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Chat log from R2 of 2016: Brisbane vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Brisbane vs North Melbourne, R2 of 2016

Chelskiman: Not the best of starts, Rocky.
colmullet: orGoldy
Yelse: i went goldy captain :(((((((((
jayshi: early days
colmullet: when ya ready rich too
Yelse: rich has a hard tag @colmullet
jalapenoh: I have heaps in this one, zorko, rocky, stef, harwood, wells :-0
colmullet: hopefully Jacobs chases after Hanley or something later haha
Chelskiman: I have Rocky, Stef, Harwood, Goldy and Wells.
jalapenoh: Come on lions!!! Im the only one in my tipping that tipped you!!
hardballge: Rockliffe is on notice today, a fail today and i may waste a trade
jalapenoh: need zorko to ton up for me today 🙂
Yelse: why is brown taking most ruck contests?
Yelse: and why is rockliff playing forward
Chelskiman: Because for some reason coaches think putting their best mid in the forward line is a fantastic move.
Grazz: Rocky and Goldy wtf
NewFreoFan: Keep going Stef and Wells, only 2 in this game for me 🙂
jalapenoh: come on the zork
Raspel31: Early days but big Stef twice as many hit outs as Goldy
frenzy: nice QTR there Lachy
Yelse: @raspel coz ben brown taking most of the ruck contests
Raspel31: True Yelse
NewFreoFan: hate cheering for Stef, he looks like such a wanker
jalapenoh: Zorko and Stef holdin it down for me atm
colmullet: someone run through Jacobs please :p
Chelskiman: Come on, Rocky. Rest time is over, get on ya bike.
Ben_Gogos: Now 10 minors for the Lions…
Chelskiman: Goldy!
ballbag: @gogos youre talkin michael jackson type numbers there
urmumsaid: goldy coming good
Chelskiman: Rocky going backwards.
Chelskiman: And now Harwood is going backwards.
gdshifty: Leppitsch mucking around with Rockys role is annoying
Chelskiman: Harwood is a spud. Gonna have to waste a trade after this round I think.
MIJG: Goldy SC beautiful
PureSwag: Golldy my captain.
Kenny27: Goldy’s tap work is 1st class
jalapenoh: harwood gone after this week. peice of shit
Raspel31: Oh Rocky, where you gone ?.
CubanPete: Seriously is rocKY even playing in the middle?
ryanbob: Come on rocky you muppet
happylab: ffs, why does ben jacobs have to exist
juddinazzo: rocky = parker n/w
PureSwag: Rocky playing down forward
CubanPete: Rocky looks slow and sore. Anyone see a knock?
Yelse: lappish has swapped rockliff roles with zorko this year so far
Chelskiman: Rocky always does this when I have him as a unique. When I don’t he pumps 170’s.
colmullet: glad i made rocky captain in AF….
gdshifty: rucks this year really dishing up crap
jalapenoh: happy with my zorko pick sofar 🙂
wadaramus: Rocky VC fail 🙁
CamT: Rockliff will not only be out of my team but probably out of the Brisbane team next week.
Roflcake: The Brisbane ducks are too stronk
Raspel31: Methinks you joke colmullet-but after last week-and this week. Groan.
Chelskiman: Is this Rocky’s worst half ever?
Shagdush: Yep Goodbye Rocky! My heart cant take the ups and downs anymore.
colmullet: i wish it was a joke….:(
spiggs: this waite… can play
CamT: Rockliff’s kick must have been a ripper … 29 SC points with 1 kick to his name.
jalapenoh: everyone has rocky, no drama if he fucks up today
Raspel31: Ah well, had Fyfe cap last week.
gdshifty: i wonder how many people have Rocky captain at home?
Yelse: rocky and rich so disappointing
Yelse: So far all the loss from round one have won this week
Raspel31: Wells tick, Martin tick, Rocky-who?.
kano22: Fuck you rocky you scrub
Raspel31: Good point Yelse
pcaman2003: WTF is Leppitsch keeping Rocky in the fwd line for?
m0nty: Rockliff is clearly unfit. Dud buy, from the looks of it.
jalapenoh: Harwood and Rocky have to go, this is ridiculous
jalapenoh: Will they tag rich again in the 2nd half or go to someone else??
pcaman2003: @m0nty…Might have to agree with u. Shouldn’t be playing if unfit though
CamT: Rockliff has got 1 kick and he has more SC points than 9 Brisbane players :O
wadaramus: R3 corrective trade, Rockliff to ?
jalapenoh: Rocky to Lewis or Sam Mitchell for me, Harwood to Lonergan or Seedsman
Raspel31: Parker-depending on tomorrow Wada.
jalapenoh: How do I get an icon next to my name?
jalapenoh: Nice, thank you. I have no idea how that happened 🙂
LuvIt74: Rocky very disappointing but all the top players will have him so it wont matter
wadaramus: Parker sounds like a fair swap, what’s his price?
LuvIt74: Bloody hell Rich doing nothing
Raspel31: Rocky still injured or just underdone?. Early to trade him ?.
Raspel31: Around 550,000 I think Wada-but don’t quote me.
jesseboy: Rocky to Zaka
Chelskiman: Rocky starting to get involved. Still needs to be thrown in the guts though.
oc16: id still hang on to rocky if i were u
Ben_Gogos: Rich has taken Jacobs forward
LuvIt74: As long as Rich kicks 4 goals in one & half quarters. lol
Chelskiman: Rocky’s tackles just aren’t sticking. If he’s low on possies you can usually rely on his +4’s.
Ben_Gogos: Rocky just needs a couple of weeks to build the tank.
gdshifty: harwood might go into single digits here
korza: Goldy 70 S/C pts. No marks no tackles say no more s/c is crap
wadaramus: Stef building a nice score, come on Goldy you’re lagging behind.
Yelse: counted 4 frees missed for rich against jacobs. give one and he stops playing the man
23rookie23: @Korza you have no idea mate! Enjoy being a pleb of a super coach
Chelskiman: 70 point last quarter from Rocky would be nice.
Raspel31: Doesn’t comp for Rocky but Wells been a pleasant surprise.
wadaramus: Rocky 51sc, he could have a big last qtr and get the ton?!
korza: rookie i aint your mate
korza: Goldy gets 7 s/c for 3 hit outs wow
Raspel31: Interesting-when we hit comp proper who will keep or lose Rocky-a gamble for a “gun”.
J.Worrall: settle lads
wadaramus: Wells at F4 so far so good!
J.Worrall: stay premium
23rookie23: @Korza so you must be an immigrant! Mate is the go in ozzy land and it seems you need a sc mate that actually can play
Raspel31: Keep it nice 23rookie
J.Worrall: say bye bye
jalapenoh: why oh why do I have Harwood on the ground?? Does anyone else??
wadaramus: Ease up rookie.
korza: Rookie racism is not acceptable. Go away troll and dont come back
J.Worrall: most here are invaders
korza: @Ben_Gogos Look at the Rookie comment and ban this idiot
wadaramus: I found some more cash and went T.McKenzie jala.
Chelskiman: I do, jalapenoh. Last time though, he’s a goner.
Raspel31: Don’t worry Korza-he’s goooorn.
JRedden: i am so glad i got rid of harwood, unbelivably low scoring player
ryanbob: Korza you’re not much better antagonising
korza: *Rasp hope so.. Cheers for the support
Chelskiman: What? Last time I looked Rocky was on 30, and now he’s on 24. ><
jalapenoh: Yep hes gone for me too chelks! What a flop 🙁
korza: *ryanbob i did not attack him/her
jalapenoh: Im going to upgrade from Harwood to Zac Clarke
jalapenoh: Dawson**
Chelskiman: Anyway, guys, there’s a footy match on.
JRedden: I went harwood to biggs this week, hopefully it pays off
Chelskiman: Rocky done for the day.
wadaramus: Where the fuck is Rockliff?
Raspel31: 2 tons from this game and Rocky. Mustn’t complain. Don’t take the bait Korza. Back to the game
snake_p: on the bench with ice on his calf
theuncle: great advice Raspel
pcaman2003: Rocky = Spud
wadaramus: So he’s done a calf? Looks like i have 550K to spend.
Chelskiman: Huddo with the hiccup, lmao.
jalapenoh: Harwood please atleast make it to 25 :-/
penguins00: oh Rockliff 🙁
Raspel31: Think that decided it for all of us Wada-I’m going Parker.
snake_p: looks like wada. might make the trade decision easy
ryanbob: Wingard and rocky in one day, not looking good
wadaramus: Spudgard and Rockspud.
pcaman2003: @ryanrob……That’s SC for ya.
Valzo_: So rocky to danger or sam mitchell?
Raspel31: Paid Wada.
LuvIt74: Rich & Rocky combo have been devastating
vartic: 2 minutes before the Suns game in round 1 I swapped Rockliff -> Ablett
Raspel31: Danger gonna cost you another $150,000
LuvIt74: @Valzo go Danger Mitchell to old
wadaramus: Boomer you little legend.
MIJG: Stiĺl 500 sc pounts up for grabs
Valzo_: @luvit74 yeah i was thinking of that, cheers mate!
Chelskiman: At least ton up, Martin. Would help stop the bleeding a little bit.
ryanbob: Good to see wells playing strongly again
MIJG: Junk up Goldie
Ben_Gogos: Lewis Taylor is very exciting, wonder how long till we’re picking him.
LuvIt74: Goldy done nothing 2nd half
Raspel31: Gotta have Goldstein they said-not a proper Supercoach without Goldy they said-quite happy with Martin
ballbag: poor rocky. his body is like rice paper. cant see him being in any time ever again
feralmong: 100% raspel. did the same.
wadaramus: Lol Raspel, I paid for him, am slightly disappointed but I reckon he will have some big scores this year.
ReaperRage: Went with Martin and nicnat over goldy, great decision so far
LuvIt74: IMO Goldy is a must for SC just the first 4 rounds he plays against the best rucks in the comp
MIJG: Goldy will still get 100+. 120+ last week. Have both.
LuvIt74: oh no not Wells
Ben_Gogos: I agree, Goldy has played pretty poorly today and will still go nearly 100. Must have it appears.
LuvIt74: I think going Goldy & Nartin is crazy in Ruck, I think NicNat will smash Martin this year.
wadaramus: What’s wrong with Wells LuvIt?
spudaroos: Both rucks are getting more points than expected based on their stats.
CamT: Goldy is a must-have after Round 4 after he gets towelled-up by Sandilands
OnTheRocks: i have Sauce and Gawn as my rucks, going absolutely crap so far
LuvIt74: @Wadaramus he just got smashed but he is fine it seems.
Raspel31: Not knocking Goldy but choosing Matin gave me Gablett and Danger.
theuncle: start with the end in mind with rucks IMO
MIJG: Mark and a kick goldy for the ton
wadaramus: Good news, plus he’s on 118sc!
alekstah: probably a good thing that rocky gets injured so we can trade him out round 4 without losing cash
wadaramus: Fair trade off Raspel.
Raspel31: Yep alek.
juddinazzo: why am i getting a grey box with an x in the left cornor
Kenny27: no mark for Goldy all game
LuvIt74: Goldy had Jacobs in R1, R2 Martin, R3 Gawn, R4 Sandilands
wadaramus: Coz m0nty like to annoy us juddinazzo.
LuvIt74: round 4 is that on DT? Coz after R3 u lose cash in SC
juddinazzo: is it just me?
Raspel31: Cheerio all.
frenzy: hearts2hearts
Jackwatt$: Is rocky inj?
wadaramus: Nope.
feralmong: just a broken ad juddi
wadaramus: Ooroo Raspel.
jalapenoh: well that was fucked 🙁 5 played for under 300 points…
feralmong: thanks martin for the 100+.
LuvIt74: @jalapenoh that makes me feel better had 4 players for 296
alekstah: all these bloody experts
alekstah: all these bloody experts “Rockliff lock, Rich lock, Barlow lock” … far out

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