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Chat log from R2 of 2016: St Kilda vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for St Kilda vs Western Bulldogs, R2 of 2016

OnTheRocks: Cmon Adams and Hunter!
J.Worrall: GoBonto
Chelskiman: Steven, Dollhouse and Adams in this one.
Chelskiman: And, of course, good luck to Riewoldt. 🙂
jalapenoh: Captain Steven, Johanissen and Hickey in this one
jalapenoh: Why no names of scores?
J.Worrall: broken
LuvIt74: yeah same here
m0nty: sorry about that, fixed
wadaramus: 21 goals, full time already!
colmullet: ok Roberton, make up for last week :p
LuvIt74: Tom Boyd really needs to lift for the dogs
LuvIt74: Did libba kick the first goal again?
Jackwatt$: * for Libba please
Chelskiman: Please slow down, Liba.
J.Worrall: Libba did
jalapenoh: where is steven?? Noooooo
T Dog: big woody has firmed up his game tonight.
jalapenoh: Is hickey on the ground?
LuvIt74: Libba will be a top 10 midfielder come season end mark my word.
MIJG: Roberton looking the goods after last week
LuvIt74: Tom Boyd both times he touched it he coughed it up
colmullet: looks like im going to have to get Adams on field from now on
T Dog: Dahlhouse clobbered y Newnes off the ball
colmullet: how libba has a less than even SC/DT ratio with his stats is beyond me
colmullet: well a little better now…but still haha
Chelskiman: Libba is killing me.
LuvIt74: is Dahlhaus ok?
Jair: If you didnt have Well and Libba you need your head read
LuvIt74: @Chelskiman get him in b4 Round 3
LuvIt74: @Jair I concur
Ben_Gogos: Hickey came crashing back to earth that term…
Chelskiman: Well with Rocky done I may just trade Rocky to Libba and bank the cash for a rainy day.
T Dog: Roo on wing vs Suckling….wow
bones351: @chelski that was going to be my suggestion to you
LuvIt74: Its time to seriously consider bringing in Johannisen, I think I will be next week.
wadaramus: How did you not start with Libba?
LuvIt74: I was going to look at bringing Paply or hewett in next week, however now I will bring in Johannisen if he keeps this up
LuvIt74: Dogs defence must be the best in the competition.
LuvIt74: The first dog to get dropped will be Tom boyd if he doesn’t pull his finger out
JDolling69: Macrae i payed a lot of money for you, get a move on
LuvIt74: He gets 10% of the bulldogs salary cap for what?
MIJG: Is joey stuffing up robertons soring this year?
OnTheRocks: hunter and Adams, oh boy
Grazz: So close that mark
T Dog: Gary Morecroft like
LuvIt74: why did bruce get that free
Roflcake: regrats not getting Johan
gdshifty: nothing like morecrofts mark…
LuvIt74: Johannisen a gun
T Dog: It wasn’t a mark
Ben_Gogos: JJ is one hell of a player!
T Dog: Gresham isn’t
luked98: adams and libba v nice
AngryRyno: Adams gonna smash 130 tongiht
Jair: So Gresham to B Kennedy as my only trade?
Torz: Glad I jumped on Adams this week!
MIJG: Nice to have laird and adams in def today. Whole lot more promise than last year def
OnTheRocks: Adams future defensive gun!
JDolling69: Macrae you are actually taking the piss
dkelly: So happy i went KK to JJ just before the season started
Jackwatt$: So glad I have Libba, Adams, wells and Kennedy as keepers. Makes me feel better about my spuddy so called keepers
Bulky: If Tom Boyd plays 3,456 games for the Bulldogs they just might get their money’s worth.
Chelskiman: Come on, Steven, at least 90 by 3/4 time.
jalapenoh: Is steven on the ground?
CamT: Marcus Adams, highest scorer on the ground. Playing like Brian Lake.
luked98: get a touch billings
Ben_Gogos: What a champion NR!
jalapenoh: Where has steven vanished to?
AngryRyno: Adams is a gun, man crush
Torz: Lift Steven!
jalapenoh: Love how steven is like meh, nah im done for the day
Chelskiman: Dunstall is gonna tear Dahlhaus a new one.
MIJG: Carn Roberton get a move on
Chelskiman: At least Libba has stopped for now.
zadolinnyj: Welcome back to earth hickey
zadolinnyj: Wonder how many brought hickey in?
CamT: Adams in the nervous nineties.
jalapenoh: I traded mummy to hickey for a quick cash grab, will still go up a heap after this game
jalapenoh: He is doing as good as goldy did today
uw0tm8: wtf stevens get a kick!
Ash777: rucks suck for cash grabs
Grazz: Dogs not really on tonight but gee they are good to watch
zadolinnyj: $100000 max and that’s if he plays well next week
jalapenoh: I disagree @ash777. When all the “Premium” rucks are spudding it up it is worthwhile to go for a cash grad
zadolinnyj: Johan keep going you gun
LuvIt74: @jalapenoh are you new to SC or DT?
LuvIt74: @jalapenoh that is not true at all because every trade in SC should be treated as $100k to $150k
LuvIt74: So for example if u think Goldy will drop $100k in price to get him later it makes no sense at all, losing points.
jalapenoh: I am talking AF and I have played it for quite a while. If I would of traded up to goldy the output is the same
jalapenoh: @Luvit74 What do you mean? I traded mummy because he looked terrible and went to hickey with a b/e of 20ish
zadolinnyj: Can’t do dream team anymore. They have ruined it.
LuvIt74: Regarding AF I have no idea. But regarding SC its absolutely pointless
jalapenoh: I will wait till he tops at around 400-420k and then trade up to a performing prem around r6
Pokerface: mummys draw is alot easier now gawn is out of the way jalapenoh
LuvIt74: Yeah and look what hickey is doing today, i wouldn’t be chasing points based on 1 game.
zadolinnyj: Anyone hear what Rocky did injury wise
Pokerface: hickey doesnt get to play lobbe every week either.
Chelskiman: Calf
jalapenoh: Im not chasing points, im chasing cash…….
jalapenoh: Goldy, Jacobs all the prems underperfoprming atm
zadolinnyj: Mummy will be great once he gets a couple of games. Absolute monster
jalapenoh: So may aswell grab cash while you can. WHat would you of done?
happylab: ice on his calf in the final quarter
jalapenoh: Traded mummy to goldy and lost cash while getting the same score?
zadolinnyj: 3 to 4 games @chelskiman?
CamT: Rockliff has a calf injury, zadolinnyj
Pokerface: you wouldnt trade mummy because his great draw starts in round 2. you either pick him knowing that or dont pick him
zadolinnyj: I’m an angry crows fan but another good danger game and I may select him
zadolinnyj: Joel Selwood could be good after week 3 as he wont have the tag
jalapenoh: Mummy will be lucky to crack 50 this week
Chelskiman: Not sure on weeks, but it did seem to be iced up, so not a terribly good sign.
Pokerface: lol jalapenoh
jalapenoh: Where has steven vanished to?
LuvIt74: This is all about making the most points, not making cash. if ya wanna make cash play monopoly.
jalapenoh: What mate, he looked slow af and out of shape last week. It was a pathetic effort. Di you even watch the game
jalapenoh: Luvit if you dont make cash then you can upgrade…. So you start with no rooks then?
MIJG: Roberton you suck
LuvIt74: @poker correct mate. I picked Goldy knowing he was up against the top 4 ruck men in the first 4 weeks.
LuvIt74: I have 14 rookies
LuvIt74: Roo is scoring well
feralmong: Adams, jj and Libba u beauty.
jalapenoh: Why? To get great points out of them or to make cash for upgrades?
zadolinnyj: Starting with rookies versus wasting trades two different things. Won’t hurt you in AF though as 1 million trades
jalapenoh: I guess u just picked them to be keepers hey…… idiot
CamT: Gold’s last three games against Sandilands have got him 44, 69 and 27 SC points.
Grazz: Pretty to watch that.
zadolinnyj: Anyway let’s move on. Good luck. Anyone pick hunter as a POD
Pokerface: hit the nail on the head zad
zadolinnyj: Roo = Pharlap
Grazz: Yeh have Hunter in all 3 comps. 🙂
LuvIt74: To generate cash from them why else although Adams, Kennedy look very promising.
LuvIt74: @jalapenoh im trying to help u mate.
LuvIt74: My point is I wouldn’t be trading out someone like mummy and then jump off him to get Hickey.
CamT: Gresham trying desperately to avoid getting the axe for R3.
zadolinnyj: Nice @Grazz. Thought about it but couldn’t do it. Regret now but at least I got jahan
LuvIt74: anyway relax back to this game.
LuvIt74: Such a young side with a defence that looks phenomenal.
Torz: Hunter loving the junk footy. 😀
zadolinnyj: Libby must have a lot of tackles. Huge sc score
Grazz: Had him locked as soon as last season finished mate,Just depended on his price and it was ideal.
Chelskiman: Matty Boyd really starting to annoy me.
Jair: Suckling to JJ a waste?
LuvIt74: Who else didn’t start without Johannisen and will bring him in?
zadolinnyj: With so many young guns @chelskiman, Boyd becoming irrelevant now.
Chelskiman: Steven IS alive then.
tabs: Johannisen maybe for Rich or McGovern
tabs: Cant believe i didnt start Biggs thi year, grrr
zadolinnyj: Imagine Roo in a good side
Grazz: Onya Roo ya legend
Grazz: Heya Tabs
LuvIt74: was hoping the dogs made 100 points
zadolinnyj: Dunstan at one stage looked like he would be awesome. What happen to him
Ash777: wow the player list is all of over the place
Chelskiman: Limped to a ton, Steven, but a ton is always welcome.
uw0tm8: jack steven harsh
zadolinnyj: Steven a good pod
tabs: hey grazza
luked98: surely there is a fair bit of scaling to be done
tabs: Thanks god i started him

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