was bs carl 99
Solat: your team’s lack of skill has cost you many more goals
Heizenberg: And tru solat
Heizenberg: True*
buttox: cant get into the other game.
casey22: m0nty: problem with Syd/Adel stats?
Mileroo30: no spoilers thanks boys
zadolinnyj: What’s up with the other game monty
carlton_99: and the docherty one on dahlhaus
AngryRyno: that free kick on dahl was crap
Solat: bont and boyd playing keepy away
Ash777: if your team cant win because of umps they deserve to lose
Breezey: Get a top knot Bryce
buttox: syd/adel game still blanked out. no stats
the worm: evrey week for 3 years complaining about the umps
Heizenberg: I grabed a drink carl 99 must have missed it
snake_p: @worm easier to do that than say your team is crap
zadolinnyj: I truly miss carlton_99 during the summer. Bias passion
zadolinnyj: 🙂 heiz
JRedden: so cripps ducking into tackles is fine to get free kicks?
heppelitis: cheers heizenberg
Brown*Dog: Is the adelaide game working on FF
Heizenberg: Haha hi zad
Brown*Dog: Wont load the adelaide game 🙁
buttox: MONTY. other games down
Heizenberg: Sup zad? How u been bro?
casey22: m0nty; wtf adel/syd?
DirtyDawn: Evening all
zadolinnyj: Good heiz. You mate
FlagDog: been down for 20 mins now
Bursill: *looks up* *sees Kerridge +9* *salivates*
Heizenberg: What kinda game plan is this blues??????
Raspel31: Evening Heiz-yep,well and truly down.
snake_p: monty must be out with the missus. whehre
Heizenberg: Yeah pretty good bro, got a bew job woth more money 🙂
snake_p: monty out with the missus. where’s the work experience kid?
AngryRyno: ADL/SYD completely broken
FlagDog: Finally got some ball Kerridge… keep going pretty please…
Heizenberg: Hi heppeleitis
Heizenberg: Hi raspel
JRedden: give biggs the cape.. had like 60 points this quarter
NewFreoFan: m0nty not sure if anyone’s mention it but the crows v swans game scores aren’t working
Brown*Dog: Half time – restart button
heppelitis: hey m0nty…other game cactus rootus
Heizenberg: Lol freo fan
Raspel31: Not looking good Heiz when your cap has 8 touches in a half.
zadolinnyj: Nice heiz
snake_p: swans game now working
Gordo450: CD hate Matty Boyd!
Breezey: It’s working now that it’s H/T
Mash: wow, doggies 19 frees to 4
Raspel31: Biggs not a bad get for that tired old cat Lonergan.
heppelitis: lift libba boyd JJ biggs keerridge weitering lol
Heizenberg: Thnx zad and i know raspel
Heizenberg: Thats the way, 2 in a row
Heizenberg: God bt talks some absolute shit
zadolinnyj: Nooooooo hamstring
Heizenberg: Hows a melee like a hot meal?
snake_p: JJ gone hamstring
circle52: can it get any worse this weekend – Johannisen Hamstring gone
cusch1: I dont think that was a free against Hamling…good contest
Torpedo10: Ping goes the Hammy
heppelitis: wow
AngryRyno: twang, there goes my weekend
zadolinnyj: Can’t stand BT heiz. Just talks rubbish
Breezey: Boyd is about as mobile as a Mack truck
Heizenberg: Exactly zad
Heizenberg: I like darcy though
Raspel31: Agreed Circle-Danger and Gaz rubbish and then lose your ruck to a thug and then Joh
mark621: gibbs wake up! the little leather thing flying around, go get it
zadolinnyj: My team now officially stinks. Any danger of someone making it through a game
3rdstriker: How bad is JJ hamstring?
AngryRyno: very high hammy, 4-6 weeks is the early call
Costanza: where’s the old Bont
Mash: looks as bad as they get striker
feralmong: His shorts are pulled up to put ice on.
cusch1: jesus Levi Casbault’s kicking is disgusting
Heizenberg: Cmon casboult thats atricious man
snake_p: really high hamstring 3rdstriker might be tendon involvement
ballbag: LOL carlton are pathetic playing casboult. put him in def or piss him off. useless
feralmong: He made his be at least. So won’t lose $$.
3rdstriker: Bulldogs can’t take a trick losing Murphy and JJ back to back weeks
Jackwatt$: Has he ripped it off the bone?
feralmong: Murphy knee to head.
Heizenberg: I know ballbag but his contested marking is why they keep
PureSwag: How long is JJ gone for.
Heizenberg: Him
Gordo450: Yeah sweet ive got Murphy in Draft
Hadouken: looks like ill trade johannisen to kepler bradley this week
cusch1: Throwing the ball back too hard and fast
feralmong: Docherty looks a good jj replacement.
Bursill: the ball isn’t the only thing that the umpire has taken hard and fast lately
jocka: Is that even a rule?
feralmong: Same gordo had to put him on for priddis
uw0tm8: Just hope people dont trade jj for docherty so he stays a ultra pod
feralmong: Yeah Mila kunis wouldn’t mind bending u over a jim beam barrel.
Gordo450: @Feral Same here! Priddis was meant to chop up last night!
Heizenberg: I know feral
deekay: did dahlhaus have a rest did he? he’s been useless the last 25mins
feralmong: Whoa, byrne and Adcock head clash.
Costanza: havent seen a 2nd half touch from the bont.
cusch1: There was Bont Costanza
feralmong: Another down for dogs.
feralmong: Boyd shoulder
urmumsaid: I buy all my shoes from fan footy sponsors, get around em
Ash777: forget docherty and go for biggs
cusch1: Bont 3 touches since half time
Costanza: love the Bont but done me 50k and b/e tonight 150 hate the bont
Bursill: only 2900 supercoach points have been scored so a lot of scaling up to come
Seb78: Lol JJ still accumilating SC points and hasnt touched it for a qtr and a half
Jogr: how has JJ on 88 he was on 67 when he got injured
Costanza: Dogs not relying on stars – good signs at the kennell
NewFreoFan: You understand how scaling works yeah, Seb?
poolboybob: Blue moon for Dale Morris
Seb78: Clearly i dont freo fan

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