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Chat log from R4 of 2016: Brisbane vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Brisbane vs Gold Coast, R4 of 2016

Harmes37: cmon GAJ big one from you today!
the worm: why am i not getting the stats on my end 🙁
zadolinnyj: Same worm
Dangertime: I’ve got no stats either
Harmes37: probably an issue on afl end
the worm: refreshing the page and banging my desk hasnt fixed it
Harmes37: stats seem ok on afl end atm
feralmong: ok i just did a risky thing. I put the C on hall just before the game.
AngryRyno: AFL website working fine
J.Worrall: your end is too small, worm!
piro: why no stats?
DutchHound: I log in now i have stats
Viscount: Yeah stats!
feralmong: cape lynch
Breezey: God I hate that top knot from Stefan Martin
AngryRyno: tag gone already? time to rack em up GAZ
BestCoast: Lynch tearing the lions a new one
Mileroo30: Oath Breezey, ugly as
Jackwatt$: Should I take 58 from Menadue or gamble with Papley?
the worm: top knot beats mullet
tamoz: Come on Captain Hall!
spiggs: The Gold Coast flag at the top of screen looks like a pizza
Raspel31: Gamble with Papley Jack-but I just shifted cap from Danger to Gablett
LuvIt74: Put Davis on,…lol
Breezey: Take the 58 Jackwatts$
BestCoast: Toss the coin @Jackwatt$
deanie: i have hall captain too. hes been MIA last 10mins lol
Breezey: @tamoz you and me both.
AngryRyno: Hall, Gaz, both quiet!
Breezey: Hall is up forward that is why.
J_Pinkman: oi! Ablett! when your ready son
JDolling69: Yeah C.Cameron nice, glad i played you
OnTheRocks: @Breezey: The Hipster Man knot is a trend that needs to be stopped. Noah from the Bulls annoys me with his
tamoz: Is Rosa playing midfield?
Raspel31: Don’t know how Gablett managed 27 for doing nothing-but thank you.
Roksta: It’s top knotch
Breezey: @OnTheRocks. Correct. It should be outlawed all over the world. Especially all footballers in all codes.
BestCoast: Here comes GAJ
OnTheRocks: I want to take a razer to all the ones I see then go and have a coffee from a hipster store
zadolinnyj: Think it goes well with a nappy for those sumo wrestlers the old hair knot
Raspel31: A man bun belongs in a pair of trousers. Good work Sexton.
mark621: what is going on with jack martin somebody?
Rebuild: Ablett looking to save my crappy score once again
Torz: Bastinac on GAJ now. Should be easier to deal with than Robinson.
AngryRyno: everyone must have jumped on Hall, he’s gone quiet
Breezey: The toppie should be a Grade 1 fashion crime. Minimum 1 week
J.Worrall: Is Sumo, is good. In trousers, is good. On top, certainly not!
piro: anyone else have ryan davis captain?
OnTheRocks: The dirty moe needs to go too. Joe Daniher would be out for 4 weeks for that travesty.
colin wood: Hey guys where abouts is rich playing??
Breezey: No just you Piro
Ben_Gogos: @colin wood, largely midfield
Torz: On the ball at the moment Colin.
Raspel31: And the bald head-all bald players should have to have a top knott.
piro: i meant to put it on gaz but i was drunk :/
Bursill: Come on Ablett, big game mate !
Raspel31: Why did Carlton let Bell go-not a gun but kinda useful.
OnTheRocks: Robinson, stop looking for Jelwood to pick on and do something
The Barn: bell wanted to move back QLD. plus, the hell would want to stay at carlton anyway
Breezey: GAJ to return in the second half with a top knot
AngryRyno: Bell wanted to go to Bris to be with his ill father
Raspel31: True Angry ?
OnTheRocks: @Breezey: after shaving Tippa’s excess dreads?
piro: dat was beams angryryno
Sloaneyyyy: Thanks KK for waking up
zadolinnyj: Martin out for the count
Breezey: Goodnight Stefan Martin
JockMcPie: Stef Martin down and out D:
specky2000: ouch
J.Worrall: Dammit!
AngryRyno: as a blues fan, i am 99% sure bell went to QLD for family reasons
Ben_Gogos: May will be out for 3-4 for that
Costanza: Merrett protesting lol biggest thug out there
J_Pinkman: yeah thx May, that bloke needs one
Raspel31: Thanks for taking out my ruck May youthug
FREODUCK: absolute disgrace should be given at least 8 weeks
J.Worrall: Koosbane Upper!
JockMcPie: Steven May now public enemy #1
Costanza: 6 down to 4 due to bun tie
AngryRyno: Steven May did this to Rocky last year
iZander: i didn’t see it, heard it was a bad hit, but remember Hall only got 8 weeks @freoduck
SwaggyP: Literally hope steven may snaps his neck and never walks again. Disgusting act
Raspel31: May deserves 8 weeks and a top knot.
man0005: sneaky push from the little master?
FREODUCK: hope someone knocks s may out show him what it feels like
heppelitis: haha Costanza
Breezey: I did say the top knot would get him in trouble and there you go.
Breezey: Nothing to do with May. It’s the Toppie I tell ya.
buttox: fine for may. no weeks. bring back the BIFF
piro: ablett pushed him
FREODUCK: may ya d1ckhead get rid of that smug face
theuncle: Jeez I hope Day gets suspended for his whole life that guy is a thug seriously get a life
OnTheRocks: Need to go all Minority Report on all these Top Knots
Ben_Gogos: @SwaggyP that’s a disgusting comment mate… Lets keep our heads on fellas.
Grazz: Thanks alot May ya flog.
deekay: cameron is destorying me
piro: ease up swaggyp ya dunce
iZander: i bet most of you twats had less of a reaction to Barry Halls punch…poor act by May still
theuncle: May is going all the way on the …….This player is a spud list for me!!!!!!!!!!
the worm: on the brightside my 57 from blicavs doesnt look so bad anymore
theuncle: Now our only ruck in this game is pretty much Walker
AngryRyno: MRP should hit may as hard as he hit Stef. Flog.
Mileroo30: up yours May!
the worm: may can look forward to a tv career when he retires now
zadolinnyj: Thinking the same worm, but he will upscale during last half
Costanza: Steffanny
theuncle: Grr im furious
Zeratul: Martin finally on track for a good score… -_-
frenzy: Lol costanza
the worm: and on tonights panel we have campbell brown, barry hall, Duck dermie and special guest steven may (applause)
23rookie23: Will he come back on!
Costanza: got pounded
Zeratul: Check AFL Facebook page to see the footage
CaptainWho: Need martin to slow down if I’m gonna win h2h
Breezey: He’ll be lucky to come back on next week 23rookie23
the worm: also on their twitter feed
Torpedo10: He isn’t going to score another point CaptainWho.
Mileroo30: Doctors won’t let him on after that
the worm: just type may stef martin into google
IHateChat: Stef off to hospital in an ambulance. Just saw it.
frenzy: drama queens
Crowls: barlow to tippet or sinclair for coverage next week
Costanza: lets go Nicholls
Roksta: Martin losing sc points rapidly
LuvIt74: @Crowls why are you thinking of trading Barlow next week?
mark621: is J. Martin actually on the ground?
Mileroo30: West to get a game next week? Picked him on the pine for this reason
Sloaneyyyy: just got back… ooooh big Stef… that’s gonna mess up some people this week
heppelitis: move davis…pick up the lost points for stef!…..fat chance
AngryRyno: why would you pick West?
23rookie23: steph will finish on 73 if Lions win as if was massive!
Sloaneyyyy: Cmon Bald Jesus, time to get moving please
mark621: anyone know whats going on with J. Martin?
zadolinnyj: He would be at least 120 if he stayed on so 50 difference
AngryRyno: +1 more bald jesus points please
GJayBee: Martin is sitting around being told by nerds he can’t be a real man because of OH&S
GJayBee: Like Diesel and Platten were ever going to be bring in middle age!
GJayBee: bright
the worm: luckily nerds know more about head injuries than real men
zadolinnyj: Ricardo on front row for China grand prix
heppelitis: nice Zado
Sloaneyyyy: what the heck is GAJ doing? hasn’t moved for 10 minutes
Zeratul: GAJ feeling bad for the push.
gdshifty: who said Martin went to hospital? Liars
zadolinnyj: GAJ the last two weeks has looked tired. Jogging around not looking himself
Bursill: lift ablett
Jackwatt$: What’s wrong with Gaz today? Nathan is that you?
zadolinnyj: Still racks the points up in sc as every touch is contested
colin wood: Lift Gaz, Hall and Rich!!!
JockMcPie: Don’t worry about Ablett he will come out and score 60 points in Q4
LuvIt74: I’m behind Colin, I have the same 3 players
heppelitis: human meatball needs to grab this game by the scruff of its neck
colin wood: just unloopholed gaz boys so watch him grow!
the worm: is there anyone hre who doesnt have hall and gaz?
Zeratul: Of course Hall slows down when I give him the C
zadolinnyj: Lynch is a massive unit. Will win a few colemans
LuvIt74: I would say the majority have Hall & GAJ
JockMcPie: even though gaz and hall not having a great night they are still on track for 100+ supercoach points
zadolinnyj: Took all out of my side 3 minutes before round 1 and have not been out to look in the mirror since
zadolinnyj: *hall
colin wood: True Jock its fair to say we have been spolit by their first 3 weeks lol
zadolinnyj: *able to
LuvIt74: Was that hall
ryanbob: Lonergan has been disappointing, gone next week for me
AngryRyno: Gaz just shed 4 points when he got a kick, but it wasn’t a clanger?
Ben_Gogos: Gaz is on track for near 120. People desire too much sometimes!
Solat: where is he playing?
LuvIt74: @zadolinnyj why didn’t bring him in just prior to round 3, thats what i did,
thommoae: Jeremy Cron got 4 wks for a hit that wasn’t nearly as forceful as May’s. Enjoy your last quarter for a while, Steve.
snake_p: yes ryanbob same for me. wont even make his BE of 63
Mileroo30: Martin is alive! Watching from the bench
thommoae: * Cameron
JDolling69: Lonergan is a waste of space, may as well have Dawson
kirky12: Zorko, gets 12 DT points, gets -1 SC in the same period… I give up.
AngryRyno: CD must have loved the May hit
LuvIt74: i thought hall was injured when gardiner hit him.
zadolinnyj: i head many issues @LuvIt. In paid league so trades vital at end
zadolinnyj: *had. Fat fingers mashing the keyboard
LuvIt74: @zadolinnyj fair enough mate, but thats just crazy mate, you gotta bring those must haves.
zadolinnyj: Think I’ll stick with Parker captain unless GAJ pulls something out in the next 5
mark621: saw iv lost my match
feralmong: Convert them a
mark621: saw iv lost my match, S. MArtin and J. Martin, KK and R Davis all shite
LuvIt74: I got rid of Rocky for Hall, glad i did.
zadolinnyj: Good news is I’ve got 600k for upgrades
KingPetrie: browny should never commentate lions games
feralmong: Convert them hall and we’d be laughing
LuvIt74: I was so close to trade Rich out this week, glad i stuck to my structure.
Costanza: wat ya call a lesb with fat fingers? Well hung
Raspel31: I had that prob zado but had danger so had to go gablett and then that thug May wiped Martin
zadolinnyj: How long is rocky out for. Sitting on my bench
uw0tm8: Just want tons from hall and ablety and i’ll be happy
LuvIt74: GAJ hasn’t touched it this QT
Sloaneyyyy: I thought Dangerfield was bad, but GAJ is gonna be worse at this rate
uw0tm8: Hopefully some good junk time touchss from ablett and hall
colin wood: gaz loophole lifted again lads watch him go!
zadolinnyj: No good Raspel. Really hard to pick this year.
colin wood: uwot no junk when the game is this tight my friend…
Sloaneyyyy: won’t be any junk in this game… might be a draw
BestCoast: @zadolinnyj you have 600K for upgrades and you still have Rocky on the bench
JockMcPie: Hall!!! About time he kicked one!
Breezey: Good on you Aaron.
uw0tm8: Thats it hall thats it
zadolinnyj: Picked all the good rookies @BestCoast so have been lucky. Will finish the year very strong I hope
feralmong: Go hall u good thing
zadolinnyj: Disgusting kick taylor
Raspel31: Can live with Danger and Gablett a bit under Zado-though caps hard to pick. But to lose your top ruck-aargh.
BestCoast: @zadolinnyj dat a boy love your work
zadolinnyj: He may have a rest next eek as well Raspel. Depends on his history of concussions
tamoz: Do something Rosa!
colin wood: Come on Rich chuck us a 120 here!!
Costanza: tom tom ton ton
Raspel31: But Mitchell and Merrett pleasant surprises so la vie continue.
BestCoast: Carn GAJ, Hall, Rich and Lions
zadolinnyj: There s no depth in ruck in terms of rookies this year so injuries will force trades. no good
Sloaneyyyy: at least ton up in SC please GAJ
kirky12: 4 tackles, 4 disposals since Zorko hit 96… has gotten sweet fuck all for it.
Bursill: lift ablett come on mate, big last few minutes !
zadolinnyj: Please let that be the winning goal for cutler
Raspel31: I offered Gody $560,000 but the greedy bugger refused.
Bursill: far out, so close by the GAJ
feralmong: Cmon hall winning goal
BestCoast: Went loophole on Danger was going to pick GAJ no, come in Goldy
zadolinnyj: Deserves a draw this game
zadolinnyj: Goldy is a gold digger @raspel
BestCoast: @Raspel31 Goldy is a Greedy bugger hopefully tomoz as well
Bursill: All scores will get scaled up a bit here
Raspel31: Should have gone Parker. But so flow the sands of time. Good luck lads and farewell.
uw0tm8: Clutch time points now in effect i think
iZander: Gee a lot of ruckmen have been getting injured laterly
AngryRyno: bloody hell Gaz
BestCoast: If my premiums fell into a 44 gallon drum of nipples they would come out sucking there thumb this weekend
zadolinnyj: Few beverages will fix the night raspel
ballbag: so hall is =/better than GAJ in every catergory yet only 4 SC points in front??? hows that?
kangawalla: Zorko the magnificent tons up again!
zadolinnyj: The stats guy is not wearing halls jumper @ballbag
LuvIt74: carn the lions
zadolinnyj: Lol @BestCoast
uw0tm8: Inside 50s, goal assists, clearances, there are a few more factors than just stats ballbag
heppelitis: haha Breastcoast
Costanza: better than Ablett still
Raspel31: Deserved win-there goes my burger-and my ruckman.
LuvIt74: Think its time to get rid of the Almighty one soon, his shoulder is stuffed.
colin wood: time left?
colin wood: time left guys?
BestCoast: @kangawalla Dorko been pulling his weight this year
zadolinnyj: 7secs
Sloaneyyyy: way to ruin my tips Brisbane… =(
LuvIt74: ova colin
Mash: finished
JockMcPie: Brisbane win
Bursill: siren due
ballbag: @uwot like i said HALL is in front in all of them
zadolinnyj: Agree Luvit
Sloaneyyyy: what’s worse is I (upgraded) Gaff to GAJ this week in SC… worst call ever
feralmong: Walker has rucked ok. Held his own.
Breezey: Very pleased Hall,Nicholls and Bastinac
GJayBee: Gaff to Gaz just an expensive sideways trade!

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