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Chat log from R2 of 2016: Adelaide vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Adelaide vs Port Adelaide, R2 of 2016

AngryRyno: Crows by a kick
frenzy: yello
vartic: Port by 8, Boak for medal
CubanPete: Crows by 9 Betts for medal
NewFreoFan: Come on M Crouch get into it
AngryRyno: Wayne looking good early
luked98: crows going to win this easy
spiggs: Eddie…what a star
mark621: 10 minutes in and b crouch is looking to be my first correction trade of the season
luked98: laird looks quality
colmullet: 10 minutes in and we have our first over reaction
ReaperRage: Laird tearing it up early, Milera looking good too
mark621: 15 minutes in and he is still on 1 point…
Ben_Gogos: Milera is a fantastic footballer
luked98: wowza laird, absolute jet
colmullet: Laird!
Chelskiman: Laird smashing it. Great to see!
snake_p: laird heading for a cape
Torz: Laird you gun!
luked98: im guessing lairds supercoach is just taking a while to update? should be on 50
MIJG: Milera half way to last weeks score already. Wonder how many traded too early.
mjdub: time for a riddle
mjdub: if you had wo picks in the 2011 rookie draft, would you draft Laird twice?
juddinazzo: what’s thegowith the grey box at the bottomof the screen?
uw0tm8: Ffs crouch,
J.Worrall: Symbolises two Port players …
Yelse: need S gray and the crouch boys to lift
Torz: Take a bow Laird.
feralmong: Kept him mijg u have to hold ur nerve. Kept pendles too.
circle52: Is there any wind favouring either side
Chelskiman: Cape for Laird!
luked98: laird deserves to be on more supercoach
circle52: ave to make a decision within the next 3/4 hr whether to loophole Miler with mcCarthy before going to Gabba
MIJG: Same
Yelse: monty wats wrong with fanfooty updating so slow
Yelse: crouches and laird doing well. S.Gray :(:(:(;(
Ben_Gogos: Scores will be back up soon folks
Grazz: Anyone else having issues with the fantasy scores keep disappearing on me
Grazz: Cheers Ben
Fatbar5tad: Site can’t cope with traffic?
m0nty: sorry about that, fixed
luked98: Laird robbed supercoach wise
NewFreoFan: Toumpas what a muppet
Fatbar5tad: Nice Monty. Can you do anything about S Gray?
cummo: Sloane is a spud
Preston007: Has Polec really had 0 posessions?
oc16: need sam gray to lift, but then again the whole team needs to lift
luked98: This is a domination
NewFreoFan: Howard finally did something right
luked98: Brad Crouch is so up and down
circle52: You a happy man Grazz
MIJG: At least the only PA player i have is R gray
luked98: comeback time, go olliw
Kenny27: your not wrong luke,he goes missing for 10 mins cant see him then as a point spurt for 2 mins
Yelse: what you guys on about you should be happy with the crouches so far. they not premiums
LuvIt74: I had a option to go with Rance or Laird as my VC I chose Rance wish i went with Laird as VC
Torz: Good five minutes here Seedsman.
frenzy: c’mon seedy
cummo: Polec what a spud
Chelskiman: Don’t fizzle out, Laird.
Ben_Gogos: Big miss by Gray there!
scrappers: seedy getting ripped off in sc
Grazz: Not much going Ports way. What a shame. 🙂
Preston007: Polec playing??
zadolinnyj: Great half crows
Tades: not the old port anymore, good teams will destroy you if you decide to play one half footy games
Chelskiman: Now Laird is down. My day started off well but is slowly getting worse.
MIJG: 110 by end qtr Laird.
snozza: Laird looks ok
MIJG: What happened
Tades: Guys, what are your thoughts on Kangas vs Lions? Easy win?
snozza: Bumped off the ball, head knock
man0005: Yeah Lions should win pretty easily
MIJG: Is he on ground snozza?
Tades: man0005 Lions to win? you sure
AngryRyno: think ya mean roos
snozza: Looks like he’s back on the ground
PureSwag: Does he go for lions?
MIJG: Cheers
man0005: haha nah, roos will win definitely
jayshi: polec make double figures??? 10 points would be nice
Jake9: took a gamble and put the c on polec ffs
NewFreoFan: captain jokes? what is this 2013?
MIJG: Milera stuck on last weeks score.
Daroose: Let’s go Seedsman. Few more possies mate.
jayshi: @Jake9, double figures for ya
luked98: wines and grey, the only port players who have shown up
AngryRyno: #Polec7
AngryRyno: Brad Crouch –> Tom Papley i reckon
frenzy: the hoff is a flat tracker
PureSwag: LOL, Polec worst game of his career
Chelskiman: Nice, Laird!
luked98: angryryno dont think papley will get anywhere near his R1 score, he didnt get that much ball
colmullet: laird makes me happy in the pants
AngryRyno: i’ll take 70s
Fatbar5tad: Dixon having a massive sook
AngryRyno: laird 108 already very nice, plus a good scaling no doubt
Chelskiman: Lol, party time for the Crows now.
MontyJnr: Give port defence witches hats monty
poolboybob: Polec is a dud
AngryRyno: send laird forward, i want some +9s
LuvIt74: I hope Wines tons up this week
MIJG: Few goals would be nice Robbie
luked98: thanks crouch
Tades: gees to beat gws with ease
Yelse: wingard done his hammy
jalapenoh: what happened to M Crouch? Looked on track to ton earlier :((((
bjones38: Laird top 3 defender this year
deanie: Where are O Wines SC points, he has been everywhere this last 10mins.
AngryRyno: game is over, no points for wines
jalapenoh: please ton up matty crouch!!!
MIJG: Junk Rory!!
Grazz: Oh Eddie almost brilliant
Chelskiman: That would have been goal of the year if that had gone through from Eddie.
Ben_Gogos: We might’ve just seen point of the season 😉
Chelskiman: Crows are going to destroy us next week.
J.Worrall: What IS the point of the season, Ben?
spudaroos: Might be going Brad Crouch to Bennedy. Stupid not to start with him 🙁
luked98: good fight ollie
Grazz: Never saw that result coming, well done boys gave them a bath.

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