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Chat log from R2 of 2016: Fremantle vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Fremantle vs Gold Coast, R2 of 2016

J.Worrall: GoGazza
luked98: capian fyfe needs a big game
Jair: Fyfe, Gaz and Davis on the bench
frenzy: rage trading barlow FFS showering me already
wadaramus: Barlow, are you fucking serious?
Crowls: add rich, rockliff to barlow. not enough trades
Chelskiman: Barlow has gone to the pack. After last year I said never again but that Fwd status sucked me right in.
Raspel31: Hello again Wada-home with the flu. And yes-got Barlow too.
OnTheRocks: Holy shit Barlow, you’re gawn after this round
THESKUNK: flood gates open now for barlow
wadaramus: Come onBarlow, don’t give me cause to trade you along with Rockspud!
OnTheRocks: Davis, why you doing this to me when you’re on the bench.
colmullet: is Barlow back playing forward where he’s rubbish?
CamT: Fyfe was the most traded out player after R1 … did anyone pull the trigger on him ?
Raspel31: Given we have to lose Rocky I suggest we treat Barlow with words of kindness.
OnTheRocks: I love you GaJ
Jair: If you pulled the trigger on Fyfe, you have no idea
Jair: I went S Gray over Barlow so no better off, this week anyway
OnTheRocks: Barlow > Danger
Raspel31: And aspare couple of hundred grand Ontherocks
THESKUNK: how long is rocky out for???
AngryRyno: 21 weeks
Jair: I would trust a calf injury, Rocky will be out for longer than you think
luked98: captain fyfe!! 56 supercoach
AngryRyno: oops, was talking about how long he’s out of my side for
Raspel31: Lucky I’ve got a spare $120,000 in the bank. Think we welcome you to our team Nat
Bulky: Any side that has Zac Dawson in it will never ever win a premiership.
CamT: LOL AngreyRyno.
ballbag: zac dawson most consistant player ever
ryanbob: Where is Barlow playing?
Chelskiman: Where ever the ball isn’t.
Raspel31: I think Dawson’s handball was accurate-why not on 100 %
CamT: He’s playing for his career atm. He implied that himself when he was on the radio during the week.
frenzy: m0nty, why does GAJ bounce up and down the score table
Fatbar5tad: What’s up with Sheridan?
luked98: Ablett on 60 super how?
AngryRyno: can someone tell me why Sheridan has the bandaid, can’t hover on the iPas
CamT: Sheridan = hamstring tightness
J.Worrall: His name is Gary, that’s how!
snake_p: hammy soreness rhino
J.Worrall: left hammy soreness for sherry
THESKUNK: rischitelli!!!! have a word
jalapenoh: fk yeah Barlow, you piece of sht
Fatbar5tad: That’s the sound of a premiership window closing.
CamT: A game that’s based around stoppages isn’t much good when rule changes create fewer stoppages.
snake_p: no stad that ross lyon smashing the windowns in the coaches box
vartic: Is Ross Lyon gonna see out the season?
CamT: Lyon has signed on for five seasons at about $1.5 million per season.
zadolinnyj: Ablett looks very sore
The39Steps: Ross Lyon has coached two great sides on paper. But will never hold a premiership cup. Why is he rated so highly?
Raspel31: Oh no, not Sheridan too. Aargh.
cobrakai00: Sam Day spud
snake_p: sexton having a good game
CamT: Defensive coaches are all over-rated. Attacking coaches are under-rated.
Bulky: Lyon only knows defensive football. He’s never heard of attacking football in his life. Overrated.
Raspel31: And I benched Sexton snake-aargh.
Chelskiman: Err, wake up Gazza.
CamT: It takes imagination to be an attacking coach. If you haven’t got imagination you haven’t got imagination.
snake_p: Raspel its impossible to get the right rookies on the fiield
Raspel31: I imagine that’s true CamT
AngryRyno: c’mon tommy, shake the niggle and put up an 80
CamT: lol AngreyRyno.
CamT: I mean lol, Raspel31
mark621: come on freo you better not be my first loss
Roflcake: lol barlow
AngryRyno: if you see Freo boys limping, it’ll be the Ross Lyon rocket up their alps
frenzy: is barlow the 2016 Lolmumba
ReaperRage: So who is everyone trading him for???
AngryRyno: C’mon Tommy Sheridan!
AngryRyno: might trade Barlow for JJ
Jogr: bennedy
vartic: Bringing Adams down forward and trading Barlow -> Johannisen
ReaperRage: I’m thinking subbing Marcus Adams to the forward line then putting johannisan in the backs
ReaperRage: Ayy Great minds think alike @vartic
luked98: fyfe is lyfe thanks captain
ryanbob: Come on ablett
THESKUNK: barlows spent force hadhis moment in the sun
jalapenoh: Barlow to Z Merrett for me, kids a gun
Raspel31: Agreed -jala. Z. merrett ist gutt.
frenzy: capt gaz failed this week
Chelskiman: Really need Ablett to get on his bike now.
luked98: fyfe you legend <3
luked98: ily fyfe keep going
THESKUNK: fyfe yoy beauty
3rdstriker: Cut to Ross Lyon in the box reading his contract and breaking the phone when he realises its watertight
AngryRyno: Sheridan making me cry, why why why
Raspel31: Never really rated Fyfe.
J_Pinkman: a lot of player’s making us cry this week @Ryno
Raspel31: Cos he’s injured Ryno.
Jair: Fyfe is shedhouse, I should have dumped him last week
AngryRyno: would rather see Sheridan miss next week and then come back un-injured than play injured next week
luked98: davis gone soooo quite
tiges4ever: freo coming back?
zadolinnyj: Fyfe break even was 200plus
auxDT: fyfe was the most traded out in SC last week LOL
tiges4ever: sherridan still scoring … how bad is the hammy?
AngryRyno: pretty sure Jed Anderson was most traded
J.Worrall: why clump fyfe?
CamT: Lyon has signed for five years for $7.5 million. His manager deserved half of it :O
Stuart88: Let’s go Davis get a goal or something to make me $$$ next week
feralmong: Chasing points never works since u already missed them. Injuries u have no choice.
luked98: answering your prayers Stuart88
luked98: i take that back
Fatbar5tad: Reversal!
Bulky: “Dawson off for a rest” says Moons. When you rack up 2 DT points in a game you deserve to put your feet up.
uw0tm8: when will ross lyon realise Barlow is not a forward..
zadolinnyj: Walters has been assault
ballbag: crouching say ‘chasing point like chasing car- get exhausted’
Stuart88: Why he was about to get 1/4 of his touches dumb runner
ryanbob: Get in there longergan
WizMan: lol Bulky!
luked98: nope prayers are answerd
Tim Tam: Please get a move on, Ablett….
Chelskiman: I think he does realise it, he’s just too stubborn to admit it.
zadolinnyj: This is big by the Suns winning in perth
Bulky: When will Barlow realise that Ross can’t coach.
zadolinnyj: Such a wise ballbag
AngryRyno: when will Barlow realise he is screwing 30,000 people over
Fatbar5tad: Coast lacking a little polish but not lacking in running power.
zadolinnyj: Barlow trading Barlow out this week
Chelskiman: I’m rage trading Barlow. Even if he goes mental and kicks four goals in the last 6 minutes. He’s done.
ryanbob: I think I’m stuck with Barlow with wingard and Rockliff getting injured
zadolinnyj: Strange gc has low possessions for a big score
runt: Ablett most tackles
ballbag: GAJ 50% DE and still almost a ton with 19 touches. pull me other one
LuvIt74: @zadolinnyj do u have Rocky?
Tim Tam: Was just about to say Fyfe atlas
CamT: Why did the Fremantle players vote for Mundy as captain over Fyfe ?
Fatbar5tad: Sitter
zadolinnyj: Yep @Luvit. May bring danger or zaharakis in depending on dander game
runt: Gold Coast vs Bulldogs Grand Final a certainty from where I sit
Stuart88: Muppet Fyfe
zadolinnyj: Zorko maybe
Bulky: Dawson junking it up late.
Raspel31: Well, there are some interesting conundrums before we all go head to head.
Raspel31: Dawson going simply crazy-but who can afford him /
Fatbar5tad: Sheridan giving me the sheets
ballbag: @bulky LOL. he went berserck in the last qtr. touches in 30min.
Stuart88: Gazza still pushes 120 nice
runt: Gold Coast will be heavy in the legs next week
ballbag: GC suns go and totally fuck up those starlight foundation kids dream on the boundary

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