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Chat log from R2 of 2016: Essendon vs Melbourne

Chat log for Essendon vs Melbourne, R2 of 2016

colmullet: Mitch Brown needs to appear that many times to post a decent score?
J.Worrall: Lot of Browns here!
desmondo: Geez the Bombers have 8 Mitch Brown`s playing for them??
m0nty: bit of a bug in the system, will clear up by gametime
NewFreoFan: Whatever it takes
419er: is M Dea playing
J.Worrall: Brown, Baby!
m0nty: Dea is playing, yes
luked98: yeah boys
oc16: why in the world would viney let alone anyone from melbourne need to tag in this game. surely the dees would win anyway?
NewFreoFan: Bennedy where have you gone
LuvIt74: m0nty I am trying to open FanFooty Adelaid vs Port but to no avail any idea why mate?
AngryRyno: same as you LuvIt, not working
NewFreoFan: Been in and out for me through Q1
LuvIt74: @Angry cheers m8 it must be a problem with Fan Footys end
mjdub: Joey on the xpress elevator!
AngryRyno: Dea and Dees both look pretty average
frenzy: BenKenn is a must have
gdshifty: is kennedy actually playing?
AngryRyno: he got an ineffective kick! hoorah!
PureSwag: YAY! Kennedy touched the ball
Heater: Bennedy! Come on little fella!
mjdub: Bennedy is the gift that keeps on giving
Torz: Who else traded out McTippa? Looked hopeless last week.
luked98: comon gawn i have the vc on you
Jackwatt$: 1.why is Viney taggin. 2.why tag Goddard instead of Zaha/Merrett 3.why tag at all
NewFreoFan: Thought about it Torz but ya don’t trade rd1
luked98: merret another goal wooo
Torz: In Fantasy you do.
CamT: If Fyfe -> Bennedy is this weeks No1 trade there could be some heartache.
NewFreoFan: Really? That’s the #1 trade? I’m gonna get a concussion from facepalming
oc16: wow just goes to show the majority of people are too trigger happy
MIJG: The day is young.
Chelskiman: Kent having a blinder.
jalapenoh: I traded Z Merrit in for Robbo and changed it to Zorko at the last second 🙁
jalapenoh: Anyone watching the game? Is Dea still alive?
MIJG: Bang
snake_p: No Dea-d jala
JRedden: parish just scored 20 points in a min… nice
Jackwatt$: cmon Clark Kent get a move on, we need u to cape up this quarter!
luked98: what is with tipunwuti’s supercoach should be on 60
MIJG: Is Fantasia a real name or just fantasy?
luked98: MIJG go home, that was woeful
PureSwag: Real name
luked98: Bennedy outa nowhere
oc16: go benny kenny!
AngryRyno: bennedy has come good!
Chelskiman: Oliver and Dea have just stopped. 🙁
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Matt Jones burns the ball in the BP to gift Brown a goal.
Daroose: Kennedy. #houdini #gun
AngryRyno: Dea pls, someone send a rocket his way
Chelskiman: Now Dea is going bacwards. ><
spiggs: daniher is a left footed casboult.
frenzy: not his Dea today
AngryRyno: to be fair to dea, his opponent, watts, hasn’t touched it, not that that is unusual
Chelskiman: So far my two players have given me 0 points this quarter.
AngryRyno: Dea working his way back to 40 for HT, i’ll take 80 come the end of the game
Chelskiman: Oh, hey, Oliver is alive!
Chelskiman: I’d rather he be on 37 dream team points.
mjdub: Wish the sub rule was back so Kent could be relieved of duty. 17 on the field would be a better alternative
JRedden: so glad i kept hartley knew he would play round 2
PureSwag: I traded him in as I knew he whould play
JRedden: really disappointed with gawn so far..
PureSwag: In DT or SC, I’Ve got him in Sc and his playing good but DT not so good.
luked98: his my vce is supercoach, if he has a big finish he might go well for the loophole
Torz: Agree JRedden.
AngryRyno: tippa has stopped
AngryRyno: good lad bennedy
luked98: shouldve but the vc on merret
luked98: oh wow, if thats a goal
luked98: wow kommer
m0nty: Kommer full stop.
OnTheRocks: Gawn as gamble VC isn’t paying off
JRedden: problem is gawn has 0 tackles
m0nty: Kommer dot dot dot…
frenzy: Kommer knocker
LuvIt74: Kennedy is a must have the guy will be the biggest cash cow, kerridge his only threat.
OnTheRocks: Kommer chameleon
luked98: monty put the muppet on kommer
PureSwag: Kerrigan is
shaker: Seen some talk Watts had come good haha yeah right
PureSwag: Kerridge is a bigger threat as he is cheaper.
luked98: get a touch gawn
AngryRyno: gonna need a hogan last qtr to win from here
gdshifty: Gawn is a lazy footballer. Out of my side next week
LuvIt74: @gdshifty if your going to trade Gawn out then you need to start again Re: FF
spiggs: haha love all the trading of premiums in the first couple of rounds
gdshifty: luvit74 you been watching? He doesnt present enough.
luked98: gawn is on 74 sc, chill boys
Yelse: who would you captain now that VC gawn out. Goldy? ablett?
luked98: fyfe
jalapenoh: Need another 20 from Dea to make him worth while 🙁
luked98: ill take dea’s score anyday 70 with plenty of time left
stakerz: Dea will finish on 75+ not bad for 180k
Chelskiman: Ablett.
jalapenoh: He wont finish on 75…. He needs another 21 for that and I cant see him getting there
frenzy: lift ya game Gawn FFS
NewFreoFan: Jesus Daniher’s kicking coach should be fired and never work again
PureSwag: Ikr
jalapenoh: why the fuck is dea not touching the ball 🙁
MIJG: Must be woeful to get beat by ESS thin year
AngryRyno: carlton will beat both of these sides
luked98: if daniher misses this
luked98: eyyy he can kick
iZander: Howdoes TMac even have a SC score in the positive? Thats why i hate SC
gdshifty: Gawn didnt even contest that danniher mark on the wing. Lazy
NewFreoFan: Glad I didn’t believe the Gawn hype
JRedden: yeah gawn might be out for me, there are just better options
MIJG: Win the game beneddy
Chelskiman: It’s over now.
luked98: gawn is on 83 points, in a losing team, he scored high 90s last week. I dont see what the fuss is about
AngryRyno: dea magically gets to 82, crazy
Costanza: First win of…..a few
poolboybob: Looking like another banner year for the dees
AngryRyno: now 85 for dea, lol
JRedden: im talking about Gawn for DT
BOMBRBLITZ: carn the Dons
Grazz: Well done Bombers.
J.Worrall: Go you Baby Bombers – kids and old men …

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