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Chat log from R2 of 2016: Western Sydney vs Geelong

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Geelong, R2 of 2016

frenzy: Capt. Dangerfield to the rescue
Wends: Ward C. Am trying to study – this is not going to end well.
frenzy: Coniglio better not be a good tagger
Chelskiman: Gotta score those, Jimmy!
banta: surely that was a tackle for ward after he spoilt blitz?
banta: kick the goal hawk!
GJayBee: I need Ward to fire. Might have to go for a walk ahahahah
Wends: GJAyBee, can I come too?
banta: surely hard tags on danger the rest of the year. already domintated two games.
GJayBee: Wends, what do you think of J.Loyd from sydney? Breakout?
Chelskiman: Finally McCarthy gets a touch. Need Heater to lift too.
GJayBee: It’s great to see Scully become a quality player. Earning the money, almost hahahah
GJayBee: Anyone going to keep Simpkin? i figure he has to go. and Barlow, Greene killing me.
Viscount: Can anybody tell me if Shiel is on the ground?
banta: danger is a monster tackler as well. super star
frenzy: good to see Shiel stink it up
mjdub: Scully was never terrible. Just huge expecations because of that stupid salary
fruity: Greene you are hopless…
Viscount: Hope you have a lovely day frenzy
mjdub: don’t worry fam, shiel is out there
Kenny27: Shiel started first 10 mins on bench he is on now
Wends: GJB – if last week was a sign, then yes, but needs to work on his consistency missing last year.
Viscount: Cheers Kenny
frenzy: why do these players start on the bench
Wends: Can u change yr team name in SC? New name: tots de pommes de terre.
mjdub: As Socrates once said “Start on the pine and you’ll do fine”
banta: someone get on griffen nobody been near him. cats love being unacountable.
Pokerface: frenzy cos they only have 90 interchanges this year
Pokerface: lol mj
Wends: Don’t make me decommission you next week Ward.
tiges4ever: danger on target for 40+ possies again
Chelskiman: Ok quarter. McCarthy the only one that’s letting me down.
banta: danger unstoppable this year
banta: haven’t seen a player go near heath shaw for about 10 years
Rebuild: Why is Mumford SC so low?
banta: danger may have the brownlow sewn up by round 8
feralmong: Got the c on danger. So far so good.
Wends: CD not happy with mummy pile driving Danger into the ground, Rebuild?
Pokerface: his hitouts probably being sharked
Chelskiman: God I hate it when my players go backwards.
heppelitis: lift Duncan…pathetic so far
GJayBee: Simpkin to Adams, Greene to Zaha! help me lord help me!
banta: cats back to reality today??
banta: twice hawins should have had the shot now.
Nocash: feel for all those Greene sellers after R1. No I dont!
banta: ward on the field?
Ash777: feel for all those that trade in the first 3 rounds
Chelskiman: How is Blicavs so good?
danmaio: That would be me nocash
Nocash: No you dont Ash 🙂
Nocash: Well I hope you make some good cash with the rookie downgrade Danmaio
GJayBee: I held my SC and DT trades. Feel pretty Zen!
danmaio: That was the idea, 105 b/e, went to Heeney
BomberSam: Get a touch Danger!
J.Worrall: Where did all the Greene haters go?
Wends: Pull yr socks up Jelly.
ryanbob: Good umping. …
Kenny27: Cats getting smashed in centre clearances
danmaio: Stay down Danger,
KingPetrie: Anyone without danger is silly
Chelskiman: Bartel and Shaw have hit a brick wall.
banta: stay down danger
banta: cats playing pretty poorly
danmaio: I have Danger, but he my main opposition Capt, need Shiel to stay with him
Chelskiman: Same, dan. Especially as I went Gazza as C.
danmaio: Lucky you, I had Rocky C
danmaio: Gift goal
Chelskiman: Terrible quarter from my players.
banta: round of upsets. choking cats
dkelly: Mummy looks like a mummy with that bandage …
Heizenberg: Not necesarily king petrie
Heizenberg: I went selwood over him, clamps will come heavy on danger from this point on
Wends: Me too Heiz, reasoning was it would be easier to reach for Danger than Selwood if the latter went big.
Wends: This grey ghost box a bit spooky Monty. Is a fix in the works??
GJayBee: You two are brave, Selwood will make my team by bye rounds if he can show, again, he doesn’t need pre season!
wadaramus: Blew the Rocky VC, got the C on Danger, was looking good at Q1.
Yelse: all premiums are struggling this year
wadaramus: Carn Jimmy, get going man.
Chelskiman: Mummy with the huge hit.
Heizenberg: Yeah that too we ds
danmaio: Rage trade Greene starting to hurt now
ryanbob: Jeez geelong are playing like kids. Soft tackles and no pressure
Heizenberg: Wends*
Heizenberg: Cant beieve i dodny have a adms on my field 🙁
mjdub: mumford reported?
Heizenberg: Thnx gjb
Heizenberg: Didnt have*
Wends: Arggh, did someone physically restrain u before lockout for dogs’ game Heiz?
Wends: What’s happening with Ward??
JDolling69: @mjdub, no report, it was a front on tackle, murdered him
dkelly: Sam jacobs to Mummy?
Heizenberg: No just didnt really look not taking as seriosuly as previous seasosn
Chelskiman: Got McTip on the bench and McCarthy pulls this rubbish.
Heizenberg: Who could predict a 135 anywa
ballbag: mitch duncan is gonna be eating ribs for weeks
Heizenberg: I like you wends your funny xD
SaintsMan: wtf danger, shiel and shaw
danmaio: Come on Shiel, get a kick
Costanza: Zac overwhelmed. Again.
Hadouken: danger 56 C sure beats rockliff’s 24 hehe
ReaperRage: Sadly should of stuck with pendles 110 over danger, who’d of thought
dkelly: Feel sorry for people who jumped of Danger
GJayBee: Zac, oh Zac, Oooh Zac
Heizenberg: Cant be
Wends: Heh, Heiz I was just trying to mentally sort thru the reasons for Adams omission!
Pokerface: #IamGreyBox
GJayBee: It takes a tombstone for me to trade a player out after the first round
Heizenberg: Cant believe z smith was 18 1/2 way through first
Costanza: feel sorry? just chuckle knowingly
Heizenberg: What??? I didnt tarde him just didnt have him on my field
dkelly: Mummy got Murdoch
Chelskiman: Mummy is in hulk mode. Taking all the Cats out, lol.
Fletch91: This game has destroyed my SC for this week 🙁
Kenny27: give mummy the wreckling ball symbol
Heizenberg: Trade*
GJayBee: Go Ward, assert your dominance! Or, just handball and tackle a lot
TheLegend6: @monty Danger is currently tagging Griffin
Pokerface: costanza – cant stand ya
Wends: Jelwood popped over to National Art Gallery for an arvo chardy?
GJayBee: I hear you Heizenberg!
Heizenberg: Maybe wends
Wends: Heiz, yep that’s what i meant, leaving on bench…
Heizenberg: Thnx gjb
danmaio: Let’s go Shiel, 3 or 4 posies before 3/4 time
dkelly: Rory Lobb is pretty good
Heizenberg: Ahhh okay well ijust didnt think/look properly
Heizenberg: Just happy i had him from start
Pokerface: wheres all the mummy haters from yesterday?
Heater: Fyfe capt last week. Danger capt this week. Great!!
Heizenberg: Your team gonna thump mine today wends 🙁
Hadouken: mccarthy having a good few minutes
Heizenberg: That sucks heater 🙁
m0nty: good quarter by McCarthy
Heizenberg: Bbs in city
Pokerface: how did coniglio get consigned to tagger nowadays. he used to be good
Chelskiman: Big last quarter needed from Bartel and Heater. McCarthy can also have another quarter like that too.
ballbag: is danger off?? went away for 15 mins and still on 56
heppelitis: Duncan done for the day?
Heater: Danger to kick 3 inc winning goal. Good SC score after that!!
carlton_99: Cmon Shaw. Danger and Shiel need big last qtrs
feralmong: 110 vc looking good now. Cmon danger.
LuvIt74: Is Danger struggling with the tag or is he injured
MIJG: Can heater crack th sc ton?
LuvIt74: Shaw will drop quite nicely in price
dkelly: Yeah Coniglio is tagging him and Mummy’s winning the ruck by a mile
SaintsMan: tag luvit
JDolling69: Danger just walking around, doesnt want the ball
frenzy: earth to m0nty, come in m0nty
Pokerface: jimmy what was that
Chelskiman: Goal of the year for Hawkins?
J.Worrall: m0nty in space bar?
m0nty: hmm, stat feed stuff up
Viscount: everyone on fire
Chelskiman: All my players are on fire. What a quarter!
Pokerface: flame on!
heppelitis: more flames than the devils lair
PureSwag: m0nty why is the score 0-0. and everyone is on fire?
LuvIt74: Danger hasn’t touched it in a half of footy
J.Worrall: fat steed?
J.Worrall: 4 sc for danger in that 1/2
Kenny27: Monty’s hawks game has started that is where the problem is
dkelly: Problem might be on AFL’s end not sure where you get the stats from but the AFL app is down
PureSwag: It’s Fixed
Chelskiman: Bartel having a mare.
dkelly: Funny that the AFL app is made by Telstra.
CamT: Problem is from AFL end. It’s not Monty’s fault.
Heizenberg: Yeah app was down
Heizenberg: Ikr kelly
Heizenberg: Lol free data day
Chelskiman: Well this has been a terrible game DT wise.
frenzy: 72 is the new ton
dkelly: Maybe they will give us free AFL live pass day.
TheLegend6: Scully for star imo
Shagdush: so many disappointments across the whole DT for the round
OnTheRocks: Lol Danger
Fatbar5tad: Duncan ice cold then out cold. Nice POD Fatty!

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