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Chat log from R5 of 2016: Melbourne vs Richmond

Chat log for Melbourne vs Richmond, R5 of 2016

jimmy294: carn the tigs
wadaramus: Carn Dusty and Houli, 100+ each of you!
Zeratul: Dear footy gods… today I let many drivers in front of me… i’d like to cash in some good karma on Dusty’s ton!
heppelitis: Lets go Meadue andCEllis….50 each lol
Demons15: cmon viney, big ton from you today mate
Sloaneyyyy: lol did Freo really lose to the Blues… almost as bad as Port Adelaide
casey22: A lot of players get a sc point just for turning up!
Zeratul: I hope Port v Freo is a draw in a few rounds time
JDolling69: @Sloaney, at least port have hit the scoreboard, despite crap footy
Sloaneyyyy: go you champion Gawn !
poolboybob: Never thought I’d be excited about seeing a higher standard of play from a Melbourne-Richmond match.
colmullet: good start Houli….
Torz: Ellis and Menadue missed the bus.
Matty_Dogs: gawn,watts,viney,riewoldt and houli for sc
poolboybob: Menadue making his bid for VFL next week.
Torz: Do something Corey Ellis. Anything.
rtz23: was it a bad decision to trade kennedy?
RooBoyStu: icicle Houli lol
snake_p: maxy in beast mode tonight
Torz: Max is dominating!
SaintsMan: gawn u beast
poolboybob: lol Bugg is pissing everybody off
Zeratul: These qtr time scuffles are exciting
ryanbob: Good start houli
Generalsor: Gawny might save my bacon this week! Go son
wadaramus: WTF is Houli doing?
bigbaddasa: I have Martin, Houli and Manadue, he has Gawn..Gawn is killing my 3
TheMessiah: You are killing em HOULI
JRedden: houli owners are probably feeling like i did friday with gibson..
Zeratul: I need Dusty to try and match Gawn so I can beat the Traders team. haha
colin wood: Need a massive one from maxy
ryanbob: Where is houli playing, seen him on the field like once
Torz: Wagner looking like a solid option down back. Feeling like an upgrade at this stage!
sticky12: Evening gents…and the rest. I was out until Fyfe got injured and now Gawn saving my team…maybe
desafinado: Gonna trade Houli tomm night ! 2 spud scores in a row is too much
Yelse: menadue won’t get his BE :((((
wadaramus: Are you fucking kidding me Houli? What the fuck is your problem?
ryanbob: I hope that’s sarcasm desafinado
Jackwatt$: Can someone tell Menadue there is a game on tonight and he’s supposed to be playing in it
snake_p: only another 7 points Yelse
poolboybob: Kennedy get back amongst it
Fletch91: Thanks Lambert… thanks so much!
gdshifty: thank god i started Mills over Menadue
poolboybob: Lol, Bugg’s troll game is on point
circle52: Defenders have been up and down so far this year so hard to anbalyse at present
SaintsMan: ben kennedy is gone next week
luked98: gawn has turned himself into an absolute star
the worm: nobody to blame but urself if u have kane lambert
sticky12: Wingards on my chopping block…shame cause he’s dropped a heap but over his mediocrity
wadaramus: Gawn to ton up before half time!
luked98: menadue traded out next week
Fletch91: Lol, no shit worm, thats generally how it works
SaintsMan: gawn could be 110 by half time
BestCoast: Gawn & Goldy neck and neck for Premo big fella
Gurr05: y is Gawn getting SC points for hitouts that go to rich??
Bursill: I’m trading Jack Riewoldt’s left foot into my team next week.
RooBoyStu: brick wall Menadue
Generalsor: Max I love you so much right now
Breezey: Counting up the $ as we speak with Wagner
gdshifty: Maximus!!!
the worm: lol, its forgivable if u started with him, but not if he was traded in
ryanbob: Someone stop gawn pls
SaintsMan: my god gawn. Who has the C on him
snake_p: maxy double beast mode. 200 SC not out of the question
Raspel31: I thought seriously about Gawn or Goldy this week but I thought no-much better to get whipped with dignity.
wadaramus: Brought in Wagner, but he’s on the pine, all good I guess.
poolboybob: Menadue probably won’t lose much cash after next week because he’ll be playing in the VFL
blues3222: Gawn a must have now????
luked98: 127 at half time boy oh bpy
Generalsor: GawnnnnnaaaYYY!
FlagDog: I have Menadue on the ground in my forward line, and Papley on the bench. FMDT.
deekay: Ive got B.Ellis, C.Ellis and Menadue… this game may cost me all my leagues
BestCoast: Hard core Gawn absolutly rogering Richmond
poolboybob: I’m actually considering trading out Nic Nat for Gawn, he’s amazing
casey22: It;s the Maxy show tonight!
wadaramus: Stef for Gawn.
ryanbob: nic nat to gawn would be an absolute waste of a trade. This is only gawns second big score
gdshifty: Gawn almost 2 superman capes in a row.
Viscount: I was guaranteed a win, we both had Fyfe as captain, last minute desperate move he captains Gawn…….
SaintsMan: stef for goldy, then b kennedy for someone
desmondo: Geez lucky I have menadue to cover for daniels LOL
geoffmack: Maxxy Gawn u beauty!! 200 please.
mace485: how about those demons? good first half!
SaintsMan: put the star on gawn
BestCoast: Trading premiums for premiums burning trades
vartic: Gawnstein continues to prove itself best ruck combo
Gordo450: Stefan to Gawn I done care who I have to downgrade
Dangertime: Can I win this I’m 136 behind I have Gawn and dea he has Martin and Hartley I need to wiin
rowshow: does anybody else press mute when they hear basil zempilas commentating
a1trader: sorry Dangertime, you’re screwed
sticky12: Let’s say dea gets 20 more than Hartley. You need Gawn to get 120ish more than Martin. Unlikely
SaintsMan: what premiums are a must have next week under 150k
the worm: gawn will easily outscore dustbin by 100
Breezey: JRoo might be the man to get the Tiges home. I have a dream
sticky12: Martin saves his energy and gets the junk in the 4th
Dangertime: If I win it would be a miracle I need some one to break dusty’ she leg
Breezey: By the way what is Menadues BE. DT
ryanbob: Poor thing to say dangertime
the worm: yeah, especially about such a high quality bloke as dustin martin
snake_p: 16 Breezey
Dangertime: Sorry I’m very competitive
Breezey: Cheers he’s I right n it then
colin wood: Goodbye Kennedy
Breezey: Sorry right on it then is Menadue
thommoae: Google ‘Nathan Brown broken leg’ D/time and then see if your competitive nature changes for the better …
Mileroo30: m0nty, the team statistics and live game blog are overlapping the bottom of the score tables. any idea why?
the worm: then google threatens woman with chopsticks
Breezey: I think the non performance of B.Ellis is more of a shock than Houli’s
Torz: Lift Gawn.
ryanbob: The worm, Martin migjt not be a great bloke but doesn’t mean he deserves a broken leg
Breezey: @worm. Very good. On of the best today
ryanbob: Is bennedy still on the field?
the worm: i would argue that it does mean he deserves it
poolboybob: Kennedy disappeared after QT
macvinnie: Muppet for Hunt
RooBoyStu: lets start the Gawny Chant (in the Warnie chant) Gawwwnnnnyyyyy
ryanbob: Well that means you’re just as bad as martin
KelCO: Silly question, why can’t i hover over the players names and see their breakeven, price, etc?
thommoae: I think that’s what Civil courts are for, worm. This is football.
BestCoast: the flog worm
GJayBee: as an owner, i don’t think houli cares about my feelings
casey22: Kelco, what exactly are you hovering over the players names?
GJayBee: keLCO it’s because this is the 80’s
bigbaddasa: starting to wish I started with 6 rookies in my defence
THESKUNK: need Bkennedy to score 8 more to win my game , im worried now
sticky12: Oops need another 30 from Kennedy otherwise his low score is negating Gawns high one dammitt
Kicks: @Kelco – zoom out
Jair: Isnt there an ABBA song called Menadue?
Breezey: Tiges not done yet
KelCO: Thanks Kicks
nbartos: How does Morris get a game at AFL level?
Yelse: France where are you. lift. need you to winnnn
Yelse: i think kennedy has run his race for the year. out he goes next week
RooBoyStu: Houli nowhere near his BE will drop heaps, give down arrow
ryanbob: Missed a houli handball on the stats to rance
gdshifty: C.Ellis, Menadue and Kennedy…. hate when rooks all hit the wall at the same time
Jarvo: Just heard Bugg was injured on the boundary, he was attached by Mrs Cotchin
SaintsMan: kennedy 2 points since qtr time
2cabs: Iced Le
deekay: gdshifty I’ve got them and B.Ellis… only upside is Wagner but he has hit a wall since half time
2cabs: icicle for Gawn
casey22: Can’t believe how bad tigers look: disorganised rabble
gdshifty: lucky vests arent an issue this year…
sticky12: No Deledio no tigers
gdshifty: deekay ive also got Houli :/ But thankfully Gawn is dragging them all up!
Kenny27: give Kennedy the wall its upgrade time
RooBoyStu: would be funny @Jarvo if you used attacked instead of attached lmao
deekay: gdshifty and to think I traded Papley this week and not menadue gahhhhhh
GJayBee: i was at the pies v ess vfl today, pies got smashed, lucky the sun was out and i got wasted
Stuart88: Ffs Houli left u spud
Roksta: Muppet Martin
Bulky: Lift Gawn or your out!
the worm: he left about an hour ago
bigbaddasa: how did Cloak go GJayBee?
RooBoyStu: Toothless Tigers!
THESKUNK: why does that grey box keep appearing at bottom of screen? so annoying
casey22: Bit of a lack of heart at Tigers?
RooBoyStu: @THESKUNK m0nty said 5 weeks ago he was fixing it
Gordo450: Lift m0nty!
THESKUNK: thanks Roo, must be a hard one
Bulky: How did the Tigers ever start favourites? Easy money on Melbourne 2 weeks in a row.
casey22: Miles on my bench in ultimate
frenzy: its m0nty’s suggestion box
gdshifty: @deekay ouch that hurts. I need to get rid of sheridan too
kangawalla: Heart for Viney?
Kenny27: there’s nothing quite like a grey box!
THESKUNK: thank fuck benndy
mace485: i love how we’ve kicked 17 and Hogan hasn’t got 1
BOMBRBLITZ: Kennedy is alive!
Breezey: Cloke kicked 2 goals. Strangely Jesse White was leading possession getter with 24.
kangawalla: Used to takes us 2 weeks to kick 17 Mace!
gdshifty: gawn slowed down 🙁
frenzy: cloke had 6 possies and two goals, but the ball was never there
mace485: oh i remember kangawalla
wadaramus: 100 between Martin and Houli, rubbish!
GJayBee: Jesse white was ok, still, looks like he needs a prosthetic wang to be a real man
GJayBee: biggest crowd i’ve seen at vic park in three years. cloke and the sunshine brought them out
Breezey: That Kent is a good player and I mean that Kent wearing a Dee’s jersey
GJayBee: i told a trainer that they need to get a tattooist to change cloke’s angel wing tatt to eagle wings
kangawalla: Astbury kicked it like Rob Astbury, the cross dressing newsreader!
GJayBee: the trainer said, ‘what he needs is for the ball to come down his end first.
RooBoyStu: @GJayBee either all the Cloke family or it was dole week for the skunk fans.
sticky12: Kennedy trying but getting no luck this qtr
RooBoyStu: Dirty Dog Rance
mace485: alex rance you thug, good to see one tiger with some fight
BestCoast: Quality tigers !!
Bulky: Richmond are the worst side in the AFL.
ryanbob: Good job Rance
kangawalla: Sorry, thought Jack V got reported. Phew!
Bull8: Fro way to go!
Mileroo30: I think viney did too, heard the ump mention his name several times afterwards
deekay: Bulky you heard of freo?
J_Pinkman: hits just keep on coming, Fyfe out, Gray a shocker, Rance gone. Thank god for Gawny
THESKUNK: no freo are the worst
ryanbob: I think Viney will be in trouble too, punch to the throat is no better
Bull8: oooh!
Kenny27: or Colingwood
Bulky: Richmond are worse mate. Have been perpetual disappointments for 30 years.
ryanbob: Freo are the worst so far
Bursill: I’m interested in seeing who you barrack for Bulky?
Bull8: Tigers V Freo ?? when is that
gdshifty: fuck you Razor you little shithead
J_Pinkman: 50 my ass
RooBoyStu: Richmonds last Grand Final 35 years ago and Freos 3…
Roksta: Bye rance
deekay: Wagner my only positive
shivaya: No longer Nonthmond now Sixteenthmond
Bulky: Geelong @Bursill
Bull8: Tigers sux! no fire in them

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