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Chat log from R2 of 2016: Hawthorn vs West Coast

Chat log for Hawthorn vs West Coast, R2 of 2016

J.Worrall: GoYeo
Chelskiman: Slow down, Mitchell.
Chelskiman: And Gaff. Of course my opponent has both.
deanie: Cmon nic nat
MIJG: Lol west coast are crap
LuvIt74: Need Rioli & NicNat to score 400 points…lol
Heater: Hawks should be 5 goals up. WC are terrible.
Chelskiman: Mitchell killing me here.
Heater: Gibbo on 60 points!
Woodie: @Heater, 4.2 up close:)
deanie: need priddis and nic nat to get 180odd between them.
meka100: Yeo you gimp
Chelskiman: How do teams not tag Mitchell? Seriously, it’s just stupid.
ryanbob: Holy shit Gibson is killing it
dkelly: At least it’s a true Grand Final rematch with Hawks winning by 70+
mookie: Gibson Superman, Yeo Yo…. normal service has been resumed
Woodie: WC will get a rocket & turn it around
frenzy: give gibbo his cape, bugger me
frenzy: thanks arrived when typing
MIJG: Priddis 62 de but good SC. How
the worm: mitchell might have the brownlow sewn up by rd 8
mjdub: tackles and contested possies MIJG
vamos77: priddis has a better perm than charlene from Neighbors
Chelskiman: lol
korza: Yeo your my first trade this year never ever again
GJayBee: CD luv Priddy now
Chelskiman: At least Yeo is spudding it up.
GJayBee: Korza, it’s good to confess, get the evil out!
MIJG: Swaped out MacKenzie for Yeo pre rnd 1.
korza: Yeo >Hartley Sheridan > Laird
stakerz: gibson going hugeee
korza: Why no tag on Gibson. Simpson has no idea
Kenny27: tag? lol its about making him accountable for someone not letting him be loose man
kingcarey2: simpson has every idea. Got a mediorce team without a backline to the grand final last year. Proven.
PureSwag: Gibson? Is he a loose man in defense!!!
Chelskiman: Gibbo and Smitch doing what ever they want today.
frenzy: hope this is my really bad week for the year
TeamJab: Had high hopes for Howe. Another miss.
cusch1: Threw Sicily, Parish and Tippa on the bench this week…fml
GJayBee: Hoping Howe can pull his finger out. Praying in fact.
circle52: Is mOnty there dtabase errors with Swans Blues game.
circle52: Getting database error when tryingto open a new tab for the game.
ReaperRage: I was heading for 2450 today screwed me over. Birchal danger shaw Priddis and Nic Nat
LuvIt74: Reaper your doing well m8, im lucky to reach 2000
circle52: I will be flat out getting to 2k
LuvIt74: 1684 with Rioli, NicNat, Weitering, Kerridge & Mills
circle52: 2870 with balance Priddis Kerridge and Mills
GJayBee: O’Rourke’s disposal could see him dropped
frenzy: c’mon nic nat get to 70 , like the rest of my team
Chelskiman: Blow the siren. It’s the only way to stop Gaff and Mitchell.
LuvIt74: frenzy hes at 72 push him to get 100
ballbag: for the love of god- is that shirley temple wearing priddis’ jumper?
Chelskiman: Gibson having a blinder.
TheLegend6: Well done Gibbo. Capped off a beauty of a game with a goal!
J.Worrall: Gibson has his own ball today!
GJayBee: Clarkson telling Gibson, Mitchell, Hodge, Lewis that they were one bad injury away from retierment was like a red rag
Chelskiman: I swear in the last 3 minutes my opponent has scored 50 points over this game and the Swans game.
Chelskiman: And now Yeo is getting late points. This is getting stupid.
Beast_Mode: Give Gibo the seagull
Jair: Gibbo my shinning light this week
Jackwatt$: Priddis comes crashing back to earth after a lesson from one of the finest players ever (Mitchell)
Chelskiman: I give up, Mitchell is too good. If I ever trade him in watch him spud up though.
LuvIt74: Disastrous weekend for those who didn’t go Fyfe, GAJ as Captain
J.Worrall: Seen that scoreline before?

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