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Chat log from R5 of 2016: Collingwood vs Essendon

Chat log for Collingwood vs Essendon, R5 of 2016

J.Worrall: What happened to all my Browns?
kangawalla: Yeah, only 2 Browns this week JW. 🙂
kangawalla: M Brown’s this is, not N
desmondo: Like to know who`s going to stop Cox?
kangawalla: So many Benny Hill references I could contribute here desmondo
desmondo: I got it…they should put tippa on him LOL
carlton_99: Dont care who wins this game. Just hoping for an Anzac thriller!
Gott2Win: Need 109 SC from Dea and Parish to win
rickyb80: heard a rumor the pies only recruited the big fella so folks on ff could enjoy their big cox jokes again
the worm: has cox goddard?
deekay: thats good for cox, put it straight through.
circle52: Adams down the race
Jogr: shocking call by the ump
jfitty: Where’s the USA flag for Cox!
NewFreoFan: Have the C on sidebum in DT, need a big one
poolboybob: See what happens when you drop Cloke?
rtz23: jfc newfreofan sidebum with 3 goals already
Yelse: see what happens bucks when you put peddles in the middle
Bursill: opponent has Sidebottom, need him to get injured
Kenny27: how big you want freo fan lol he is on fire
ryanbob: Just need 119 from tippa and dea, come on Essendon!
NewFreoFan: haha he’s doing just fine 🙂
fyfe is life: lets go z.merrett
carlton_99: There goes my hope for a thriller ANZAC game.
RooBoyStu: Give Sidebum the Medal already, 3 goals and 2 goal assists
Ceema: Come on parish!
NewFreoFan: Essendon look worse than Freo
Generalsor: Zachary act like the Captain you are son. GO!!!
gdshifty: do something Zerrett ffs
casey22: Bit arrogant, sidey
deekay: took the C off Sidebottom and put it on GAJ…
NewFreoFan: Maccas using meatloaf in an ad during the footy, do they not know meatloaf is death to the afl?
circle52: Agree Carlton Was hoping for another good match still 3/4 to go though but hard to see Bombers getting back
Ceema: Fyfe my captain:(
Ceema: Fyfe was my captain:(
Ceema: Fyfe my captain
carlton_99: Will be very difficult for the Bombers to get back from 50pts at qtr time.
Ceema: Out for the whole second half
TheMessiah: I put $20 on Cox first goal and pies to win by 30-39. Paying 91/1. Please catch up a bit dees!!!
Kenny27: we are bad enough Steele no more suspensions please.. we need you lol
sticky12: Dam need 140 from dea and Merrett who are predicted to make 200 together…I’m gonna struggle now
Wends: Yr not alonge there Ceema. Sidey and Pndles may save my bacon in a few league matches tho.
the worm: those predictions are the biggest joke in the universe
Ceema: Still got four playing now and only 100 to get to win
the worm: looking at my team, 3 out of 20 predictions were wrong by less than 10%
kangablues: @Messiah. Hope you get it!
Torz: Sidebottom could get 10 at this rate!
Bursill: get sidebottom off the ground now, he’s killing my supercoach hopes
sticky12: Mine worm? I thought high…Merrett at 120 and dea 79
awesomeguy: cmon captain pendles!!!!!
casey22: Changed my pick to bummers after reading Sun this morning: FFS
TheMessiah: No chance now, bombers look trash 🙁 cheers tho @kanga
circle52: Hope I do not Jinx Pendles and DeGoey but needed 280 from them to win the main league I wanted to win.
fattony: can we get coxy the usa flag?
circle52: had given up butflicker of Hope now.
ballbag: ouch. fyfe out for 10 weeks. rance for 2
NewFreoFan: Daniher comedy hour
casey22: My bummers, rejects & kids. Destroyed by AFL!
colmullet: Good of Zerrett to not turn up the week i make him C
SaintsMan: the week i bring in merrett
PureSwag: If Esendon had their best players, we whould pump the pies
thommoae: Get outta here, Casey. Whine somewhere else.
Kenny27: heart symbol for the cameraman
Yelse: brought in rance and now he goes and cops 2
NewFreoFan: Atlas symbol for casey, carrying the weight of the world
Raspel31: Think a few of us could do with an non zombie Merrett.
ryanbob: Surprised Viney didn’t get anything for punching rance in the throat
poolboybob: Merrett do something you dud.
Breezey: Unfortunately all the best Bomber players are drug cheats
Heizenberg: What’s browns sc plz??
Heizenberg: 1 has to be wrong
PureSwag: It wasn’t the players fault it was steve dank and James hird fault
Fatbar5tad: Bwuce hasn’t talked about the Hawks for nearly 10 minutes
GJayBee: players told asada that were not doing anything they had not declaired. guilty. even though i can’t spelll
SaintsMan: cmon merrett!!!!!!
Fatbar5tad: Great tackle Tippa
gdshifty: trading Merrett straight out. Soft as butter
ryanbob: 3 sc points to tippa for 3 tackles and an effective kick? Surely not
Fatbar5tad: Brown?
poolboybob: Trading out a forward averaging 117 because he had a bad game? Great plan.
kirky12: gdShifty pls, you’re joking right, he’s averaging 117 for a reason, poor week but will return to form. Best Starting POD
Ceema: Brown 1 sc!
deekay: sidebottom is a POD in RDT only in 3.9% of teams
NewFreoFan: don’t listen gdshifty, trade him out, trade everyone!
a1trader: Z Merrett playing like his brother
TheMessiah: I need a HUGE comeback from the bombers hahaha I can always dream
CubanPete: Are Collingwood just allowed to throw the ball now?
ryanbob: Can anyone explain tippas sc score? Not getting any reward for all his tackles
PureSwag: Need 150 from Zacky and Pendles
ballbag: lol merret. is he sloping?
deekay: Ill win my league if peddles doesn’t get 300… now I’m worried.
Wends: Well there goes Sidey next week, my unique pick 😐
deekay: Opp has peddles as C btw
ballbag: *sooking
Fatbar5tad: You’ll be right DK
Gott2Win: Come on Dea and Parish! Need you to lift for me!
TheMessiah: Wish the umps would stop paying these soft frees for the pies right in front of goal. Try make it a decent game ffs
Ceema: Collingwood just smashing the undermanned bombers
deekay: hope so fatbastar
a1trader: Not sure even Collingwood could lose from here
NewFreoFan: Lol hawks fan complaining about umps
Kenny27: hawthorn supporter talking about soft frees well stuff me
Raspel31: Sidebottom beating Dons by himself-sad.
a1trader: Z Merrett more worried about his hair than getting a kick. Lovin it though my opp in SC has C on him
Ceema: Hawks complaining about umps!
TheMessiah: Really Kenny? So many different flavours, why do you choose salty?
GJayBee: Merriett quite disrespectful
Jogr: hawthorn have won thier last 2 games from soft frees
TheMessiah: Im not complaining, I just want the game to be a bit of a contest.
ryanbob: Hawks fans can’t talk about umpires when they gift them wins haha
Kenny27: a few “soft frees” at 80 points arent changing things here sour boy
Ceema: Hawthorn wint win four in a row if they keep winning by three points
TheMessiah: I agree we have been very lucky with the umps recently.
TheMessiah: Ryanbob you should know the feeling. Geelong had the exact same thing for years before the hawks did.
Ceema: Four premiships
desmondo: Well how do you reckon collingwod would go if we took 15-16 of their best players out of their team???
TheMessiah: Actually kind of annoys me. Adelaide and Saints deserved the wins I believe, not the dogs though.
the worm: apparantly kernahan is performing at half time
the worm: as long as one of them was Cloke desmondo they would be fine
deekay: I deserve the win in DT this week Messiah, will i get it – probably not.
ryanbob: tippas sc score is shocking, should be 30+ for all his efforts. Also not sure why dea had his tackle removed??
JRedden: @the messiah, you know if bob didn’t get injured you guys would’ve lost?
Kenny27: @des you would probably only need to take about 5 players out for us lol
Disco DB: Stephen Kernahan will be performing Stand By Your Maaaaan!
a1trader: 2 women singers on the left side of Kernaghan could crack walnuts with their thighs
TheMessiah: Maybe JRedden, maybe 🙂
TheMessiah: @kenny i wasnt saying it would change the game either, may have just made it a bit more of a contest is all.
RooBoyStu: give Aish an icicle owned by a high %
Kenny27: @messiah i think 2nd half will be more of a contest i don’t think we are capable of blowing it out above 100
Jogr: inside 50s are even 27 a piece
Gott2Win: 60 SC points behind with the half of Dea and Parish to come. I think I might lose!
gdshifty: bout time Merrett. Crank that shit up!!!!
Ceema: Joe daniher is a spud
JanathF: what is wrong with mitch brown supercoach
SwaggyP: Unbelievable goal there by daniher, future superstar
circle52: Should be showing 32 @JanathF
Fatbar5tad: Brown on fire this Qtr
Ceema: Daniher a future star! He has kicked 6 goals in 5 games!
JanathF: thanx circle
circle52: Greenwood reported for striking
Ceema: Never
Ceema: Goddard should be an actor
OnTheRocks: Worst game of footy this year
Kenny27: didnt see the freo v carlton game? lol
Torz: I think I’ve counted 3 tackles they’ve missed for De Goey.
jfitty: Grimley not doing too bad – should stay in the side after this performance
a1trader: Can’t see Cox getting dropped
TheMessiah: Pies looking smooth, COX going to be a star
awesomeguy: pendlebury as C and dea vs trealor and 155 andvantage. Who Wins?
Stuart88: These SC scores close to been right Essendons seem very low
OnTheRocks: Was at Port Cs GWS game and that was a waste of money. I want my money back for the electricity I’m using for this game.
ryanbob: Yeah torz dea has had 2 tackles not rewarded either. Even had one of them removed
Lecras: treloar is a beast love having him
thommoae: Big call early, Mess – he’s played a half and a bit against the half-Bombers …
TheMessiah: He has great hands and is smart with his choices
TheMessiah: Cool under pressure, infront of a big crowd
RooBoyStu: Aish is a spud, glad we didn’t get him now.
awesomeguy: pendlebury as C and dea vs trealor and 155 andvantage. Who Wins
Tommo9: 1963SC with Tippa and Dea. Is that as bad as I think???
rtz23: felt like my team’s SC points haven’t moved at all…
ryanbob: Gee only need 119 between dea and tippa. Can’t believe I’ll lose like this!
Bursill: very close @awesomeguy
GJayBee: Treloar is a freaking magnet. His form of a groin operation early pre season is amazing.
Choke: what happened to merrett? haven’t been able to watch, he just spudding it up?
reconfigrr: fmdt, i have 6 players including my captain and my highest scorer is mitch brown
circle52: Comeon Pendles lift for the rest of the game Slowed down a bit.
Stuart88: Pendles gone to sleep in this quarter keep going need you to make up for Fyfe as my C
The39Steps: Interesting where this result leaves Cloke? Either responds or does he become trade bait?
JanathF: have zaharakis as captain
ballbag: clones on 850k. he ain’t going anywhere
Fatbar5tad: @39steps he joins Richmond 😉
The39Steps: Why not? We’ve got 40-odd plodders so a few more won’t hurt.
Zeratul: Captain Zerret… shattered
the worm: cloke trade bait?…who wants him?
ballbag: lol fuck you merret you weak dog
RooBoyStu: One Quarter to go who wins the medal? Sidebum for me
OnTheRocks: Those with c on merett you’re in welcome company with those who had fyfe as c
a1trader: Goldy is the safest captain every week
desmondo: well fyfe has a broken leg…what`s merretts excuse LOL
stuballs: Could anyone provide a link for what each icon represents please? I can’t find it anywhere on ff
Rockafella: Freo will take Cloke along with the lad who doesnt want to be away from Mum
OnTheRocks: I had gaj as c after having SMitch as vc
Torz: Glad I held Seedsman and De Goey this week. Repaid the faith.
gdshifty: merrett is just soft at the contest
Tommo9: 1963 with Dea and Tippa left. Is it as bad as I thought???
Roksta: Pendles muppet
the worm: trade him for hodge for hardness and less points
Tommo9: Dea over DBJ. I am so stupid
Gott2Win: 15 each from Dea and Parish for the win
ryanbob: Same for me tommo, going to cost me a win
insano: pies look a bit better without having to rely on cloke
JanathF: come on zaha, good garbage time from you
Raspel31: Same ontherocks-predicted 2300-lucky to make 2000
Karlpov: Need Pendles to get 7 more touches!
DrSeuss: Come on Zaha Fantasia and Dea – get a touch perhaps?
JRedden: parish junking, 20 points in a min
gdshifty: pendles just 16 points in 2nd half. Dreadful
ryanbob: Just need 30 between tippa and dea come on fellas!
awesomeguy: Please pendles junk it up!!!!!
DrSeuss: What is Zaha doing? Still getting tagged by Greenwood?
deekay: i need idea and tippy to get another 20 or so
gdshifty: MTW might get dropped. Not hard enough
Stuart88: Please peddles just a bit of junk plz
Gordo450: @Shifty Im sure Woosher can prescribe him something for that
jfitty: Grimley’s SC is a bit unfair
ryanbob: Second week in a row I’m gonna lose by less than 15 points. Sc is cruel sometimes!
Ceema: Essendon can’t compete
rtz23: wouldnt mind if dea kicked a goal… or 7
SwaggyP: They can’t play melbourne every week ceema
Ceema: Sidebottom 4 goals in 30 minutes havent kicked one since
Fatbar5tad: Lol@Swaggy
Karlpov: Yes! Good junk time Pendles! hit my $400 bet
Ceema: Thats true at least we beat gws
Ceema: And collingwood
Ceema: And richmond
meka100: Zaha fucken shit pickle
ballbag: fucken weak flog zerret
SwaggyP: But not Essendon though..
awesomeguy: Thanks for losing me my game dea
man0005: In more interesting news, Conor back on UFC 200
Ceema: Still we are 3-2
ryanbob: Lol tippa lost 2 sc points for that effective inside 50? That makes sense…
LuvIt74: I quite like Oxley as a defender at his price, seems fairly consistent where defenders aren’t consistent at all
Ceema: With a percentage of 111.4
Stuart88: Dam gonna lose by 10 tipwoody and 70 VS my Penddles needed 130 dam Penddles going to sleep
Ceema: Not 1-4 with a percentage of 59.5
Choke: Lost by a point. FU Captain Fyfe.
Gott2Win: Dea and Parish can get fucked! Lost by 5

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