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Chat log from R2 of 2016: Collingwood vs Richmond

Chat log for Collingwood vs Richmond, R2 of 2016

Tades: hard one to predict…not sure where collingwood are going to get their goals from..
THESKUNK: the live game chat box is now underneath the players stats how do I get it back to the side? ta
T Dog: The Fsolo man
T Dog: Big Trav 8. Faz 6, thats 14 goals
westy501: zoom out on your page skunk
Yelse: how do i get rid of that grey box with the x from constantly keep appearing
Jukes82: My pre-season bet of Bucks sacked mid-season looking pretty good
T Dog: Hey Jukesy
westy501: doubt it jukes just had a contract extension
THESKUNK: cheers westy
westy501: this game will show us where both teams are headed
m0nty: the boxes shift around depending on how wide your page is
T Dog: Pies heading to premiership glory
Jair: Jukes82 Hardwick will be gone before Bucks
Torz: De Goey starting in the middle, good signs!
desmondo: T DOG got any more good jokes?
Yelse: why is the order of names in the stats all over the place
T Dog: Tiges will finish 11th
AngryRyno: there’s a few hundred pages of them
kingcarey2: so are supercoach scores live again now?
T Dog: nice to be noticed
axe9: scores all over the place
AngryRyno: that’s the idea axe, you get to choose how they sort
Raspel31: All respect to Collingwood-so not. Is there one player you want on your team this year?.
feralmong: Muppet greenwood
Yelse: wtf are the pies doing. constantly turning it over
SaintsMan: get rid of the scoring system with the numbers. looks crap
AngryRyno: click ‘sort by’ next to data refresh and change it SaintsMan
SaintsMan: cheers
3rdstriker: thanks ryno
axe9: copy that
Pokerface: thanks angry, ive never noticed Sort By either.
T Dog: faz man
Pokerface: i guess my eyes glazed over with the heading ‘ajax and java functions’
m0nty: the Sort By thing is new this week
feralmong: Got the vc on pendles. Good start.
Jair: Fas to kick a bag please
AngryRyno: pendles is a +1 down back
Pokerface: cool. change the heading on them m0nty
Dangeroo: Good if DT scores are default I think
pies13: karn the pies!!
TeamJab: Pendlebury is like that 6 year old that won the Stawell gift. Foxin.
T Dog: Pies have this..calling it early
gazza39: Great site Monty, love the SC live scores
Auldy: lol. Classic Cloke
TeamJab: guess I gotta trade Dusty.
Yelse: pies so wasteful should be burring this mob but noon
AngryRyno: lol. Classic Cotch
JRedden: whats up with martin?
T Dog: Cotch rattled
m0nty: yeah I thought DT was supposed to be default… will look at that at QT
circle52: For heavens sake Tigers about time to get onto Pendles,
LuvIt74: Hope Rance knows what to look for this week.
jakem1717: hey guys im sure this question has been answered already…but how come supercoach scores are back on here?
TeamJab: Redden, I guess Daddy got done being a Bikie
LuvIt74: Tigers look rattled.
T Dog: Rance is just so soft
pies13: well done pies!!
LuvIt74: Those who traded out pendles u poor fools. I didn’t start with him
kingcarey2: how can corey ellis have 6 sc points after 2 tackles?
kingcarey2: was one not an effective tackle??
T Dog: no
Yelse: wheres wish
feralmong: Grimes hammy
T Dog: on a star
feralmong: Pies bit more dominant there but lack quality finishing atm.
AngryRyno: hot start from aish
feralmong: First team to gel wins it. Or it goes back and forth scrappy all nite.
T Dog: Big Trav is the man tonight
Jair: Spot on Feralmong
MIJG: Pendles just makes afl look easy.
T Dog: Rances tank not up to it
CubanPete: This game is a dog’s breakfast atm
Dangeroo: doubt either of these teams will play finals atm, scrappy footy
feralmong: Grimes seems ok it seems. Looked not good.
LuvIt74: m0nty are these SC scores correct?
3rdstriker: Just loving not having to worry about rookies that start a game poorly getting subbed
LuvIt74: My dog’s breakfast looks allot better actually. This is very sloppy.
T Dog: Benny Reid…great to see you back
Raspel31: A dog’s breakfast so far indeed Luvit
circle52: SC scores are not 100% accurate
Jair: Come on Pendles, punish the SC non-believers
feralmong: Wasting it
T Dog: Spud Hmpson limping
feralmong: Short looks ok
LuvIt74: @circle52 I concur, I know lambert was legitimately on 29 SC at QT
LuvIt74: comedy of errors.
gazza39: nice contested mark Houli
snake_p: Benny hill music please
T Dog: DeGoey is good
Yelse: need peddles back in the guts
feralmong: Grimes ice on hammy on the bench
feralmong: Throwing the game away at this point.
jakem1717: supercoach scores are accurate, ive got live herald sun scores next to fanfooty
Raspel31: First year no Pendles-looking old and tired.
jakem1717: you can lose points in supercoach easily for not touching the ball for extended times as well (like lambert)
jocka: Good Lordy, this game is boring.
LuvIt74: m0nty no doubt your busy, just a query do you know if the SC scores will come good?
feralmong: More benny hill music.
LuvIt74: @jakem 1717 thanx for confirming m8
wadaramus: Yeah, I started without him too Raspel.
snake_p: Skills are abysmal
kangawalla: Blimey!!! Is Aish on the ground?
T Dog: slow down says Rnce…lol
wadaramus: Fairly scrappy game, hopefully it opens up second half.
snake_p: Still in Brisbane kanga
Raspel31: G’day Wada. Happy with McIntosh so far .
3rdstriker: Aish is the sub right?
Yelse: umpires shockinggggg all night. so richmond bias
snake_p: Master of the under statement wada
bombers04: no subs silly
T Dog: Tiges will need early finiosh due to injury
Daroose: Such a soft free kick
wadaramus: I’m looking for Menadue to lift, McIntosh started very well.
feralmong: Gifted goal for sure
LuvIt74: I’m looking for Menadue PERIOD it’s like looking for “JEFF’s Hook” actually i spotted that more then menadue.
TeamJab: wad. mate. menadue is gonna eclispe martin
wadaramus: Where’s Where’s Menadue!
oc16: pretty sure adams should be on 54, champion data missed a mark and a kick
3rdstriker: Dusty not punishing those who didnt start with him yet
wadaramus: What is Jeff’s Hook LuvIt?!
T Dog: Where’s Big Trav?
T Dog: He’s behind you…lol
circle52: not really a good advert for Friday Night footy – Very sloppy game to date with poor skills
AngryRyno: Menadue on track for 70, that’ll do my bench
wadaramus: I hope so TeamJab, then they’ll both ton up!
GJayBee: I love the Jeff’s Hook comment!
wadaramus: I’ll take that AngryRyno.
GJayBee: I held back from trading in RDT and SC, I feel like a Zen buddist.
kangawalla: All the Victorian gen X’s love the Jeff’s Hook comment! 🙂
GJayBee: If Menadue get’s 70, I’ll snore all night.
LuvIt74: @wadaramus Jeffs hook was a little cartoon, in the herald sun and in the picture there was always a hook somewhere.
feralmong: Oh ffs treloar, has to watch Simpsons while shaving his legs. Lmao.
Kernahan: Gees – I thought the afl banned Carlton from Friday nights to get better games!
LuvIt74: I have Rance & Menadue playing and there doing jack.
Screech23: Yea they did….but this like watching grass grow….hope 2nd half better
wadaramus: Cheers LuvIt, I googled it, but being from SA it was not something I knew of!
T Dog: Vlas reported?
Kernahan: McCaffer I’m getting sick of your BS
wadaramus: I have Houli, Martin and Menadue.
circle52: Channel 7 reporting Vlastuin reported for a high bump
LuvIt74: I had no choice but to put the VC on Rance also as I only have Grimley & Wyatt as non players.
OnTheRocks: Awful goal kicking skills. Tigers should be in front by a few goals at least. Back to basics for both teams
wadaramus: I went with T.Read at R3 or the loop.
OnTheRocks: Gawn as VC this week.
snake_p: What a joke circle. Ump should report himself time wasting
kangawalla: I’m hoping Dustbin will ton up. He’s 2nd halves are usually better than 1st
T Dog: Rocksta you md man
T Dog: mad
BFAsh: Martin has to be the most frustrating Fantasy player to watch…
circle52: Hey Tdog and agree snake – had to look at three times to see the high contact what a jokke.
DirtyDawn: Evening all
OnTheRocks: I’m hoping he flogs the dons single handedly.
wadaramus: Evening DD.
T Dog: C’mon T Bag. Pies for sure
feralmong: Dusty
LuvIt74: Dusty goes BANG
OnTheRocks: Dustbin!!
ballbag: OUCH if you have pendles. he aint gonna ton up much this year playing the roles he has. buckley is a ridiculous flog
wadaramus: He had a decent first half ballbag?
feralmong: Hunt fluffed it twice. Play Lennon instead ffs.
gdshifty: pendles +9 cheers ballbag
T Dog: The Fasolo man
cobrakai00: see better quality at the local footy
LuvIt74: He was on 41sc at QT after that he has been ordinary.
snake_p: Hunt been to the James Manson school of kicking
ballbag: pendles was on 36DT after 20 mins first qtr then shifted to backline
T Dog: man buns rule
Yelse: peddles needs to atlas attend a couple of centre bounces
MIJG: Macaffer why did i pick you.
LuvIt74: Tigers look rattled.
TheLegend6: Switch on tigers ffs.
wadaramus: Tops knots are all the rage.
3rdstriker: Pendles has sore ribs and has played back all night, 68 10 minutes into the 3rd is going ok
snake_p: No they don’t Tdog. Langdon should have only got 3 points for that goal
McRooster: If either of these teams play off in the GF, I’ll walk to Melbourne.
Torz: Corey Ellis you are no good.
snake_p: rance mare
ballbag: @luvit agree. pendles 26SC in the last 40 mins
feralmong: Short what a debut.
LuvIt74: pendles full back why?
gdshifty: whats with fanfooty scores all over the place?
wadaramus: Bucks the phone smasher.
spiggs: Gee that aish was a good pick up
Torz: Use “sort by” near the top gfshifty.
T Dog: Faz for Brownlow surely
Preston007: Anyone at the game..?? Please wake up Corey Ellis. Thank you
wadaramus: It’s a bit of a dogs breakfast isnt it gd?
feralmong: Pies looking better atm. Tigers need to lift.
Wends: Murdoch giveth, and Murdoch taketh away.
snake_p: wada he’s a Pendles SC smasher
PureSwag: Pendls full back as I think he is playing hurt. I’m not sure
3rdstriker: dusty has lifted, you wonder why they dont play him in the middle more
gdshifty: thanks torz
axe9: sc scores gone
T Dog: 70,000 in the house
wadaramus: Menadue @39 SC, still time for him to get to 70.
upweydons: better game now
kangawalla: Muppet time!!!
feralmong: williams muppet
circle52: Muppet for sure
Raspel31: Atta boy Lloyd.
McRooster: Oh wow! Apparently I am Apple Producte 1 millionth visitor! I feel so ‘Rioli’
snake_p: Double muppet Marley
LuvIt74: is Rance playing.
BOMBRBLITZ: on ya Pendles
T Dog: click accept ans send all your details…quick
jfitty: Houli needs a seagull icon
kangawalla: What are the chances McRooster? 🙂
NoneyaB: Monty, whats going on with the site atm? some players in the stats are all mixed up and grimes is where the top player i
LuvIt74: whats with these AFL players and all their turd pony tails.
NoneyaB: is meant to be I mean*
gdshifty: cheers for the revverse mocker on pendles ballbag!
3rdstriker: Its so hard to watch Pendlebury struggling like this
m0nty: try a shift reload, NoneyaB… or use the Sort By dropdown menu
Wends: Dusty and Pendles with chopsticks at 2 paces was a 3rdQu highlight.
snake_p: Use sort by fn above chat noneya
kangawalla: NoneyaB….press “sort by” above comments box & then DT/Fantasy
GJayBee: When AFL players try to appear like women, they are like the fish that do the same, just trying for some action
Wends: Not so bad if you have VC on him 3rdstriker.
casey22: Sorry, just logged on. What scoring system is MB?
wadaramus: 98SC is struggling 3rdstriker?!
Raspel31: Agreed Wends
ballbag: no wuckers. @noneya just click on the DT in the blue bar above the score column
snake_p: Man bun casey
3rdstriker: I was being facetious Wada
LuvIt74: i might score a ton with both Rance & Menadue.
feralmong: If pendles can get another 40 sc I’ll take his vc.
Wends: Helloo raspel 🙂 it was quite a treat.
Yelse: peddles apparently playing with bruised or crack ribs. hence why playing so far away from contact.either way he will ton
T Dog: Least wost wins this
McRooster: Lol @ T Dog, about the same as James Turd taking ownership at Essendon @ kangwalla
Raspel31: A larff indeed Wends
T Dog: Big Trav will go hugre
Mash: Haha Cloke needs to kick em all on his right
T Dog: Grundy..get up will ya
feralmong: Lambert will go hugher.
T Dog: Cloke show boating…good sign
kangawalla: That Hong Kong 7s ad at the bottom of my screen is annoying
feralmong: Jroo
Raspel31: Ashley and Martin sorted that for me Kanga-hair so long I can’t see a thing.
wadaramus: Cracking contest now!
casey22: Jumping Jack Flash!!!!!
wadaramus: Dusty first to 100sc
Raspel31: Carn Tiggers.
feralmong: Brilliant kick lambert
ballbag: pendles again no touches for 15 mins.. OUCH 😉
wadaramus: Carn Menadue, keep chipping away at 75.
_wato: Cheers de Goey.
Fletch91: Bad night for De Goey. Hasn’t been near the ball most of it.
jalapenoh: need another 20 from houli and 12 from menadue please 🙂
T Dog: Nows the time Pies
Wends: Takes some stress out of the VC decision atleast Ballbag. There’s always a silver lining.
casey22: Pies will not make top 8 this year
feralmong: Both teams. When u piss fart around u lose.
LuvIt74: It wont matter even if Richmond make top 8 they wont have a chance of winning the flag with this type of play
jalapenoh: nice, houli going backward :-/ wtf
ballbag: @wends nah his cooked. zero touches this qtr and sitting on bench
jalapenoh: Is houli on the bench???
feralmong: Jack u bewtay
poolboybob: Jordan de Go-ing to be dropped from my team
Fletch91: Not impressed with De Goey, seems scared of being near a contested ball.
OnTheRocks: Jack attack
Wends: Aand he’s back on the ball, but yr right. Can’t bend over? Muppet poor Frost.
MIJG: Good to see Buckley mad as fuck. Lol
LuvIt74: if Rance will reach 75 id be wrapped
OnTheRocks: Even umps having had centre bounce game
wadaramus: Half a mark there
jalapenoh: love than menadue is like mr invisible….
LuvIt74: Wasn’t it Fasolo that fell badly on his head last week? It seems to have knocked some sense in the kid.
feralmong: Martins vision is spectacular
poolboybob: Gault is a crab
ballbag: told ya pendles wouldnt ton up. poor kid
Raspel31: Well, golly, when a disposable like McIntosh tons up you gotta be happy.
feralmong: Rance just saved it. Game over.
CamT: Exactly jalapenoh, you can never find him.
feralmong: And probably just lost it then.
OnTheRocks: Muppet rance
3rdstriker: good timing feralmong
Fletch91: Rance just opened it back up. Game on
LuvIt74: good on ya rance ya noob
Wends: Parkins: Rance needs a good spanking really.
gdshifty: lol tigers
LuvIt74: lol race stuffed it
Torz: What a game!
feralmong: Lmao
3rdstriker: classic tigers
feralmong: Good come back pies
ballbag: and to think these 2 useless coaches got contract extensions LOL
mace485: lol,
wadaramus: Spud tigers.
Raspel31: Bummer
spiggs: Perennial duds richmond
LuvIt74: suffer tigers they played like crap
Slashers: Someone pulled out Grundy’s bun
OnTheRocks: Ducking rance lost it
westy501: cake walk
MIJG: Great win pies
T Dog: breath breath breath…oh yeah
poolboybob: Richmond already in finals choking form
jfitty: Houli needs a seagull icon
Bulky: The better terrible team won.
poolboybob: Riewoldt: “Three goals in Q4 to build the match winning lead”. Oops.
Wends: Oh dear, hope someone on KB watch. Happy for pies players after their shizen week.
grossn: Tigers 9th
feralmong: Fasolo was the man.
Wends: lol bulky
ryanbob: reckon a draw wouldve been fair, neither team deserved a win
Slashers: Trek ore can go home and please his miss s while shaving his legs and playing on his laptop
OnTheRocks: In the shower
Amare: Ninthmond back in action
Jair: The Fasman!
yorgis: pity the tiges had to play against the umps in the last 10 mins. o o b deliberate what a load of crap
yorgis: out of bounds deliberate ? what a load of shite. cost tiges the game c
Amare: Cotchin, worst captain in history

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