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Chat log from R6 of 2016: North Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs, R6 of 2016

J.Worrall: Go those little doggies, and go Bont!
Exxxx: Tipping a ten point win kangas
RooBoyStu: Our forward line should be too tall for them. Put the Doggies back in their Kennels.
Yelse: Gawn or goldy for VC
Heater: Goldy for VC
kabooms: Dogs haven’t beaten anbody so far just saying
kabooms: Dogs haven’t beaten anybody so far just saying
benzammit: Doggies by 27 pets gunna run those old legs off there feet
DutchHound: VC on Goldy tonite
DutchHound: The C on Danger but that could change
Gott2Win: simpkin, dea amd Gresham have stuffed my loophole. All players playing so went the C on Goldy
Rockafella: Hi Dawny
Tonche: Who is Jacobs on?
DirtyDawn: Howdy Rocka, you up for a win?
DirtyDawn: Howdy Rocka, you up for a win mate?
Breezey: Looking for Sam Gibson to go big tonight.
Dangertime: Vc Dahlhaus c Gawn
jarradb33: is it frozen?
man0005: Do the dogs only play on Etihad or something?
Breezey: I’ve gone the C on Hannebery against the Lions
buttox: no stats?
wadaramus: Things look broken.
zadolinnyj: Mate at game said crowd called BALL in first 2 minutes and guy got up and yelled free to hawthorn
Rockafella: hello
casey22: The numbers arrive
wadaramus: Wells off to a flyer!
LuvIt74: lol zadolinnyj so bloody true though
Rockafella: yeah maybe playing the woodies
Torz: Wells is everywhere tonight.
valkorum: lol zado
Rockafella: how long you there for
Bursill: i considered putting wells as vice captain before the game
Ceema: Got the C on goldy
LuvIt74: these errors are killing me
Mileroo30: that’s gone all of 10m
Raspel31: Come on Wells-need you to pick up your game.
LuvIt74: 15 meters?
Ceema: Got three tonight, opponent has seven
Rockafella: well you must have some flowered players bursill if he’s gonna be your vc
uw0tm8: Same here bursill, till i relised how rediculous it sounded lol
DirtyDawn: Not sure if it’s site errors or bad connection, but things are really slow or freezing?
LuvIt74: lucky if that was 10 meters.
Rockafella: dont blame the internet dawn, just ff as usual
Bursill: ahahaha yeah it sounded good until it didn’t uwotm8
rtz23: closed browser and re-opened and it was all good for me @dirtydawn
DutchHound: i went with hall to replace gray but i did go with Waite first i guess time will if i made the right choice
man0005: Site errors on fanfooty? Surely not
Ceema: Wells on fire!
DirtyDawn: Here for another 4 weeks mate then come home
LuvIt74: dogs are fumbling badly they need to compose themselves
jocka: petrie ball
Bursill: Give wells the cape
LuvIt74: wells needs 3 burning rings of fire
ryanbob: Get involved goldy
tbrowne: will the full stats ever be back or will this be the layout for a while?
tbrowne: will the full stats ever be back or will this be the layout for a while?
jocka: You are allowed to sheperd the ball for a goal. You can do it with your body or your lags.
SaintsMan: the week bring in goldy and he does this. piss off
FlagDog: Click on stats…
man0005: will the full stats ever be back or will this be the layout for a while?
PureSwag: Goldy, man I’m trying to loophole him and your playing SHOCKING
jocka: The next umpire that allows someone to sheperd a goal should be sacked.
LuvIt74: goldy as quite as a church mose
gdshifty: adams will get the wall tonight
Jogr: stats are not gone
FlagDog: Adams is having a mare
jocka: you touched- he touched – correct
Costanza: I like
Gordo450: Same here Saints, upgraded Stefan to Goldy
AngryRyno: that balls up was not Adams’ doing
Zeratul: With the injuries on the DEF for the doggies, there just isnt as much link work… adams score is suffering
FlagDog: I have goldy as a POD for a change and he comes thru with this crap?? FML
Breezey: Lindsay the ducker Thomas has ducked out for that quarter
LuvIt74: why was stringer’s attempted mark when the ball went through for a goal a free kick? Was it in the back?
wadaramus: Goldy 7sc, great vc choice!
Raspel31: Phew-glad brought in Gawn rather than Goldy-but early days
tbrowne: where’s stats? im talking sc stats btw
Zeratul: Well seeing as over 50% teams have adams and wells… im only cheering for Zieball my POD
Wends: Goldy seemed cop a stinger or some other niggle early in the qu.
benzammit: Adams is on track for 80 odd that’s fair for him, he’s no A grader
GJayBee: i would have preferred Goldy ruin my weekend on Sunday arvo rather than Friday night hahahah
tbrowne: ahh found it guys my bad haha
Vich: unrealistic attempt coz didnt touch it…Got in his back alright…Correct call.
circle52: Yep Luvit usual call if you go early on the leap of the defender and miss the ball free kick
gdshifty: benz your maths are terrible. 4 x 12 does not equal 80
Generalsor: Adams on track for 60 more like.
AngryRyno: Adams is on 20 not 12 mate
Breezey: Adams did well to stop that possible goal from Waite
bigbaddasa: no but 4 x 21 is close…lol
Raspel31: Supercoach shifty
Torpedo10: When us coaches confuse the fantasy codes….haha
gdshifty: ewww supercoach
benzammit: Yeah you must play the kiddos version where you can trade endlessly
LuvIt74: doggies need more honey on there hands so the ball sticks
Ceema: Mare for goldy
JockMcPie: supercoach > afl fantasy/dream team
J_Pinkman: DT,SC confusion
tbrowne: didnt know afl fantasy was still a thing
the worm: supercoach < every other fantasy game ever
Ceema: Supercoach way better
jocka: North man flies over – no touching of the ball – play on!
Raspel31: Wells down the tunnel-any news Monty ?
Breezey: Geniuses everywhere on here
benzammit: Righto settle down….Free kick to Hawthorn!
LuvIt74: move cambell to defence ffs
Yelse: goldyyyyy noooooo :(((((((
wadaramus: Free kick to Hawthorn.
uw0tm8: Early mare for goldmember i think
benzammit: Wells has leather poisoning.
FlagDog: Thanks Goldy, weekend over cunt.
wadaramus: Wells on field Raspel (:
jocka: Good kicking = good kicking
Wends: wada tee hee 🙂
SaintsMan: goldy u r a dud mate, so typical he does this week when i bring him in
Raspel31: Ah, he’s back-phew.
gdshifty: supercoach has achievements… lol. Now thats kiddies games
Zeratul: Keep it up goldy, youre doing fine!
wadaramus: Goldy a dud?!
Gordo450: Opponent locked in Goldy as captain, haha
Tim Tam: lol, DT is better? Wells dominated the first quarter but Lin Jong gets more point, just because….
benzammit: He is capable of scoring 80 in a quarter have faith Saints man
Generalsor: Supercoach is no bueno. Too niche. If you can dominate in AF then you distinguish yourself from the masses. Also I heart
jocka: You CAN NOT hand the ball to a team-mate
AngryRyno: yes because getting 2 trades EVERY week is a skilled practise
Generalsor: I heart D Wells!
LuvIt74: dogs pressure
J_Pinkman: are you actually allowed to hand the ball over to a teammate these days…oh cool
the worm: check out jacobs v ceglar last week to see what joke SC is
FlagDog: This game too fast for Goldy?
Generalsor: @angryryno it is fair because it’s all relative. All have same tools
Raspel31: Saw that pinkman- good question.
Rockafella: what time is it dawn over there
zadolinnyj: Both SC and DT have weaknesses. One you get points for kicking it out on the full and the other you get random extras
zadolinnyj: All about personal preference and both need skill picking teams based on score system
wadaramus: AF platform is very poor, my least favourite.
fyfe is life: was tempted to captain hunter damn…
LuvIt74: doggies cannot hit someone in their forward
benzammit: Champion data error that was terrible worm agree Do!
Mileroo30: ootf is a free against though? so net points is 0
DirtyDawn: 12.40pm mate, not sure when you sent your message Rocka, this connection is really suss
Breezey: Anyway it’s a good game of footy whatever your preference
ryanbob: Not watching the game, what’s happening with goldy?
Raspel31: Phew-great week not to bring in Goldy-lot of teams hurting
Ceema: Where are you dawn?
jocka: Not allowed to stand still!
zadolinnyj: Rules of afl need to go back 20 years. Positioning for a mark gets penalised. Incorrect disposal gone
jocka: What a goal out of nowhere!
LuvIt74: unreal how much dogs slowed down without key defenders
benzammit: Scoring could be better but far too many trades in Dream team
Breezey: @Ryanbob. Godly just not getting a touch at the moment
jocka: No he does NOT kick it. tsk tsk tsk
AngryRyno: Goldy was limping early, but he told me he is preparing for a 5 goal second half
Wends: @ryan Goldy seemed to copy a whack or something early in q1. Trainer went out but he kept playing
Gott2Win: ffs Goldy lift you turd
Yelse: goldy not getting a touch or a hit out
Wends: *cop
gdshifty: Hunter approaching superman cape territory
Jackwatt$: It’s official. Max Gawn is the best ruckman in the AFL!
Rockafella: just then, ready for a beer then??
gdshifty: Hunter cape
LuvIt74: hi pressure footy, just wish dogs start kicking it to thrir players
Breezey: Pretty handy half by Scott Thompson
Torz: Gotta love Hunter
Jogr: goldy looks so lazy out there
Jackwatt$: I had Hunter captain last week, Goldy this week. Footy sucks sometimes
jocka: YES zadolinnyj YES
PureSwag: Jackwatt$, why didn’t you lopehole, goldy?
LuvIt74: Fair to say hunter has stepped up to elite premium.
J_Pinkman: saw Goldy drop a mark he would normally gobble up, just having one of those days/nights
GJayBee: Goldies only chance is to get a txt from his mum that makes him feel good. lots of emojies.
wadaramus: Goldspud needs to lift in the second half!
GJayBee: True mate, goldy have a MARE
jocka: That 66 2 weeks ago makes you a liar
kangawalla: @jack watts. I had Hunter skip last week too. Avoided the Friday night curse & went with Tmitch
Jackwatt$: @pureswag DT so no loop. I’m loopingGawn in SC
wadaramus: Hopefully Wells can make up the shortfall from Goldy.
LuvIt74: Can anyone tell me where Campbell played that 2nd quarter? He was up forward in first quarter.
jocka: #PureSwag: because Jackwatt$: is a liar
tamoz: Power off Hunter!
Fatbar5tad: Captain playing before your VC – SC Sin!
Gott2Win: Had Goldy, Wells and dahlhouse as PODs this week. Bloody Goldy spudding it up huge
GJayBee: I feel like a pregnant teenage girl, ‘Why didn’t anyone tell me about the friday night curse?’
Fatbar5tad: The one time I play someone without Libba and Goldie! ACK
LuvIt74: Goldy & Wells are no POD mate
Jackwatt$: @jocka why would I lie about my captain not doing well. Use some common sense
FlagDog: THe can be POD from week to week, depeds on you’re opponent doesn’t it??
frenzy: hand out some mares m0nty, goldy and thomas to start with
Gott2Win: Were for me this week luvit
Nocash: Pretty happy with my POD Wells this week
Nocash: ….said no one ever
man0005: Pretty happy with my POD Hunter this week
man0005: said me
gdshifty: flagdog Wells is a unique for you in a matchup. POD means vs all teams
LuvIt74: Wells is no POD he is on most teams, I brought him in just b4 round 3
jocka: @Jackwatt$ because you are an attention wh*re
Nocash: More importantly, I feel for Ruggles. I half promised him the Captaincy this week. He’s gonna be upset at Goldy
benzammit: Goldy poor score hurts really only those that put C on him most have him,wells is same but other way around
benzammit: Libya and Adams the same most good teams have them
Gott2Win: Ah right so you make the rules shifty…pod, unique, same fucking shit bro
longsta34: i have a few pod’s this season but why would I brag about them
benzammit: The later will be who you turn em into that counts
kangawalla: jocka the shocka! Jackwatts contributes less than most . Just like his AFL namesake, albeit not in the last 2-3 weeks
Gloryboy: Goldy only in 33% of teams. less than u think
LuvIt74: Don’t take my word for it, go look for yourselves. Wells is owned by 66.2% of SC players
Pokerface: goldy is not in the majority of teams in my leagues
benzammit: Pity he has had a great start to 2016
zadolinnyj: Wells was a cash cow but definitely not a POD.
Yelse: none of my 4 opponents have goldy
Pokerface: for 150k more than other premiums he would want to
Raspel31: Thats a stretch to say most good teams have Liband Adams Benz
zadolinnyj: I could not afford Goldy so got mummy
zadolinnyj: Goldy got a 45 in one game last year but he must be one of the most consistently good scorers
Pokerface: same zad, mummy was way better value
Fletch91: Hopefully Libba can get into the match…
Yelse: why aren’t goldy whiteouts scoring on SC
LuvIt74: Goldy will still score 180+ lol
CamT: Gold averages about 50SC against Sandilands but apart from that he dominates.
3rdstriker: new worst decision of the year, hard to believe it wasn’t in Hawthorn’s favour
benzammit: Lol stop striker free kick to Hawthorn and if you get lipped I’ll make it 50
casey22: Disposal by both teams the very worst of any team this year
Dangertime: As long as his sc stays down I’m a happy
ryanbob: Goldy doing lots of clangers? Score seems pretty low
LuvIt74: Ziebell looks like a great POD this year
SaintsMan: goldy sc is ridiculous
zadolinnyj: worst year I’ve ever had with SC this year. 2 major injuries each week. Hopefully Mitch Duncan as my pod will pay off
benzammit: 33% as I said most good teams have him.
Pokerface: hows things going on getting rid of grey box m0nty?
3rdstriker: obviously the guy doing the cd stats tonight doesnt have goldy, should be double his score
Breezey: Goldy getting the Bronxies
Pokerface: most good teams don’t have him, most good teams got the value rucks.
Raspel31: Doggies have all possession but doing zip.
zadolinnyj: Agree Luvit. Have the vice on him tonight
FlagDog: Pooker, you’re a flog.
zadolinnyj: Lol ziebel just hurt shoulder as I typed that
shivaya: Everyone reckons the footy is better this year .. field kicking hopeless .. can’t mark and set shots terrible ??
gdshifty: raise the bat Hunter!
sticky12: What grey box poker face? The ad?
Pokerface: the grey box that always sits on top of the game chat when the screen refreshes
wadaramus: Goldy averaging 127, certainly not worth having.
Pokerface: it looks like its meant to be an ad but its not
benzammit: what’s his average poker I’d say most good teams have him is a fair
sticky12: I’m on an iPad so it isn’t there…do you mean the ad?
benzammit: Keep your value ruck
Pokerface: his average is below his price point is it not? ‘lol’
kangawalla: So many ex Blues doing well at other clubs. So satisfyng. Sorry Heiz, if you’re on
Yelse: goldy hitout staight to swallow only 2SC points. not right
sticky12: Oh…there is an ad at the bottom of the page but fair enough. When I’m a guest on someone’s page I wouldn’t complain
Pokerface: at 700k to start you need him averaging 140k
Raspel31: Losing Goldy next week. Oh, I don’t have him.
Pokerface: i merely asked the question sticky, far cry from complaining
benzammit: You can’t generate positive gains off all players without having expensive locks rookie
J_Pinkman: yeah whatever kangawalla 🙂
buttox: heavy waite
sticky12: Not the first time though is it?
Pokerface: i think i asked about 3 weeks ago, and i hadn’t heard.
kangawalla: 🙂 pinkman
benzammit: Guns and rookies finish stronger not a team of value pick that you cannot possibly upgrade.
zadolinnyj: Legitimate question from pokerface would have thought considering the chat is a draw card
Pokerface: ben can you tell impromptu that he cant win without starting goddard in the backline? best defender by a mile.
zadolinnyj: I bought a box of favourites for Monty as its the gift guests give when your told to bring nothing.
J_Pinkman: oh good decision umpire…lol
zadolinnyj: Some of the worst field kicking without pressure tonight.
Pokerface: lol zad
Zeratul: Zieball so patchy… 20pts in 5 mins… nothing in 15
LuvIt74: Is the package ok?
kangawalla: Awful deliberite ump. And not a Hawthorn player in sight!
Raspel31: Hmm-who is this Lachie Hunter when he’s at home ?.
KelCO: Dahlhaus, Adams and Libba, not the best start to the round :/
gdshifty: a handy 37 points on top of Hunters 77 at halftime 🙂
ballbag: pffftt fuck of libba!
zadolinnyj: The package shows signs of Ablett like skill mixed in with some absolute shower
BFAsh: Cmon stringer. At least crack 80
kangawalla: Norf by 12 at qt, 12 at ht, 12 at 3/4time. If they win by 12, will it be a first?
LuvIt74: Adams might still score u 70 which isn’t bad if he does
Snarfy: kangawalla – Maybe the umpire is colour blind!!
benzammit: You lost me with the Goddard, Goldy is a lock who cares if he loses 40k but averages 130 all prices are inflated on sure
zadolinnyj: Scaling in SC will be hefty at this rate
ballbag: @zado even a blind squirell can find an acorn
Wends: Libba injured in 1st half and ziebell injured after half time, for those questioning their footy abilities…
benzammit: Who are your rucks out of interest. Mumford 12 games and zac smith ?
Pokerface: impromptu won the thing by not starting goddard when he was the supposed must have defender. rookie.
Raspel31: Goddard in no way what he used to be and in no way a must have.
benzammit: No he’s looking for brown and gold to give a free kick.
Fatbar5tad: VC Goldie playing like Goldie Hawn
Pokerface: gawn
benzammit: Oh so you think he won by having a team of value players poker?
LuvIt74: Goldy Gawn
Yelse: how does scaling work? every player goes up evenly? or something else?
zadolinnyj: Like it @ballbag
benzammit: I had yawn last year from the word go there’s value
Torz: Hunter might get 50 possies.
LuvIt74: what is stringer going, jumping a hour to early
Pokerface: lol you never heard of the guy and are now trying to argue why he won
Breezey: Love to know how many tackles Cunnington has made.
ballbag: is libba off? 4 pts in the last hour. pathetic
benzammit: No I know he would not have won without expensive locks.
gdshifty: adams barely going to reach BE in this game
3rdstriker: libba can barely walk but is gutting it out, on his way to a heart
zadolinnyj: Anyone else think of Star Wars every time Biggs gets the ball?
SaintsMan: how is gold going down, the logic in sc
benzammit: Goldy Gawn rucks here stuff value in rucks this year there not much about
Breezey: What’s Adams BE by the way
ballbag: on his way to a heart? hasn’t fucken touched it since early 2nd
Raspel31: Wells 13 touches 1st-9 in next 2. Step up lad.
Pokerface: ben his tactics are sc folklore. but you know why he won, never heard of him. ill leave you to it champ
kangawalla: Stuff the heart 3rd striker. I’m ditching Libba next week!
willywalks: hunter on his way to the atlas
meka100: bye bye Thomas you dog
zadolinnyj: Hunter looking for his head
Mileroo30: looked like lindsay knew what he was doing then
benzammit: I don’t study how past winners play he would have had a fair degree of luck that you can’t manufacturing copy cat tactic
ballbag: at least the tinman followed yellow brich road. now that’s heart
gdshifty: does anyone else struggle to see the icons with the small scroll window?
zadolinnyj: Amazing kick Petrie.
shivaya: Good contest but so many mistakes
LuvIt74: this is ugly footy both sides just hoping for the best. there out of breath.
LuvIt74: comedy of errors
benzammit: doggies legs will get em?
Fatbar5tad: Hawthorn fans must be PTL at this turnover-fest
zadolinnyj: Great mark
Mileroo30: not once have I seen the doggies run the ball out of defence. all long kicks to north’s advantage
LuvIt74: dogs are out of puff now, dont think they can se
benzammit: Poker how many times have you won the weekly top score or finished top 100?
Ozzy14: Waite quite possible the safest hands in footy
casey22: Unbelievably sticky fingers, waite
monkebuket: picken keeping picken the wrong player
RooBoyStu: Turner off for most of the game and still too good (one less rotation).
Mileroo30: great mark there rough
Mileroo30: shower kick
vamos77: less fumbles and better decision and the dogs would of won this
3rdstriker: rooboy, with the interchange cap, numbers on the bench is basically irrelevatn
kangawalla: benzammit v poker. Almost as entertaining as the footy!
benzammit: I say value pick POD so far Waite Poker have you got him? Bet impromptu ok enough free kick to Hawthorn.
zadolinnyj: Without johanssen, murthy and suckling, Bulldogs very different.
ballbag: @roo no such thing as 1 less rotation. you still have 90
Ozzy14: agreed Kanga
Ozzy14: ballbag, he means one less rotation off the bench, can only rest 3 players, not 4
RooBoyStu: @3rdstriker you have one less player to rotate so they are on longer.
LuvIt74: shit kicking dogs
ballbag: makes jack difference. not like you rest 4 at the same time. still adds up the same time
gdshifty: adams sore
kangawalla: Biggs was on 26 at half time. Massive 2nd half
zadolinnyj: This is indoors without the elements. How has disposal been so bad.?
Raspel31: Biggs tonned up DT-63 SC-hmm ?
LuvIt74: my point exactly
Jackwatt$: Has anyone got a multi on Leister for EPL into Waite for Coleman?
Bursill: omg ballbag, one less rotation means alot long term in an AFL game
Fatbar5tad: Not rocket surgery Rasp, turnover king
gdshifty: Goldstein down arror
Mileroo30: perceived pressure has been up
gdshifty: Goldstein down arrow
benzammit: I think poker has gone and kicked his dog or beaten the wife! Blokes at CD don’t have Biggs in their
valkorum: raspel – only 51% effeciency will hurt his SC
Mileroo30: disposal efficiency raspel
ballbag: some guy in eng put 100 on leister @4000-1
Raspel31: Get thatfatbar
Ozzy14: one less rotation is huge, blokes end up spending 5 or 6 mins on instead of 3 and boom theres your difference
Pokerface: naa ben you just arent interesting to debate with. thats all champ.
ballbag: @bursil u obv don’t understand the 90 rotation limit
zadolinnyj: Heard that @ballbag. Amazing. Heard they tried to give him less to call it early and he said no chance
Fatbar5tad: Good contest, shocking game.
benzammit: Here’s me defending Goldy and he dishes up a fitty get da f@€k outta here!
Bursill: hhahaha, the 90 rotation limit is completely unrelated to being down a rotation.
Ozzy14: The 90 rotation has nothing to do with it. If you have 3 blokes rotating on using that instead of 4
CamT: Waite injured in the last minute.
Ozzy14: players spend longer on the ground, simple
Raspel31: Go Leicester !
Breezey: Picken just gave up some points
ballbag: lol.
3rdstriker: sportsmen recover with minimal rest, 1 minute is plenty of rest, additional rest gives very little additional benefit
Fatbar5tad: Goldy you plonker!
iZander: wells will get the 3 votes easy ;P
HappyDEZ: On paper one rotation down is devastating. In reality do the stas back up the pen pushers?
benzammit: Hat is off to Scotty he has a great balanced 26 player going around if they all stay fit.
HappyDEZ: *stats
sticky12: Great round to bring in Boyd, with the injuries he should continue to dominate
benzammit: Yeah master stroke with Joh boy and Muphy out
BOMBRBLITZ: omg I accidently had Wells as captain
PandaLove: pretty sure the 3rd man up had a better day in the ruck than Campbell and Goldy combine tonight

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